The Keys of the Kingdom

The Keys of the Kingdom Francis Chisholm is a compassionate and humble priest whose vocation emerged from a crucible of suffering His parents were murdered in anti Catholic riots in Scotland his guardians mistreat him his
  • Title: The Keys of the Kingdom
  • Author: A.J. Cronin
  • ISBN: 9780316161657
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Keys of the Kingdom
    Francis Chisholm is a compassionate and humble priest whose vocation emerged from a crucible of suffering His parents were murdered in anti Catholic riots in Scotland, his guardians mistreat him, his sweetheart commits suicide He is sent to China where he establishes a flourishing Catholic mission amid desperate poverty, civil war, plague, and the hostility of his superiFrancis Chisholm is a compassionate and humble priest whose vocation emerged from a crucible of suffering His parents were murdered in anti Catholic riots in Scotland, his guardians mistreat him, his sweetheart commits suicide He is sent to China where he establishes a flourishing Catholic mission amid desperate poverty, civil war, plague, and the hostility of his superiors Recognized as A.J Cronin s best novel, The Keys of the Kingdom is a gripping and thoughtful tale of a man called to do good in an imperfect world.
    The Keys of the Kingdom By A.J. Cronin,
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    Archibald Joseph Cronin was a Scottish novelist, dramatist, and non fiction writer who was one of the most renowned storytellers of the twentieth century His best known works are The Citadel and The Keys of the Kingdom, both of which were made into Oscar nominated films He also created the Dr Finlay character, the hero of a series of stories that served as the basis for the long running BBC television and radio series entitled Dr Finlay s Casebook enpedia wiki A.J._Cronin


  • There are books that one LIKES to read for light fun and escape, then there are books one SHOULD read because they make one stretch and become a better person This book falls into the should read category.A deep, moving, beautifully written book It is pretty heavy but in a good way I found I could read for awhile and absolutely love it but would have to take breaks, then come back for It takes time and thought to ingest the messages being taught in the story.

  • A colleague and friend recently reminded me of the movie of this book in 1944 that starred Gregory Peck It got me to thinking that it has been easily forty years since I read any A.J Cronin.Loyola Press is to be commended for including this novel by A.J Cronin in its list of Loyola Classics Cronin 1896 1981 is sadly forgotten today, but I recall in my youth the buzz at my local public library whenever a new book by Cronin appeared.Three of his better novels, Keys of the Kingdom, The Stars Look D [...]

  • Why did it have to end Why There are two categories of books, Books and The books , The Keys Of The Kingdom belongs to The books categoryA.J Cronin, took us to different places, diffrent states of mind and diffrent moods, through happy times, cruel situations, heartbreaking events, terror moments, made us smile, get angry and weepIt s Francis Chicholm, one of the most amazing characters I ve ever met, the incarnation of humanity, dignity and sacrificeFrom being mistreated in England by his relat [...]

  • This is probably the most significant book I ve ever read It has shaped who I am and how I approach life than any other book I have a very old copy from my grandmother that I reread whenever I feel the need to do a little soul searching.The book description doesn t do it justice I strongly recommend it It is not, not, not a book that tries to convert you to any particular religious belief the main character is a priest, but his best friend is an atheist, and the main character is sure that ther [...]

  • I read this a long time ago and rediscovered this recently A Catholic priest thinks he has not done anything to really make a difference in the world but the story tells of the things he has done that have changed people s lives Read it if you are ever feeling discouraged or unappreciated

  • Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts Charles DickensNot sure if Dickens had written a prelude to Father Francis Chisholm s character, but this quote symbolises what the protagonist in A.J.Cronin s beautifully written novel Keys of the Kingdom stood for.This proved to be one of the most un putdownable non mystery thriller books for me I think the book is a biography of Cronin s friend to whom this book is dedicated who was a missionary in Chi [...]

