A Wicked Wolf

A Wicked Wolf Real Estate agent Randi Brown works the rich crowd selling high priced homes With her parents dead it s up to her to financially support two teenage siblings and she wants to spread her wings by nego
  • Title: A Wicked Wolf
  • Author: Brenda Williamson
  • ISBN: 9781603105590
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • A Wicked Wolf
    Real Estate agent Randi Brown works the rich crowd, selling high priced homes With her parents dead it s up to her to financially support two teenage siblings and she wants to spread her wings by negotiating a billion dollar land deal Only the landowner, a business mogul no one has seen in years isn t interested in selling his mountain to a development corporation, and RReal Estate agent Randi Brown works the rich crowd, selling high priced homes With her parents dead it s up to her to financially support two teenage siblings and she wants to spread her wings by negotiating a billion dollar land deal Only the landowner, a business mogul no one has seen in years isn t interested in selling his mountain to a development corporation, and Randi sets out to change his mind any way possible, even if that means sleeping with the reclusive billionaire After two years, since his wife s brutal murder, Nicholas Nick Wolfe prefers to mourn her than get involved in business So he lives cut off from society on Wolfe Mountain Through his attorney, he s offered billions, but no one knows to what extent the value of the land is than the inhabitants the Lycans, human wolf like animal shifters.When Randi shows up on the mountain one rainy night, Nick tires to fight the desires of the wolf in him to take a mate Unfortunately, nature has made it impossible to resist the animalistic urges strengthened by the influence of a full moon and the power of lust in this woman s eyes Can love know no bounds Randi has no idea of where this torrid affair can lead until she learns the gruesome details of a woman s murder by a creature not quite human Then she becomes the next target and she discovers how falling in love can lead to a fatal attack from a Lycan.
    A Wicked Wolf By Brenda Williamson,
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      184 Brenda Williamson
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    An Eclectic Author, Seductive in Any Era, Brenda Williamson writes in most sub genres of romance Her books are with Carina Press, Red Sage Publishing, Loose Id, Siren Bookstrand Billock Books.She lives in the southeastern part of the United States, sharing a large house with her son and all the cats and dogs they can handle.Aside from writing, she has an ebay store and sells vintage jewelry to make a living.Her hobbies are numerous and besides reading, she crochets, puts together puzzles, gardens, bakes and remodels her house.Remodeling her 100 year old house has been a major project since 1980.Want to connect with Brenda, visit these sites Website Twitter FacebookAn Eclectic Author Blog


  • This book was something else It was full of WTFery such as A horn dog heroine who starts playing with herself while driving at the beginning of the book while thinking about her last trist with a UPS man This chick just can t get enough A Lycan hero who sprouts extra hair and some claws when he goes Lycan Oh no it s a full moon and the horny heroine is fertile So once he saves her TSTL butt from the woods they start going at it like bunnies but only with him hitting it from the back because he g [...]

  • I seem to have developed a penchant for train wrecks As in, I know this book is gonna suck trainwreck bad but I m gonna read it anyway Why I don t know It must be the same reason I continue to read Us Weekly online even though there is some asinine story about the freakin Kardashian sisters every day It s a sickness.Thanks to MelissaB s intriguing updates about this book, I decided to give it a go.I endured endless pages of mindless sex scenes, a piss happy werewolf who keeps confusing his new h [...]

  • Wickedly Awesome Sizzling Hot Erotica Nick the Lycan Were Wolf is one hot wicked sexy lover The things he could do with his long wolf tongue and his long thick penis gives me chills just thinking about it With a little Bondage, anal sex, foreplay, and rough pounding rutting you are sure to satisfy your minds sexual hunger The story line was great and the connection between the characters Nick and Randi the Real Estate Agent was so erotic that not even a cold shower could take off the edge This w [...]

  • Everyone knows I have a huge hero complex There are times I want my female strong and there are times I want her knight in shining armor to come charging in to save her Depends on the books and certainly depends on the characters A Wicked Wolf got off to a slow start for me story wise I did throughly enjoy all the sex, and there was a ton of if being an erotic novel But I found the story line to be slightly lacking First and foremost the main character comes off as what Lafayette from True Blood [...]

  • I read this story courtesy of NetGalley A Wicked Wolf is a very brief as in 171 pages paranormal erotic novella The story centers on Randi Brown, a young, ambitious woman working for a real estate developer As the caregiver of her two younger siblings, Randi wants to be able to properly provide for them financially, leaving little time for romantic relationships She is of a one night stand kind of girl, with no time for anything serious Her last relationship, with a co worker, did not go well, [...]

  • Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceIf you re looking for a demanding, brooding, and sinfully carnal Lycan, you found one in Nick Wolfe There is enough rutting to keep you steaming through the coldest of winter s days It doesn t take long and you find J.R Nick and Randi horizontal, vertical, outside, in the bath, shower There is just enough spanking, bondage, anal penetration, and PDA that should satisfy every sweet craving.Randi Brown didn t do her homework before heading up Wolfe Mountain [...]

