Soul Eater, Vol. 03

Soul Eater Vol Tsubaki and Black Star set off on their most difficult mission yet a battle with the Uncanny Sword Masamune a soul on the brink of becoming a Kishin But this fight holds personal significance for Tsu
  • Title: Soul Eater, Vol. 03
  • Author: Atsushi Ohkubo
  • ISBN: 9780759530645
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soul Eater, Vol. 03
    Tsubaki and Black Star set off on their most difficult mission yet a battle with the Uncanny Sword Masamune, a soul on the brink of becoming a Kishin But this fight holds personal significance for Tsubaki their target is her older brother Jealous of her inherited talents, Masamune is holding nothing back Usually docile and complacent, Tsubaki must find the strength tTsubaki and Black Star set off on their most difficult mission yet a battle with the Uncanny Sword Masamune, a soul on the brink of becoming a Kishin But this fight holds personal significance for Tsubaki their target is her older brother Jealous of her inherited talents, Masamune is holding nothing back Usually docile and complacent, Tsubaki must find the strength to overtake the Uncanny Sword before she too is sucked into the darkness.
    Soul Eater, Vol. 03 By Atsushi Ohkubo,
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    OHKUBO AtsushiAtsushi kubo kubo Atsushi , also romanized as Atsushi Ohkubo, is a Japanese manga author and fantasy artist known for his work on the manga series Soul Eater, which has been adapted into an anime Okubo worked as an assistant under Rando Ayamine, on the manga series Get Backers He also created artwork for various cards for the Lord of Vermillion game.Atsushi kubo was not a model student and was attracted to drawing than to learning At the age of 20, after finishing studies at a manga school where he met Rando Ayamine, the author of Get Backers, he became Rando Ayamine s assistant for two years Finally, he won a competition at Square Enix s Gangan magazine with his first manga series B.Ichi and it was published for four volumes After the end of his last manga, he created Soul Eater, still for Square Enix s Gangan magazine, which brought him worldwide success.


  • 5 5 starsYou were right, my sister All flowers are beautifulI LOVED this volume Stein and Black Star are my favorite characters Plus, we learned some things about Tsubaki s and Black Star s past Also, Maka and Soul are so cute By the way, this is getting and adventurous and intense Excited for the restRecommended Mary review to be edited

  • This volume introduced some of my favorite and comedic characters Excalibur being one of them It had a very emotional few chapters starring black star and tsunami We are also introduced to the witch who is raising Crona.

  • An interesting story so far I m wondering where they ll go with it.The art is good, but still a bit hard to get used to.

  • So to put it simply, I don t normally give a manga series that looks like scrapped Tim Burton characters and action than substance a rating this high To put it specifically Soul Eater is balls out entertaining as balls with balls on top It s a prototypical school fantasy series that tries to be Harry Potter and the Nightmare Before Christmas, tries cocaine, develops a split personality and decides that it s both And I m not trying to fanboy but Soul Eater was the perfect show to start out with [...]

  • In vol 3, we see Soul struggling with the fact that Crona s black blood is now intermixed with his own and the nightmares he s been having ever since In the meantime, Kid and Black Star go in search of the ultimate weapon, Excalibur This is very much a gag storyline and Excalibur is so very annoying and I m praying the manga won t overuse him like the anime did It does nothing for me I don t find it funny.However, the bulk of this volume is all centered on Black Star and Tsubaki admittedly my le [...]

  • It just keeps getting better and better I love how everyone is in pairs, coincidentally opposite genders and is it a bad thing I keep wanting Soul and Maka to kiss DI don t know what we would do about Patty, Liz and Death the Kid Love triangle Nah Gosh that Medusa Witch is messing up the relationship between Maka and Soul How can they not recognize her from when they were fighting her, as a witch I don t understand thatI still gotta watch the anime, and I bet that s gonna be pretty interesting f [...]