  • My rating 3,5 starsEven if this book is another masterpiece written by the Scottish writer AJ Cronin, my favorite book still remains as The Citadel 4 The Spanish Gardener3 Lady with Carnations5 The Citadel3,5 The Keys of the KingdomTR Hatter s CastleTR The Stars Look DownTR The Green Years

  • Turpinu iepaz t Kronina dai radi Gr mat Kronins viegl form atst sta k da ang u kato u gar dznieka Fr nsisa izema dz vesg jumu on b rn bas l dz pat sirmam vecumam Lai gan st sts ir par kato u gar dznieku, tom r par reli iju k t du gr mat ir tie i tik daudz , lai neliktos p r k daudz Vair k gr mat pat ir par autora amata lietu medic nu Bet paties b gr mata ir par cilv ka dz v patie m svar gaj m liet m Fr nsisa dz ve ir k zebras s ni melnais mijas ar balto, meln un pel k ir vair k k balt , bet balt [...]

  • L idea alla base de Le chiavi del regno di A.J Cronin, probabilmente il libro pi noto di questo grande scrittore scozzese, quella di raccontarci le vicende di padre Chisholm, prete anticonformista che per tutta la sua travagliata e avventurosa vita cercher di interpretare e far interpretare a suo modo la religione cristiana Segnato fin da giovane da una serie di disavventure, compreso il rimanere orfano di entrambi i genitori proprio a causa di una disputa religiosa, Chisholm passer la maggior p [...]

  • I loved this book when I first read it back in October 2007 Rereading it eight years later I am somewhat less enad It s still an excellent story about an amazingly selfless British priest who serves in China at the beginning of the 20th century Despite the title and main character, the book is ecumenical, although it does tend to be a bit romantic Worthwhile read.

  • I loved this book way than I thought I would I m starting my way through the NYT best seller list through the years and this is the first one for 1942 I wasn t looking forward to it at all But thank heavens I was wrong The character descriptions are so good I felt for all the characters I suffered with Fathrr Chisholm and I triumphed with him It also made me do some retrospective thinking about today s Christianity and myself I truly enjoyed this read

  • I read this book at 14 so here s my memory A romantic view of a dedicated man who surrenders everything to serve God and later be well played by Gregory Peck He goes to China, and is beloved by all but the Mother Superior with whom he serves God But in the end she has to respect his dedication and integrity He is intellectually gifted but sometimes pragmatically challenged quirky and although he inadvertently flies in the face of Catholic authorities because of his true holiness they as of cours [...]

  • I must emotionally feel this is one of the few great novels I have read This book was written by A.J.Cronin in 1941 It starts with a young priest in the British Isles His name is Father Francis Chisholm, a Scottish priest who is somewhat unconventional in his methods If I tried to pick out his methods I would say spreading love, and his desire is to establish a mission in China As you read through his adventures you see the Chinese people, from the most poor to warlords to the heads of other den [...]

  • Eccolo,un altro libro strappalacrime Commovente,pieno di sani e buoni principi,condanna verso l ipocrisia,il falso moralismo,l avidit ,l intolleranza,il razzismo e il fanatismo.Esaltazione del valore sublime dello spirito umano e consapevolezza della sua fragilit.E sopra a tutto la sconfinata fiducia nella inesauribile forza dell essere umano e l incrollabile ottimismo in un lieto fine che consola e ripaga la bont e l onest.Beh,che c di male in questo Nei vecchi romanzi non ci si vergognava ad i [...]

  • This is an older book and as such has some language that is no longer familiar but it is a wonderful story of a Catholic priest who has a difficult childhood but overcomes his trials and becomes a missionary in China He wins over those around him with his kind heart and service to others It really is a good read, probably my favorite book by Cronin.

  • youtu OFdaJxkS3Sk5 The Citadel5 Hatter s Castle4 The Green YearsTR The Judas Tree5 The Spanish Gardener3 Adventures Of A Black Bag3 The Keys of the KingdomThe least enjoyable for me so far, probably for all the reasons why others love this one the best.

