The Great Railroad Race: the Diary of Libby West

The Great Railroad Race the Diary of Libby West Part of a geography series designed to introduce children to the concept of their local area The series uses contemporary photographs to highlight possible features in their own local environment The
  • Title: The Great Railroad Race: the Diary of Libby West
  • Author: Kristiana Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780590109918
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Great Railroad Race: the Diary of Libby West
    Part of a geography series designed to introduce children to the concept of their local area The series uses contemporary photographs to highlight possible features in their own local environment The books consider how aspects of the local area could be made safer, and help children recognise changes in their environment There are simple activities, such as how to drawPart of a geography series designed to introduce children to the concept of their local area The series uses contemporary photographs to highlight possible features in their own local environment The books consider how aspects of the local area could be made safer, and help children recognise changes in their environment There are simple activities, such as how to draw a map.
    The Great Railroad Race: the Diary of Libby West By Kristiana Gregory,
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      500 Kristiana Gregory
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    Kristiana Gregory grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, two blocks from the ocean She s always loved to make up stories ask her family , telling her younger siblings whoppers that would leave them wide eyed and shivering Her first rejection letter at age ten was for a poem she wrote in class when she was supposed to be doing a math assignment She s had a myriad of odd jobs telephone operator, lifeguard, camp counselor, reporter, book reviewer columnist for the LA Times, and finally author.Her award winning books include STALKED, which earned the 2012 Gold Medal for Young Adult Mystery from Literary Classics and is hailed as historical fiction with a thrilling twist KIRKUS calls it an atmospheric confection that will thrill YA readers Gregory achieves a realistic, rich atmosphere with insightful details about the immigration process and New York tenements in the early 1900s Now available on Kindle and in paperback JENNY OF THE TETONS Harcourt won the Golden Kite Award in 1989 and was the first of two dozen historical novels for middle grade readers Several of Kristiana s titles are now available on Kindle including Curiously Odd Stories Vol 1 and Vol 2 with the celebrated Paper Monument , a futuristic book banning with horrific consequencesONTE S BOOK CLUB Holiday House is set in a town by the sea and is inspired by the girls book club Kristiana led for several years Her most recent title with s Dear America series is CANNONS AT DAWN, a sequel to the best selling THE WINTER OF RED SNOW, which was made into a movie for the HBO Family Channel.New re releases in ebooks and paperback on PRAIRIE RIVER SERIES 1 4 ORPHAN RUNAWAYS THE PERILOUS ESCAPE TO BODIE CABIN CREEK MYSTERIES 7 THE PHANTOM OF HIDDEN HORSE RANCH THE WAITING LIGHT CLEMENTINE S STORY originally titled My Darlin Clementine Holiday House this riveting historical mystery takes place in an Idaho mining camp of 1866, and was Idaho s representative for the 2010 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C sponsored by the Library of Congress.Kristiana and her husband have two adult sons, and live in Idaho with their two golden retrievers In her spare time she loves to swim, walk, hike, read, and hang out with friends She s trying to learn to knit, but isn t yet having much success.Check out Kristiana s blogs at notesfromthesunroom for behind the scenes stories about her books, and with photos from her childhood.


  • Very interesting look at creating a newspaper in the late 1800 s and it s trials The family and community dynamics created no matter where the family was is my favorite The railroad race was an excellent backdrop that I never really thought much about in history.

  • I ve never been terribly interested in the history about America s westward expansion but this books turned out to be really good, in my opinion Libby West and her family travel along with the track layers of the Union Pacific railroad who are trying to beat the Central Pacific railroad to their meeting place which ends up being Promontory Summit in the territory of Utah I actually learned quite a bit from the story I always thought that President Grant hammered in the final spike for the final [...]

  • Like all the other Dear America books that I cramming to finish up my goal this year, I enjoyed this one I tend to like Dear America stories that have a journey or travel involved and this one was no exception Both Libby and her mother are strong and opinionated and have a sense of adventure This one was also less depressing than some of the other ones that I recently read which was incredibly refreshing.

