The Lion's Game

The Lion s Game Detective John Corey last seen in Plum Island now faces his toughest assignment yet the pursuit and capture of the world s most dangerous terrorist a young Arab known as The Lion who has baffled a f
  • Title: The Lion's Game
  • Author: Nelson DeMille
  • ISBN: 9780446608268
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lion's Game
    Detective John Corey, last seen in Plum Island, now faces his toughest assignment yet the pursuit and capture of the world s most dangerous terrorist a young Arab known as The Lion who has baffled a federal task force and shows no sign of stopping in his quest for revenge against the American pilots who bombed Libya and killed his family Filled with unrelenting suspDetective John Corey, last seen in Plum Island, now faces his toughest assignment yet the pursuit and capture of the world s most dangerous terrorist a young Arab known as The Lion who has baffled a federal task force and shows no sign of stopping in his quest for revenge against the American pilots who bombed Libya and killed his family Filled with unrelenting suspense and surprising plot twists at every terrifying turn, THE LION S GAME is a heartstopping race against time and one of Nelson DeMille s most riveting thrillers.
    The Lion's Game By Nelson DeMille,
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    Nelson Richard DeMille was born in New York City on August 23, 1943 to Huron and Antonia Panzera DeMille, then moved with his parents to Long Island He graduated from Elmont Memorial High School, where he played football and ran track.DeMille spent three years at Hofstra University, then joined the Army where he attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the United States Army 1966 69 He saw action in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader with the First Cavalry Division and was decorated with the Air Medal, Bronze Star, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.After his discharge, DeMille returned to Hofstra University where he received his bachelor s degree in Political Science and History He has three children, Lauren, Alexander, and James, and he and his wife reside on Long Island.DeMille s first major novel was By the Rivers of Babylon, published in 1978, and is still in print as are all his succeeding novels He is a member of American Mensa, The Authors Guild, and is past president of the Mystery Writers of America He is also a member of International Thriller Writers and was chosen as ThrillerMaster of the Year 2015 He holds three honorary doctorates Doctor of Humane Letters from Hofstra University, Doctor of Literature from Long Island University, and Doctor of Humane Letters from Dowling College.Nelson DeMille is the author of By the Rivers of Babylon, Cathedral, The Talbot Odyssey, Word of Honor, The Charm School, The Gold Coast, The General s Daughter, Spencerville, Plum Island, The Lion s Game, Up Country, Night Fall, Wild Fire, The Gate House, The Lion, The Panther, The Quest, Radiant Angel, and The Cuban Affair He also co authored Mayday with Thomas Block and has contributed short stories to anthologies, and book reviews and articles to magazines and newspapers.


  • Abandoning this book I just don t have time in my life right now for this kind of detail I think this is the kind of book that can appeal to people who watch 12 episode miniseries on Elizabethan England, except it s nominally a thriller, so to be honest, I m not sure who the target population is People who are really, really good at waiting for a payoff, I suppose My mom enjoyed it, but she s recently retired and was having trouble filling her time, so that s another possible population we solve [...]

  • Having recently finished reading I am Pilgrim, the superb thriller by Terry Hayes, I was looking around for something in the same style Well, I already had this loaded on my Kindle and I m a long term fan of DeMille and his wisecracking hero, John Corey Job done.A few chapters in I was already laughing at the constant stream of brilliant one liners but I was also convinced I was re reading the aforementioned Hayes tale I mean, there were certainly differences but there were many similarities I [...]

  • I liked the book however, to be honest, I had high expectations from it which did not live up to it The book is about two FBI agents on the trail of a Libyan terrorist, who is on a plot to avenge the 1986 bombing of Libya, massacring Americans along the way The book is interesting at places where it plots the terrorist s movements and at places it becomes a drag However, the highlight of the narrative is the dry humour and the one liners the author uses liberally in this story.Strictly for DeMil [...]

  • No one is shocked at my rating of The Lion s Game than I am I ve had plenty of time to think about John Corey s second outing, and my final judgment is I enjoyed the fuck outta this book While the issues I had with the previous book in this series, Plum Island, popped up this go around as well, they were well balanced against the second narrative While Plum Island was a strict first person POV inside John Corey s cock oriented caveman mind, The Lion s Game offers many different third person POV [...]

