My Girlfriend's a Geek (novel): Volume 1

My Girlfriend s a Geek novel Volume This blog is a record of battle as dictated by a man with a fujoshi girlfriend Okay that was a lie I m not fighting at all The war is purely one sided Each day I am dragged further and further into t
  • Title: My Girlfriend's a Geek (novel): Volume 1
  • Author: Pentabu
  • ISBN: 9780759531710
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Girlfriend's a Geek (novel): Volume 1
    This blog is a record of battle as dictated by a man with a fujoshi girlfriend Okay, that was a lie I m not fighting at all The war is purely one sided Each day I am dragged further and further into the world of otaku I cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by reading this blog and falling into the same predicament There is much otaku talk contained witThis blog is a record of battle as dictated by a man with a fujoshi girlfriend Okay, that was a lie I m not fighting at all The war is purely one sided Each day I am dragged further and further into the world of otaku I cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by reading this blog and falling into the same predicament There is much otaku talk contained within, so please follow your directions carefully, and do not exceed your recommended dosage.
    My Girlfriend's a Geek (novel): Volume 1 By Pentabu,
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  • A better title would be, My Girlfriend Has Interests that Differ from Mine and Go Against the Grain of Japanese Society, but Instead of Being Supportive I ll Write a Passive Aggressive Blog Belittling Her for Her Individualism I d like to see a sequel from Y Ko entitled, My Boyfriend s a Dick.

  • I was unimpressed.I mean, I found myself snickering about some of the stuff, but if this were a real blog, it wouldn t be enough to keep me reading.The title pretty much sums up the book It s about a guy who s not all that geeky who s dating an otaku She s a Yaoi fangirl and in this blog comes across as a caricature than a real person.This is a strange book in that unless you are very familiar with otaku culture, you won t understand it even with the glossary in the back However, if you re a fa [...]

  • I ll start this review off by listing a few questions you should ask yourself prior to deciding whether to read this book Do you consider yourself to be a fan of anime and manga Do you have at least some idea of what these things are, and what their appeal is Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, shoujo and BL manga, maid cafes, cosplay, and slash pairings Are you okay with reading a book consisting of a bunch of blog entries If you answered no to any of these questions, except possibly the second on [...]

  • His girlfriend is a world class jerk, is what he means At this point in my life, I ve read my share of unpleasant female protagonists The blunt Ida from The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme series, the inexplicably crass sexual harasser titular character of the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series or the murderous, violent Jane G 23 in the Shades of Grey books are a few who come readily to mind But Y KO, with her relatively innocent manga fetishes, is worse than all of them Why Because she s a [...]

  • 4 5 Taken from my blog geekyreading 2012 I finally got around to reading this I think it took me so long because of the journal style, which I do enjoy, but seems to slow me down for some reason But I only had a few books with me in Japan, and this was one, and I got through it pretty fast.It is different from the manga, which isn t much of a surprise The story is the same, but this time is strictly in his head, and showing how he took everything that happened between him and Y ko There s to th [...]

  • I ve never read a book written as a blog before so I was pretty excited to read this But it turns out this is a collection of blog posts the author actually wrote about his girlfriend Y ko.This is a silly book.I think the reason for this is that Pentabu the narrator is 21 22 years old, and Y ko is 23 24 That and this is only a glimpse in their lives pertaining to funny otaku moments, while I get to read about them as a couple Pentabu doesn t go into anything deep or serious He just sticks to him [...]

  • I did enjoy it somewhat and read it really quickly, but I think part most of the enjoyment was due to the anime manga references than the interesting relationship between the blogger and his slightly older girlfriend If one doesn t know much of that aspect of Japan s popular culture, I can t really see what one could get out of this, since it basically focuses on only the narrator s frustration with trying to grasp and deal with what his girlfriend is obsessing over.All right, I understand that [...]

  • I m not sure what came first, an actual blog, the manga or what, but this form, novel, is wellt great.The entries are occasionally funny Mostly however, I found myself thinking what a jerk the boyfriend was for having all these bizarre expectations of his girlfriend, but attributing all oddity in the relationship to her, because she is a fujoshi One in particular struck me as odd His girlfriend ordered a maid uniform for cosplay First she suggested that he wear it, he absolutely in bold refused [...]

