Hemlock at Vespers

Hemlock at Vespers Sister Fidelma an Eognacht princess and sister to the king of Cashel a religieuse of the Celtic Church and an advocate of the Brehornn court is one of the most interesting and compelling figures in c
  • Title: Hemlock at Vespers
  • Author: Peter Tremayne
  • ISBN: 9780312252885
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hemlock at Vespers
    Sister Fidelma an Eognacht princess and sister to the king of Cashel, a religieuse of the Celtic Church and an advocate of the Brehornn court is one of the most interesting and compelling figures in contemporary mystery fiction In this collection of short mysteries, Tremayne fills in many of the background details of Fidelma and seventh century Ireland not found in the noSister Fidelma an Eognacht princess and sister to the king of Cashel, a religieuse of the Celtic Church and an advocate of the Brehornn court is one of the most interesting and compelling figures in contemporary mystery fiction In this collection of short mysteries, Tremayne fills in many of the background details of Fidelma and seventh century Ireland not found in the novels, and weaves his always beguiling mix of history and mystery.
    Hemlock at Vespers By Peter Tremayne,
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    Peter Berresford Ellis born 10 March 1943 is a historian, literary biographer, and novelist who has published over 90 books to date either under his own name or his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and Peter MacAlan He has also published 95 short stories His non fiction books, articles and academic papers have made him acknowledged as an authority on Celtic history and culture As Peter Tremayne, he is the author of the international bestselling Sister Fidelma mystery series His work has appeared in 25 languages.


  • Ever since I finished reading all the Dame Frevisse mysteries by Margaret Frazer and the Player Joliffe mysteries too , and having read most of Ellis Peters Cadfael mysteries, I ve been a at bit of a loss for historical mysteries with clerical detectives That gap in my reading life has for the time being been filled with a new series.I have just encountered for the first time the Sister Fidelma mysteries by Peter Tremayne one of Celtic scholar Peter Berresford Ellis pseudonyms Hemlock at Vespers [...]

  • An early collection of fifteen short stories about Sister Fidelma, the 7th century nun and dalaigh lawyer in Ireland I enjoy this series of medieval mysteries so was quite interested in seeing where Fidelma came from and how she developed I found these stories to be mostly repetitive and unsatisfying, though Much ground was covered over and over again in every story, there was mention of the Fidelma s unruly strands of red hair that escaped from her head dress, often using the same exact phraseo [...]

  • Fidelma, a seventh century Irish religious and judge advocate is a careful detective Tremayne paints an overly winsome picture of Irish life at the time and pokes at some Catholic read Roman practices that the Irish had not fully adopted celibacy, predestination, patriarchy being but a few Probably interesting in novel form these stories become a bit repetitive not quite Encyclopedia Brown, but I became tired of hearing Fidelma s legal qualifications and physical description, including her rebe [...]

  • Peter Tremayne brings together several short mystery stories of his well known character Sister Fidelma, a sixth century former nun and daughter of the king of Cashel who acts as a lawyer investigator in a turbulent time period His research is known to be meticulous and he gives some very interesting descriptions of various aspects of the time period but they can halt the narrative at times as well as make it stiff The mysteries are cosy who dunnits and the ending is no surprise most of the time [...]

  • I only read the first 1.25 of the 15 mysteries in this book Sister Fidelma seems clever because everyone else is a moron The writing is on the dry side and the author overuses big words like I did when I was 12 and trying to sound smart There s at least twice as much dialogue as narrative and it s only marginally engaging than a history textbook This book is destined to become trade credit.

  • No as good as the previous mysteries The beginning was good The last couple of chapters dragged on even though the stories changed at each chapter which was a disappointment in the end.

  • Truly enjoyed the stories set in the mid 600 s AD It made me want to research the type of law that existed in Ireland and how women were able practice law and be respected for their abilities as a professional in the law.

  • Way outside my comfort zone, but I enjoyed it Could do without the repetitive history lessons Love a sassy sister sleuth.

  • Sister Fidelma s ancient Irish mysteries are among my most enjoyed comfort reading as the nun and legally trained advocate finds herself called on to solve all manner of murders and mysteries, often involving shady characters in a church struggling with tensions between the Roman way and that of the Irish church during the late 7th century For the most part, her tales proceed chronologically, until this book, a series of short stories originally published between 1996 and 1999, and in which she [...]

  • If you haven t read any of the series featuring Sister Fidelma then the short stories in this volume would be a good place to start Fidelma is a nun but she is also trained as an advocate of the law courts in Ireland which used the Brehon laws and she is often asked to solve mysteries which don t always include a murder This collection of well crafted and interesting stories make entertaining reading and in the process you can pick up information about a less well known period of history.I liked [...]

