Claimed by the Highlander

Claimed by the Highlander From bestselling storyteller Julianne MacLean comes the passionate saga of three Highland warriors sworn to fight for freedom honor and the women they loveNight of ConquestWith his tawny mane battle
  • Title: Claimed by the Highlander
  • Author: Julianne MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780312365325
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Claimed by the Highlander
    From bestselling storyteller Julianne MacLean comes the passionate saga of three Highland warriors sworn to fight for freedom, honor and the women they loveNight of ConquestWith his tawny mane, battle hewn brawn, and ferocious roar, Angus The Lion MacDonald is the most fearsome warrior Lady Gwendolen has ever seen and she is his most glorious conquest Captured in a sFrom bestselling storyteller Julianne MacLean comes the passionate saga of three Highland warriors sworn to fight for freedom, honor and the women they loveNight of ConquestWith his tawny mane, battle hewn brawn, and ferocious roar, Angus The Lion MacDonald is the most fearsome warrior Lady Gwendolen has ever seen and she is his most glorious conquest Captured in a surprise attack on her father s castle, Gwendolen is now forced to share her bed with the man who defeated her clan But, in spite of Angus s overpowering charms, she refuses to surrender her innocence without a fight.Prisoner of PassionWith her stunning beauty, bold defiance, and brazen smile, Gwendolen is the most infuriating woman Angus has ever known and the most intoxicating Forcing her to become his bride will unite their two clans But conquering Gwendolen s heart will take all his skills as a lover Night after night, his touch sets her on fire Kiss after kiss, his hunger fuels her passion But, as Gwendolen s body betrays her growing love for Angus, a secret enemy plots to betray them both.
    Claimed by the Highlander By Julianne MacLean,
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      187 Julianne MacLean
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    Julianne MacLean is a USA Today bestselling author of over twenty historical romance novels, including The Highlander Trilogy with St Martin s Press and her popular Pembroke Palace Series with Avon Harper Collins She also writes contemporary mainstream fiction, and her 2011 release THE COLOR OF HEAVEN was a digital bestseller She is a three time RITA finalist, and has won numerous awards, including the Booksellers Best Award, the Book Buyers Best Award, and a Reviewers Choice Award from Romantic Times for Best Regency Historical of 2005 She has a degree in English Literature from the University of King s College in Halifax, and a degree in Business Administration from Acadia University She lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and daughter, and she is a dedicated member of Romance Writers of Atlantic Canadacmillan author julian


  • I devoured this second book in Julianne MacLean s Highlander series I also decided to up my rating from a four star to a five star The fact is, I haven t felt this passionate about a story in awhile There have been some in 2015 but they are getting harder to find in my opinion In this story we have Angus, who I did not like in the first book I will say though, he is very gruff around the edges, but when it comes to Gwendolyn.he ends up showing us a side of him that I adored He is also very passi [...]

  • Well, after reading and reviewing Ms MacLean s first book in this trilogy, I wasn t sure, No 1, if I wanted to continue with the series, and, No 2 what I would find if I decided to continue on There s so many issues I had with Captured by the Highlander, I knew a good many of them would show up in this book And they did But then I got a nice surprise.The first, roughly, half of this book is nearly a mirror of CbtH hardened, tortured hero looking for revenge, taking back what is his, keeping the [...]

  • I LOVED this book I m on a highlander binge, and have read so many highland stories from so many authors that my mind gets jumbled with all the clan names This book was a particular treat It is hard to think of forgiving Angus the Lion for his part on Duncan s capture in book one But I urge readers to keep an open mind While this book is part of a trilogy, it would work fine as a stand alone I adore Gwen, one of the best heroines I ve come across in a while I was completely smitten with the coup [...]

  • Another great book to add to this series.In the previous book I took a disliking to Angus so I was worried about reading his story but a friend told me that I might even love Angus that I did Duncan and she was right Although Duncan The Butcher is still my favourite, Angus was a fantastic Hero The thing is with Duncan he was flirtacious, charming and had a great sense of humour So we knew straight away even when he was taking Amelia hostage and trying his best to terrify her, that he had anothe [...]

