The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted Jim was left in the custody of the League Navy this story opens with him escaping from his prison cell on the League base on Steren Gwandra where he is awaiting deportation back to his home world He
  • Title: The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted
  • Author: Harry Harrison
  • ISBN: 0005530522
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted
    Jim was left in the custody of the League Navy, this story opens with him escaping from his prison cell on the League base on Steren Gwandra, where he is awaiting deportation back to his home world He has discovered that Bibs, a crew girl from Captain Garth s ship, is also a prisoner Jim holds Garth responsible for the Bishop s death, and plans to hunt him down, with BibJim was left in the custody of the League Navy, this story opens with him escaping from his prison cell on the League base on Steren Gwandra, where he is awaiting deportation back to his home world He has discovered that Bibs, a crew girl from Captain Garth s ship, is also a prisoner Jim holds Garth responsible for the Bishop s death, and plans to hunt him down, with Bibs help Garth is really the crazed Captain Zennor, head of an army which continually defies League peace treaties, and now plans to invade and conquer the planet Chojecki The people of Chojecki are pacifists, having no armies and no police But Garth s generals decide to attack anyway, since there are no medals for generals who bring back the troops intact Jim must save the people of Chojecki before he can face Garth.
    The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted By Harry Harrison,
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      309 Harry Harrison
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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Harry Harrison born Henry Maxwell Dempsey was an American science fiction author best known for his character the The Stainless Steel Rat and the novel Make Room Make Room 1966 , the basis for the film Soylent Green 1973 He was also with Brian W Aldiss co president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group.Excerpted from.


  • The Stainless Steel Rat series is definitely an iconic one in the scifi community it played with the idea of the charismatic criminal in that genre It seems to me that Harrison s SSR proved that science fiction didn t need to just be space ships and ray guns, it could also involve elements of the thriller and of comedy In some ways, Jim diGriz reminds me of a competent, less up standing version of Maxwell Smart of the Get Smart TV show in the way he bumps along from problem to problem These boo [...]

  • ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.This seventh novel in Harry Harrison s Stainless Steel Rat series is actually the sequel to the prequel A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born Young Jim DiGriz is alone, back in prison, and out for revenge After he escapes and is tracking his nemesis, he gets captured and drafted into the military.At this point, The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted 1987 turns into anti military propaganda that doesn t even try to be circumspect The army are the bad guys all blood h [...]

  • Opens well enough, and a few daring escapes later, our hero ends up drafted After that, it becomes clumsy anti army kind of stuff The antagonist is a paper thin caricature Few daring escapes, little cleverness, one great character Mark There is one sequel to this, prequel to the original book, and I am hoping for better.

  • I definitely read it before, just forgot My rating is for individual mutualism , which s similar to in depth Hominids world, but also even advanced a society without army or police, probably how it should be, because funding those institutions is just the pure waste of money and effort If instead of crashing heads of each other for thousands of years over idiotic ideas, like whose god is greatest, they invested time into real things, today we would probably wouldn t had borders, and as a conse [...]

  • The book is an easy and entertaining read Akin to Catch 22 it tries to show the issues of present day army However, it does not try hard to do that Instead, the author recalls there is a story line to tell and proceeds with that.Although the story features a lot of action, I wouldn t call it an interesting or intriguing one Even though there some unexpected events, it is safe to assume the protagonist will always come on top no matter what Even when you think that situation is hopeless, there is [...]

  • Well, pretty much a lot of the same for our intrepid hero Stuck on a planet, getting into trouble and finding ridiculously inventive read deus ex machina ways of escaping trouble.There isn t much to say on this book, there is nothing really new in comparison to his previous and the next book So I am thinking that I might have a bit of break before the next one To be honest, I use these when I have flights as they are small and light and good for take off and landing.

  • The Stainless Steel Rat Gets DraftedSeventh Novel in the Stainless Steel Rat series, authored by Harry Harrison.Slippery Jim DiGriz is a comedic character dreamed up by Harry Harrison Make Room Make Room and wrote several novels about Jim and his excuses about why it s OK to rob and lie and cheat and steal And yet, the reader can t help but be immensly entertained Jim finds himself breaking out of prison on a mission of revenge His friend The Bishop has been killed by a man who formerly ran a sp [...]

  • Whenever I m feeling low on smarm, I pick up a Stainless Steel Rat book and top myself right up again Gets Drafted is my favorite SSR book by far, partly because I can see myself as the luckless Morton, in the wrong place at the right time, getting dragged along on every adventure possible, a reluctant Wooster to Slippery Jim diGriz Jeeves.Way back when, I even started writing a SSR like novel, but it never got much beyond the first chapter I m too much like Petey Otterloop in Richard Thompson s [...]

  • Not one of the better books in the series Less laugh out loud moments than in the other books Still enjoyable enough to pass the time, however.

  • So, despite the fact that this is a prequel, this is the best of the series that I ve read so far Very, very novel characters in this one, and not only for this character Very interesting twists I enjoy the involvement of a robot in this universe that is sentient finally I hope the books that follow this one continue to improve in quality.