  • I m a little surprised at how much I like this book While the first in the Corey seriesPlum Island was good, it didn t inspire me to run right out and grab this one up I must say this one drew me in and held my interest.The book is of necessity a little dated as it was written before 9 11 and deals with Middle East Terrorists It s built partly around the 1986 bombing raid on Libya There are plots and counter plots there is the insistently New York cop John Corey who we met earlierbut with a new [...]

  • Fantastic A great follow up to the first book Plum Island In this book, John Corey has joined at elite task force comprised of FBI, CIA, ex NYPD, current NYPD some lawyers, accountants, and whoever else they could think of to throw into the mix Their job, anti terrorism with a fixation on Mid Eastern issues John has his eyes set on the IRA division, and puts in a request to be moved because everyone knows that the IRA is inactive which will provide John with nothing to do However, his request is [...]

  • I have a special place in my heart for sarcastic characters and John Corey, the main character in The Lion s Game, an international thriller, is a one of those guys you just love to read about There s always a great one liner waiting on every page If I were to go back and highlight each time Mr Demille s writing made me laugh, the book would look like a freshmen year chemistry book.The Lion s Game is the squeal to Plumb Island, which was also a joy to read specifically because John Corey was the [...]

  • 4 stars Excellent suspense thriller I didn t want to stop reading.It s a long book I had a hard time putting it down Lots of suspense Many times I was saying come on, come on eager to find out what was going to happen next John Corey is a smartalecky, arrogant cop working for the FBI He has many entertaining one liners and jokes I liked his humor, but humor is subjective and some readers may not like it There were a few surprises along the way Some parts were a little slow, but the last half was [...]

  • Just finished The Lion s Game by Nelson DeMille audio and it has me wondering, can a thriller be over researched I finished this pre 9 11 story of a dogged NYPD cop on the trail of a Libyan terrorist, and definitely had moments of frustration as DeMille paused to observe the scenery, sit in on a bureaucratic meeting, or watch cops shag.The protagonist, John Corey, is a likable enough example of the species, but I found his wisecracking dialogue creaky downright colorless when compared to, say El [...]

  • The second book in the John Corey series Well written, witty with edge of your seat suspense Next, I will read book one, Plum Island to get the full back story of the protagonist.

  • What sorted out this thriller from others of its heft is the dedication of the author to assiduously make every sentence count Where I used to peg stuff as filler, I counted now as suspense The most unexpected part was the end The last chapter negated all the expectations I had regarding who would live and die I don t want to spoil, so let us say that such and such gal doesn t die even after the hero proposes something to her One thing I noticed was that when Arabic or Latin words were cited and [...]

  • I ve read the reviews for The Lion s Game and from all indications this book was really good So venturing into The Lion, I had a lot of expectations after all, it is the sequel to The Lion s Game Yet for some reason it took me 3 CD s and approximately 10 chapters to actually get into the story Lately I ve become pretty impatient with stories that take too long to develop and this was the case with The Lion The story could have been cut down significantly for want of a substantial and interesting [...]

  • I preferred the mystery style story of Plum Island to this book The Lion s Game is easily likened to the style of Tom Clancy John Carey has left the police force and signed with an anti terrorist agency I did not like the way the POV of Lion s Game bounces back and forth between first person limited Carey s investigation and third person limited the terrorist s plot as it unfolds Carey s still a great character and his chapters are excellent Seeing the terrorist s side pulled me out of the stor [...]

  • Another solid Demille read I thought the premise in this one was very different from Plum Island, this one was about terrorism, and Plum Island had nothing to do with that The book was really lengthy but it kept me on the edge of my seat up until the end John Corey s character is still pretty much the same, cocky, sarcastic, and has a lack for authority I can t wait to start book 3

  • Second in the John Corey suspense series revolving around a former NYPD detective This story takes place before the Twin Towers and after the World Trade Center bombing and TWA 800.My TakeThis one was depressing Oh, Corey is just as snarky as everank god I do enjoy his brand of humor You ll crack up at his explanation for why the feds created the ATTF Critical points like pastrami sandwiches play a huge role I must say, though, that I can understand why those around him sometimes most of the tim [...]

