The Cyclist

The Cyclist Nazi occupied Aquitaine A beautiful young woman is found murdered in the shadow of the Bergerac Prefecture Auguste Ran Assistant Chief of Police suspects Brunner a German Security Police Majo
  • Title: The Cyclist
  • Author: Fredrik Nath
  • ISBN: 9780956492517
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cyclist
    Nazi occupied Aquitaine, 1943 A beautiful young woman is found murdered in the shadow of the Bergerac Prefecture Auguste Ran, Assistant Chief of Police, suspects Brunner, a German Security Police Major, of the crime The Auguste investigates, the obsessed he becomes with bringing down the seemingly untouchable Brunner Auguste begins to realise he has been convNazi occupied Aquitaine, 1943 A beautiful young woman is found murdered in the shadow of the Bergerac Prefecture Auguste Ran, Assistant Chief of Police, suspects Brunner, a German Security Police Major, of the crime The Auguste investigates, the obsessed he becomes with bringing down the seemingly untouchable Brunner Auguste begins to realise he has been conveniently ignoring the Nazi atrocities going on around him, and understands too late the human cost of his own participation in the internment of the local Jewish population.Driven by conscience and struggling with his Catholic religious beliefs, his actions start to put his own family at risk Harbouring the daughter of his lifelong Jewish friend Pierre, they are forced into a desperate trek towards neighbouring Switzerland, pursued all the way by the German Sicherheitspolizei.
    The Cyclist By Fredrik Nath,
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    Fredrik Nath is a full time neurosurgeon He lives in the northeast of England with his wife and daughter, his three sons having grown up and flown the coop In his time, he has run twenty consecutive Great North Run half marathons, trekked to 6000m in Nepal, crossed the highest mountain pass in the world and began writing, like John Buchan, because he ran out of penny novels to read and felt he should write his own Fred loves a good story, which is why he writes From The Cyclist


  • An evocative, powerful and emotional story set in Vichy France during the German occupation of WW11 Assistant Chief of Police in Bergerac, Auguste Ram, a Frenchman, faces a dilemma when he is ordered by Brunner a German Major in the Security Police to round up Jews for transportation Then a young woman is murdered and the prime suspect is the Nazi Major This book is about a very difficult time in French History, when neighbour is set against neighbour It relates to a terrible time when truly bra [...]

  • A note from the publisher This book is highly recommended it handles a heavy subject in an accessible, highly readable way During World War II, a French chief of police grapples with his conscience during the Jewish internment It s gripping stuff, with some very tense moments.The main character, Auguste Ran, develops in some unexpected ways and ultimately there s an exciting chase towards the Swiss border Get this book, you won t be disappointed.

  • I received this book through First Reads, so I should probably hurry up and review it I m terrible at reviewing books I have all good intentions, but then the time comes to sit down and write all of my wonderful opinions down and I kind of lose the will to live I need to work on that I want to write for a living, and that s never going to happen if I can t sit down and actually write.Anyway, on to the Cyclist.Firstly, the reasoning behind my rating At the start of the book, I almost thought I wo [...]

  • Holding it in my hand, this book has a slightly larger than average format with a glossy cover and bright white pages, feeling like a textbook than a wartime novel Yet the story hidden behind this facade is anything but textbook The Cyclist is enthralling.The story is brilliantly executed Fast paced with short, snappy sentences and surprising plot twists, The Cyclist is a real page turner so much so that I found myself skimming paragraphs just to discover the outcome of certain quandaries Nath [...]

  • I was delighted to receive this book as a giveaway The story of a French policeman who witnessed first hand the horrors of the WWII and tried to reconcile his faith with what he saw What could go wrong Well I ll tell you Here we are in the possibly the worst period in our history, when we were doing some pretty unspeakable things to one another, and we have a French policeman who is guided by his saviour to win an extremely minor victory over the Nazis A saviour who, if you believe the stories, [...]

  • I really thought I d like this book My dad recommended it to me and it had a lot of good reviews, plus the subject matter is right up my street I m sad to say that I was completely disappointed though The rave reviews totally puzzle me This read to me like a schoolchild s story The writing was laboured, with the dialogue between the characters especially stilted Mr Nath has no ear for conversation at all His characters are detached, forever noticing things rather than feeling or experiencing the [...]

  • This was a thought provoking and compelling book The story takes place in Vichy, France Bergerac during WWII and centers about a policeman who, apart from solving murders and crime, is required to assist in the round up and interment of the Jews in the region At some point, the policeman begins to see the hideous nature of his role in implementing Vichy policies that are prompted by the Nazis While investigating the murder of a young girl by a Nazis officer, the hero has both religious and polit [...]

  • Most of what I have read or seen about Nazi Germany occupying France has been from the perspective of the victims, the Nazis, or the military The Cyclist comes in from the perspective of Auguste Ran, the assistant Chief of Police With the Germans occupying his town, he feels he must comply with their demands in order to keep his family safe That is until a young woman is found murdered Auguste suspects Brunner, a German Security Police Major, of the crime, and begins to question himself and his [...]

  • I struggled with this book I received it as a Good Reads giveaway and it should have been better as it had an interesting theme and setting The problem is that the material was in the hands of an inexperienced storyteller The novel s characters were detached observers and not totally immersed in the unfolding storyline, leaving the reader similarly dispassionate and disinterested The book also needed some ruthless pruning and editing to cut out some elementary writing no nos for example, there i [...]

  • I originally got this book as a free Kindle book that I thought my teenage son would be interested in I am glad it was free since I struggled to stay interested in it Based on the many good reviews, I stuck with this book until the end, hoping against hope that it would finally grab me and pull me into the story as it did others However, I found the story boring and repetitive over and over about the dead woman I believe that good police officers do their job, but Auguste went beyond and catchin [...]

  • The Cyclist is a beautiful story Fred Nath knows how to tell a story He grips you with the first page and keeps you until the end I read the book months ago but the characters remain vivid in my mind to the point that I am thinking of reading the book again and I never read books twice Although ther have been many war stories The Cyclist covers it from a new angle focusing on the personal level of one man s struggle with moral and religious dilemmas It would make a moving and exciting film.

  • This book surprised me The author relied heavily on the internal musings of a middle aged French policeman Set during WWII, the author deftly exposed the slow realization and subsequent personal agony of his Petainesque support of the Nazis What surprised me was that the internal dialog could and did carry the story along at such a great pace Sure , at times, I got a bit annoyed with the policemen s self involvement but overall the author told a cracking good story.

  • Set in France during WWII Tells about the struggle a French policeman has when ordered to cooperate with the German police.

  • a moving story of a mans struggle to do the right thing and protect his family in German occupied France, a powerful book which left me desperately wanting the ending to be happy.

  • The CyclistThis is an excellent book depicting the g r genocide that occupied during the second world war Also no four letter words.

  • I m not sure why I purchased this book but I was glad I did A fascinating evocation of the moral dilemma of living in an occupied country.

  • Badly written, repetitive and boring No characterisation, no viable plot and one star for having the nerve to publish it.

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