  • While in the previous prequel, the opening premise young Jim DiGriz getting himself arrested as a means of enrolling in some hypothetical academy of crime is just that an opening, breezed through pretty quickly before moving on to other things here our freshly graduated Stainless Steel Rat doesn t get pressed into military service until page 60.The book isn t War Peace, but with this slightly stretched route to the crux of the plot it begins to feel overlong for a Rat caper That s not to say the [...]

  • Ive read a good handful of Stainless Steel Rat novels and love them Sci fi fluff with lots of action and comedy and stealing stuff and getting away with it.Not sure if I d read this one, but Im glad I did Its a great satire about war and the military You wont want to join after read it Harrison is like the sci fi Vonnegut in this He may have been thinking of Vietnam a bit when he wrote it published 1987 , but his words are applicable to modern wars cough Iraq, cough Bush Here are a few snippets [...]

  • Slippery Jim diGriz is engaged in another adventure that stays true to the manner of his previous exploits in that he is a criminal with a good side and there is a great deal of meaningful social commentary.In this case, Jim is determined to avenge the death of his crime mentor, The Bishop The trail leads him to the nation of Nevenkebla, ruled by a strong military based on a state of emergency that has been in place so long that no one recalls why it was implemented in the first place All males [...]

  • The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted Full Metal Jacket x Starship Trooper Monty Python.In my opinion this is the best book in the series Absolutely ridiculous, funny and brilliant at the same time.

  • The second book chronologically, but written out of sequence Jim DiGriz is locked up after his last adventures, escapes from stir and seeks revenge on the man who was responsible for the death of The Bishop, Jim s mentor The trail leads to him joining the army, taking an unwilling part in an interplanetary invasion, thwarting the enemy s plans and saving the world.After the disappointing A Stainless Steel Rat is Born, I was beginning to think that my teenage enthusiasm for all things DiGriz migh [...]

  • Genre sci fi, clever capersSummary Jim diGriz is out for revenge, going after the man that killed his mentor, the Bishop Only, this man is a big wig in a secret military machine Adventures and scrapes abound Response There was quite a bit of commentary about militarism and life in the military in general I have a sneaking suspicion that the author has less than favorable views towards the military It makes for an interesting read, especially when viewed within our context here and now Jim also c [...]

  • I do love this character, but having read about him when he is older, I have a slight problem worrying about Jim s health when he is young I guess I know that he will be okay because I have already read about him in the future That is the problem with prequels Other than that, I did enjoy this book, but I found this to be the weakest of the SSR books I did enjoy the first third and the last third of the book, but found my mind wandering a little in the middle of the book Why I can t say There ar [...]

  • Die Sternenmarine der Liga hat James Bolivar diGriz von dem r ckst ndigen Planeten, auf dem er ausgesetzt worden war, gerettet Prompt wurde er in das n chstgelegene Gef ngnis eingeliefert, um bei n chster Gelegenheit zu seinem Heimatplaneten abgeschoben zu werden Als James jedoch unter den Gefangenen ein ehemaliges Besatzungsmitglied des Schiffs entdeckt, dessen Kapit n ihn in die Sklaverei verkauft hat, mobilisiert er all sein K nnen, um schleunigst wieder auszubrechen Nach einigen Irrungen und [...]

  • My only complaint about this book is that the main character differs in some important ways from the previous book in the timeline There is a transition from young, up and coming criminal in training to a James Bond type that happens too quickly and without any real opportunity for it to have happened based on the timing of the two books Also, in the first chronological book, he emphasizes the need for good planning, but the entire second book involves him jumping from one crisis to the next In [...]

  • Typical Stainless Steel Rat book, follows the same formula, same style of jokes I got what I wanted out of it, a nice distraction for a while.This installment picks up where Stainless Steel Rat is Born leaves off Our Hero is recounting his younger days, and is out to get revenge on the man who is responsible for the death of his mentor This involves him getting drafted and being involved in the wrongful invasion of another planet.The military adventure allowed Harrison to recycle a lot of the hu [...]

  • To tedy ano Toto byl opravdu ten nejbeznad jn j z beznad jn ch okam ik , kter jsem kdy za il A to pros m v ivot , kter byl, bohu el, na beznad jn okam iky celkem bohat A to mysl m v n Te tady st l ten krvela n gener l, klebil se na m a prstem hladil tenou k kohoutek zbran Za n m st li jeho pupkat st elci a prohl eli si m skrz zam ova e kulomet A odzbrojen zbytky m arm dy byly v ude kolem vyh n ny ze skr a nah n ny doprost ed n m st , aby je mohli sn z post let Situac beznad jn j ch ne tato u asi [...]

  • I know that my rating seems really low, but I just did not enjoy reading this book Given my disappointment in the first book of the series I almost quit reading, but decided I should give it another try So many people rave about the series that I figured I must be missing something, but I think it s just me I can appreciate what Harrison is doing as a mental exercise, but he hasn t crafted a story I want to keep reading I m glad that I have a passing familiarity with Slippery Jim DiGriz for the [...]

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