  • I love all Dear Amercia Books I checked this book out at my school libary and I pretty much got done with it two days after, I couldn t stop reading it I absolutely loved it I loved Libby Pete s romance and then how Joe puts a penny on the railroad and gets in a bunch of trouble It s good cause I learned some history from this book Overall, This was a good book.

  • The Great Railroad Race Utah Territory 0 590 10991 XAnother wonderful Dear America book this one covers the race to connect the opposite ends of the country with a single railroad Our narrator here is the daughter of an intrepid journalist, who hopes to strike it at least semi rich by being one of the few to cover the story first hand While I recommend the Dear America series for both children and adults, I recognize that the series is primarily marketed towards young children, and I will follow [...]

  • Opinion I love this this book because it has history and I like to learn new things I think someone else should read this book because if you don t like to learn about history then you could read it I say that because the book is like a diary about someone in that time I think it would have been better if there was romance.

  • Libby West She lives a relatively average life At least until her father take Libby, her mother, and her brother Joe, along with him to the building of the Transcontinental Railroad This book is seen through her diary and everything that goes on there.

  • I don t remember reading this one when I was younger otherwise I m sure the nostalgia factor would be even greater but I still find this style of series enjoyable overall The writing is somewhat basic but I like the way they pack in a whole bunch of historical perspective into one place and the kids I ve directed this series to still find it appealing.

  • Book Report for Monica CapetilloGrade 7, Date May 17, 2011 ________________________________________The Great Railroad Race the Diary of Libby WestThe author of The Great Railroad Race the Diary of Libby West is Kristina Gregory This is a fictional story It was published by Inc in 1999 and has 203 pages The setting is Utah Territory 1868 The main character is Libby West and other characters are Joe, Ellie, and Pete Here is what happened early in the story Libby found out that her dad is going to [...]

  • 1868 Council Bluffs, IowaThe family is Ma, Pa, Libby, and Joe Ma is pretty, vivacious, Pa is a newsprinter, and Joe is a curious little brother When Dad buys a 175 lb printer and has it delivered, Ma is fit to be tied He wants to record the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and Ma doesn t want him out of her sight, as he spent the last 2 yrs of the War in a Confederate Prison He has only been home a year and has not fully recovered from his injuries She decided the only way he can do [...]

  • This is the story of the first transcontinental railroad, finished only a few years after the end of the Civil War The construction of the railroad eventually meant the end of the wagon trains and a quicker settling of the west by non Native Americans.Libby s father is a newspaper man who wants to record the historic events, so he, his wife, Libby, and her younger brother all accompany him, following the progress of the railroad, sleeping in tents or sometimes actual buildings It s certainly not [...]

  • Libby West s life changes dramatically when her father decides to go west and follow the construction of the Union Pacific railroad in order to report on its progress in his own newspaper Libby is introduced to all aspects of railroad life, including being constantly on the road, living in a tent, and the temporary saloons and towns that pop up near the railroad Between the excitement of the ever progressing railroad construction, and a blossoming interest in Pete, her father s assistant, Libby [...]

  • Actual rating 2.5 stars I felt this book didn t focus as much on the railroad race as it could have or on the newspaper angle Libby was also nice to the point of being bland Her brother did some annoying bad things and yet nothing seems to come of it There were also lessons throughout the book like slavery is bad and women should have the right to vote that felt like an after school special I also had a problem with Libby and Pete s relationship She only seems to like him after she discovers tha [...]

  • This is one of the better Dear America books It follows the journey of Libby who travels with her family as her father, a reporter, writes about the development of the transcontinental railroad This story is simple, but still entertaining She makes friends along her journey, worries about her relationship with her parents and little brother Joe, and has her first taste of love when her father s partner, Pete, starts paying attention to her This is an accurate portrayal of what life was like duri [...]

  • Written by the same author as the wonderful Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell 1847 and Seeds of Hope The Gold Rush Diary of Susanna Fairchild California Territory 1849, this book does not disappoint.

