The Leopard Unleashed

The Leopard Unleashed Renard Lord of the Ravenstow is a crusader in Antioch a place far removed from the cold Welsh Marches of his birth Summoned home to his ailing father Renard brings Olwen with him an exotic dancin
  • Title: The Leopard Unleashed
  • Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
  • ISBN: 9780751541366
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Leopard Unleashed
    Renard, Lord of the Ravenstow, is a crusader in Antioch, a place far removed from the cold Welsh Marches of his birth Summoned home to his ailing father, Renard brings Olwen with him, an exotic dancing girl whose sensuous beauty and wild ways have ensnared him Yet, in a political match made by their families, Renard is already betrothed to the innocent Elene and he knowRenard, Lord of the Ravenstow, is a crusader in Antioch, a place far removed from the cold Welsh Marches of his birth Summoned home to his ailing father, Renard brings Olwen with him, an exotic dancing girl whose sensuous beauty and wild ways have ensnared him Yet, in a political match made by their families, Renard is already betrothed to the innocent Elene and he know he is also returning to the duty of marriage Torn between Olwen and Elene, Renard s personal dilemma is set against a background of increasing civil strife as Ranulf of Chester, his greedy neighbour, strives to snatch his lands When Renard is taken prisoner at the Battle of Lincoln, his fate is placed in the hand of two women his former mistress, now in the bed of his deadliest enemy, and his determined yet inexperienced wife, protecting his lands against terrible odds
    The Leopard Unleashed By Elizabeth Chadwick,
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    Best selling historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick won a Betty Trask Award for her first novel The Wild Hunt She has been shortlisted for the UK s mainstream Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award 4 times and longlisted twice Her novel The Scarlet Lion about the great William Marshal and his wife Isabelle de Clare, has been selected by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society as one of the landmark historical novels of the last ten years When not at her desk, she can be found taking long walks with the dog, baking cakes, reading books of course exploring ruins, listening to various brands of rock and metal music, and occasionally slaving over a steaming cauldron with re enactment society Regia Anglorum.


  • Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I ve a problem with Elizabeth Chadwick Well, not personally, I ve a problem reading her work I pick it up intending to read one chapter, but somewhere between points a and b, I fall through the damned pages and lose all sense of time and responsibility I should have started the laundry two hours ago, but what was I doing instead Tramping around the Welsh Marches.Am I sorry Not in the least Okay, maybe a little I ll be scrambling to find clean c [...]

  • Book Three in the Ravenstow Trilogy The book opens as Guyan and Judith s oldest son and heir Renard is on crusade, that being the most expeditious method of his avoiding the civil war raging between King Stephen and Empress Mathilda Renard involves himself with a beautiful exotic dancer, Olwen, and when the summons arrives for Renard to return home to his ailing father, she manipulates Renard into taking her along with him Once home, Renard must marry the much younger Eleanor, who he was betroth [...]

  • This is Elizabeth Chadwick s third book, the first two being The Wild Hunt and The Running Vixen Tagged under Ravenstow Trilogy, this book is set during England s civil war between King Stephen and Empress Matilda, and features the marriage of Renard, heir of Ravenstow and son of Guyon who is the main man in The Wild Hunt , to Lady Elene of Woolcot.I loved Miss Chadwick s William Marshal series, and I would say that Ravenstow series, being her first writing job, is good enough I only thought I w [...]

  • It finally arrived from England Hurray As soon as I finish the current book, I m diving into this one I simply can t resist an unread EC novel at hand Ok, after blasting through this one in a day, I can say, I keep being impressed Quite a tangle of characters here Misfit, you are right about Olwen Great story, plenty of history bits, and great pacing to boot For the complete review, please go here epinions review Elizab

  • Gloriously rich and acutely evocative, this beautifully atmospheric tale is simply breathtaking In the Twelfth century, to have is not always to hold I am a huge fan and avid reader of Elizabeth Chadwick s work, for I truly believe that she is one of the greatest writers of historical fiction Bringing the medieval era vividly and realistically to life, Chadwick captures the intensity and passion of the times in such meticulous and exacting detail as to delight With its shimmering gold cover and [...]