  • Not as bad as I expected It is erotica, afterall It s all about sex, anyhow The heroine, Randi, was TSTL All her actions made no sense, considering that normal human beings would not drive out to nowhere with no background information, masturbating as she drove, fucking the first man she meets, without knowing his name, and repeatedly engaging in kinky sex with stranger, with no thought to her family for whom she was working hard convincing the owner to sell his house Nicholas Wolfe J.R was not [...]

  • I can t explain how this book made me feel The moment I started reading, I didn t want to stop Automatically I was pulled into Randi s world of being a lonely real estate agent who works on a huge land deal to try to support her siblings If she gets this deal, things will start to look up for her and she can even get enough money to start up her own company When it comes to getting Nick Wolfe to sign away his land, Randi is gonna learn that it is impossible This story is full of hot and steamy s [...]

  • If you love a sexy alpha male, a sassy female, and steamy love scenes then you need to buy this book This was my first Brenda Williamson book and I have to say I m her newest fan Once I started reading this book I could not stop until I was finished The sexual chemistry between the main characters can immediately be felt upon their first meeting The author also created an underlying sense of danger throughout the story which kept me speculating as to what was going to happen, was there an actual [...]

  • A Wicked Wolf by Brenda Williamson is an erotic and entertaining paranormal romance The sex scenes are steamy and numerous The story is a little predicable but still interesting The writing is compelling and skillfully executed The book focuses almost solely on Nick and Randi and their involvement with each other Nick is a very dominate and Alpha character Randi is a good match for him She is strong enough to stand up to his dominate nature There is instant chemistry between the two and it s not [...]

  • Whew What a wicked wolf indeed This story had no problems with hot or spicy Some of the scenes caused me to literally sweat I loved finding out all of Nick s secrets although I thought Randi deserved to know them much sooner The bad guy was superb and I didn t see him coming until the last moment This was a solid read that really kept my attention I look forward to reading from Ms Williamson in the future.

  • A Wicked WolfBrenda WilliamsonFormat Kindle Edition and other e book formats onlyFile Size 338 KBPublisher Red Sage Publishing November 13, 2010 Provided by Publisher through NetGalley Deception, betrayal, danger, sex, poor communication skills, and real estate Hot and twisty, this book is a short, quick read.It started out pretty crudely, with the female character masturbating as she drives up a bumpy road It is not so much her masturbation but the language used that seemed crude Her little exp [...]

  • A Wicked Wolf by Brenda Williamson Paranormal Romance e book Nov 13th, 20104 starsWild and erotic this is a thrilling paranormal romance It is a suspenseful and super sexy book that readers who love dark and untamed heroes with mystery will enjoy.Randi Brown is a self empowered woman who is driven to succeed She is determined to meet the wealthy, reclusive and mysterious, Rick Wolfe However, on the way, a storm begins and her car gets stuck To top it off when she tries to move her car she falls, [...]

  • This one just didn t work for me, it was a bit too far out there.Quick premise Randi is a human real estate agent who is sent to take a meeting with the elusive and wealthy Nick Wolfe a Lycan to hopefully sell some of his property that he hasn t been willing to part with before On the way there her car gets stuck and she is met by, who she presumes, is the grounds keeper J.D and he doesn t tell her any differently Of course it s actually Mr Wolfe She stays there for a couple of days having marat [...]

  • While I ve read my fair share of paranormal romance books and by that, I mean a lot of them , I found this one to be soo cliche and quite frankly, weird The sad thing is that I can totally see this being a script for a really bad, beastiality porno that kind of shallowness and using the characters really just as props for sex, with no character development I did not like the main female character Randi She was too God I need sex, and when I need it, I am so going to get some Seriously does she h [...]

  • I had high hopes for Randi Brown and Nick Wolf, but it was just not meant to be for me, the excerpt on NetGalley was so HOT that I really wanted to know what happened next I would have been better off not wondering A Wicked Wolf is a very brief paranormal erotic novella that is only about 170 pages, so there are not many pages that Brenda Williamson has to work with This produces shallow, non developed characters and a storyline that that is obvious and without a lot of depth and mystery However [...]

  • Sensuality 5 of 5kink anal and licking , spanking, bdsmWell I like Beth Williamson and must say I was very disappointed with this The characters were not developed enough for me They seemed very shallow The sex was VERY hot but after awhile it seemed that that was all the book was about Some of the phrases that were used during the sex was kind of funny too like his p was waving around looking for a insert your female anatomy word It kind of jerked me out of the moment each time it was used.The [...]

  • Paranormal romance is my favorite sub genre I couldn t wait to read this book I love werewolves This book moved rather slowly for me I also didn t get how she couldn t figure out that JR was Nick It had to hit her upside the head for her to realize it I couldn t believe he told her he was a wolf but was worried about telling her who he really was I think the man I ve been sleeping with being a werewolf would freak me out WAY than the he lied to me about who he was because he didn t want to sell [...]

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