  • Okay, so I m not as otaku as Y ko, but there were definite OMG that s me moments that had me laughing out loud Yes, I can be a total fangirl at times, and I m sure my awesome and loving and supportive significant other is just as confused as the poor protagonist seems to be This isn t a book for those who have no clue as to the Japanese pop culture references, not is it a book for someone who takes things way too seriously This is light and fluffy reading that s fun The irony is the poor boyfrie [...]

  • Pertama kali saya membaca buku ini di kantor, saya harus menahan diri untuk tidak jatuh terguling dari kursi Biasanya saya kurang suka dengan true story, tapi yang satu ini perkecualian Pertama tama, saya suka karena buku ini bukan melecehkan otaku atau fujoushi Sebaliknya malah, di sini diperlihatkan betapa sulitnya orang biasa menjalani keseharian di tengah otaku, sukanya BL Boys Love pula Mulai dari dibujuk menulis doujin novel BL Gundam benih, menampung komik komik yang jelas jelas bukan sel [...]

  • Thank goodness there s a glossary in the back of the book I only wish I had realized it was there sooner.I read a few manga titles here and there but I m nowhere near knowledgeable about the genre and the nuances of Japanese culture that I feel I needed to be in order to understand a lot of what is discussed in this volume I don t have any familiarity with some of the concepts so that made the read a lot difficult for me I feel as though a lot was lost in translation and lost since I am unfami [...]

  • I am not the type to start reading a book and not finish it I have read books that I absolute hated well hate is a strong word but still finished because I have to know the ending The worst is when those books finish on a cliff hanger and then I feel that I have to read the sequel too Anyway, this book, well this book I didn t finish I m not sure if it was because I didn t really understand any of the terms but I found it so incredibly boring I m sorry Pentabu your book just did not tickle my fa [...]

  • This was overall a cute and fun read, contrary to all the negative reviews this LN is so sweet that I tea without sugar and didn t notice, is so funny that I embarrassed myself while laughing between classes and got spoiled SO HARD because I have yet to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion yeah, I haven t, sue me you have been warned This I think is my first review for a book I know it s not a real review My full review of both vols will be after finishing vol.2 that I m already reading and enjoying.

  • I have some hope that the manga version of this is better, and that the story just didn t translate as well into a text only format.While I still want to give the Manga a try My expectations aren t super high both the protagonist, and his Fujiyoshi girlfriend are annoying in their own particular ways The narrator is maybe a touch over sensitive, and super weak willed Y ko is not only the sort of woman that you casually ignore friend request from on tumblr, but doesn t seem to show any real depth [...]

  • Strip out the oh so cute otaku weeb crap and you have here is a wearying set of journal entries highlighting an unending pattern of abuse, bullying and belittling Creepy as fuck Flip the relationship around so that it is a male pulling this crap on a female and would come screaming down on this book like it had been written by Vox Day or someone similar But since it isn t , doesn t Typical.

  • It is so amazing I admit that you need basic knowledge of Japanese pop culture to enjoy the story The glossary won t cut it if you don t know what GUNDAM is But It gave me hope, for I saw myself in every single thing Y ko did I actually have done 90% of the things she did It was also an easy read and highly entertaining

  • This book was an absolute delight I found this at a thrift store and thought it sounded cute I wasn t fully prepared for what was inside As a slight Otaku myself I found myself relating to Y Ko with the turn of each page This book is great for lovers of anime, humor, or just romance in general.

  • Fun little read, but your mileage may vary Some may see it as swinging between haha, isn t my girlfriend funny or oh my God my girlfriend can be terrifying , and it can be like that at times I ll say it s not a must read, but it s funny at points and it s a pretty short read.

  • Funny, especially if you re not new to otaku culture I like the manga a bit , though, because the original formatting blog style one line paragraphs didn t work for me.

  • I gave up during the first 10 pages For me, this book is not that interesting The cover was appealing but looks can be deceiving.

  • There s not really much to say about this book to be honest It wasn t that bad but it wasn t that good either One thing I will say is it s something that s good to read for short journeys.

  • This was too funny I couldn t help but laugh at every chapter If you re feeling sad and down, this book will do the trick for you XD

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