The Medieval World (Great Courses, #8280)

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  • Title: The Medieval World (Great Courses, #8280)
  • Author: Dorsey Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9781598036039
  • Page: 231
  • Format: DVD
  • The Medieval World (Great Courses, #8280)
    The Medieval World (Great Courses, #8280) By Dorsey Armstrong, The Medieval World Dec , Welcome to The Medieval World Podcast, where we explore fun and interesting pieces of medieval history Each Friday, I publish a new episode In Medieval World thegreatcourses The History of the Medieval World From the The History of the Medieval World is a true world history, linking the great conflicts of Europe to the titanic struggles for power in India and Asia In its pages, El Cid and Guanggaeto, Julian the Apostate and the Brilliant Emperor, Charles the Hammer and Krum the Bulgarian stand side by side. The Medieval World Routledge The Medieval World series covers post Roman and medieval societies and major figures in Europe and the Mediterranean, including western, central and eastern Europe as well as North Africa, the Middle East, and Byzantium Books in the series cover a broad spectrum of subjects. The Wonders of the Medieval World WorldAtlas The History of the Medieval World From the Conversion of The History of the Medieval World book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers A masterful narrative of the Middle Ages, when r The Medieval World HI The Medieval World HI This CATS first year undergraduate module provides a thematic introduction to European history of the later medieval and Renaissance periods and will broaden understanding in preparation for the second year The European World core module.
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  • A very interesting course, but perhaps not all that interesting if you already know a thing or two about the Middle Ages This is all very basic, but in a way that s good, because even if you may know a lot about one aspect of the Middle Ages say, warfare , what do you know about cooking, clothing, or childhood Parts of the content in this course is really a cutpaste operation from another Dorsey Armstrong course I listened to, so I guess she reuses a lot of material word by word She also speaks [...]

  • There was background history than I expected, though now that I think about it I m not sure why this was the case There should be history in this lecture series I guess I had expected about everyday life and the arts and less about the history There were lectures on those aspects too Just not as many as there were on history The lecturer also has a lot of places where she stumbles over a word and then says it again as you would expect in an actual lecture, but not generally considered to be ok [...]

  • I use the Great Courses on my I phone as sleeping pill substitutes That means I absorb a lot of them in eight minute increments, about the amount of time in which focusing my mind away from everyday concerns between the hours of midnight and seven will put me back to sleep Yes, I am a broken periods sleeper But this pattern, with a course like this one, seems to provide some pleasant learning and review of things exposed to from many different perspectives across a lifetime A course like this te [...]

  • Professor Dorsey Armstrong teaches us about life in the Medieval World in this great overview course of the Middle Ages from Great Courses The course is 18 hours in 36 lectures of half an hour each The first dozen lectures give a brief history of the Medieval era For a in depth look at the history, Great Courses also offers a 3 part series on the Middle Ages by Pr Philip Dialeader She first reviews how the Roman empire fell apart, and how Christianity and the Church spread its influence over Eu [...]

  • Not as passionate Daileader s Early Middle Ages but very informative and well structured I particularly enjoyed learning about the differences in health, marriage, and religion between people who lived in the Medieval world and now I am reading historical fiction about Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Louis VII, and King Henry II Learning a bit of the period in which they lived makes the historical fiction even enjoyable.

  • Some of these were easier to follow than others The later lectures that were about specific topics such as food, warfare, or marriage were very interesting Lectures toward the beginning were a little harder for me to pay attention to, but still well done.

  • Best Great Course series I ve listened to so far Professor Armstrong s delivery is excellent, and the lectures include a great combination of historical events and interesting insights into everyday life in the medieval times.

  • A fascinating overview of Medieval History, concentrating on France, England, and Germany I especially appreciated the lectures that focused on medieval life, art, architecture, literature, and tournaments, etc rather than specific events and dates

  • I listened to the audio version of this lecture series all 18 hours of it and really enjoyed it I found the first few lectures fairly slow, but once we got out of the Romans, things picked up I love these lectures and have really enjoyed the opportunities they present to continue learning.

  • It s okay Certainly enjoyable I put it in the middle I enjoy Jennifer Paxton s lecture , but like this better than the series by Phillip Daeleader.

  • Good listen about the Medieval times From normal history to what life was like for the different classes.

  • Pretty middle of the road Plenty of good overview, very little depth in anything If you ve done some medieval studies, this is probably too introductory for you.

  • Audio download with many internet forays to and .My real rating is a 4.5, since I really enjoyed Dr Armstrong s lectures, both her presentation style and approach to history that is both entertaining and informative Besides, regardless of how one feels about lectures such as this should be weighed against what one learnsd in what context it resides I have finished Dr Daileader s and Dr Harl s lectures as well as many others that slip my mind at the moment on this time period and have a pretty go [...]