  • If you enjoyed Brother Cadfael, as I did, this should interest you as a distaff version Sister Fidelma, though, is Irish and a trained jurist under the Brehon law governing Ireland in the 7th Century, a few hundred years before Brother Cadfael Nor is she limited to Ireland since that training and her position as a sister of the Celtic Church based in Kildare sees her travel all the way to Rome and back, apparently where ever bodies and other mysteries are to be found Hemlock at Vespers is a coll [...]

  • For the first half of the book, I was quite entertained The mysteries were intriguing and they kept my interest But about halfway through, I wanted to hand the author a thesaurus so he would stop describing the lead female as having rebellious strands of red hair She always seemed to be poking the hair back into her robe, as well, which became a bit tedious.I was also bored with the repetitive dialogue about Sister Fidelma being an anruth Couldn t the author change the wording around a bit Inste [...]

  • I really like Fidelma and I don t generally enjoy short stories I usually suck it up when it is a collection for a series I read as little background pieces sometimes show up in these cases I think that is true in the collection here, but the chronology was confusing It seemed Hemlock at Vespers, the story not the book, was in the middle but she remains of Kildare not Cashel throughout Also confused as the beginning tales don t seem to have her a princess I get Colgu isn t King yet but she was s [...]

  • I loved this book In the spirit of Cadfael, Fidelma is a detective in early Ireland who uses simple reasoning to solve mysteries All of this is done without so much as a magnifying glass or any technology whatsoever Sherlock Holmes would be proud These short stories make for a good introduction to Fidelma, a high ranking religieuse in 7th century Ireland who through study attains a rank of dalaigh, which is a role in the courts almost second to kings Fidelma solves criminal mysteries and matters [...]

  • I loved the Sister Fidelma Mysteries when I read them a few years ago and when I went back home for Christmas I found this collection of short stories and re read it.It s historical crime fiction set in Ireland, with Sister Fidelma, an advocate lawyer in the Irish law system as the central figure It s wonderfully written, by a Celtic scholar, so the historical background is accurate You don t need to be a historian to enjoy the stories though, they re intriguing and well written.This collection [...]

  • Just finished this book At first I wasn t sure that I d like the style of writing, but the main charater, Sister Fidelma, was enough to keep me reading What I found difficult about the book, were the celtic names and places This was a hurdle for me, as I like to be able to pronounce what it is that I m reading Once again the author was able to lure me in with imaginative and suductive mystery, for me to be able to over come this hurdle I ve researched the author and found that he s written many [...]

  • Sister Fidelma short stories Her partner, Brother Eadulf, is not in these stories I rated these 3 stars because I liked the shortness of them in the beginning but 1 2 way through the book it got annoying And then Sister Fidelma s condescending attitude got on my nerves It s not so bad in the full books because she interacts with people But in the collections of short stories she can get overpowering I m also reading the other short story collection Whispers of the Dead so I ll see if it gets an [...]

  • These stories are good for a brief read before bed so you don t become so involved you can t turn out the light and your a zombie the next day at work Sadly the technical editing in this series leaves a lot to be desired and lack of spaces get worse on the e book versions This particular book has multiple issues While I like the stories, I must saying it is off putting, throwing a wrench in my suspension of disbelief, and then it takes me a minute to focus on the story Most common issue is the a [...]

  • Dieser Band von Kurzgeschichten ist wohl eher f r den Leser geeignet, der Schwester Fidelma noch nicht kennt und gern kennenlernen m chte oder selten zu Lesen kommt bzw immer nur f r kurze Zeit.Das Talent der besonderen Nonne, jeden Mordfall aufzukl ren, kommt hier ganz deutlich heraus Kurz, knackig, pr gnant.Meine Rezension k nnt ihr hier nachlesen sunsys blog 2014 1.

  • Encyclopedia Brown from grownups, with a bit of Celtic lore thrown in.Short mysteries, always solved by the lovely young nun Fidelma.There s lots of repetitiveness here, as the character is introduced over and over and over again.But the stories themselves were interesting.

  • Quiz es la que menos me ha gustado de todas, ya que son relatos cortos que no suponen ning n alarde de deducci n l gica.Un buen ejercicio para leer en ingl s, pero sin el inter s de otras aventuras de sor Fidelma

  • Sister Fidelma, of those rebellious strands of red hair that must be tucked back under her veil, has once again waylaid me and of course I didn t mind Now, back to serious work at hand, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter

  • I had the devil of a time getting through these fifteen short stories Tremayne is much better in the longer novel format.

  • An interesting series of short stories set in medivial Ireland with a heroine Fun to read, but you can t develop the story too much in these short stories

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