Fatherland Fatherland is set in an alternative world where Hitler has won the Second World War It is April and one week before Hitler s th birthday Xavier March a detective of the Kriminalpolizei is cal
  • Title: Fatherland
  • Author: Robert Harris
  • ISBN: 9780099263814
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fatherland
    Fatherland is set in an alternative world where Hitler has won the Second World War It is April 1964 and one week before Hitler s 75th birthday Xavier March, a detective of the Kriminalpolizei, is called out to investigate the discovery of a dead body in a lake near Berlin s most prestigious suburb As March discovers the identity of the body, he uncovers signs of a consFatherland is set in an alternative world where Hitler has won the Second World War It is April 1964 and one week before Hitler s 75th birthday Xavier March, a detective of the Kriminalpolizei, is called out to investigate the discovery of a dead body in a lake near Berlin s most prestigious suburb As March discovers the identity of the body, he uncovers signs of a conspiracy that could go to the very top of the German Reich And, with the Gestapo just one step behind, March, together with an American journalist, is caught up in a race to discover and reveal the truth a truth that has already killed, a truth that could topple governments, a truth that will change history.
    Fatherland By Robert Harris,
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      339 Robert Harris
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    ROBERT HARRIS is the author of nine best selling novels Fatherland, Enigma, Archangel, Pompeii, Imperium, The Ghost Writer, Conspirata, The Fear Index, and An Officer and a Spy Several of his books have been adapted to film, most recently The Ghost Writer, directed by Roman Polanski His work has been translated into thirty seven languages He lives in the village of Kintbury, England, with his wife, Gill Hornby.


  • I ve never read a book that starkly highlighted for me how thankful the good people of the world should be that the allies won World War II While my final rating was a somewhat subdued 3 stars, there are parts of this story that I found extremely compelling BACKSTORY ALTERNATIVE HISTORY Welcome to a very dark future It s 1964, and all of Germany is preparing to celebrate Adolf Shitler s 75th birthday As part of this national event, the President of the United States, Joseph P Kennedy JFK s dadd [...]

  • Fatherland, by Robert Harris, a 1992 novel of alternate history conceived as What might have happened if the Nazis won World War II Set in 1964 Berlin, all the novel s characters are sharply drawn and passionately motivated in decidedly political directions The author has done his research and knows the Nazi world inside out, sticking with a number of actual high ranking Nazis such as Reinhard Heydrich and Wilhelm Stuckart imaginatively projected into his fictional Germany Other Nazis in the nov [...]

  • What do you do, he said, if you devote your life to discovering criminals, and it gradually occurs to you that the real criminals are the people you work for Fartherland offers a dismaying vision of what could have been If the Nazis had won world war two, if their power had continued to spread, they would have owned half the world perhaps even all of it if they conquered at the speed they demonstrated in the 1930s Their momentum was near unbelievable The world would be in a terrible state today [...]

  • I am sure it s a question that s been pondered on by countless many, just what if Hitler had really won the war or even worse taken over the planet Would we be in a state of total autocracy , would Companies like and Microsoft be run by the Third Reich , would the gestapo be snooping on emails Or the flip side to that, what if no war at all , what if Hitler, Himmler, Bormann and Goebbels were pacifist jazz musicians and started a quartet , what if Mr and Mrs Hitler senior moved to the south paci [...]

  • It is the 1960 s in Berlin American President and Nazi sympathizer Joseph Kennedy has at long last agreed to meet with the Fuehrer Fatherland presents an alternate history in which Germany won WW II, without taking out China or the United States A Berlin detective is called to investigate a murder, sees connections among various disappearances and follows them despite interference from his superiors He encounters a young American journalist who turns out to be key to the whole caper What is the [...]

  • Sometimes it seems like every Tom, Phillip K Dick, and Harry Turtledove wrote books that asked what would have happened if Hitler won the war It s 1964 and Germany is preparing to celebrate Hitler s 75th birthday Police detective Xavier March is called in when a body is pulled out of a river, and he soon discovers that the dead man was a prominent member of the Nazi party March s investigation eventually leads him to secrets going back to the war that his government is desperate to keep buried.S [...]

  • A murder in 1960s Nazi Germany draws one Berlin detective into a greater mystery than he could have ever imagined Or could he The great thing aboutFatherland is thatRobert Harris doesn t try to do too much with the counterfactual history It s definitely there, of course, but the reader discovers it naturally as fictional historical details come up in the flow of the novel There is no heavy handed explanation of how this alternate history diverged from the history we know, no listing of all the i [...]

  • This book had been on my radar for quite some time and I finally got it from my library It was a very enjoying read indeed.The book presents an anternate history scenario where Hitler has won the Second World War and Eastern Europe has been conquered by the Nazis The nations of Western Europe has been forced into a trading block and the German currency is accepeted all over continental Europe.Hitler s birthday is approaching and people are getting ready to celebrate A body has been discovered an [...]

  • Can you read a book too many times Well, I have to admit that this is the seventh time I ve read Fatherland I still thinks it s as fresh as when I first read it over twenty years ago The story just seems to grip me from first page to last Harris seamlessly blends fact fiction as his thriller takes us through Berlin in 1964 in the week leading up to Adolf Hitler s 75th birthday This alternative history is so believable without being cliched the characters are as much of a focus as the setting I u [...]

  • What if Hitler had won Author Robert Harris presents a world where Germany came out on top following WWII Hitler remains as head of Germany s Western European empire with several of his key associates like Joseph Goebbels and Reinhard Heydrich in positions of power.Following Germany s discovery of the cracking of the Enigma Code, the Reich cruised to victory over its enemies in Europe The United States victory over Japan still ended with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it was delayed [...]

