Necromancer Nine

Necromancer Nine Some will be kings some will be sorcerers and some pawns in the real lives of those who live the magical chess game on True Life But one child is wreaking havoc he can be any player he likes and thr
  • Title: Necromancer Nine
  • Author: Sheri S. Tepper
  • ISBN: 9780441568536
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • Necromancer Nine
    Some will be kings, some will be sorcerers, and some pawns in the real lives of those who live the magical chess game on True Life But one child is wreaking havoc he can be any player he likes and threatens to destroy the game forever.
    Necromancer Nine By Sheri S. Tepper,
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      287 Sheri S. Tepper
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  • Sheri S. Tepper

    Sheri Stewart Tepper was a prolific American author of science fiction, horror and mystery novels she was particularly known as a feminist science fiction writer, often with an ecofeminist slant.Born near Littleton, Colorado, for most of her career 1962 1986 she worked for Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, where she eventually became Executive Director She has two children and is married to Gene Tepper She operated a guest ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.She wrote under several pseudonyms, including A.J Orde, E.E Horlak, and B.J Oliphant Her early work was published under the name Sheri S Eberhart.


  • Huh Alrighty then.So, our intrepid hero, Peter, doesn t do nearly as much growing in this novel as the previous He spends much of his time either alone, or with Mavin Manyshaped, who is not a very interesting character not at all And the world Peter traveled in this book felt haphazard this time around, too Between the rape village , and the caricatures that inhabit The Blot, I felt that Tepper was going for shock value without a whole lot of reason for doing so As far as that ending goesWhile [...]

  • Hmm a disappointment after the first book King s Blood Four which I really enjoyed This one lurched into sci fi and became a lot procedural with almost none of the unusual quirky trimmings that so distinguished book 1 2.5 Stars which I should really round down to 2, but have generously awarded 3 purely due to afterglow of book 1 s 4 Stars We are now faced with a messy amalgam of fantasy and sci fi for book 3, which I probably will read, but not in desperate hurry

  • Very good This book is the middle book of a trilogy, you cannot really read it as a standalone, and in many ways you have to judge it as part of the trilogy Therefore the comments from the first book also apply to this one In its own right, this book holds its own, it does not slow down as some middle book sometimes do, and it moves, and expands, the story along nicely If you liked the first book then this is a must.

  • A year has passed since the Great Game at Bannerwell and the end of King s Blood Four Peter tells Himmagery and Windlow that he needs to search for his mother So he leaves the Bright Demesne to go to Schooltown and talk with Mertyn After an adventurous journey he reaches Schooltown and Mertyn gives him a cryptic note on how to find Mavin He first needs to go to where the people fear the unborn It turns out this is straight forward, it s a particular town Riddle the immutable knows of it and acco [...]

  • I found this book at a second hand store but hadn t had a chance to read it I love Sheri S Tepper She has a fantastic mind and is a delightful storyteller This book is a sequel to King s Blood Four and I enjoyed it than the first She isn t an author who typically does sequels and trilogies, at least in her later works I am reading her early stuff now, since I ve read all of her other books in her SF genre Peter, the main character, continues to develop with the help of the Game pieces and in th [...]

  • Our slightly mature hero strikes out, disguised as a Necromancer not entirely disguised since the discovery of a unique set of miniature game pieces which hold the spirits of eleven historical gamesmen , Peter can shape shift into these types of magic users and access their powers Got ahead of myself a little there he does actually have to pretend before he finds the pieces This book made me daydream a lot about a miniatures combat tie in Also Tepper manages not to make it annoying that her her [...]

  • This was much fun and readable than the first book in the trilogy, but it had some problematic bits about women s roles and disabled people the latter gratuitous and offensive enough that had they not been extremely brief throwaway lines, I would have put the book down.One thing s for sure This is not the Sheri S Tepper of her recent books It s hard to recognize anything of her style or her values here Still a really neat little fantasy sci fi journey with some interesting twists.

  • Necromancer Nine, the 2nd book in the trilogy about Peter, was weaker than the first book in the series Unfortunately the beginning contains a sexual awakening scene which is just explicit enough that I will not be handing these books to my newly turned 11 year old Without the implications of rape forced sex, the rest of the fare in the books is appropriate to middle grade readers and shows touches of the spectacular writer that Sheri S Tepper becomes.

  • The further into the book I got the I enjoyed it, forget magicians, these game masters are the real deal, they are able to shape shift into any thing they want too, human or animal.As young people they are given wooden figures, they use these for different talents, later in the book you find out how these wooden figures come into being and it is not what you expect.

  • Somewhat slow, but still quite interesting The most annoying thing is that the characters are shallow, and that it is somewhat difficult to understand the rules of the game , even if you ve read the series But overall, I enjoyed reading it and I liked how easy it was to read

  • 3.5The ending really saved this from being a mediocre book Some of the ideas that pulled together at the end were really fun and interesting If the whole book had been about those things, or with other things like it, easily a 4 4.5 star story.

  • I adored this creepy little book when I was a pre teen in the late eighties I never found any of the sequels to the series and have often wondered what became of the the characters I ve finally ordered them from and eagerly await returning to this universe.

  • What a strange world Tepper has created I m not sure if this has turned into a sci fi novel or not I m fascinated and eager to finish this trilogy and move on to the next.

  • Nice unexpected sci fi twist Some characters are poorly developed like the main villain , but you don t really notice it The world where this series takes place is just amazing.

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