Young Adam

Young Adam Joe is a drifter who works as a hired hand on a barge traveling the Clyde River between Glasgow and Edinburgh As the story opens he finds the corpse of a young woman drifting downstream Was it an acc
  • Title: Young Adam
  • Author: Alexander Trocchi
  • ISBN: 9780802139771
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young Adam
    Joe is a drifter who works as a hired hand on a barge traveling the Clyde River between Glasgow and Edinburgh As the story opens, he finds the corpse of a young woman drifting downstream Was it an accident Suicide Murder As the police investigate and arrest a suspect, it becomes apparent that Joe knew the dead woman and has information than he s telling MeanwhilJoe is a drifter who works as a hired hand on a barge traveling the Clyde River between Glasgow and Edinburgh As the story opens, he finds the corpse of a young woman drifting downstream Was it an accident Suicide Murder As the police investigate and arrest a suspect, it becomes apparent that Joe knew the dead woman and has information than he s telling Meanwhile, an unspoken attraction has developed between Joe and the wife of the barge skipper This first novel by Scottish beat writer Alexander Trocchi is an absorbing existential thriller a lost gem of world literature reminiscent of Camus, Bukowski, and Burroughs Everyone should read Young Adam The Times Literary Supplement What Trocchi was aboutwas testing of boundaries, the eradication of acceptable behavior in the name of something engaged The Bloomsbury Review
    Young Adam By Alexander Trocchi,
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    Alexander Trocchi was a Scottish novelist He lived in Paris in the early 1950s and edited the literary magazine Merlin, which published Henry Miller, Samuel Beckett, Christopher Logue and Pablo Neruda, among others Although he was never published in Merlin, American writer Terry Southern who lived in Paris from 1948 1952 became a close friend of both Trocchi and his colleague Richard Seaver, and the three later co edited the anthology Writers In Revolt 1962.His early novel Young Adam 1954 was adapted into a film starring Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton in 2003.


  • This tale of a drifter who has packed in his writing career and who chooses to spend his time faffing about doing manual labour on a barge in Clydebank and seducing his boss s dowdy wife somehow connected subcutaneously not because I have at once time accidentally murdered my pregnant ex girlfriend by pushing her into the Clyde, or because I have seduced my boss s wife while working on a barge after packing in my writing career not that, because books about writers who are fuckups tend to conne [...]

  • I bought this book because it is listed as one of the 50 Books For Men After I finished the book last Thursday, I did not feel any regret buying and reading this It is bereft of any emotion that reminded me of Albert Camus The Stranger except for its absurdism and James Cain s The Postman Always Rings Twice for the plot a man hired by a couple seduces the wife to be his lover Oh well, you can say the it is also the plot of many other novels including D H Lawrence s classic book Lady Chatterley s [...]

  • I rarely seem to pick up Scottish books, so I was pleased to finally get around to reading Young Adam The book is probably Trocchi s most well known, and I imagine it was very scandalous at the time it was published 1954 , but for the most part I didn t really understand the hype.The book follows the narrator, Jack, a drifter who is working for Leslie, the skipper of a barge on the canal linking Glasgow and Edinburgh One day they find the corpse of a young woman floating in the canal, and very s [...]

  • I loved the film made of this book that starred Tilda Swinton and Ewan McGregor And because of the great film I read the book which was just as good I had forgotten all about this particular little novel I remember it being pretty damn sexy throughout the first half and then, as life generally goes, turning into despair.

  • The introduction to this 2008 is by Stewart Home who is probably very well known and respected, but I didn t like it He wants to place the novel as a protopostmodernist exemplar, and says those who see it as related to The Outsider or as containing an existentialist protagonist are wrong I think he is wrong But be that as his may, it is a very writerly book, and even I could go on for ever about it, even with no idea what I am talking about So just a few comments here It is as far as I can see t [...]

