A Ghostly Ménage

A Ghostly M nage Forget ghosts with rattling chains try dealing with ones who like to grope Desperate for change Jenna buys a repossessed home on a whim The townsfolk claim it s haunted but Jenna s pretty sure all
  • Title: A Ghostly Ménage
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781600885921
  • Page: 358
  • Format: ebook
  • A Ghostly Ménage
    Forget ghosts with rattling chains, try dealing with ones who like to grope.Desperate for change, Jenna buys a repossessed home on a whim The townsfolk claim it s haunted, but Jenna s pretty sure all it needs is some TLC to stop the drafts It doesn t take long before she realizes there s going on than the vagaries of an old house Something, or someone, is playing pForget ghosts with rattling chains, try dealing with ones who like to grope.Desperate for change, Jenna buys a repossessed home on a whim The townsfolk claim it s haunted, but Jenna s pretty sure all it needs is some TLC to stop the drafts It doesn t take long before she realizes there s going on than the vagaries of an old house Something, or someone, is playing poltergeist with her house, and whatever it is keeps stroking her with ghostly fingers and haunting her dreams.Derrick and Mark learned the hard way not to piss off a witch But in their defense, as cocky werewolves, they weren t used to anything actually defying them Unable to ask for help, they re forced to haunt their own home, which turns out to be less boring than expected when their fated mate suddenly becomes the new owner.Disembodied or not, they end up taking haunting to a whole new erotic level.
    A Ghostly Ménage By Eve Langlais,
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    New York Times and USA Today Bestselling AuthorHello, my name is Eve Langlais and I am an International Bestselling author who loves to write hot romance, usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens.I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing While well known for my shifter stories, I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insanewith pleasure Or do you like something a little darker, serious Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.If you d like to know , read some excerpts or find out what I m working on, then please visit me at EveLanglais or sign up for my newsletter at evelanglais newrelease I am also extremely active on Facebook facebook evenglais.98


  • RATING 4.5 STARSA Ghostly Menage is by Eve Langlais I have been looking for sexy Halloween books and this was the perfect addition.Jenna Fairbanks has had it She escaped a cheating ex and is ready for small town life where no one bothers you and life is simple All she wants is peace and quiet So on impulse, she buys an old home in a small town called Twin Dales The house has supposedly sat empty for six years After arriving she falls in love with the house and knows instantly which bedroom is he [...]

  • A sexy and witty story I have been enjoying reading short novellas during the weekends, its quick enough that I still have time to do things I need to on the weekends This book has a good connection between the h h along with a storyline and some sizzling sex, I was on happy street This is paranormal romance with m f m and back door action and the heroin is a little on the plus size, so that equals all of my favorites I had so much fun reading this story I loved the Halloween addition to the sto [...]

  • A Ghostly M nage was just another exhibit of Eve Langlais fantastic writing.Jenna wants to get away From the city, from her cheating boyfriend, and from her two best friends who slept with him On a whim she buys a house in a town with a population of nine thousand and moves Perhaps she should have checked the house out firstBumps in the night, doors opening for her and if her pyjamas aren t thick enough to keep spectral hands from exploring she wakes up with a need only a man should be able to f [...]

  • A Ghostly Menage Kindle Edition by author Eve Langlais.My Rating 4 Stars Derrick, Mark and JennaI am so glad I came across this fun, witty, sexy story This is definitely a seasonal reread for me A Ghostly Menage helped put me in the Autumn Halloween mood Another positive note is is an Eve Langlais book She is such a great author if you love paranormal romantic suspense.Derrick and Mark are two yummy, dominant werewolves They are cocky and arrogant and used to getting anything they want Unfortuna [...]

  • 3.25 starsA super quick, fun read It took me just over an hour to finish, but I admit to skimming a bit It s a double paranormal with werewolves and ghosts A w bitch named Clarissa curses two brothers, Derrick and Mark, by turning them into ghosts until they agree to bond with her which would give her power to wield over the local coven They refuse her year after year, until pretty and curvy Jenna buys their empty house They recognize her as their mate and are desperate to make contact with her [...]

