Sabine's Notebook

Sabine s Notebook Griffin Foolish man You cannot turn me into a phantom because you are frightened You do not dismiss a muse at a whim If you will not join me then I will come to you Sabine Sabine was supposed to be im
  • Title: Sabine's Notebook
  • Author: Nick Bantock
  • ISBN: 9780811801805
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sabine's Notebook
    Griffin Foolish man You cannot turn me into a phantom because you are frightened You do not dismiss a muse at a whim If you will not join me then I will come to you Sabine Sabine was supposed to be imaginary, a friend and lover that Griffin had created to soothe his loneliness But she threatens to become embodied to appear on his doorstep, in fact So he runs.FacedGriffin Foolish man You cannot turn me into a phantom because you are frightened You do not dismiss a muse at a whim If you will not join me then I will come to you Sabine Sabine was supposed to be imaginary, a friend and lover that Griffin had created to soothe his loneliness But she threatens to become embodied to appear on his doorstep, in fact So he runs.Faced with the terrifying prospect of meeting his own fictional character, Griffin runs His journey begins conventionally tracing a course through Europe and the Mediterranean but slowly Griffin begins to realize that he is traveling backward in time, drifting through layers of dead civilizations and his own soul His precarious link to reality is the possibly unreal Sabine, who is living in his house in London and keeping a notebook of his letters and her responses.Once again, the story is told in strangely beautiful postcards and richly decorated letters that must actually be removed from their envelopes to be read But Sabine s Notebook is also a sketchbook and a diary, filled with her delicately macabre drawings and notations, adding yet another layer to the visual intrigue that haunted readers of Griffin Sabine and welcoming new readers to an even complex and mysterious world.
    Sabine's Notebook By Nick Bantock,
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    Nick was schooled in England and has a BA in Fine Art painting He has authored 25 books, 11 of which have appeared on the best seller lists, including 3 books on the New York Times top ten at one time Griffin and Sabine stayed on that list for over two years His works have been translated into 13 languages and over 5 million have been sold worldwide Once named by the classic SF magazine Weird Tales as one of the best 85 storytellers of the century He has written articles and stories for numerous international newspapers and magazine s His Wasnick blogs are much followed on Facebook and Twitter His paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages and prints have been exhibited in shows in UK, France and North America In 2010 Nick s major retrospective exhibition opened at the MOA in Denver His works are in private collections throughout the world Nick has a lifetime BAFTA British Oscar for CD Rom Ceremony of Innocence , created with Peter Gabriel s Real World Ceremony soundtrack by Isabella Rossolini and Ben Kingsley He has two ipad apps, Sage and The Venetian and is working on a third Three of his books have been optioned for film and his stage play based on the Griffin and Sabine double trilogy premiered in Vancouver 2006.Produced artwork for over 300 book covers including works by Roth and Updike , illustrated Viking Penguin s new translation of Chaucer s Canterbury Tales He s designed theater posters for the London plays of Tom Stoppard and Alec Guinness For 20 years he s spoken and read to audiences throughout North America, Europe and Australia Given keynote and motivational speeches to corporations and teachers state conferences He s given dramatic readings on the radio and the stage and has been interviewed way too many times for TV, radio and print He s worked in a betting shop in the East End of London, trained as a psychotherapist, designed and had built a house that combined an Indonesian temple and a Russian orthodox church with an English cricket pavilion and a New Orleans bordello Between 2007 and 2010 was one of the twelve committee members responsible for selecting Canada s postage stamps.Among the things he can t do Can t swim, never ridden a horse, his spelling is dreadful and his singing voice is flat as a pancake.Source Nick Bantock profile


  • In which the story of Griffin and Sabine takes an odd turn The use of postcards and letters is no less entrancing than it was in the first book of the series One of the subtle charms of Sabine s Notebook is the care given to describing architecture in evocative ways with use of few words Cold marble Smoky walls Silent stones The church was a dark place, steeped in death As I stood looking at it, I felt its roots running below the city like a black twin to the underground.The museum is cozy The d [...]

  • True Rating 4.5 StarsWhat do I have to say when it comes to a book series, filled with postcards and letters, and yet we are right back to square one with this book I really enjoyed it but I felt disconnected overall when it came to this particular book.In the previous book, Sabine finally travels to London to meet Griffin but unfortunately he magically disappeared from the face of the world leaving his studio empty with only his postcards and letters from Sabine We do not know if Sabine is an a [...]

  • I m probably going to get flamed for this but I read this book and I was really not all that impressed Since I was working selling books at the time, I realize that there are some people who are passionate about the entire Griffin Sabine series That s fine you are welcome to your opinion but honestly, I did not find this book engaging enough to even attempt any of the other books in the series It was a mildly entertaining read but not something that I would repeat or something that I would recom [...]

  • This sequel to Griffin and Sabine is of what I loved about the first book beautiful art and the fun of reading an imaginary correspondence I can t call it a successful romance because I didn t fall in love with the characters the way they fell in love with each other, but the ending was intriguing enough to make me want to continue to the next book.