  • After reading what some prominent critics have said about this book, perhaps I have underrated it But I have given one star for each of the things Scottish novels so frequently have murder, lots of drinking, and casual, mechanical sex Alexander Trocchi 1925 1984 is a talented stylist, to be sure Still, I find that his existentialist style, like Sartre and unlike Camus, doesn t wear well For example, I could not think clearly Everything got in the way the faces, the voices, the grease spot on the [...]

  • Read this a long, long time ago and a sentence still keeps haunting me, just the gist of it, not the exact words I recently found it, putting my books on shelves in my new apartment and am reading it again to find that one line The book was made into a breathtaking film with Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton in which there is a full frontal of McGregor naked that was just as haunting and startling as that sentence Trocchi s writing is gorgeous, poetic, sad, sexy It obviously stays with you Here, t [...]

  • Trocchi s drifter is one of a long line of literary drifters amoralist facing moral dilemma Unlike Camus Stranger Trocchi s drifter commits a crime of which he goes unpunished and so we are deprived of the judgement of society but are treated to the self judgement of a man supposedly set adrift from the rules of humanity A simple, direct prose and candid tone of voice belies a rich texture of ethical quandaries.

  • This could have been a higher rating, as I liked the twist, but I couldn t get past the objectifying and dehumanising way the narrator spoke about and treated women This is pretty hypocritical from me considering the last book I read was Tropic of Cancer, but allow me my opinion.

  • Joe has had many surnames He changes them as he drifts from one place to the next, but always keeps his first name so that he ll never be caught out.When we meet him, he s working on a barge and moving across Scotland shifting goods between Edinburgh and Glasgow In a sense, it recalls a time when the industrial landscape and transport networks were changing enough for this to be at the end of an era.At the opening of the book, Joe and his boss Leslie are fishing the bloated corpse of a woman out [...]

  • A brilliantly crafted novel, with a creeping sense of dread from the first page to the last It took until almost half way through the book for me to realise just how unreliable a narrator Joe was, so cleverly were little pieces of previously missed information added in A great short story with many themes and aspects to keep me thinking for a long while yet.

  • I didn t have a chance to review this when I finished it yesterday as I was on a train But I had to come back and say how absolutely wonderful I found it Trocchi s writing is damn good and this book in it s few hundred pages was captivating and quite melancholic I loved it.

  • Dark, compelling and generally very good indeed, apart from a tendency to overuse the word haunches I m not even joking, it crops up every couple of pages.

  • Ihan kun oisin missannut jotakin t t lukiessa Nopealukuinen, ihan kivaa teksti , omaan makuun j tti kuitenkin liikaa arvailujen varaan.

  • The sparse sparks of sudden insights is the thing that makes this book worth reading A simple one, but one of my favorites is this The familiarity was the familiarity of limbs out of control, of something missing that should have been there, the absence of which, telling than what remains, strikes at one deeply, almost personally, making one feel that one is face to face with the subhuman The things that speak to each of us usually differ, so I hope you read this for yourself and find something [...]

  • Un grande PICCOLO libro scozzese Si legge nella biografia finale Cosmonauta dello spazio interiore, cos amava definirsi lui ,

  • Such a powerful little book this one I really enjoyed it I was interested having seen the movie which was possibly below average, but the book didn t disappoint It had all the dark and broodiness of the film and a lot to it thereafter I read a little of the life of Trocchi before I read this and his abilities as a poet do not go unused in this book I felt quite mesmerised by the descriptions of flesh tones, particularly in relation to colours There are many wonderful sections relating to the pi [...]

  • Young Adam is the author Alexander Trocchi s first novel, and has an unconventional hero with a twisted morality, and a story line that follows its own logic.This is not the most immediately accessible book or story, we do not find ourselves routing for the books central character Adam played by the actor Ewan MacGregor in the film adaptation As the novel progresses we find he is guilty of murder, is having an affair with Ella, the wife of Leslie, whose barge he lives and works on, and has done [...]

  • Mildly sexy and disturbing A sociopath, a murder and plenty of women it has everything and yet nothing There is an incident where the narrator throws a bowl full custard on his wife, spanks her and rapes her maybe She likes it maybe.