  • Deeply moving and some pretty serious stuff in it at times, all full of heart and inspiring to this reader I dragged out the last couple chapters because I was so sorry to sense the end of the book coming I was also finding myself heaving a sigh of relief when it ended I would sort of like to read by this authorbut not anytime soon.

  • My dad gave this book to me as a result of finding it on a beach trip I enjoyed this book even though it was hard to follow at times perhaps because I took so long to read it Regardless, I greatly admired Father Chisolm s perseverance That is a reminder to me that whenever I m in dire straits, all I have to do is let God know that I need His help And who knows Perhaps someday I ll travel out of this country for missions purposes because I think Cronin, in some ways, has inspired me to do so I ve [...]

  • Este es un libro que hab a llegado a mi como un regalo del pap de mi novia, lo tuve en mi estante durante un a o y medio, lo tome para un viaje en el que no ten a un libro para leer y resulto ser bastante placentero Es un libro sobre la vida de un sacerdote escoc s desde su ni ez hasta su muerte, me parece un bonito ejemplo de vida cristiana, no perfecta y de libertad de mente y esp ritu, a pesar de ser AJ Cronin un practicante asiduo capta perfectamente el aroma de santidad que se lo transmite [...]

  • Even though I m not Catholic, I somehow stumbled into the Loyola Classics series, and this novel from that collection made a deep impression on me The philosophy conveyed is far from dogmatic in fact, quite the opposite Father Francis is one of those literary characters who will stay with me in memory just as strongly as people I have known in the real world This narrative of one man s patience, humility, determination, honesty, endurance, compassion, tolerance, commonsense, and courage is, quit [...]

  • This is a beautiful book in the style of How Green Was My Valley describing the life of a young man growing up in Scotland and becoming a Catholic priest He is sent to an out of the way town in China under the impression that he is taking over a well established mission This book resonated with me because of its Kierkegaardian philosophies about Christianity, and does a great job of taking on the issues of religion vs morality without being preachy or sentimental A great read.

  • I first read this book about 35 years ago and found it just as riveting this 2nd time around An inspiring novel about a priest s sufferings and struggles in life.

  • perch a un uomo non era permesso di essere come voleva Come una lama conficcata nella sua vita si sent prendere da uno spavento, un fremito di ribellione per quella parola religione , un gelido smarrimento perch gli uomini erano capaci di detestarsi per il solo fatto di adorare lo stesso dio con parole diverse Questa domanda e questo gelo che avvolgono Francis ancora bambino, alle soglia di un evento destinato a mutare drasticamente il corso della sua vita, continueranno ad accompagnare padre Ch [...]

  • Livro incr vel sobre a f e o verdadeiro esp rito de cristianismo.O Padre Francis Crisholm um homem movido pelo amor e pelo verdadeiro esp rito de cristianismo de ren ncia, pobreza, disposto a aceitar e compreender todos A sua f e sacrif cio s o enormes mas ainda assim o seu trabalho desvalorizado por alguns dos seus superiores, cuja atitude contrasta com a de Francis pela sua atitude fina, diplomata, eficazes em obter fundos e n meros de convertidos independentemente de n o terem f e em estender [...]

  • The best selling work of fiction in 1941, according to Publishers Weekly, was this religious text I m taking a bit of liberty in calling the work religious, however, for the main character with whom the author s sympathies seem to lie is one who espouses a kind of echumenicalism.The subject of the work is one Francis Chisholm, a British Catholic priest, who at the start of the novel is being forcefully retired for having various oddities There also appears to have perhaps been something that hap [...]

  • Have you ever read a book and get into the first hundred pages or so and think damn, this story sounds so familiar but I know I haven t read this book before That happened to me with The Keys of the Kingdom by A.J.Cronin Turns out it was made into a movie starring Gregory Peck and Vincent Price, I watched it as a kid on the Bill Kennedy Show in Detroit, probably on a day I acted sick to cop a day off from school Kennedy hosted an afternoon program that showed old movies I loved his show and stil [...]

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