Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic Led to victory by its magic fueled Dragon Corps Volstov has sent a delegation to its conquered neighbors to work out the long awaited terms of peace Among those in the party are the decorated war her
  • Title: Shadow Magic
  • Author: Jaida Jones Danielle Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780553591385
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shadow Magic
    Led to victory by its magic fueled Dragon Corps, Volstov has sent a delegation to its conquered neighbors to work out the long awaited terms of peace Among those in the party are the decorated war hero General Alcibiades and the formerly exiled magician Caius Greylace But even this mismatched pair can t help but notice that their defeated enemies aren t being very cooperLed to victory by its magic fueled Dragon Corps, Volstov has sent a delegation to its conquered neighbors to work out the long awaited terms of peace Among those in the party are the decorated war hero General Alcibiades and the formerly exiled magician Caius Greylace But even this mismatched pair can t help but notice that their defeated enemies aren t being very cooperative The hidden truth is that the new emperor is harboring a treacherous secret and once it is revealed, Alcibiades and Caius may be powerless to stop it With their only ally an exiled prince now fleeing his brother s assassins, the countryside rife with terror, and Alcibiades and Caius all but prisoners, it will take the most powerful kind of magic to heal the rift between two strife worn lands and unite two peoples against a common enemy shadow magic.
    Shadow Magic By Jaida Jones Danielle Bennett,
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      113 Jaida Jones Danielle Bennett
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  • Jaida Jones Danielle Bennett

    Jaida Jones is a graduate of Barnard College, where she wrote her thesis on monsters in Japanese literature and film A poet and native New Yorker, she had her first collection of poetry, Cinquefoil published by New Babel Books in 2006 she also writes the Shoebox Project a Harry Potter fan website with than five thousand subscribed members From the back flap of Shadow Magic


  • Will they or won t they This was my frustration with Shadow Magic After sitting on my shelf unread for almost 2 years, I finally read Shadow Magic out of boredom I read it in two great gulps over a weekend, because I had a pressing need to get to the end Why Plot No Great characters No, actually Great relationships Not quite.No, it was the Ross and Rachel factor Will they or won t they And I ll say, the payoff was not equal to the buildup.I remember liking Havemercy, but I could barely recall th [...]

  • a sort of sideways sequel to havemercy, better written and better planned out still bears it s slashfic roots proudly, still won t pass bechdell test for love or money, but also is immensely readable and enjoyable i ve devoured it in a day and wouldn t mind rereading some day does the two storylines, four povs thing again caius and alcibiades do the manic trixter and his straight man thing and ma with kouje go on sort of frodo and sam like loyalty quest guess which one i loved , and their lines [...]

  • I really didn t think that I would love this book even than Havemercy Second books seem to have a tendency to be not quite as good as the first and third books in a trilogy, but then I guess this isn t strictly speaking a trilogy Shadow Magic was an absolutely brilliant second novel from Jones and Bennett and has me desperate for .Within three pages I was desperately in love with Caius Greylace the insane magician who makes a brief appearance in Havemercy and shameless shipping a relationship b [...]

  • If you loved Havemercy, you will love this one as I did both, if you disliked Havemercy for whatever reason I would suggest to try something else since I see no reason this one will change your opinion If you are new to the authors, Shadow Magic follows the events in Havemercy but it has completely new characters so it can be read as a standalone.Some characters from Havemercy have cameos, but here the four narrators, all men as in Havemercy are Alcibiades and Caius diplomats from Volstov one a [...]

  • In this standalone sequel to Havemercy, the authors first novel, a party of Volstovs has traveled to their vanquished foes homeland to negotiate a peace treaty The action is split between four characters General Albecides, a swordsman and soldier, Caisus sp , an effeminiate magician who is into clothes, the theater and bothering Albecides from the Volstov diplomatic party and Moromu, the current Emperor s brother and Kayou sp his friend and aide, who have escaped the palace and on the run becaus [...]

  • This is a very good book, brilliantly written I m impressed that two so young could write a book of this standard when many fantasy writers much older than them can t manage it Two brilliant authors who I hope keep writing for many years to come.We follow four characters, the story told from all of their points of view Mamoru, the Prince, deemed a traitor by his brother, Isuel, the Emperor He and his servant run away from the Palace and most of their story is about their journey to get away from [...]

  • I didn t think it was possible, but I love Shadow Magic even then Havemercy, the debut novel from this young author team Shadow Magic continues right after Volstov wins the war against Ke Han, but with an entirely new set of characters Two of the characters were on the fringes in Havemercy and two are entirely new, but Jones and Bennett prove that their flair with the character driven novel isn t a fluke they can create stunningly original people and put them in situations where they develop in [...]