  • have long been fascinated by Elizabeth Chadwick s stories I take my time reading them because I want to savour every word Besides her current books in print she has 3 books the first ones she wrote, The Wild Hunt, The Running Vixen, The Leopard Unleashed that are OOP and are very HTF I m lucky enough to have all 3 and yesterday I finished the third one.They are known as the welsh trilogy and feature several members of the same family.Renard of Ravenstow comes back from the crusades after receivi [...]

  • 8 10 It took me a little while to get to the end of this as I got waylaid with another book and normal life That being said I really enjoyed it, I felt that it ended the Ravenstow trilogy very well and loved the revisiting of characters from older books always a little bittersweet as they age and their own stories conclude.I really liked that the book starts with Renard on crusade something you get much detail on in Chadwick s novel The Falcons of Montabard btw , it added an extra element and s [...]

  • I would have given a higher rating if the characters and emotional impact had supported the level of writing skill in this novel Unfortunately I found the characters to be undeveloped and the emotion in the novel rather flat, even as I enjoyed the wonderfully crafted plot and writing style As an overarching criticism I would say that this was a very emotionless novel, considering there was so much turmoil and danger and so much lust and romance I didn t once feel any kind of love between Renard [...]

  • I picked this up in one of those pesky buy two get one free offers that always seem to catch me out.Renard is a crusader in Antioch, a long way from the estate on the Welsh border that he is heir too He meets the wild, exciting Olwyn, a dancing girl who dreams of leaving her hard life behind to find power and wealthd when Renard is summoned home to attend his dying father, Olwyn tricks her way onto his retinue But Renard is betrothed to Elene, daughter and heir of the lands next to his, and lwyn [...]

  • 2.5 starsI read this to complete the set, really Olwen is so unlikely it would make a cat laugh Elene apart from yet another magical rescue from rape is believeable Renard is a bit of a dill Characterisation is poor though writing ability making a story that flows and hooks you in is really good The devil is in the detail and the detail undermines this novel seriously The Welsh leaders are like caricatures and what in Heaven Owain sees in Olwen is enough to make one goggle.Pretty dreadful.

  • I m on an hugely enjoyable journey working my way through Elizabeth Chadwick s back catalogue of wonderfully addictive historical novels Now the nights are drawing in , it s especially cosy to close the curtains against the rainy darkness and curl up under the fleecy blanket and lose yourself in the dramas of the Middle Ages Against a backdrop of the Stephen Matilda wars, The Leopard Unleashed sees Renard, a knight returning from the Crusades, torn between desire for his minx of a mistress and d [...]

  • I ve been enjoying catching up on some of EC s earlier work which I d missed None of them disappoint and this was one that I particularly enjoyed, although there was a measure of tragedy to offset the happy ending Olwen, the dancing girl was an interesting character and had my sympathies for most of the book I also enjoyed Elene who grew throughout the book into a strong and resourceful woman But it is the men that EC portrays so well They are sometimes flawed, but always likeable and Renard was [...]

  • This is the third book of Wild Hunt Trilogy Though it can be read as a stand alone novel , I advice readers to also read The Wild Hunt The Running Vixen Wild Hunt Trilogy 1 to get the full picture of this informative and entertaining medieval romance Elizabeth Chadwick is a genius at what she does best story telling

  • This book contained characters from previous stories, but I had difficulty keeping everyone straight Once again, Chadwick tells a tale about daily life in the reign of King John I enjoyed the story, but found the ending somewhat abrupt Tantalizing references to Llewelyn of Wales, whom I came to love through Sharon Kay Penman s work.

  • Would be very interesting to find out the story of the characters presented here, like Renard and Olwen s son growing with the Prince of Wales, the bethrothal of Renard and Ranulf s son, etc I can always dream my own stories This is the stuff of great writing.

  • The third in Chadwick s first trilogy This one does weave in details around the succession crisis and civil war following the death of Henry I I d always wondered how Stephen of Blois managed to lose that war and keep the crown Now it seems a bit clearer 4 stars.

  • This is the third installment in the Ravenstow trilogy, this time focusing on Renard, the son of Judith and Guyon and future heir to Ravenstow Having been betrothed to the ten year old Elene at the end of The Running Vixen, Renard has gone on crusade to Antioch until Elene comes of age As a mercenary, Renard has adapted well to mideastern culture but when he receives a summons urging him to return home because his father is seriously ill, Renard wastes little time Although he is expected to marr [...]