  • Fatherland takes a well worn subject, what if Nazi Germany had been successful in WWII, and takes an unusual avenue to explore it Unlike other books on the subject Fatherland does not concern itself with the big military picture and it doesn t dally in the political decisions that changed history It takes the changes as a given and explores this strange and horrifying world through the eyes of a simple police officer trying to solve a crime It infuses a 1960 s Nazi dominated Europe with all the [...]

  • I chanced upon this book after reading Stephen s wonderfulreview while here on Indeed, the blurb got me so hooked, that for the next four months I tried to hunt it down But after futile visits to ALL the city bookstores with my boyfriend, who is also an avid reader, I finally gave up Apparently, it was out of circulation And right when I thought I would never be able lay my hands on it, I found a copy on sale on the Internet A brand new 20th anniversary edition that too So, I seized my chance I [...]

  • Robert Harris brilliantly thrilling and thought provoking debut novel set in a post WWII 1960 s alternative Germany one where Nazi Germany had previously won the war An excellent thriller set against a wonderfully imagined and evoked backdrop of a world that so very easily might have been The first of many excellent thrillers from the pen of Robert Harris, but this is where it all started.Not to be missed.

  • As Hitler s 75th birthday approaches the murder of a man who has hidden ties to the top of the party is discovered Detective Xavier March must now walk a tightrope over the chasm of state secrets as the Gestapo tries to cut the ropehaving him fall may be the zugzwang the state wants to play.

  • Robert Harris never made me fall in love like this again.There are many books out there set in the universe of an Axis victory, but few capture its atmosphere so well the suffocating conformism that indoctrinates the post war generation, the casual cruelty of the regime s Praetorians, the ubiquitous double faces and hidden blemishes of the fanatics When March travels to Switzerland from one prison into another he pretty much sums up the mental state of the dissident in any dictatorship.

  • Fatherland by Robert Harris, is a book of alternate history set in 1964 Germany This is a Germany where the Nazi s won WWII, took large swathes of territory, reorganized Europe in their own image, and continue to fight Russian partisans in the Ural mountains The book follows a German Kripo, Xavier March, who is called to inspect a dead body in a river in Berlin The body is of one Josef Buhler, who was a member an administrator in the General Government region in WWII Buhler is a top Nazi politic [...]

  • Again, as in the case ofSimple Genius, this is the reason I don t read fiction Even the historical fiction nature of the book, Germany wins WWII, it s a different world, yada, yada, yada you can read of the storyline in the reviews others have written couldn t save it for me.I thought that both this book andSimple Genius had excellent premises but the stories failed to draw me in like a goodDean Koontz book Oh, and I am very literal The book ends sort of like the movie Field of Dreams where th [...]

  • La premisa es inquietante Berlin Estamos en 1964 Alemania es la gran vencedora de la Segunda Guerra Mundial La causa Al mismo tiempo que EEUU lanzaba una bomba at mica contra Jap n, los alemanes hac an lo propio contra Nueva York S lo el frente ruso inquieta todav a, que adem s se ha convertido en aliado de los americanos Tanto Churchill como Isabel II se encuentran en el exilio Con este panorama, Alemania se apresta a celebrar el 75 aniversario de Hitler, que sigue vivo y coleando Berl n se ha [...]

  • I am, and probably always will be, a sucker for alternate history So a What if the Germans hadn t lost WWII is right up my alley The key point is that the Holocaust was never discovered or proven, because the Allies did not make it over from either east or west What was different about history that this should be the case is never explained in the book, and it is not important.Within this idea, it is simply a detective story The bitter old detective gets assigned to a case he wasn t even suppose [...]

  • Ho riletto questo libro dopo quasi un quarto di secolo dalla mia prima volta avevo dimenticato quanto fosse bello e, in un certo senso, anche istruttivo La lettura, anzi rilettura, stata talmente piacevole che, nonostante le sue quasi 400 pagine, andato gi tutto d un fiato e nel corso di un intera notte Si tratta di un giallo fantapolitico fantastorico e chi segue le mie recensioni sa che proprio il mio genere preferito ambientato in una Germania mai esistita ma che avrebbe certamente visto la l [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading this book The premise is both original and intriguing and once I started reading, I couldn t put the book down Robert Harris mixes fictional and historical characters, which adds a lot to the reality of the plot The book is very well written and the author keeps things going at a brisk pace so the reader never gets bored.I just found out Fatherland had been made into a TV movie in 1994 with an Emmy nomination for lead Rutger Hauer and an Emmy win for Miranda Richardson a [...]

  • I enjoy reading books where history has been tinkered with, and we re presented an alternative reality In Fatherland the Nazis won the war However the book does not concern itself with the military consequences or the political mayhem that might follow such a victory, instead Fatherland is about a police officer, simply trying to solve a murder In the end it s a typical crime thriller Maybe a bit slow in the beginning but it definitely picks up towards the end Personally I would have liked a bit [...]

  • Now its very rare that I write negative thoughts on a book, but this is one of those posts, if you don t like reading that type of post then please take warning.Fatherland is our school bookgroups next read we re not a successful bookgroup at the moment being on our third book and never having had a meeting to discuss a book as yet As soon as this book was decided on I was wary, the novel is an imagining of what the world would be like if Hitler had won the war I read a book on exactly the same [...]

  • However this war may end, we have won the war against you none of you will be left to bear witness, but even if someone were to survive, the world would not believe him There will perhaps be suspicions, discusssions, research by historians, but there will be no certainties, because we will destroy the evidence with you And even if some proof should remain and some of you survive, people will say that the events you describe are too monstrous to be believed they will say that they are the exagger [...]

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