Adversary Things are dangerous than they seem at Ganzfield and not everyone will survive Does Maddie have what it takes See what happens next in the sequel to Minder
  • Title: Adversary
  • Author: Kate Kaynak
  • ISBN: 9780984531127
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adversary
    Things are dangerous than they seem at Ganzfield, and not everyone will survive Does Maddie have what it takes See what happens next in the sequel to Minder.
    Adversary By Kate Kaynak,
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      174 Kate Kaynak
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    Kate Kaynak Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Adversary book, this is one of the most wanted Kate Kaynak author readers around the world.


  • Review copy provided by authorWhy I Read this Book Minder was a great story At the end of the eBook, there was a sneak peak of Adversary And let me tell you, that little sneak peak WHOA Major cliffhanger And while Minder didn t have any cliffhangers of its own, there was room to grow Another reason I was anxiously awaiting to read Adversary did you read the blurb See that part where is says and not everyone will survive WHOA What I Liked There is quite a lot of detail and world building going on [...]

  • For Maddie, life probably couldn t be any stranger.As a minder mind reader , she hears the thoughts and feels the emotions of everyone around her Her boyfriend, well, accurately, her soulmate Trevor, can lift things in the air and stop bullets without even moving a muscle Her other friends can start, stop, and control fires, locate people or objects just by thinking about them, heal others in seconds, and force people to do anything they ask.But that s Ganzfield for you If something isn t stran [...]

  • Again, what a start to the book I am again amazed how well the author is captivating the reader from page one.When the first book Minder is finished, Dr Williamson has created a small team to prepare them to fight against the enemy Sons of Adam Sons of Adam see Ganzfield students as abominations, as monsters and the Ganzfield team needs to learn how to fight back The team consists of Maddie who is a minder, Trevor who is telekinetic, Rachel who is remote reviewer, Hannah who is a healer and a ne [...]

  • Minder left me breathless and Adversary did not disappoint I get nervous with second books but this one is NOT filler in any way, the action starts quickly and doesn t let go It answers some questions and then left me with .It is beyond belief what happens in the first chapters but I did not see it coming at all I almost had to wonder if it was really necessary, but it just shows how dangerous and single minded the enemy is I can t really say except I felt the pain that characters felt, and it [...]

  • I really like this series Why Minders are awesome And being G Positive on the meds she might be brain damaged at the end but she can still communicate becuase she has her skills I mean, how many ppl are out there now that cannot communicate they are stuck in their bodies and minds This story has a happy ending to me because of Maddie s ability I am lucky to have read these books really, my sister in law won them and my library doesn t have anything by kaynak will have to discuss this serious lac [...]

  • Wow, The world of Ganzfield What an awesome book and world that Kate Kaynak has created.Maddie learns about herself and her power of Mind reading Her connection with Trevor grows stronger, and the whole story is packed with excitement, adventure, and even very heartfelt sad moments Once I started this book, I didn t want to put it down The story is so fast paced, with non stop action.I don t want to say too much because I really don t want to give out any spoilers on this great book and series [...]

  • I won this book in a contest I received it signed by the Author Kate Kaynak I read it immed after I read the first book Minder What an incredible world Kate has created in this series I fell in love with the characters, the world, the gifts and the talent I highly recommend this book Supernatural loveyou cannot go wrong

  • Commenting on every negative reviews on a book you worked on is not a good way to endear me into reading your books review show

  • I give Adversary 3.5 stars Adversary is the second book in the Ganzfield series and after how much I enjoyed the mindblowing adventure of Minder I was excited to see how Kate Kaynak would up the pace of the first book, and I have to say she triumphed Adversary is an even thrilling story where the breakneck speed of action keeps you glued to your chair, turning the pages as if in a trance I am sorry if some parts of my review will be a comparison between Minder and Adversary, but after the inten [...]

  • After the events in Minder, Maddie and her friends had been training hard With the Sons of Adam constantly trying to kidnap or kill them, they needed to learn to work together, control thier powers, and to protect themselves But nothing could have prepared them, for what was about to happen Loved ones were hurt, missing, kidnapped or lost Their lives were changed forever The author stayed true to her characters, because, after everything that happened, I still believed them to be teenagers They [...]