  • As soon as I finish this one, I ll be working on reading Beautiful Creatures Why oh why does Beryl always have to dare me to read gigantic bricks that look like lame attempts at Twilight Shadow Magic starts exactly where Havemercy ended the century long war between the Volstov and Ke Han Empires is finally over, and Volstovic diplomats are negotiating what they are negotiating is beyond my knowledge, maybe the terms of surrender or something.I had first started to read Havemercy, the first tome [...]

  • Shadow Magic is a great compliment to Havemercy, as it explores the culture and customs of Xi an, the enemy of Volstov, the kingdom featured in the first book While it s a good idea to read Havemercy first, it s not completely necessary While time will tell whether I liked the characters better this time around, I think Shadow Magic is the better book of the two The exploration of Xi an culture felt a bit authentic to me than it felt reading about Volstov and Thremedon, thanks in part to the fa [...]

  • This is probably my favorite book in this series Mostly because the setting Asian And I didn t hate any of the characters in this one, in the other three there was always one narrator that I wish I could have skipped.

  • The second novel by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett is one that I wanted to read badly, but It took me quite a long time to do it The simple reason was that I was afraid that I wouldn t like the four new narrators Especially Caius Greylace, because all I remembered from Havemercy was that he was the creepy guy with the eye scream aspect who could torture people with his mind And then I started reading Shadow Magic and the book had me the very moment that Caius chose that Alcibiades would be his [...]

  • I ve spent the last two days completely immersed in this novel and the world within From Havemercy, I honestly thought Ke Han was based on the Chinese culture but with the abundance of Japanese names everywhere, I guess I was wrong No matter.The best thing about this novel are the characters They all have very definitive and interesting personalities, even the minor characters shine through I especially adored the relationship between Kouje and Mamoru, the loyalty, the absolute trust was amazing [...]

  • Gets three stars because of the lovely writing, often elegantly handled themes, fun setting fake Japan FTW , and Kouje, who was just super compelling and deserves the Samwise Gamgee award for being a fantastic servant character in a fantasy novel.An enjoyable read, but I think Jones and Bennett need to work on constructing and executing better plots This one was made up of pretty good elements and so was actually much better than the plot of Havemercy but even still too often the characters were [...]

  • Like Havemercy, Shadow Magic captured my attention from the very first page and held it throughout with its character narratives In this novel, there are two narrators from Xi an, the prince Mamoru and his servant Kouje, and two from Volstov, the delegates Caius and Alcibiades After only seeing characters from Volstov in Havemercy, the inclusion of two of the Ke Han with a broader, sympathetic look at their culture and how they were affected by the war was very welcome Mamoru and Kouje were per [...]

  • First and foremost, I found all the characters quite lovable The four main were enjoyable and completely different and none of them were that infuriating save for Kouje We deal with the Ke Han culture and, probably because I m not at all inclined towards their traditions, have to deal with their troubles I didn t get as much as a sense of adventure from this books as the first, and I didn t get that much of a sense in the first So that was unfortunate This was mainly a character driven story wit [...]

  • How is this book under M M romance or even GLBT there is no romance in this novel Yes there is the build up of will they won t they but then no reward Hanet wrote on that she felt like the entire story was composed exclusively so that fan fiction could be written about it later and I completely agree I want to go and write my ending where we get to see Casius and Alcibiades living together on the farm and don t worry thats no spoiler because it doesn t happen I really wanted these two to be toge [...]

  • I have mixed feelings about this book I loved the setting and the description of Ke Han culture, and the culture shock humor was reliably funny I may even go as far as to say I liked the characters as much as or than the characters of Havemercy However, when the book ended, I felt dissatisfied Perhaps it s the goober in me that wanted romantic resolution, but it is also likely the part of me that felt that while there was a climax, it was not very climactic As far as the dramatic action level o [...]

  • Really bland book Feels like not much truly happened despite all the fancy prose And as in Havemercy, the real plot doesn t kick in until maybe the last 80 pages or so And it s still bland and boring.It s also quite obvious that both authors are huge fans of Japanese culture Ke han is basically feudal Japan, though oddly enough, their naming scheme also uses names from other East Asian cultures a few characters had Chinese and Korean sounding names while others had Japanese ones All four main ch [...]

