The Law of Angels

The Law of Angels York Just as the Mystery Plays are about to unfold a young woman witnesses a terrible crime and turns to Abbess Hildegard for protection Cassandra Clark once again shows us the human side of hi
  • Title: The Law of Angels
  • Author: Cassandra Clark
  • ISBN: 9780312674557
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Law of Angels
    York, 1385 Just as the Mystery Plays are about to unfold, a young woman witnesses a terrible crime and turns to Abbess Hildegard for protection Cassandra Clark once again shows us the human side of history, giving readers new reason to follow Publishers Weekly s rallying cry Medievalists rejoice
    The Law of Angels By Cassandra Clark,
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    I m mad about the middle ages and love writing this series of medieval whodunits featuring nun sleuth Hildegard of Meaux When I started with Hangman Blind I thought Hildegard would become an abbess but then she joined the Cistercians who only allowed women to be prioresses so she s had to put up with that It surprises me that I m writing historical novels at all, especially ones involving crime, as before this I wrote contemporary plays and romance I m doubtful about putting too much violence in the stories as there is already so much in the world and I don t like the idea of adding to it, even if only in the imagination, but then, it s part of that world too so it cannot be avoided I would love to write a book shadowing every year of Richard II s reign with a different, multi layered mystery for Hildegard to solve She s about 32 now, with two children living in different households as was the custom then, so by the time poor Richard is murdered, she s going to be quite old I wonder if she and Hubert will ever be together Who knows It s a question readers often ask me but we ll have to wait and see.


  • I like these books they re well written and historically interesting But I have a great deal of difficulty suspending my disbelief whilst reading them This is simply not how a nun would behave She spends no time whatsoever in a convent, and she never pays any attention to the daily orders The woman never prays If she goes inside a church, it s to admire the architecture Her behaviour would be out of place for a woman of the time let alone a nun Having said that, I ll probably read the next one a [...]

  • I m afraid I have to give it up I gave it 120 pages I enjoyed the first couple of books in the series, but the I think about it, the harder it is to stay in the story As much as I like the writing, and love the time frame and setting, I just cannot suspend my disbelief enough to see Hildegard actually having any opportunity whatsoever to get into the situations she gets into, or behaving the way she does She s a nun It s 1385 It might be different if she were simply a noblewoman, but even women [...]

  • Hildegard has established her house of nuns in the wilderness only to have it destroyed by a group of marauders searching for a young girl Hildegard recently took in She ends up in York with her two young charges There the story gets rather convoluted and a little difficult to follow I will not go into detail but Clark has several events going on simultaneously, a writing method used successfully by many writers but Clark has trouble working all of these events together into one story Eventually [...]

  • I would have given this and the other books I ve read in this series 4 stars if weren t for the periodicc lapses into non Medieval slang by various characters, and the main character Hildegard s almost modern attitudes and ideas Entertaining stories, but not top shelf when it comes to historical fiction.

  • I read this to the end, so two stars At least the writing doesn t jar as prose However, the characters are anything but mediaeval they re typical postomderns of our own day, with today s postmodern concerns and attitudes At one point Hildegarde even speaks of conducting an opinion survey What tripe.It is totally impossible for any historically informed person to suspend disbelief while reading this story, the characters and their concerns are so out of context Since the whole point of a historic [...]

  • The third in a series of mysteries set in Medieval England, this book follows the adventures of Abbess Hildegard, a young widow turned nun She s settled into a peaceful life in the country with a couple of nuns, raising bees and growing their food This peace is ruined when two young girls on the run arrive, followed closely by marauding knights who set fire to the buildings They all set off on foot for the great northern city of York The book is set in a turbulent era of England s history John o [...]