  • love opening mails with fake nation stamps on it or peeking into other people s mail it s feeding on this fantasy of having such fabulous painting as your country s postage amidst streams of meaningless emails we get at work this suppressed mail envy is feeding nick s fan into book hysteria.

  • Now it s Sabines turn, it s like a treasure hunt, across the universe, to find the answer to the ultimate question, or maybe to even find the question it s self But these artistically beautiful poetic declarations of love are worth reading over and over again Each is a beautiful treasure all in its own Collage, watercolor, print, script, you name it any and every medium is used to its finest and fullest potential I can t really say much mor it s just pure EYECANDY Yeah I know I usually write ter [...]

  • I suppose the story is alright, it s a bit melodramatic for my taste, but the artwork is absolutely amazing a mix of surreal and still life impossible to resist Which is why I ll be checking out all the other books in this series too, certainly not for the overblown love story.

  • The second book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy that eventually spawned a second trilogy sees Sabine come to London, only to find that Griffin has fled The letters between them continue, Sabine being the supportive friend and love as Griffin tries to figure himself out Of all of the books in this series, this is the one that explores change and acceptance than any of the others.As with the first book, Sabine s Notebook has beautiful, sometimes disturbing artwork that only adds to the postcard [...]

  • This is the second book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, and I would highly recommend reading all three of these visual novels back to back There are clues all over the place people, so don t rush through My love affair with mail art continued as I poured over the postcards and letters I think the less you know about the story the better it unfolds, so quit reading this review and just dive in.

  • Not sure that I really understood what was going on but the pictures were very special I think what I liked the most about these books was sensation of reading personal letters, cards, and postcards.

  • Scared that Sabine isn t just a figment of his imagination, but a real person, Griffin flees when she comes to meet him Now their letters and cards are coming from all around the globe Is it real Is it love Is someone else watching them

  • This one is even curious and enticing than the first, because now I m invested in finding out what happens to the characters I would like to know who has the time and money though for such travels as these two take, how I wish I could do that Two quotes I loved Griffin your preparations for crossing into no man s land have the sound of a death wish Why not try to view the next stage of your journey as a transition Choose reassuring thoughts Remember, I m holding the string end, and I won t allo [...]

  • Ah I just looooooooove these books As a little palate cleanser, I took on this book on a quiet Saturday afternoon What a beautiful, heart wrenching follow up to the first in the trilogy, which I read a month ago Oh, how I just adore these books I feel all shaky They re so beautiful, physically and emotionally I believe everyone should experience Bantock s work I can t think of a soul that wouldn t be touched by them It s impossible The trilogy is my current go to literary present, even if it is [...]

  • I adored the first book in this series read it for sheer creativity inspiration the art was not an art style that moved my emotions, but the presentation and narration of the story was unique, fascinating, mysterious, and inspired my curiosity I was itching to get this second book.It goes nowhere I was incredibly bored Griffin waffles on and on about his unbelievable world tour how does he support himself The whole thing seems unreal, summarized into deadened nothingness, in a pessimistic, indul [...]

  • The story continues, with the characters essentially switching places this time The artwork was at the same amazing level, but I guess the story didn t resonate with me quite as much as the first book Griffin started to annoy me with his somewhat depressed mood and I also wanted to see how the pair would or if they would actually meet face to face.

  • Again, amazing book Reading it actually makes you feel the excitement of receiving a letter postcard from someone you care about Through this series, you can feel yourself getting attached to both Griffin and Sabine It s quite mysterious though, and I m still not entirely sure Sabine even exists Super interesting, I m planning to read the third one as well.

  • I lost interest with this one and really preferred the mysterious way the first book ended Bantock seemed to have been under pressure from fans and the publisher both to crank out another bestseller The passion that was so distinct with GRIFFEN SABINE was clearly missing in SABINE S NOTEBOOK.

  • Extraordinary The letters and postcards were continuously exchanged between Griffin and Sabine but their positions were reversed Griffin went globetrotting and soul searching Sabine came to his studio in London, or did she

  • A bit darker than the first in this trilogy Still lovely artwork The book ends with another bit of mystery, but the one at the end of the first book was better, or of a surprise, than this one.

  • I would say this story is a love story And I would say this is a book for adults, though children would like it for other reasons than adults would It s magical.

  • These books were some of my favorites when I was in high school I read this in 1997 My notes then were Excellent artwork, as well as a compelling story Easy read, but fascinating and unique.

  • Another stunning display of artwork and wordsmith Why does Bantock love to bait me so Off to the end of the trilogy.

  • I ADORE these books The entire Trilogy is so inventive and imaginative and wonderful.cially for someone like me who lives to write letters.

  • 3 stars for the story that quite frankly is a little thin, but 5 stars for art and concept.I especially loved that drawing of a dragonfish, thinking of having it framed.

  • This is not the type of book you could call riveting, but the art was even better than the first and that twist at the end, again I m intrigued.

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