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  • I read Plum Island first, as someone said it s good, sarcastic and witty But 10 chapters down that book, John Corey was a really annoying character Not only that, he was also sexist, to which I draw the line, was it the character I hated or was those author s thoughts Because every girl Corey meets, he wants to have sex with her and every guy he meets is an asshole to him And since that was a first person narrative, it made the book little biased towards how mentally smart John Corey is While r [...]

  • Segunda obra protagonizada pelo ex detective da Pol cia dos Homic dios de NY, John Corey, que passou a integrar a Brigada Anti Terrorista que juntava elementos do FBI, da Pol cia e tamb m da CIA Acompanhamos, por um lado, a vis o de John Corey dos acontecimentos e, por outro lado, a vis o de Asad Khalil da sua miss o nos EUA Trata se de um terrorista l bio, que vem com a miss o de vingar as mortes da sua m e e irm os no ataque dos EUA a Tripoli capital da L bia , ao acampamento onde estava Khada [...]

  • Lion s Game is the second book I ve read by Nelson DeMille, and I was again really impressed by his plot line and humorous dialogue John Corey is a major bad ass, and his irreverent one liners totally cracked me up Despite being book 2 of the John Corey series, you didn t need to read the first one Plum Island to know what was going on.Asad Khalili, the antagonist, is a really competent and scary killer with just enough humanity albeit horribly misplaced that leads a small part of you to root fo [...]

  • Fastest 900 page book I ve ever read DeMille uses the device of telling two separate stories, which don t intersect until near the end of the book What is interesting is that the two have quite different tones One tale is a deadly serious story, reminiscent of Ken Follett, of a Libyan terrorist who comes into the U.S and proceeds to locate and kill numerous individuals involved in a bombing raid over Libya many years before The other story, told in parallel in alternating chapters, is of the ant [...]

  • I had an excellent experience re reading this thriller from 2000 in preparation for taking up last year s sequel, The Lion This book starts with the horror of a Libyan terrorist, Asad Khalil, causing a 747 from Paris to New York to land with all 300 passengers dead from posion gas Our hero in tracking Khalil on his Jhihad through America is the wise cracking John Corey, the Irish ex NYPD detective introduced in the prior novel, Plum Island Tough, but good hearted, he has street smarts and an aff [...]

  • These are than seven hundred pages of unending adventure, mystery and humour John Corey reappears larger than life, with all his chauvinism but also his witty way of solving in truly detective way the case of Asad Khalil This first appearance of Kate Mayfield, also establishes her strong personality and sense of humour.Loved this book, which is already the third John Corey I read,and I intend to read other John Crey adventuresMaria Carmo,Lisbon 30 December 2014.

  • Team John Corey and a Libyan terrorist, and you have a fast paced thriller Plus John gets a girlfriend in this book Good, good, good DeMille must really do his homework

  • I chanced upon John Corey, the character in DeMille s main series, in the 2017 collection of short mysteries entitled Matchup His basic humanity, in part veiled byand in part revealed by his wisecracking attitude, his anti PC attitude, and lightning quick mind struck chords with me So, I read the first book of the series, Plum Island That sold me and I then read straight through all of the books in the series.The Lion s Game Corey Book 2 Maybe even better than the first Corey book The lion is a [...]

  • DeMille s Book 2 finds former NYPD detective John Corey on an anti terrorist task force The task force s mission seems pretty standard, escort a well known Libyan terrorist who is defecting to the west But John will soon learn that this mission is anything but simple and will lead him on a cross country search for the terrorist I really like the John Corey novels John is an old school cop who is on the ball and so far the two books I ve read in the series have had great plots Looking forward to [...]

  • I like his writing and the sarcastic main character However this book is lacking in mystery and suspense Would have been a much better book with 200 fewer pages.

  • Secondo capitolo con l ex detective Corey Migliore del primo capitolo, un p perch mi sto abituando al personaggio, un p perch meno descrittivo e pi avvicente

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