  • im i ti bitirene kadar eviri desen boktan, d zenleme desen ba tan savma, erkek karakter dersen tam bir gerizekal , kad n ise ayr bir sorun Ak am ak am bo una keyfimi ka rd m vallahi _

  • I just finished Claimed by the Highlander with a happy, satisfied sigh Julianne MacLean is an auto buy keeper shelf author for me and I was surprised to learn that the hero of this book is someone who iswell, not so nice at the end of the first book in the trilogy Captured by the Highlander I m not sure if that is why I had a hard time warming to Angus at first, but it was initially hard to get on his side But that changes big time and Gwen is the perfect strong heroine to match him The thing is [...]

  • I enjoyed this book quite a bit than the first in the series, Captured by the Highlander I found myself engrossed in Angus and Gwendolen s story.We met Angus The Lion Macdonald in the first book in this series and we knew him as a very angry Scot seeking revenge against the English for the rape and murder of his sister He seemed very lost in his grief and anger, so much so that he betrayed a friend and was exiled from his family home by his father.Captured by the Highlander starts when after tw [...]

  • I can t express how much I enjoyed this book a great surprise after reading Captured by the Highlander, book one of the series, which I thought was enjoyable but not capturing Claimed by the Highlander was capturing So many Romance novels use the I m not worthy of love or love makes you weak premise, but this book is the only one I can recall to have found believable The shift of loath to love Angus was slow, but not to the point that it dragged Gwendolen realizing she loved him was earlier than [...]

  • So uni is so stressful at the moment that I m just going to read a bunch of these until my assessment ends, sorry ANYWAY I finished this book in a day I like MacLean s book because they re super easy to read and I find them oddly absorbing.The only thing I have a problem with in MacLean s series is the sometimes dubious consent the characters have during sexual encounters, BUT much to my surprise, the author addressed this and actually made me feel way comfortable while reading the book.I will [...]

  • When Gwendolen s castle is under attack, she rises to the challenge because of her dead father and absent brother However, Angus The Lion MacDonald takes the castle completely in the first ten pages Then he claims Gwen as his soon to be bride in front of the entire population What s a virgin to do Oh, let s write to our neighboring allies in a desperate plea for rescue, while holding out hope that her brother will return to reclaim the castle and its people But before help arrives, Gwen finds he [...]

  • This book will also be going on my to be read again pile It was good for a number of reasons I m not sure how many romance novels I ve read with the I m unworthy of love and so I will never love you trope, but there are a lot This one is THE ONLY one I think I ve read that it seemed believable Usually I m thinking, Sheesh, get over it already MacLean has a singular talent for making you understand the character s internal struggle and making it sound realistic.Gwendolen s struggle with falling i [...]

  • Gwendolen MacEwen s father took Kinloch Castle from the MacDonald clan 2 years ago and now the banished MacDonald heir is back to claim his castle Angus the lion MacDonald has just reclaimed Kinloch Castle and to keep peace within the land and unite two clans he has claimed Gwen as his bride This is the second book in the Highland Trilogy and I must say this series only gets better I loved every page of this book, it is full of passion, adventure and excitement MacLean is very good at creating e [...]

  • I can so imagine this book as one of those over dramatic plays that you just cringe at but can t stop watching because it s so terrible.Our so called Heroine Trust me because you know me for only a week and I already betrayed you but in all honesty you made me change my mind because of your dark wet kisses that has made me feel this tingle tingle feeling I ve never felt before Tell me everything about yourself because I just have to know why you re this brooding dark hero who s angry at the whol [...]

  • Well, this was a book for people that only want their romance novels filled with insecurities, distrust, and plenty of random sex I really felt no connection to either of the main characters and after several major issues in the novel really would have rather that they did not stay together Some of the things he did were completely inexcusable and it doesn t matter how damaged of a character he is, they were unforgivable Then again, Gwendolen is one of those characters that fights, but not becau [...]