  • The Leopard Unleashed by Elizabeth Chadwick is the third book in what s usually referred to as the Ravenstow trilogy The Wild Hunt and The Running Vixen , and while each book focuses on the story of a specific family member, each book easily stands upon its own Leopard Unleashed follows the story of Renard fitzGuyon, who has spent the past four years on Crusade While in Antioch, he gets caught up in a relationship with a fiery half Welsh dancing girl named Olwen When Renard receives word that hi [...]

  • 3.5I did really enjoy this book the Wild Hunt is one of my favorites , but there were a few things that I would have liked to see differently While generally I liked Renard, I didn t love him As opposed to the relationship between Judith and Guyon in the Wild Hunt, I felt that Renard was driven by a certain part of his anatomy, than his tender emotions And consequently, I never got the impression that Eleanor was indispensable to him It was clear he came to care for her, but I think the only r [...]

  • The Leopard Unleashed is a re release, with some overhauling, of one of her earliest novels, from the time when she wrote of fictional characters within accurate historical periods of time As such, her prefaces suggest she feels slightly embarrassed by these now, having moved on to real people from history but actually, so long as you remember hey are not as factual as others, they make a cracking read and are full enough of life, love, detail and colour to be a truly enjoyable way to spend a da [...]

  • The last in the Ravenstow trilogy, this tells the tale of Renard and his love for two women, a whore he brings back from Outremer called Olwen and his legitimate bride to be Elene.Torn between both, the exotic yet wile Olwen and the sweet homely Elene he doesn t know where his loyalty lies until when set against a background of civil unrest he is taken prisoner at the battle of Lincoln and his fate lies in the hands of both Olwen who has now switched allegiance and is in the bed of another and h [...]

  • I thought this was a good book Elizabeth Chadwick certainly does her research and paints the picture of the period really well Think I should have read one of her other books in the trilogy first though, as it turns out I ve read the third one or something To be honest though, you can still get to grips with the story and characters, you don t feel like you ve missed anything by reading out of order It is a family history though, and it will be interesting to read the one about Renard s parents. [...]

  • The thing I really don t like about Elizabeth Chadwick s novels is the lack of details concerning individuals and their relationships I thrive on human interaction in my novels and I always feel like Elizabeth Chadwick falls short It s not that detail isn t there it definitely is , but not in the form that I truly appreciate.One thing I really love about Elizabeth Chadwick s novels is the detail indulged in the history from domestic life to behavior and so on Though that, in itself, can be frust [...]

  • Not my favorite of hers, Lady of the English and To Defy A King are my personal favourites but still a nice story I liked Elene and Renard s relationship, as well as the character of Elene because she reminded me of myself I felt like the story was over very quickly in someway and that it didn t focus enough on the relationships between the characters It had too many war scenes for my liking Nevertheless, it was well written.

  • I didn t like this book to begin with The main character made me angry But that s a sign of a good book, and I am glad that I did not just return this to the library.I love Historical Fiction, and enjoy Elizabeth Chadwick s writing I read this book out of sequence as this was the third book in a trilogy I have the other two books, The Wild Hunt and The Running Vixen on order from the Inter library System.I am glad I persevered in finishing this.

  • The third book in the Wild Hunt Trilogy is the best showcase of promise that early readers must have felt when thinking about Elizabeth Chadwick and historical fiction romances The historical events are fleshed out and take us deeper into the tensions between English families during the war between Stephen and Empress Matilda The romance although slightly repetitious as it bore striking resemblance to Book 1 did not overshadow the historical events Good read

  • I have just added Elizabeth Chadwick to my list of favorite authors.Leopard Unleashed is not only a story of love but also of family This story showed just how thicker blood is compared to water And again, battles are described in much detail I read with much anticipation on who is going to die next Suspenseful.

  • A little bit of a bodice ripper than some of Chadwick s other books When I reviewed the first book in this series, I commented on how you could tell it was her earlier writing and I have to agree here as well None the less an enjoyable read and a nice finish to the Ravenstowe trilogy.

  • I really enjoyed this whole trilogy Elizabeth Chadwick is becoming one of my new favorite authors After finishing this book I wanted I highly recommend this book The characters and details in this story transport you back to Wales England in the 1300 Amazing

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