  • This book had a solid beginning and pretty satisfactory ending, but the middle drags It was like the authors had just read a bunch of books on Kabuki theater and wanted to fit as much of it as possible into the book despite Kabuki not really fitting thematically with the rest of the story The foreshadowing was weak at best a small yet obvious Chekhov s Gun within the first quarter of the book, then a sudden reveal in the final quarter with nothing really leading up to it in between A good portio [...]

  • After reading Havemercy I thought I knew what to expect of the authors a fairly interesting story and a romantic couple I can root for.I liked the story of the book and I was absolutely taken by Caius He was absolutely hilarious I loved the Mamoru Kouje storyline up to the point where it led to nothing Why build up romantic tension, even have Kouje and a crossdressing Mamoru pretending to be a couple if you are not going to resolve the tension I was gravely disappointed by how things ended for t [...]

  • It s official I prefer wartime books to let s try to make a treaty time books.I didn t find myself quite as invested in this book as I was in its predecessor, and I believe the rather slow moving plot is partially to blame I ll admit, Mamoru and Kouje had an interesting storyline pretty much from the start, but the diplomats story didn t really get going until about 80 pages from the end.Also, I tend to have a problem with getting attached to characters in a series, and I get grumpy when my favo [...]

  • As with Havemercy, this book follows four paired protagonists, Kouje and Mamoru and Caius and Alcibiades Unfortunately, the Caius and Alcibiades chapters felt like filler half the time They were often amusing and replete with bantery dialogue, but filler nonetheless.An additional annoyance was how the Xi an characters constantly referred to themselves their country as Ke Han Way to privilege the perspective of white Volstov and to other Asian Xi an.The book s saving grace for me was Kouje s and [...]

  • Quieter than book 1 One for the fans of Japanese Chinese movies this, with the gentle prince, his stoic body guard, and a palace made of paper walls and mirrors Traditionally in many old films stories from that part of the world there is a fool to counterbalance contrast against the stark majesty and self absorbed ego of those in power, and I was looking for that character here There may be two of them, both very different One very definitely playing the fool, and one the innocent, decent, dupe, [...]

  • I really enjoyed this story The lead characters were not the same as the first book in the series, Havemercy, but since it s been so many years since I read that book, I found that it was actually refreshing, because I didn t need to remember much detail about those characters to follow the story I thought the characterization that went into this book was top notch fun It followed 4 very distinctly different characters, which while at first was a smidgeon confusing eventually became very satisfy [...]

  • well ive got to start saying compared to the last bok this one seems fleshed out with much thought, the characters were all very interesting and unique, the plot of this book was way enjoyable and it was interesting to find out about the Ke Han and there were at least a few female chaacters nothing that could pass the Bechdel test but a slight improvement It still feels like the whole book i was waiting for something to happen between the 4 main characters, and waiting and waiting and in the [...]

  • I liked this book very much I m not sure why other reviewers thought that it didn t have a plot I disagree with them However, it does seem as though some people were looking for a romance to develope between some of the characters as happened in the first book Havemercy This didn t really happen, though there were some hints of it I actually really liked the characters of Alcibiades and Caius I loved their dialogue together and also their private thought that we were witness to I actually got qu [...]

  • I have mixed feelings for this book On one hand, the plot is almost non existent on the other, two of this novel s main characters kept me laughing long enough that I slogged through Shadow Magic s less eventful scenes just to see of them.This, like the rest of the Havemercy series, is a character driven book If you enjoy that sort of thing, there s a good chance you ll like or even love Shadow Magic If you re not, well, don t waste your time Fans of homoerotic subtext and slashable characters [...]

  • This book dragged like you would not believe Some parts were awesome, and I really like how it explored the master servant relationship of 2 of the characters.I like how these books are written from a variety of perspectives, but man I wish sometimes it would just take over and have it from some sort of standard third person narrative voice because it s hard to keep track of all of the characters and who is where and what is going on.This book is better than the first one in the series, but it w [...]

  • The only thing that I didn t quite like about this book is that the ending felt a bit rushed There was such a nice and long build up, so when it ended I just felt like that s it.Other than that I don t have any complaints The characters were likeable even though it took me a while to get used to, and subsequently like, Mamoru and Kouje Caius Greylace was, without a doubt, my favourite out of the four he s surprisingly easy to like, you know, for a mad man , although Alcibiades point of view was [...]

  • I really enjoyed Havemercy, the first book in this series by the authors and the second one definitely had the same good qualities There is nothing overly special about the writing style or story for that matter but it just makes for a very nice easy read But I guess what really hooked me was Caius.How can you not love a man who was described as He was dress half like a woman and half like a lunatic He and his unwillingly friend carried the story for me, I was almost willing to skip over the sec [...]

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