The Judgment of Paris

The Judgment of Paris Set in post war Europe fresh out of law school Philip Warren takes a year to discover his future In this classic coming of age story Philip journeys through various affairs misadventures and citie
  • Title: The Judgment of Paris
  • Author: Gore Vidal
  • ISBN: 9780786719921
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Judgment of Paris
    Set in post war Europe, fresh out of law school Philip Warren takes a year to discover his future In this classic coming of age story, Philip journeys through various affairs, misadventures, and cities full of unforgettable characters that prompt his self discovery and lessons on taking pleasure in both love and life.
    The Judgment of Paris By Gore Vidal,
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      303 Gore Vidal
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    Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer known for his essays, novels, screenplays, and Broadway plays He was also known for his patrician manner, Transatlantic accent, and witty aphorisms Vidal came from a distinguished political lineage his grandfather was the senator Thomas Gore, and he later became a relation through marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy.Vidal ran for political office twice and was a longtime political critic He was a lifelong isolationist Democrat As well known for his essays as his novels, Vidal wrote for The Nation, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The New York Review of Books and Esquire.Through his essays and media appearances, Vidal was a long time critic of American foreign policy In addition to this, he characterised the United States as a decaying empire from the 1980s onwards Additionally he was known for his well publicized spats with such figures as Norman Mailer, William F Buckley, Jr and Truman Capote.Vidal s novels fell into two distinct camps social and historical His best known social novel was Myra Breckinridge his best known historical novels included Julian, Burr and Lincoln His third novel, The City and the Pillar 1948 , outraged conservative critics as one of the first major American novels to feature unambiguous homosexuality At the time of his death he was the last of a generation of American writers who had served during World War II, including J D Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer and Joseph Heller Perhaps best remembered for his caustic wit, he referred to himself as a gentleman bitch and has been described as the 20th century s answer to Oscar WildeAlso used the pseudonym Edgar Box Gore Vidal um dos nomes centrais na hist ria da literatura americana p s Segunda Guerra Mundial Nascido em 1925, em Nova Iorque, estudou na Academia de Phillips Exeter Estado de New Hampshire O seu primeiro romance, Williwaw 1946 , era uma hist ria da guerra claramente influenciada pelo estilo de Hemingway Embora grande parte da sua obra tenha a ver com o s culo XX americano, Vidal debru ou se v rias vezes sobre pocas recuadas, como, por exemplo, em A Search for the King 1950 , Juliano 1964 e Creation 1981 Entre os seus temas de elei o est o mundo do cinema e, mais concretamente, os bastidores de Hollywood, que ele desmonta de forma sat rica e implac vel em t tulos como Myra Breckinridge 1968 , Myron 1975 e Duluth 1983 Senhor de um estilo exuberante, multifacetado e sempre surpreendente, publicou, em 1995, a autobiografia Palimpsest A Memoir As obras O Instituto Smithsonian e A Idade do Ouro encontram se traduzidas em portugu s Neto do senador Thomas Gore, enteado do padrasto de Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, primo distante de Al Gore, Gore Vidal sempre se revelou um espelho cr tico das grandezas e mis rias dos EUA.Faleceu a 31 de julho de 2012, aos 86 anos, na sua casa em Hollywood, v tima de pneumonia.


  • Titled after one of those devilishly entertaining tales from Greek myth which all erudite authors must refer to in their novels if they ever want to make it big no shirking now , Gore Vidal s seventh novel written aged 27 makes things happen in Rome, Cairo and Paris Indecisive aesthete and lawyer Philip bumbles around the landmarks, shacking up with senators wives and expat British homosexuals with a penchant for cute Italian kids in saunas As the narrative progresses, Philip has to decide which [...]

  • This book starts out well but grows tiresome It s a novel about young man in his twenties named Phillip Warren Originally he s from New York State and looking to travel around post war Europe for a year He does the usual fun stuff meets girls, drinks wine, eats good food, explores pretty places, and meets some interesting characters The book begins in Italy where he runs into the wife of a politician from back home and has an affair with her, and then meets some odd older men who have nothing be [...]

