JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

JavaScript The Definitive Guide Since JavaScript The Definitive Guide has been the bible for JavaScript programmers a programmer s guide and comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client side JavaScript APIs d
  • Title: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
  • Author: David Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780596805524
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
    Since 1996, JavaScript The Definitive Guide has been the bible for JavaScript programmers a programmer s guide and comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client side JavaScript APIs defined by web browsers The 6th edition covers HTML5 and ECMAScript 5, with new chapters on jQuery and server side JavaScript It s recommended for experienced programmers whSince 1996, JavaScript The Definitive Guide has been the bible for JavaScript programmers a programmer s guide and comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client side JavaScript APIs defined by web browsers The 6th edition covers HTML5 and ECMAScript 5, with new chapters on jQuery and server side JavaScript It s recommended for experienced programmers who want to learn the programming language of the Web, and for current JavaScript programmers who want to master it.
    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide By David Flanagan,
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  • ugh This book was suggested by the reddit popular How to learn javascript properly program as a good way for total noobs to learn javascript This book is horrible for learning how to program It is an excellent Javascript reference book, but it s not something to just sit down and read straight through I can barely get through a few pages at a time without my brain feeling fried It goes into the minutiae of every aspect of the language but rarely ever explains why anyone should care or any practi [...]

  • This book has been on my shelf for five years I use it every week I should probably know by now but this book always has exactly what I need to jumpstart me through whatever brain fart froze me up in the first place.It has earned the nickname El Rhino Diablo Updated for Sixth Edition I continue to hold this book in high esteem, and the Sixth Edition is a huge improvement over the old edition that I had You can tell that Flanagan put a lot of thoughtful work into the re write If asked to choose [...]

  • Anyone doing web development should have this book on their shelf It is a fantastic resource detailing every facet of the JavaScript language and the DOM Sure, you could find all of this information online through some Google searching, but it is very nice to have a single resource to turn to when you have a question There are many, many sample implementations and answers to some common gotchas throughout.

  • The book is enough old but still useful It s a full complex guide to wide and excellent javascript world Obviously, that some chapters are already outdated in our rapidly changing world However chapters about the core JS principles will be actually forever Easy to read, easy to use The definitive glossary in the end is really good Perhaps it will be my desk book for the next few months.

  • Although this book has every object method and property in it, the limited number of examples aren t very good This title needs step by step instructions and examples Unfortunately, the limited number of examples don t have any illustrations, making it harder to understand them.

  • It took me a month to read through the book.The core JavaScript part is comprehensive but a little bit boring, but the problem is caused by the language, not the book Since JavaScript is a bad language, any other authors couldn t do much better.In the client side part, some topics Window, DOM, CSS, Events are explained very well some others Ajax, jQuery, SVG, HTML5 are shallow.The two reference parts are not so necessary, because online references could serve better.I am a little confused by the [...]

  • 800 pages of pure raw information I guess I don t like informationI like insight I learned tremendously from reading the O Rielly Javascript Web Applications in a much shorter time period Whenever a book gets this thick, it is likely you can do better by reading several smaller books which concentrate on sub topics than a single monolithic tome As for reference Google is faster than cracking this thing open and trying to figure it out from there.

  • Very good reference material for experienced and budding JavaScript programmers Covers the latest APIs of HTML5 ES6 as well

  • ReviewNotes JS doesn t allow variable names to starting with numbers in order to recognise numbers faster Exponential notation 3e3 3 10 3 , 3e 3 3 10 3 Underflow when the result of an operation returns a value closer to zero than the smallest representable number Result is 0 unless it happens from a negative number, when result is 0 like Number.MIN_VALUE 2 or 1 INFINITY Division by zero NaN NumberX_VALUE 1 Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY NaN is the only value not equal to itself 0 0 but 1 0 1 0 cause I [...]

  • Great book to learn the basics of ES5 It covers almost every topic Though it feels a bit dated in 2017 All the topics and aspects of the language and client side API covered with equal importance and volume, even parts you would never use these days I believe this makes the book larger than it should be.

  • This is an excellent reference for those looking to explore the depths of JavaScript Every little intimate detail of JavaScript is covered by the author in this comprehensive review of the scripting language It has been a great tool for me when doing web development work, or when I am looking to expand my knowledge on certain concepts Certainly not a book for beginners, this guide is for those who have prior development experience.