  • I love it when the heroine is powerful What makes Hildegard of Meaux different from other Medieval heroines is that she is not a young woman by Medieval standards , she is widow with a fourteen year old daughter and she is an Abbess Her character is very endearing, and her internal turmoil ie, her love for the charming Abbot Hubert de courcy is quite believable.I did not realise this was not the 3rd in the series but I have enjoyed nonetheless and I do think it can be read as a standalone withou [...]

  • This was a serendipitous find for me I love, love, love books set in Medieval England, and this one has a fascinating period and locale The York Corpus Christi celebrations were famous all over England and the conflict of Lollards vs the organized Catholic Church, The Duke of Lancaster, the Crown, the rising merchant class and the bondsmen makes a wonderfully pungent mix as background for a mystery Our heroine, Sister Hildegarde is caught up in a tide of violent happenings Just after the arrival [...]

  • 3.5 stars The third book in the Abbess of Meux series has Hildegard happily settled in her small community of women, now approximately a year old, and starting to approach some self sufficiency with both confirmed nuns and lay sisters She is asked to shelter two young girls by the Abbess, and is shocked when their community is torn apart by a group of men searching for the girls The group heads to York to report the crime and to await word on what they are to do, sheltering the two girls with th [...]

  • While I know that there is historic evidence that there were many strong, self reliant women in medieval England, and also that many of them were in positions of authority within the church, Hildegarde is a swashbuckler than an Abbess Not for her the brilliant wits of Sister Fidelma Peter Tremayne , the obedience of Sister Frevisse Margaret Frazer or the ponderings of Prioress Eleanor Priscilla Royal note I do seem to have stumbled into a lot of nun mysteriesThey all solve mysteries and attend [...]

  • This is one of my favorite medieval mystery series Sister Hildegard is a well rounded character and the current events she moves through are fascinating Set during the reign of Richard II and involving the complicated politics around Wat Tyler s Rebellion, the king s uncle and former regent John of Gaunt s wielding of his considerable power, as well as the crusades, there is never a dull moment Hildegard herself has two hounds that often travel with her and protect her, which I like While I did [...]

  • In this third installment of Sister Hildegarde s adventures in medieval England, her world is getting darker and murkier The series has gotten darker but not cumbersome to the reader since the nun emerged in the first book The heat is all the oppressive heat in an over crowded city of York during tkhe Corpus Christi celebration Hildegarde is there too seek some justice for her year old nunnery, which has been ransacked and burned, and for two mysterious orphans who appear are than they seem Th [...]

  • An enjoyable whodunnit with a historical setting As regards historical accuracy considerable creative licence has been taken For example, the heroine is like a twenty first century woman than a fourteenth century nun That is not to say that women could not exert considerable influence as members of Holy Orders, they did, and even before the Norman Conquest Nevertheless, her actions and attitudes seem, rather like those of C J Sansom s Tudor sleuth Shardlake, akin to those of a modern liberal t [...]

  • While I truly enjoyed the first two books of this series, this one dragged a bit I do agree with other reviews that state for a nun, Hildegarde sure doesn t spend very much time in church in this book If she is going to spend her time solving murder mysteries, perhaps she should think about returning to a secular life.That said, the history behind the story makes the book worth reading And the intriguee twists the plot takes make the book a worthy read I would definitely recommend this book to a [...]

  • After 203 pages, I give up This is an awful book About 200 pages ago we were introduced to two orphans, perhaps 100 pages one lone revelation later they were sent off, no word of them since, while a totally different plot thread is pursued Occasionally something happens not often.The secondary characters are too thin and muddled to be of interest, the main character is totally unbelievable in context, and way too much time is spent on the weather, which doesn t even change it s hot I ll go and r [...]

  • To be frank, I m getting a bit medievaled out I may switch to the Collected Works of Barbara Cartland This is a run of the mill tome, faithful to the genre A bit too thick, and padded out to be so, I think I found it hard to empathise with the heroineor indeed with any of the characters I read it all the way through, which is somethingbut once I d closed it, I had no wish to open it ever again.Tragically, I ve got some unread Cassandra Clarks on the shelf I ll have to be very bored or insomniac [...]