  • I picked up this book because most of the reviewers said that it reminded them of The Outsider by Albert Camus I never thought that any book can even come close to make me feel what I felt when I read Camus s masterpiece And I was right This book is nowhere close to The Outsider or any of the Camus s work The protagonist, Joe, is a drifter who narrates the story in such a way that it s encaptivating but also he is self aware of the fact that he is just merely narrating a story The story revolves [...]

  • Another Trocchi book I read not so long ago, Cain s Book, has haunted me to greater and greater degrees since And sometimes, because of that, I wonder if the book was effective than I first thought This one, Young Adam no idea what the title means , also set predominantly within the confines of a small boat , will do the same, I can tell already An amoral drifter working on a coal scow in Scotland s waterways takes what he needs, though not happily, turns lives upside down, even ends at least o [...]

  • I suppose it s called Young Adam because, like the Eden era biblical character, the main character keeps being tempted to sin by all these damn women I couldn t even feel sorry for the trammelled, battered, maritally raped, over worked, under valued, custard drenched, drowned, widowed, joyless women because they were daft and weak enough to let him have anything to do with them It was difficult to rate this It deserves four stars for use of language evocation, style, well structured sentences et [...]

  • When I was in my early 20 s I was obsessed with the Rebel Inc series I tried to collect them all and back then they were quite easy to find Over the course of a year round about 2001 it became a challenge to seek them out so I gave up Rebel Inc books were cultish and dangerous I liked controversial reads something which I m not so keen about now although now and then that little spark does rear it s head and i ll buy something a bit risque.YYoung Adam was the last Rebel Inc book and I bought tha [...]

  • This is the original book which inspired the film of the same title After experiencing both, I still have no idea who the Adam of the title is supposed to be, because nobody in the story has that nomenclature, even Joe, the chain smoking character who narrates the entire tale in first person In the Scotland of the 1950s, Joe is a loner who aimlessly wanders the countryside, sleeping with whatever woman is to hand, despite his apparent lack of charm or other attractiveness The driving story, whic [...]

  • I admit, I read it after watching the movie, and because Ewan McGregor was in the movie, and he is my favorite actor The book, unless I am remembering this wrong, was actually written in the 50 s The main character is a sleazy guy, trying to bed the wife of the co worker he is staying with, he is not a nice guy at all, but it is very interesting, in a sleazy sort of way It irritated me to no end that the title Young Adam made absolutely no sense whatsoever, there was no such person in the book, [...]

  • The distance between Olympia Press and Gold Medal paperbacks isn t all that far This nihilistic existential classic could easily have been published by Gold Medal or any of several other American noir publishers of the 50s Often seen as a riff on Camus The Stranger, it s also a tale of disaffection and the reduction of human feelings to lust and guilt that Jim Thompson might have recognized I liked it enough to read of Trocchi s work, and would especially like to read some of his legendary smut [...]

  • Read This This is written by an unsung scottish beat writer, also associated with the Sitioationiste Internationale SI Its like Cmaus the Stranger but maybe better, also kind of like some Kafka short stories and similar to Kerouc novels as well, its about a drifter who lives on a barge in scotland he gets implicated in a murder and balls his bosses wife to boot poerfect structurally employs a tradional narrative style is something of an existentialst novel and flouts morality left right and cent [...]

  • One of the best examples of the curious marriage of smut literature that took place in Paris in the early 60s, when struggling writers often scraped a living in the world of pornographic publishing Young Adam pushes the unreliable narrator device close to the breaking point, absolutely refusing to tip off the reader when protagonist Joe is lying and when he s telling the truth The result is a strange blend of arid psychology and full blooded lust that doesn t really have any peers in contemporar [...]

  • A gritty slice or urban realism in 1950s Glasgow Trocchi was known for bringing the Beat poet vibe of the 60s to the UK, so some styles employed in this short story are comparable to that era Starkly modern and echoes through time, it speaks of the rough edgieness of post industrial Glasgow Was going to type for fans of Irvine Welsh but I think this stands alone as a pre cursor to James Kelman inspired, profane Scottish lit.

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