  • This is a novelette of the erotic version and as I ve said many times, it has to be difficult as an author to pack a good story punch into 60 pages or less Yet that s exactly what this author does You ve got ghosts and werewolves and witches all packed into this story and you have a small bit of character build up mixed in Top it off with a really good story, complete with a mega bitchy villain Bake it all up with some super hot sex scenes and this recipe is complete Even though this is an older [...]

  • Forget ghosts with rattling chains, try dealing with ones who like to grope Best friends and werewolves, Derrick and Mark learned the hard way not to piss off a witch Unable to ask for help, they re forced to haunt their own home, which turns out to be less boring than expected when Jenna their their fated mate suddenly becomes the new owner Disembodied or not, they end up taking wet dreams to a whole new levelEve Langlais is my go to author when I need a quick PNR smut fix This novella is a cla [...]

  • I was first introduced to Ms Langlais work when I read, Lucifer s Daughter Liquid Silver Books , which I enjoyed immensely So, I was quite eager to read her latest release, A Ghostly M nage, and I m so glad I did.It s a completely unique story and sucked me in immediately Not only does it have an wild adventure with dangerous moments, humor that I simply enjoy, but the HOT sex scenes left me chasing after my husband It s very difficult to write a complete story in only 59 pages, but Ms Langlais [...]

  • This is a novella about two werewolves who get cursed by a powerful witch and are sent to Limbo Years later Jenna buys their house, not knowing that they still reside there The guys find out that she is their mate which puts an extra urgency in figuring out how to get their bodies back before the nasty witch comes back for her annual check on them.Although this is a novella it is a full story and has some humorous parts to it as well as parts that will raise the temperature.Call my contrary I li [...]

  • This was an okay short read, but I think at the end of the day I m just not into ghost stories It s hard to get my dose of possessive alpha male when the males in question aremisty Also, Jenna annoyed me a lot with her giggling and snickering I can t stand the word snickerunless in reference to a candy bar

  • MFM menage novella book that I picked up as a deal fun and enough of a story to make it not all about the sex I usually depend on Ms Langlais because she can give me some satisfying sexy scenes and some funny bits, and I wasn t disappointed.

  • Sweet story about 2 werewolves stuck in limbo because of an evil witch who end up finding their mate while ghosts Their efforts to contact her and free themselves are light hearted and erotic The story was short but fun to read.

  • A fun little quick romp, stand alone paranormal erotica novella.A woman scorned 2 playful pups smoking hot fun.

  • I have owned this book for years and it was lovely to reread it in the TANGLED HEARTS box set I had forgotten how much of a super quick, fun and enjoyable read it was I never expect or get less from this author.Derrick and Mark are two hot alpha males who have been cursed They are cocky and arrogant and used to getting anything they want but when they refuse to do what an equally arrogant witch wants, they get cursed With no way to break the curse, they are doomed to a long lonely ghostly impris [...]

  • Sexy, fun storyLoved Derrick, Mark, and Jenna s story Jenna s disbelief, the unraveling of the spell, and the sexy fun times made the book speed by I m hoping that someday the author will revisit this town, maybe with a story of Jenna s new witch friend

  • Ghostly werewolvesBuying a house over the Internet does not prepare Jenna for the other occupants in the house How would sexy, alpha pair werewolf ghosts let their new roommate know they are around This sexy little novella is certainly a fun read.

  • Great ReadThis was a great fast paced read full of Suspense and Intrigue I Highly Recommend this book for over 18 due to content.

  • Awe what a cute story When I was a teenager, I didn t believe in Ghosts, but I had wanted to pretend they existed Haunted me and followed me around the house I Blame the movie BeetleJuice This story was a fast read, but really cute The Two ware s Mark and his brother Derrick came home from their Halloween Run, only to find HER trespassing in their home Following her nasty sent up into the master bedroom where they found her laying in between the sheets waiting for them Derrick, the not as polite [...]

  • I have a thing about not reading Ghost stories because I do not, do not like the idea of floating around and being ignored In life, I love to talk so being isolated with little to no function scares me Plus, without a corporeal form, I beg to think what kind of fighting action would take place I am an absolute action kind of gal With all that said, A Ghostly M nage is nothing like what I was expecting would come of a ghostly tale In fact, I will read Eve s Ghostly tales any day of the week and I [...]