  • I really enjoyed the previous books in the series, but this one was a letdown for me I agree with the reviewer who said the plot was overly convoluted, and the other who said Hildegard rarely acts like a nun I just didn t get hooked into caring about the story, and got annoyed with Hildegard, who seemed to go looking for trouble Perhaps because this story was set mainly in one town, there was less adventure, and politics, and the conflicts that happened with the two girls, and with Hildegard se [...]

  • Just finished the next installment of Sister Hildegard Who is after the nun now Why are the mysterious knights after the two lost girls A wonderful romp through Corpus Christi festival in York in 1383 You barely meet Alcuin of York, but you do meet Henry Bolingbrooke and his cousin the Duke of Gloucestershire, among others Best of all, reader learn how stained glass windows are conceptualized, designed, and then made Can t wait to read the next one in the series.

  • Abbess Hildergard s adventures continue Intrigue men loking for the cross she carries, murders and a craftsman working on stunning glass windows Hildegard stands for justice and mercy and befriends two very young girls and gets them to a safe home One young girl has seen such horrors she cannot speak or who her face Hildergard teams with Brother Thomas and has her friend Ulf help her Knights in arms and goioid and bad in this book.

  • Okay for coming into a series where all the good sexual tension between monastics was in the two proceeding books I missed Feels that the author throws in period vocabulary and terminology inconsistently to show that she has done cultural research Why throw in two uses of F to show it was used then and use no other period expletives even when folks are stabbed, grabbed, headbutted, and so forth

  • I love this series, but this edition was a big let down.The plot was overly convoluted.Too many plot threads which I did not really care about.Not enough Hugh The real reason I read this series is because of Hildegarde and all the great supporting characters Ulf, Thomas, Sir Roger and of course Hugh.Either do something with the romantic tension between Hugh Hildegarde or Hildegarde Ulf or let this story arc fade and move on.

  • It s a pity that a book that is obviously well researched should have strayed so much over its optimum length consequently the good impression created by the early chapters is undone by the nun s subsequent antics By the end of the book I could no longer remember who had been killed and by whom, and motives remained obscure The political machinations in the background were completely unconvincing.

  • I thought I would like this book but it turns out this was difficult to read I think that if I had started with book one of the series it would have made sense The story presents an interesting look at England during the time but doesn t give you a lot of backgrounds Again, starting from the begining of the series would probably have helped.

  • I enjoyed this instalment a little less than the first twowhilst the adventures of a medieval nun are simply entertaining first and foremost, I felt that this book did stretch credibility somewhat Having said that, this is an enjoyable book filled with atmospheric descriptions and a fun, if somewhat silly, storyline.

  • This was surprisingly good I don t think it was a mystery so much as an adventure, but it s a good adventure Pity Maud s story is so much in the background I also wish that somewhere on the book, there was some indication that this isn t the first book in the series, as it wasn t clear until I started reading that I was missing some of the story.

  • It was ok The plot was really complicated For a while I thought maybe I should have been taking notes After I researched the buildup to the Wars of the Roses Plus Abbott Hubert doesn t show up until very late in the book Hubert s relationship with Hildegard is one aspect of the series I really enjoy, so I was disappointed he was missing for so long.

  • The females are anachronistic, the mystery is routine and unsurprising, and the middle half of the book bogs down in a nun wandering around shopping and sightseeing For all those weaknesses, it wasn t utterly awful The only one of the series I ve read I won t be looking for the others.

  • Good enough for me to reserve the previous novels in this series of medieval mysteries York and surrounding area setting was good too May even have to see when they re doing the Mystery plays again.

  • Terrific medieval read with plenty of action Summer fair in York Abbess Hildegard has young charges to protect and plenty of bad guys who want to intervene 3rd in series but can be read as a stand alone I hadn t read the others Starred LJ 4 11.

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