  • The best use for this book is as reference, and mainly for people who already have some programming experience.I ve started reading it as the main source for Learn JavaScript the proper way tutorial I found on reddit So I haven t covered all the chapters or followed the order What stroke me first was the level of detail Every chapter squeezes almost all there is to say about the subject, from core js concepts to DOM scripting This is why reading a whole chapter at once can become daunting and so [...]

  • JavaScript The Definitive Guide is very extensive and thorough JavaScript book, which can be used as reference book but also can be read from beginning to end for someone completely new in the field.The first 12 chapters provides rich introduction into the history of JavaScript and the core language functionality, following 10 chapters are about Client Side JavaScript and last 300 pages are Core and Client side JavaScript Reference.JavaScript The Definitive Guide will teach you developing in Jav [...]

  • I don t see the relevance for this book If you need a reference on a topic, then googling mdn array will give you up to date and relevant info faster than turning to this book.If you need a teaching tool ANYTHING beats this book I would recommend Test Driven Javascript by Johansen a better version of Crockford s Good parts book.After reading the first few chapters, skimming some I realised The Definitive Guide was exactly the kind of book I hate the bible kind as in The Java Bible , etc I have [...]

  • I ve been a fan of this book since at least its second edition It does than cover the core JavaScript language and goes into details about using JavaScript in the context of a web browser client.This is a great place to start for anyone new to JavaScript It s also an important book for seasoned JavaScript developers to revisit over the years and keep up with the changes in usage patterns and the language browser object models.

  • Javascript is a language of freedom Just like anything that is free, which is good of course , but they can also be abused Abused freedom is not good This book talks about the good limits that should be enforced in the realm the js freedom.I was learning js for my work in the past few months And this is the first js book that i have ever read, which I fell lucky, because it teaches me the good habbits of programming js from the beginning.

  • JS is changing too fast and too soon to make use of this book.Even if the newest edition comes out today, tomorrow you ll read about 5 new technologies that you ll try out.The good thing is that the definitive guide tries to be up to date with latest ES specification and most popular DOM APIs.The bad thing is that it fights an uphill battle This format doesn t work.Short and specific books such as the ones in You Don t know JS are easier to write, publish and maintain.

  • I don t do Javascript to speak of I bought this book as a reference for those times when I need to look something up The O Reilly books are generally very good for that purpose, but with this one you really have to know JS at least a little to be able to use it as a reference It s probably a decent textbook, but I haven t read it in that capacity, so I ll have to reserve judgement.

  • I read this book as I was working through all of the HTML5, CSS, Javascript and jQuery modules on codecademy The book can benefit from architecture diagrams of core web components and the overlaying frameworks that simplify their use A worthwhile book if you are immersing yourself in this technology.

  • Everything is perfect about this book, except for some uncertain things not described likeClient side JavaScript does not exhibit the nonlinear cross reference problemand it was mentioned that it s recommended to read book from start to end but some chapters are too easy to understand and some are too hard Overall this book is great, recommended for beginners.

  • I read this as a refresher for the stuff I already knew and in hopes I d pick up on some advanced topics like functional programming For me the refresher part was great Chapter 9 Classes and Modules was way over my head and seemed to assume the reader had experience in similar techniques in other languages.

  • I m always skeptical of programming books over 500 pages, but the mix of language details with non trivial examples in this book made the whole read a blast Just the first 350 pages or so completely changed the way I looked at JS in general Definitely recommended for the serious JS developer.

  • Even after a few pages i understood that this book is good for my lvl I have meshed up knowledge in lang before, and after reading i feel my knowledge structured and upgraded Title is very good enough truly Defenitive Guide.

  • The rhino book is a reference book Please treat it like one I don t think the content is any sort of dramatic revelation about JavaScript, but when you can t remember random things like the exact syntax of a math function, then this book is a good item to have around.

  • Es dificil dar una opini n objetiva con este libro dado que javascript realmente no me gust Adem s, me parece que el libro no me facilit la tarea del aprendizaje Se me hizo desordenado y aburrido Aunque he de reconocer que la portada me gust mucho.

  • I really enjoyed the structure of the book how it builds up from basics into complexity How clear things are The basics are tackled in the first half, and in the second half he covers practical matters, such as making canvas draws It is thick, but worth the read.

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