  • Oh Angus, how you won me over Again I need a highlander This book was definitely romance than history but it was awesome all the same I m still loyal to Duncan but I have forgiven, and god forbid, kind of fallen for Angus Damn highlanders, they make my heart race

  • ilk kitaptan daha iyi idi bence En az ndan okurken ok zorlamadi Ama bu okudu um iki kitap yazar n kaleminin kalitesinin yan ndan ge miyordu bence Seriyi arka arkaya okumam sayesinde kopukluk olu mad te bu y zden l tfen serilerin aralar nda ok bosluk olmasin aray ok a may n diyoruz daKime anlat yoruz ki

  • It was amazing read.I liked Angus at the first time on book 1, hate it when he betrayed Duncan, hate it when he claimed Kinlock, love him when he acted like a loving husband, hate him to the max when he believe his ex lover instead his wife, love his loyalty to his wife, and the whole story, that brought me up and down image error Biarpun tanpa humor sedikitpun, aku lumayan bisa enikmati sih ceritanya, walaupun buat membaca ini aku sarankan harus baca buku 1 nya dulu tentang Duncan, the Butcher. [...]

  • The second novel in Julianne MacLean s Highlander trilogy delivers a gripping tale of treachery, heartbreak, intrigue, and trust, where only the fittest survive.Claimed by the Highlander starts two years after the events in Captured by the Highlander Angus The Lion MacDonald has been living on the outskirts of civilization in exile when he learns about the death of his father and returns to reclaim his homeland After winning the castle Angus claims the former laird s daughter, Lady Gwendolen, as [...]

  • I couldn t put this one down I stayed up way past midnight to finish Claimed by the Highlander and I read it all in one sitting I definitely enjoyed this Julianne MacLean romance as much as her first installment in her Highlander Trilogy, Captured by the Highlander You should read that one first, because Claimed by the Highlander has spoilers about the first novel and contains crossover characters.Claimed by the Highlander starts right off with action, and the romance is quickly introduced I lov [...]

  • Lovely Filled with angst, loyalty, betrayals Love.It reminded me of Judith McNaught Kingdom of Dreams.I certainly have something for Scottish, Warrior, Marriage of Convenience, Enemies in the beginning and this story had them alls really interesting to see the relationship change from hatred to love

  • I don t know what s wrong with me these books with raving reviews do nothing for me I find this book barely ok at least I finished it it is full of lust, I will give it that I can t say anything else about it, nothing positive.

  • Angus yavrum dedik e sinirim ge sin diye her seferinde g zlerimi kapatmam ve derin bir nefes almam gerekti u ana dek okudu um en k t historical romanst san r m Tavsiye etmiyorum.

  • Holy crapI loved this even than the first one and the Butcher s story was amazing I read this in one sitting and it justkept getting better.

  • Claimed By The Highlander by Julianne Maclean Angus The Lion MacDonald is known for his skill with a sword and his ability to kill anyone who poses a threat to him What Angus MacDonald is not known for, is how to love women, or how to show compassion That is all about to change when Angus storms his enemies castle, The MacEwen s, and takes back what rightfully belongs to his clan When Angus thinks no one will challenge him, and that he has officially taken back his fathers castle, out pops Lady [...]

  • 2.5 stars reallyThe author did do a good job with making the hero a ruthless bad ass with redeeming qualities and I liked the heroine much better in this installment But something about MacLean s choice of words frequently takes me out of the story For example when I hear someone talking about being kicked in the nuggets , it reminds me of a 12 year old American middle school kid than a historical Highland warrior Maybe I m wrong and that was an olden time saying of yore but it didn t feel righ [...]

  • Stars 5 Overall What an unexpected surprise in the romance department When i learned that this book was going to be about Angus i was a little unsure about reading it because he was a total douche in the first book From when i turned the first page and meet Gwendolen i was captured by her strong will to protect everything she loved no matter what I just want to say that i hated her way from the beginning to end of this book and i think she is a complete well you know I really loved their romance [...]

  • i won this as a promotion on a romance website paperback not ebook and having read the first book Ebook.aimed by the highlander i was soo looking forward to this book and book 3 seduced by the highlander ive only just started last ni9ght so on chapter 2 already and im finding its easy to read it started off with a bang too with the hero invading the heroine s castle kinloch with the intention of reclaiming it for his clan he sees the heroine and claims her as his wife but she refuses to allow hi [...]

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