  • I m not gonna say much in this review cause then i ll just repeat what i d said for Minders But there are a few things that i must say have improved that i thought this book deserves a good 4.5 stars I may get some facts wrong because it s been awhile since i put down the book Forgive me Here are the main points in the book 1 Maddieco her, trevor, Rachel, Hannah, and latest recruit and charm, Grace starts stimulated trainings around camp together as a team, preparing themselves to go save people [...]

  • Kate Kaynak has done it again with Adversary, the second novel in the Ganzfield series This one picks up right where Minder left off and the reader is instantly thrown into this world of charms, RVs, healers, sparks, a boy with telekinesis, and a minder who loves him The book opens with the extremely helpful previously at Ganzfield, so I felt nice and caught up with the story From there, things begin happening at a rapid pace Unlike the opener in the series, Adversary jumps right into the action [...]

  • Previously Published on my blog Welcome to Larissa s Bookish Life I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Minder and was really excited about reading Adversary The way things ended in Minder, there was a LOT of potential for Maddie s story and I was glad to finally read what came next.Against all odds I am really enjoying this series Maddie is a great leading lady, loyal, brave and not afraid to speak her mind One of the things I love about this series is that she has found her sou [...]

  • 3.5 starsFull of heart pounding moments, and surprising twists, Adversary is a fantastic sequel I was really blown away at how much I liked it than Minder, and I ll admit I was a little hesitant to pick it up for that reason Kate really surprised me, and I love how in depth her characters are and I really enjoyed her detailed world building I not only enjoyed the story, but I felt like I connected with .I enjoyed all the twists and surprises that Kate threw into her story It s definitely a dar [...]

  • Mild spoilers, if you haven t yet read Minder, the first book in the series Wow Just Wow I can t even begin to tell you how impressed I was by this book, after having read the first I reviewed Minder on my blog in July, and while I enjoyed it, there were some things that gave me pause when I went back to evaluate how I felt after reading the book.This was not so for Adversary Right from the beginning it was as though I d gotten on a roller coaster and taken off, and after that there was no stopp [...]

  • Characters Maddie and Trevor are back again as the main focus of the story They have grown closer after the events in book one We also get to see an introduction to some new characters and Maddie s mother, who I adored Writing The world that the author as built here is fun and dangerous The characters have to go through Training Drills to make their powers stronger and learn how to work with each other The drills and the events that happen are very dangerous and when the Doctor goes missing it b [...]

  • I loved coming back to hang out with the Ganzfield gang It feels comfortable, like I never left my little X Men team By far, the best part all of the Trevor and Maddie love Gah The sexual tension is apparent every time Maddie and Trevor together Be it alone or around others, they are constantly emitting their love for one another and I LOVE IT The daydreaming and projecting thoughts between each other is just so le sigh romantic They may not be technically having sex but soulmating is pretty int [...]

  • 4.5 If you thought Minder was fantastic, well just wait until you read Adversary, the next fast paced, heart racing tale in Kate Kaynak s Ganzfield series Starting a few months after Minder ended, Adversary picks up with even action and surprises For one, after Maddie and her team, including Trevor, Rachel, Drew, etc are off on a overnight mission, they return to an askew, nearly deserted Ganzfield Not only has Ganzfield itself been pretty much been torn apart but than half the population is d [...]

  • Kate Kaynak s sequel to Minder, Adversary detailed the battle of the Ganzfield superpowers against their most evil, powerful and relentless adversary Isaiah Lerner The battles in the book were so intense and fascinating with all the superpowers it literally made me grip the book and fear for the characters Kate Kaynak s imagery is so strong I felt like I was in the room and at the same time seeing things happening with other characters Once again, she managed to mix an intense action paranormal [...]

  • Adversary is the second book in the Ganzfield series and it follows Maddie and Trevor along with all the rest of the people of Ganzfield through a harrowing journey Ganzfield feels safe for the kids and adults who live there Maddie and Trevor have been training their Team for missions When Dr Williamson sends them into the city on a mission, they are excited for the chance to be involved But while they are away from Ganzfield, the compound is attacked and many of their friends and classmates are [...]

