The Message: The New Testament in Contemporary Language

The Message The New Testament in Contemporary Language The Message New Testament lets today s contemporary readers dive into the Scripture Eugene H Peterson has presented God s Word in the everyday language it was first written in Trim size x
  • Title: The Message: The New Testament in Contemporary Language
  • Author: Eugene H. Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781576834305
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Message: The New Testament in Contemporary Language
    The Message New Testament lets today s contemporary readers dive into the Scripture Eugene H Peterson has presented God s Word in the everyday language it was first written in.Trim size 4 3 16 x 6 7 8
    The Message: The New Testament in Contemporary Language By Eugene H. Peterson,
    • [EPUB] ✓ The Message: The New Testament in Contemporary Language | BY ↠ Eugene H. Peterson
      Eugene H. Peterson

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    Eugene H Peterson is a pastor, scholar, author, and poet For many years he was James M Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College He also served as founding pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, Maryland He has written over thirty books, including Gold Medallion Book Award winner The Message The Bible in Contemporary Language a contemporary translation of the Bible Now retired from full time teaching, Eugene and his wife Jan live in the Big Sky Country of rural Montana.


  • I love how The Message reads so smoothly, takes me into large sections of text, and makes me laugh when I recognize a verse and how appropriately Eugene Peterson expressed it with creative, insightful language I recently read the intro to the Promise Keeper s edition and fell in love with his pastoral heart for us I love how an author I ve never met can feel like a personal mentor.

  • For someone concretely atheist, I must admit that if anyone were to want to understand the gist of the Christian bible in a tolerable way, this would be it I got my hands on this book thanks to the well intentioned aunt of a boyfriend during high school Written as a novel about the life of Christ, this version of the New Testament is highly readable compared to the alternatives.

  • My second time through this version of the New Testament It is easy reading and am now reading The Message Bible by Eugene Peterson I ve learned that to really gain insight into The Word, you keep rereading the Bible, whatever version you re comfortable with As soon as you read the last page of Revelations, you turn to the first page of Genesis and start again.

  • I love to read The Message, OT and NT, for my daily Scripture reading It is a paraphrase, and I would always confirm the meaning with ESV, Greek NT, etc before teaching a passage However, I love to read The Message.

  • The Good Book has been enshrined in its King James version so long that, for most of my life, every time I heard quotations from the Bible, the language sounded medieval a bit stilted, though definitely poetic The poetry of the King James edition, a preacher friend once told me, is what he associates with the Bible But that same man went and bought me this edition, which has been translated into the idiom of our day, in order to show both of us something important about the Good Book It s also a [...]

  • I read through the Bible every year, but I chose this version for 2013 because I think for personal growth it is important to at least occasionally explore something different than my normal NIV While there were sections that really brought new insight, for the most part I didn t enjoy this particular translation The modern, everyday language often felt too modern, too laid back, too secular At one point during the year, I told two of my daughters that I was reading The Message for my daily Bibl [...]

  • Truly love Peterson s creative, insightful translation Masterful, and imminently helpful Recommended to all I have read it again and again, and will continue to do so.It s not a word for word translation, wasn t intended to be, and doesn t need to be But when you need a break from standard Bible versions, or a fresh approach to the Bible for any reason, The Message can be just the thing It has reignited my love of the Bible time and again when it was needed, or carried me when my heart just wasn [...]

  • Sometimes called a paraphrase than a translation, Peterson s The Message has none of the omissions and other problems that plague true paraphrases like The Living Bible I ve read elsewhere that The Message is actually superior to many pure translation Bibles in its fidelity to the original Greek and Hebrew In my own reading, I ve found it compares favorably with the New King James Version, and I can say personally that its breezy, colloquial phraseology saved my life at a time when I needed the [...]

  • I m sorry if this upsets people that s not my intention but the fact of the matter is that a serious look into The Message reveals some devastating changes to the original meaning of the scriptures This takes ad lib ing to a whole new level and the fear of God should at least make others look into the matter with honesty It s colorful language and easy to read style does not excuse it s total lack of often even a vague similarity to the original text.