  • we re reading this book in my class, and I really like it so far i have to say that libby is kinda like me in someway and by some way, i mean by going off with your friend to get in trouble whats weird to me is that as soon as she found out the Pete was 19 she started to like him no time before, just then i still like it though, and i thought it was funny that joe still put the penny on the railroad track a few hours after he saw that one kid die from a penny attack.I highly recommened this book [...]

  • I loved this book, I am astonished that some people didn t I love the romance Actually, I didn t think it had enough I LOVE PETE kissy kissy stuff A overall great book that I HIGHLY recommend I own it, and have read it countless times A very educational book, along with a BFF, a good enough amount of romance.And of course she wouldn t love Pete until she found out he was 19 I mean, what would a 15 year old have liking a 40 year old I would ve put romance, but that is me Half love romance, half [...]

  • The Great Railroad Race is a diary style story that follows Libby a young girl who travels with her family as her father writes a newspaper about the two railroads finally joining Its a dangerous adventure for a young girl as the traveling towns that are wildly thriving are full of unsavory characters She finds a best friend along the way and falls in love with her father s assistant Overall its a pretty good Dear America book.

  • This is an interesting story that reveals a lot about the newspapers of the time and some wisdom about reporting that is timeless The story is also intriguing because of the way it shows some of the racism and racial tension of the time while still remaining kid friendly This is also relevant in the descriptions of the towns that popped up beside the railroad as it was being built Overall this book is really informative and fun.

  • This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents I find today s generations seem to recall when they learn through other people pop songs, celebrity gossip, etc , so what better way to teach history than through someone else s perspective Yes, authentic diaries would be better , but would the language really hold the modern student s attention Did the diary writer know what WOULD be important in the context of history Probably not.

  • I loved this book so much 1 of my top 5 in the series I just loved the romance What i found strange was that she began to like Pete right after she finds out he is 19 years old I think some other readers will as well Over all this book was AMAZING I totally recommend it to anyone of any age to read 5 stars all the way I absolutely love Kristiana Gregory s books in this series She is my favorite author You did it again, Kristiana Evelyn

  • Such a fun, easy read This was especially fun for me to read because the characters have a lot of similarities to my family s history The family shares the same last name as our family and they were there when the golden spike was driven and so was my great, great grandpa He was the one who sent the telegraph that the golden spike had been driven and he was in the famous picture of the two trains meeting It was fun to better imagine what it would have been like to be there.

  • Strange, very strange I didn t like Libby very much She disobeyed, messed up a whole bunch, and wrote quite a few rude things in her diary And she was mean to her little brother, which was completely uncalled for Did Ms Gregory really need to add that terrible tidbit I saw several very bad things about this book.This book was okay Not the best it could have been, but who knows, maybe Ms Gregory wrote it on a deadline and was completely rushed

  • First review A newspaper reporter s daughter records her family s trip across the western United States as her father reports on the building of the Transcontinental Railroad Second review Libby West is the daughter of a newspaper reporter following the building of the Continental Railroad On the way, she makes new friends, learns new things, and finds love.

  • I loved the line History is just lies that men have agreed upon I wasn t sure how I d like this book because I ve never had an interest in railroads, but it turned out to be a wonderful story and very informative too I had loved another Dear America book by Kristiana Gregory wide and lonesome prairie so it s no surprise I liked this too.

  • this book wasnt that great this book is about a girl named libby west who lives in utah the time of 1868her parents and her are going on the railroad becuase there is a war and they are going to utahlibby meetss new people sees great new places and most of all she can spend it with her family

  • While this book had some pretty great description of railroad towns in particular I was, however, impressed that they added in polygamy Not just a casual mention, but actually introduced characters albeit almost background ones It s also the first of these books that I ve seen actually blatantly use the word prostitute, which I also found impressive.

  • I really liked this author She provided a lot of information that I never knew there was She also put it in a format that kept me interested I think it would be difficult to write a book about this event, but she did it perfectly.

  • this was a book about a girl whos dad is a reporter who wants to be at the end of the great railrode race, so they travle to the spot and see this event happen which everyone was getting bored because there were delays.

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