  • After having absolutely loved the first book, Minder, I couldn t wait to delve into Adversary I expected it to be just as amazing as Minder and I was not disappointed.Adversary starts off with action and just keeps going and going until the very end I don t normally like books like that but with Adversary there was just something about it that had me hooked I just kept reading because I had to know what was going to happen next.Adversary had parts that made me laugh but it also had its serious p [...]

  • Ok so If I thought Minder was amazing I had no idea that Kate could make it any better, but sure enough she did Kate takes the story to a whole different level with Advesary Absolutely brilliantly written and extremely captivating Kate has no problem keeping me hooked onto every word Maddie, Trevor,Drew, Rachel and Hannah embark on a terrifying task when they discover a devastating tragedy has hit Ganzfield the place that everyone has come to know as home The danger from Isaiah is still threaten [...]

  • There are a few small spoilers here and there, so be forewarned.It was definitely a fast read, which I enjoyed stayed up late to start it, finished it the next morning I also enjoyed seeing of the powers, but I think I would have liked to see of an explanation of how powers were crossing over able to be accessed by multiple people especially in relation to the Eden Imaging experiments As it was, I wonder how Zach could charm Minders, and would have liked to see of him Personally, I wonder whe [...]

  • After all the excitement in the series opener I wasn t sure what to expect with the sequel Kaynak really knows how to pack a punch for her readers, and that transferred over into this second installment Maddie and the rest of Ganzfield is back with force, but now that they re familiar with their enemy the stakes were of course raised.While they might have thought by knowing the identity behind the latest bad guy that things would start to fall into place and perhaps a plan of action would formu [...]

  • So if you read my review of Minder by Kate Kaynak, you ll know that I am definitely a fan of hers, and I was extremely excited to read the second novel in this series I have to say that I was not disappointed.The story continues to follow Maddie, a mind reader who only learned about her abilities in book one I still adore the love story between Maddie and Trevor, which just makes me feel like a teenager all over again They re sweet, romantic, protective and Trevor, quite literally, is the man of [...]

  • This is like 4.5 stars I love this series When you read a second novel in a series you automatically expect it to be a filler novel in some way There has to be some type of lame and frustrating story line that will finally lead into the third book, which is almost always as good or better than the first I m not saying that book three won t be better than book one but book two, Adversary, is anything but a filler novel.Adversary starts out with Maddie and several others members of the Ganzfield [...]

  • Originally posted on my blog This second book in the series picks right up where the first one left off And once again we re pulled into this exciting world of people with extraordinary abilities This book though, in my opinion, has just a slight bit of a darker feel to it There s danger, tragedy and loss I was worried, as I always am, when a first book in a series grabs ahold of me like Minder did, that the second book would quite hold up to the first You know how it is with sequels Well, t [...]

  • Adversary is the second installement in the outstanding series, Ganzfield This story takes place shortly after book one ended From start to finish the reader is on a thrilling rollcoaster ride of excitement.Kate has developed her characters even than the first novel and with that the reader will grow to love them even As well as that we have some new characters introduced such as Zack It is very clear he has a thing for our main character Maddie and that leads to him behaving badly We also get [...]

  • Wow Things seem to develop better and better.I can say this was sort of a tragic book There s a lot of drama and I ve felt anxious throughout the whole book.The kids find themselves in a middle of a war plan and prepare for battle Maddie Trevor s relationship grows stronger, they lose a few people along the way and we get to meet a new character which I truly hope not to see again as this is someone I totally dislike note my explicit intention of NOT mentioning this character s gender P.This boo [...]

  • Ok, the first book, I loved But by the end of this book, Maddie came off as an over smart and extra ordinary character on annoying levels It seems like no one can over power her, the only guy who could was considered evil if making someone kiss you against their will is evil, what do u think about taking someone else s voice away temporarily without their consent without any provocation It should go both ways And by the end, the only other person that could be counted as positive and better than [...]

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