Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time When a young prince Jake Gyllenhaal is framed for the death of his beloved father and the king of Persia he must prove his innocence with the reluctant help of a conquered princess Gemma Arterton and
  • Title: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Author: James Ponti
  • ISBN: 9781423117803
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    When a young prince Jake Gyllenhaal is framed for the death of his beloved father and the king of Persia, he must prove his innocence with the reluctant help of a conquered princess Gemma Arterton and a magic dagger that can reverse time The junior novel is a retelling of the film and will include an eight page full color photo insert with pictures from the film.
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time By James Ponti,
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      253 James Ponti
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    I grew up in Atlantic Beach, Florida and am a graduate of the University of Southern California I ve written numerous books and have worked as a television writer producer I m the author of the Dead City trilogy, about a secret society of New York City zombie fighters My new series is about a boy named Florian Bates and his best friend Margaret who use a technique called TOAST to solve mysteries for the FBI The first book in the series FRAMED was nominated for an Edgar Award for best Juvenile mystery and the second book VANISHED comes out in August.


  • The book revolves around the prince having come into ownership of a dagger which lets him turn back time without it being noticed by anyone after the fact, but someone who took over the city wanted to take it back and the princess he is assigned to help princess Tamina also took it from him for a little while Eventually there is a happy ending and he helps his brother who is starving find chickens on the rooftops of the buildings where he is around looking for a meal It took me two days to finis [...]

  • Prince of Persia The Sands of Time 2,7 5nah, tamat juga.punya filmnya tapi belum sempat nonton Entah kenapa malah baca buku tipis ini duluan aku sebenarnya lebih berharap buku prince of persia akan setebal the assasin creed tapi ini cuma 160 hal man, jelas detail ceritanya kurang apalagi ada sisipan gambar Pangeran Dastan yang cast film bayangan tentang Pangeran Dastan yang ada di kepala saya tumpang tindih dengan cast itu masih ada sekuelnya ya endingnya gantung hm

  • This is a book for younger readers I have read it a few times, but I put it down for my most recent one It is about a man, who was a orphan, but was adopted by the king and ended up having 2 older brothers During a raid of another land, they emerge victorious, and the Princes gift to the king is deadly, but the Prince doesn t know it It kills the king the prince becomes a wanted criminal.

  • I ve not read the book yet, but the movie s AWESOME After also seeing a few brief samples, the story not only adds interesting parts the movie doesn t have,but also describes the story so well its as if you re in the middle of it How that s for reading time

  • The way the story was put wasn t very exiting but I like the creation of the story Because it started with a poor kid who was looking for food in the trash Then when his owner sent him to get food in the rich city with money He saw a person getting whipped by the persian army for no reason So he stood up and threw the apple to the commanders face Then they chased him on the roofs until he fell into the kings feet So then the king was so amazed that he made him his new son After 10 years later th [...]

  • PRINCE OF PERSIA By James Ponti 148 pages Disney Company Once, in a small village, there was a boy named Dastan He had a brother named Yusef and they were just any people from the village before everything changed for those two boys One day, some Persians were passing by, and Yusef got on the way of one of the Persian s horses The man of the horse feel off and started slapping the boy until Dastan threw an apple at the man Both of the boys started to run and the Persians at last trapped Dastan J [...]

  • As a teacher it is my responsibility to read over all the books I bring into my classroom for my students This junior novelization of this movie appealed to many of the boys in the room, but I wasn t entirely sure because I didn t necessarily feel the movie was exactly geared for young kids The movie had a great deal of death and fight scenes, so while I knew the book was going to follow the storyline of the movie, I just wanted to make sure it wasn t too graphic.The book is most certainly easy [...]

  • Sudah lama beli buku ini tapi belum terbaca sampai hari ini Pada dasarnya buku ini adalah film Prince of Persia itu sendiri, cuma perbedaannya adalah buku ini tidak seseru filmnya Mungkin karena buku ini terbitan Disney jadi agak sedikit maksa walaupun sebenarnya aku senang senang aja bacanya Tapi kembali lagi, aku nggak begitu suka Mendingan nonton filmnya karena Jake Gyllenhaal ganteng banget Oke, deh.

  • King Sharaman adopts a street urchin named Dastan Little did he know that his adopted son would be the driving force behind saving his kingdom from his brother, and royal advisor, Nizam A good example of why movies, and their adaptations, are worse than real books I certainly hope the movie is better than the adaptation.

  • Pretty much the same as the movie.Word for word really so if your a fan of the movie and your looking for something to read its not bad but its quite a short like you ll finish it in an hour or two.

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