  • Basically, this course covers everything you ever wanted to know about live between the years 500 and 1500 I enjoyed this course, particularly Part 3 in which Professor Armstrong discusses in detail the everyday lives of medieval people nobels, clerics and peasants And the sorts of challenges they had to cope with on a day to day basis, medical issues, the dwellings they lived in, the clothes they wore, what they ate, how they worshipped, and what they did for entertainment She also does in dept [...]

  • I loved the chapters on day to day life in the medieval world, as advertised I also appreciated the discussion of the stability instability of the 3 estate system, the factors that led to its formation and dissolution, and the reality of living with the lack of security that people had in the middle ages I also appreciated the effort to see the period within its context in history, as a product of the ancient world and the precursor to the early modern period, rather than as its own mysterious e [...]

  • I appreciate that this series of lectures connected the islands of my knowledge of the medieval world I was a bit disappointed that towards the end of the lectures, the focus narrowed quite a bit from Europe and the near East to Italy, France, Spain, and England, until finally focusing only on France and England, and from a decidedly English perspective I understand that sources are easier to find in English for English history, but I was particularly interested to learn about eastern Europe in [...]

  • History is written by the victors This truism has really come alive for me as I learn about the Middle Ages Most of what we re taught in grade school is colored by prejudiced retellings in pop culture and by that I mean folks like Edgar Allan Poe , enlightenment era thinkers, and yes protestants with axes to grind The end result is we have drastically distorted ideas of what life was like, what the Church was up to, how bad the Crusades and Inquisitions were, etc Armstrong disabuses much of our [...]

  • This series is wonderfully entertaining and comprehensive Armstrong does a great job summarizing 1000 of history into interesting and manageable lectures I particularly appreciated the organization of topics What I didn t like was the continual reminders that something she was talking about was a reference to something she had already discussed in a previous lecture It was super annoying toward the end of the series as a significant proportion of the last few lectures including reminding the aud [...]

  • The people who lived during the years between 500 and 1,500 CE did not self identify as dark agers but like other histories of the period this series of 38 lectures mostly support the label The tales of famine, plague, feudalism, serfdom, religion as fact, sewage in the Thames, illiteracy, infant mortality, and castes are familiar and dismal For me, the new insights came from the professor s descriptions of medieval games, humor, marriage, literature, art, and other lighter aspects of the period [...]

  • Loved it 36 lectures covering various aspects of the medeavl world, as well as the impacts those times left on the Renaissance period and beyond There is just so much here that anyone interested in that period would enjoy, that touching on it all would be a task in itself One thing I really enjoyed was the attention given to, and the insight gained on how regular people lived in those days There are a lot of misconceptions about that period, and this series was an Illuminating experience Highly [...]

  • I listened to this lecture series while teaching Art History I The first half of the course is roughly chronological, and the second half is topical This seemed to be a good way to organize things, and I appreciated getting some cultural history as well as the political history The course is very easy to listen to, and I m pretty sure I ll listen to parts again whenever I need a refresher.

  • Ms Armstrong brings the the Medieval period to life with her detailed and personal approach to history I wished that I had a photographic memory as I listened to her wonderful descriptions of the people, customes, cultures of the period because I wanted to hold the images and tapestry of culture in my minds eye forever She truly bring history to life.

  • Informative and appealing survey of how the legend of Arthur has changed over the centuries in different countries I knew that Arthur stories were popular in England and France, but I didn t realize there are Scandinavian and Spanish and other versions Armstrong is less stuffy and sassy than most Great Courses lecturers.

  • The Great Courses are so well done and such an opportunity to learn from these incredible professors This course was extensive and so fascinating The information on what life was like for the average person made the history come alive

  • I think every chapter in this Great Course could have been the focus of an entire course but it was still an absolutely fascinating overview of a time period that has always been of interest to me Immensely informative and interesting course

  • Armstrong joins my small list of brilliant scholars who are also memorable presenters Each of her thirty six lectures is a small pearl full of both beauty and intellectual lustre BRAVA BRAVA BRAVA Can t wait to spend time in the company of the engaging and erudite Professor Armstrong

  • Armstrong is a master of weaving solid facts about the medieval time period into an entertaining lecture series Filled with interesting bits and connections, this series is a fantastic introduction to or refresher about a time period that was anything but dark.

  • Basic but quite entertaining Rather than enumerating dates and names of kings the book tries to bring the entire subject of the Middle Ages closer to the reader, from crusades and Charlemagne to music and architecture.

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