  • I was actually pretty proud of myself, reading a Gore Vidal novel Okay, sadly, it s because Brian Griffin from the Family Guy is a fan of Gore Vidal But whatever, I was sort of holding it up on the subway, trying to impress this rather striking girl with red bouncy hair who works as an editor at a different publishing company, with the sophistication of my reading material Then I came upon a disturbing, questionable passage, followed by a whole deluge of others, which, uh, I don t really feel co [...]

  • Surprisingly, Vidal s writing style is that of a surreal modernist pop culture author Although his book contains a lot of philosophical and moral quandaries and at times is written in beautiful prose, I do not like how he interjects himself and the book as a whole is way too disjointed for me The book seems to me like a rough draft of a story that was never edited to make sure it is coherent It seems to me this book is a cross between a Milan Kundera philosophical book and a weird Chuck Pahaniuk [...]

  • I ve been reading occasional early Gore Vidal novels They re never anything like as wonderful as his essays, but they re entertaining and sometimes pretty good The Judgement of Paris isn t strong overall but it s a fun and easy read I read the whole thing on 2 plane trips.As usual, GV has a keen eye for the decadent and corrupt and much of the action revolves around gay male sex, though the protagonist is ostensibly straight There are nice reflections on love and meaning, some comic scenes, good [...]

  • Why do I keep getting the ONE book by a famous gay author without any man love in it WHY POR QUE I blame Half Price Books in Houston for misleading me and shelving this incorrectly Now that I ve had about a week to cool off, it wasn t that bad I didn t really like the main character but then again, Homeric Paris was a little shit too so that may be intentional I think this is the literary equivalent of Lost In Translation Someone goes somewhere far away from home, they look at things, they meet [...]

  • If stories of young American protagonists idling around postwar Europe can be considered as their own literary sub genre, Maugham, Hemingway, and I m sure lots of other authors have done a much better job creating interesting characters and stories on the topic.

  • oh my god i stopped on page 49 this is one of those horrible, pompous, dated books that everyone claims is a classic, but I ve hit the first love scene anytime the author breathlessly announces sex as the ultimate moment the splendid act , you know you re in trouble.

  • The first Vidal I read, a yellowed paperback acquired in a used bookstore in New Orleans back in my Lost Youth Not bad at all a rather nice post WW2 expat novel with lovely waspish touches.

  • An American Bildungsroman describing the European tour of a young American war veteran and lawyer with a great political career ahead of him who plunges into European decadence with gusto Great fun.

  • Like being cornered by the most boring person at a party, where you re only able to catch snippets of the intriguing conversations.

  • The content of this novel is bold for 1952 I tried to find some information on its reception at the time, but found nothing online I did learn that Vidal s novel The City and the Pillar A Novel, published in 1948, a coming of age story of a homosexual male, caused Vidal to be blacklisted for 6 years in which time he wrote under pseudonyms This book is dated within the blacklisting period, but I can t find a publication date Perhaps it was written under a pseudonym with a different title.The comi [...]

  • Love is the last illusion, the only magic it is a challenge to the few, a proof of virtue, a temporary defeat of the impersonal reality, black magic in an age of science .Gore Vidal s writing in this book is multi layered, at times it s smart, even witty, making you laugh and at times it s incredibly deep with messages to decipher and themes to explore I really enjoyed the detailed accounts of Italy, Rome, and the other places Phillip traveled to, I felt as if I was there myself, traveling alon [...]

  • This is probably a great book, it s just too deep for me I liked the premise and the dialogue, but I continued to drift off and get distracted during the description of scenery and philosophical thoughts And there were a lot of them.Philip has completed law school and decides to take a year off and tour Europe while he figures things out He has three key destinations during the book Rome, Egypt, and then Paris At each place, he meets a woman who naturally all fall in love with him, but they come [...]

  • One man Three women One secret political organisation Multiple attempted murders Countless parties Drugs Sex Tobacco Archaeology.These elements seem to make the weirdest combination, yet Gore Vidal ties them together in The Judgement of Paris through witty dialogues, serious introspection, dark descriptions, and sarcasm A delicious novel indeed There are a wide range of issues that the book touched upon For Gore Vidal, this book is as much a judgement of Paris i.e the hero Philip Warren , as it [...]