  • A Ghostly Menage takes a fun twist on the traditional werewolf menage theme These werewolves have a special problem being cursed by a witch into limbo They are stuck in spirit form inside their family house until she decides to release them Several years later enter Jenna I really really liked her She didn t take shit from anyone and was determined to live her life the way she wanted to She was fiest and had an amazing sense of humor She needed it to deal with two horny werewolf spirits Our two [...]

  • This was a pretty good story We have Jenna, Derrick and Mark as the poly amorous trio I liked them but wish there could have been build up in the relationship The story was shortwhich I don t mind but I wished for a bit interaction between the 3 to flesh things out.Derrick and Mark are werewolves In their family there are always a set of male twins that mate one female to continue the line That female is one destined for them not just any will do The twins are imprisoned in a limbo state in th [...]

  • Any Eve Langlais book in my hands is sure to be a pleasurable read A Ghostly Menage did not leave me wanting for anything That s not exactly true This sexy little tale left me wanting a haunted house in the country with two hot werewolves wanting to do sinfully delightful things to me, dirty things Sadly Jenna gets Derrick and Mark and all of their naughty.Derrick and Mark are best friends that share everything in life They are quite content with everything they have They enjoy all life has to o [...]

  • Sweet Another Eve Langlais winner Yeah, yeah, I m a sucker for her books I freely admit it They make me grin And sometimes fist punch the air when no one s around She gives us sassy heroines and delightfully off beat heroes WHAT S NOT TO LIKE This time around, we re given two werewolves who, despite being best friends, couldn t be different Derrick is hot headed and quick to act Mark is diplomatic and, umm, thinky You know, he thinks before he jumps Not that it stops him from jumping, but he c [...]

  • I received the updated copy of A Ghostly Menage from the author.I loved this updated expanded edition we all know that it was going to be a little meatier and it was the same story we all loved but I loved some of the extra little elements, you might remember them mentioning they smell a bear or bear shifter when they re out on a run at the beginning of the book it leaves me to believe that it could give a possibility of another book or link it to another series, like the princess of hell and we [...]

  • I am giving an honest review for the author Eve Langlais I wasn t sure what to expect when I seen the title of this book but once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down.Derrick and Mark are both werewolves and want nothing then a simple life but when witch Clarissa is spurned by the 2 she seeks revenge against them Jenna is a writer and is after a new life far away from her cheating boyfriend She buys a house where she hopes to start her life over but little does she know the pr [...]

  • Jenna Fairbanks har f tt nog Hon flyr en otrogen pojkv n och flyttar till en liten stad d r livet r enkelt och lugnt Hon k per ett gammalt hus som st tt tomt i 6 r Hon faller f r huset och instinktivt vilket rum som r hennes sovrum Direkt m rks ovanliga saker som kalla ber ringar eller saker som flyttar p sig sj lv Dr mmer erotiska dr mmar varje natt Sakta b rjar hon gr va i jitorien om huset och finner att de m n som bodde d r bara f rsvann Mark och Derrick Wolfgang r vargar Clarissa, stans h x [...]

  • wow in true eve langlis fashion this is one hot and steamy book when Jena moved in to her new home little did she know shed end up with two handsome werewolves as her mate only there stuck in limbo with no way to know how to get out and feel fate is truly cruel as they cant even though her i love the way the finely break this spell and get rid of the factor of who put them in limbo in the first place i recommend to read this rewrite of the story it will truly have you reading straight through i [...]

  • I really enjoyed this story and loved Derrick and Mark, they balanced each other out perfectly as best friends and I loved how tight they were I loved Jenna too, she was pretty cool although she was in denial about the boys ghostly presence for much of the story despite their attempts to get her attention I thought they worked well together and was happy when she accidentally freed the boys from the spell they were under trapping them in Limbo I also thought the witch who trapped them got what s [...]

  • Original, entertaining and hauntingly goodI think I may have read the original version of this story because I remember the two hunks haunting a house That being said with as many books I read to have one stick in my head usually means it was good But this extended version is even better, even if it is still a short story Very original story line with good character interaction Enjoyable and entertaining to read I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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