Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays

Star Wars The Annotated Screenplays n all three full length screenplays presented with the secrets that led to their creation Through hours of exclusive interviews with George Lucas and others involved in crafting the original trilogy
  • Title: Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays
  • Author: Laurent Bouzereau
  • ISBN: 9780345409812
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays
    n all three full length screenplays, presented with the secrets that led to their creation Through hours of exclusive interviews with George Lucas and others involved in crafting the original trilogy, Laurent Bouzereau has uncovered the complex process through which life was breathed into the legendary Star Wars saga.
    Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays By Laurent Bouzereau,
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      257 Laurent Bouzereau
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    Laurent Bouzereau Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays book, this is one of the most wanted Laurent Bouzereau author readers around the world.


  • STAR WARS THE ANNOTATED SCREENPLAYS George Lucas went through many different permutations of plot, subplot, and character before he was satisfied with what he had vii In 1973, George Lucas wrote a forty page outline about Mace Windy Sound familiar Inspired by Joseph Cambell s The Hero With a Thousand Faces, early drafts of Star Wars had Annikin Starkiller, The Knights of Sith, kiber crystals, and Lars Owen The two droids did not exist in the first treatment 9 As a Star Wars fan and historian, th [...]

  • What is fascinating about these annotated screenplays is that such an authoritative text actually deconstructs its own authority, the idea of canon continuity so important to so many fans , and even the idea of a core true narrative Just as fascinating, I cannot determine whether Laurent Bouzereau set out to achieve this.The screenplays in and of themselves are fairly straightforward, though even here there is ambiguity Some descriptions, for instance, simply do not match the final film the boun [...]

  • This is a great book if you are interested in the art of story making The screenplays are presented in full, but the important part of the book is the alternate versions of the script that are presented By comparing and contrasting the early ideas with the final version of the script you can see the gears turning in Lucas head as he chooses one thing over another A lot of people don t know that he spent an entire year writing the first draft of the 1977 film s script, then afterwards threw it aw [...]

  • This book is basically the full screenplays of A New Hope, the Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, intercut with observations from George Lucas and various writers, directors, producers, and special effects people on how the final story screenplay changed or was different from previous drafts or iterations A few times Lucas would wax eloquent and speak to his underlying philosophy of story and therefore why he chose to go in certain directions with his space sage.The enjoyment of this b [...]

  • Fascinating read for the nerdier of Star Wars fan The annotations are the most interesting bit here, including all sorts of trivia about how the original screenplays came into being The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite part of the book, and there are some great contributions from those involved throughout.

  • The first screenplay s I ever owned that weren t like full scripts bought at some street fair or something.

  • Not always easy to read, because scripts dialogues are often interrupted with stories about the making of, but it s about Star Wars so it get 5 stars.

  • Aside from having the final scripts, which is pretty cool, there are some interesting revelations from Lucas and others about early versions of the scripts It s never exactly mind blowing, but it s a good, fast read, and it did make me watch these movies for the millionth time with new eyes It also cast some light on the prequels, even though it was released well before The Phantom Menace For example, did you know the term Padawan for a Jedi apprentice actually predates the final name for the Je [...]

  • Yeah, big deal the screenplays What made this actually interesting were the annotations discussing the process of making the films Given the total disaster of the prequel trilogy was in terms of good storytelling, it s interesting to see the thought Lucas put into the development of the storyline of the original three movies how the emphasis was on the story, not the special effects There s also a wealth of trivia regarding casting and production that raises some interesting possibilities Burt R [...]

  • Four stars for the annotation, great behind the scenes information But only a 2 for presentation This should have been in a nicely bound edition with photographs.

  • This was fun to read but if one is a big Star Wars nut, the scripts aren t needed because one probably has most of the movie memorized The book gives a scene then some background The rough drafts are fun to read since one sees the changes that were made Some ideas that were axed was Luke dying in Jedi, Ben coming back in Jedi to fight Vader, Ewoks being Wookies I think most know that one , having duel death stats and the Emporor residing around a lava pit instead of the death star I would recomm [...]

  • Before the wonderful invention of Blue ray HD DVDs with commentaries and special features, before George Lucas ruined the Star Wars trilogy with those three unnecessary prequelsere was this book Read along while watching the movies because you won t find these great back stories and funny outtakes on any DVD.

  • This book include the screenplays for movies in the original Star Wars trilogy with annotations that compare the multiple drafts of each film and shares quotes from the filmmakers The draft comparisons are broken by scene, which allows the scene development to overshadow the story development It creates a unique take on sharing the story of Star Wars.

  • The Annotated Screenplays is a comparison of the drafts changes to the screenplay and storyline of the original Star Wars movies It s well done, but a little tedious to read straight through I recommend reading the sections of your favorite scenes to get insight and commentary on how that particular scene or character changed.

  • If you are a Star Wars nerd, and also like commentary about previous script editions, film making and special effects, learning the inspiration behind the characters and ideas of the original trilogy, and other general trivia, this is the book for you

  • Well this was really interesting I was disappointed when I realized this wasn t the original screenplay or the shooting scripts, but basically a transcript of the movies There was a lot of fascinating stuff in the annotations though.

  • It s screenplays, of movies you ve already seen Still, really interesting backstory on the movies, especially Episode 4.

  • The scripts from the original trilogy, with an added bonus of thoughts and stories from those involved in the creation of the movies Good read for fans of the series.

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