  • Pete got me this book for Christmas 2005, I believe It is mostly an historical account of the wine industry in general, from the Spanish missionaries to the recently crowned Sauvignon Blanc Gods in New Zealand Most of the book, however, focuses on the France vs California wine culture and the ongoing battle for the best title As a wine person who is very familiar with the CA style in particular, it was a fascinating read, particularly because I could picture some of the wineries in Napa and Sono [...]

  • The author is very witty and funny And he s kind of chatty with the reader, treating you like a buddy It s a modern day take on Paris you know, that guy who hooks up with Helen of Troy and the choice he made, picking love rather than power and knowledge The story takes you all around Europe so that was fun And some of the characters are just so well developed that they will stand out The male homosexual world figures prominently too, with public bath scenes and lavish parties with costumes, mask [...]

  • This sounded fascinating a privileged young American taking a year out in 50 s Europe And written by Gore Vidal, who was always worth watching on T.V for his intelligence, acerbic wit and knowledge But, gosh, was this a dull slog The protagonist doesn t seem to think, reflect or feel very much, just observes the mostly bizarre people he comes across He didn t care, so I couldn t.Gore can obviously write, and liked to show off his knowledge of ancient classics I just assume this was a very early [...]

  • Nonostante sia un opera giovanile, offre un pi che discreto spiraglio sulla capacit di scrittore di Vidal.Un libro barocco, impietoso e satirico, la cui parte ironica ancora un po grossolana, a tratti esilarante, gigioneggia forse un po troppo col lettore quasi in un tentativo di captatio benevolentiae.La parte centrale, con l arzigogolato tentativo di omicidio suicidio di una grassa comparsa, imperdibile.

  • Set in post war Europe, fresh out of law school Phillip Warren takes a year to discover his future In this classic coming of age story, Phillip journeys through various affairs, misadventures, and cities full of unforgettable characters that prompt his self discovery and lessons on taking pleasure in both love and life Though well written, I wasn t the least bit interested in the story line Who has enough money to spend a year in Europe just finding himself

  • Up until the last 75 pages of this book I was enraptured But the end left me bored It felt very random to me and thrown together All in all still an interesting read and exceedingly bold material for a book published in the early 1950s Vidal s prose really is a joy to read and it makes me sad that we lost him last year.

  • I picked this book up off the sidewalk in Phladelphia Slim, faded, and musty with that lusty old book smell, it s prose was shockingly agile and Vidal s wit is like a sniper rifle He was brilliant, arrogant, but always wants you in on the joke I would recommend this as a good read for someone traveling living abroad alone for the first time.

  • A gay journey through the looking glass Vidal s absurdity rams his points home and keeps the reader wanting weirdness, the kind lurking in the next paragraph or character introduced Laugh out loud at times and thoughtful and philosophic at the next A good read.

  • Another great one from Vidal It s style is bold, especially for its 1952 publication date Vidal brilliantly employs an intrusive narrator, something that modern writers thought of as less than literary, and is considered a dirty phrase even among some post modern writers today.

  • I love GV, but this just didn t do it for me It started out ok, but got progressively worse and the protagonist got and annoying Perhaps he d be excusable if he was 18, but 30 Just pathetic Coming of age story where he forgets what happened during the second half Come on.

  • A novel filled with interesting people and interesting places, but at the end of the day it still feels a bit empty I wonder if a likely explanation for that feeling of emptiness is that this is a novel of ideas that neglects characters.

  • Well written, but not particularly compelling story of Phillip who is wandering through Europe and Egypt trying to find himself.

  • Probably the most interesting coming of age novel I ve ever read Particularly since the protagonist is almost 30 Lots of fun, very funny, and gives you a wonderful sense of time and place.

  • It started out SO strong I adored it and Gore s writing About 3 4 of the way in, it got weird and it was all I could do to finish it Some parts really spoke to me, othersey were awful.

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