  • I really enjoyed the contemporary language style But sometimes I miss the poetic phrasing and accurate interpretation from an NIV Best to keep one on hand But overall, a much easier read Oh yes

  • I loved this translation of the New Testament it makes it easier to go back and I now know the overall idea of what was going on in each book.

  • This is a very, casually read, Bible It is easy to read although I do not always agree with the phraseology used which is why I bumped one star down But I try to read a different version of the Bible every year for the last 20 years This is one of the Bible s in the rotation I do use some of the verses from this Bible in my teachings, whenever the phraseology provides a clearer understanding for the listener especially when compared to the King James Version.

  • It s hard for me to give The Bible only 4 stars I ve read through the NIV, NLT and NRS in my life, and this year decided to try The Message only to be disappointed with the writing While some passages are lovely, I find it is sprinkled with too much purple prose and cliche It sometimes distracts or even eliminates areas of scripture.

  • The audio version of The Message narrated by Kelly Ryan Dolan and Carol Nix, with an introduction by Eugene Peterson, is my favorite audio version of the Bible so far I don t listen to the Bible for deep word studies or specific, detailed theological exploration That sort of study requires books and colored pencils and the increasingly helpful computer search I would never suggest that anyone own this as their only Bible However, it is a wonderful addition to anyone s collection The narration is [...]

  • I m going to avoid giving a star rating to this volume, but it isn t what I d recommend to people I very much liked the Peterson translation of the Wisdom Books because of the layout of the text the poems were spread out like poetry is supposed to be It had room to breathe The layout is less essential here since little of the New Testament is written as poetry The colloquialisms are fine with me, but the introductions to each book don t really tell us anything about the history context culture f [...]

  • I got this book as a gift from my church friends They all signed it after I studied the bible with them in 2007 I was going through a few challenges in my life in 2006 and I met up with a good friend from high school We drifted apart and weren t friends for 15 years, yet it was God s way of letting me know there are people who care I know I am not perfect, I am just appreciative of people who help me learn to trust again and learn to be a better person.

  • I have mixed feelings The rewording of the prose really works for me it really makes me think about the text, and helps clarify the intent of some of the verses but I love the familiar wording of the Psalms from the NIV This new version just doesn t seem to flow, or have the beauty of language, that I m used to.

  • Forty years in the pulpit preaching the Word of God Eugene Peterson has used his creative style of writing to present God s Word in easy to understand words and phrases, a fresh voice to the scriptures indeed I read the book through and through before becoming an elder in the First Presbyterian Church.

  • 3 This version of the Bible is very unique The plain language is easy to understand, and the message comes through loud and strong It is paraphrased, so the verses don t exactly parallel the King James Version I like reading this version for fresh inspiration, although it lacks the poetry of the KJV that I grew up with.

  • So glad I finally got round to reading the New Testament given how central it is in my faith as a Christian Was very appreciative of the contemporary idiom in which Eugene Peterson writes Should have read it sooner, but better late than never Maybe one day I will read the Old Testament from start to finish as well.

  • Scripture read the verses, ponder and consider them, pray them, live them Such is lectio divina, a practice I first learned in a women s study that met every other Wednesday morning at 4 30am A richly blessed time.

  • have used this as part of my reading through the Bible as an alternative version There are some areas that it makes easier to follow , some of the OT Message is very hard to read through in terms of the impact that the modern working gives.

  • I am currently reading this, as it is divided day by day It is a personal, down to earth devotional, with the author s Bible translation as the basis for the scripture The readings assist the believer in maintaining a lifestyle of Christian relevance in today s world.

  • Good modern interpretation of the bible More entertaining in laymans language Good reference tool to use for comparison purposes or to help you understand complicated verses and books of the bible.

  • I liked the easy wording and how down to earth it is but I feel like it looses something in having such a childish tone.

  • My review is solely for this specific translation I like some of the way that Peterson translates the NT, but in some places the contemporary language is far inferior to poetic translations.

  • This was an unexpected birthday gift from my fiance 2 16 09 Not sure how to find the specific edition I have it has numbered verses includes Proverbs Psalms

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