  • Again, the volume was ruined by a single page spread near the end Other than that, you re pretty good to go.EDIT Another reviewer brought up something I was thinking but wasn t quite sure I should mention because I skipped over the graphic stuff These characters are almost all children What kind of pedophile mangaka thinks this is okay It s basically child pornography I m seriously sickened Were this volumes mine, I would gladly tear out or black out those pages My love for the concept and the c [...]

  • I saw the anime version of Soul Eater and i like both versions but I prefer reading the manga because I can control my pace Unlike watching anime wherein a certain episode or chapter is told in 30 minutes or , you can just breeze through the manga in less than 10 minutes Anyways, it s good to be back reading this especially now that I m hooked into reading manga currently taking a break from reading DC and Marvel comics This volume contains one of my favorite chapters with Tsubaki and Black Star [...]

  • In this volume, we have some backstory about Tsubaki and her brother, who has become a kishin called The Uncanny Blade She and Black Star must confront him to save a village full of people We also get a bit of Black Star s past as well, since the people of the village hate him because he is part of the star clan.Later, Soul Eater and Maka confront the kishin Crona Ragnarok again What will happen now that he is infected with the black blood How will that affect Maka Definitely getting better now [...]

  • So This One has some very sweet and deep meaningful moments as you learn about the character s past of which is Black star and Tsubaki Funny moments between Death The Kid and Black Star and a new Character Lots of action from the big star himself and his sweet, caring partner As she tries to do whats right even though it maybe hard for her By the way the Villeins are awesome in this series You ll actually start caring for one well if you consider them a villain Another amazing book to the seri [...]

  • We start this volume off with Chapter 6 Seiken.After Soul s injury, both Maka and he suffer from a form of PTSD The both of them are having a very hard time communicating with each other On one of the side adventures, Death the Kid and Black Star go in search of the Legendary Excaliber Which to many people find extraordinary hate for this character, but I find him absolutely hysterical.After that little quest Tsubaki and Black Star go in search for a corrupted soul, which happens to be Tsubaki s [...]

  • I m glad I decided to stick with this series as this volume was much better The only storyline I didn t rate was Tsubaki s as it was little than a long fight scene The chapter featuring Excalibur was hilarious and the final arc was plot driven, showing just how competent a villain Medusa is.There was also much less fanservice in this volume, with just one scene of Blair towards the end This was something I was really glad of and I hope the series keeps this up in the next volume.

  • Excalibur, al espada irritante XDDD en serio no me canso del bichito feo y raro, la verdadera forma de la espada X DDD con sus mil exigencias diarias y eso de que hay que ser un verdadero heroe para tenerla, solo porque una persona normal no se la aguanta hahahahahaMe encanta Black Star con su complejo de superioridad que en vez de decir cuando era un beb dice cuando era una peque a estrela XD

  • This is a fantastic edition in the series and my favourite cover so far.I have always though that Black Star was a bit of a tool but this really showed a softer side to him and his commitment to his weapon Tsubaki When he is sitting there getting belted in the head with sticks by the villagers was so sweet and then when he is poking the uncanny sword is just so cute

  • I am trying to take this series slowly The characters are all pretty cool, so I really want to take the time to enjoy them and their journey through the story The battles are definitely tough, and the development of the characters is slow but steady I really look forward to the direction that this story takes and how everything come together.

  • Soul Eater shows some definite improvement in the third volume While there are still moments where the action sequences are somewhat statically and unsatisfactorily rendered, this is generally made up for by the stories themselves Tsubaki s encounter with her demonic brother in the two episodes of The Uncanny Sword is particularly convincing, and is a promising note for this series.

  • Excalibur puts it down a point, I know he s written to be annoying but his story is just boring Tsubaki s story with her brother was alright it needed buildup to really feel the stakes However, lots of great moments still the jar that Black Star puts his hands in is a riot so still a 4 star book

  • I really liked this volume, we get to see our characters at an emotional level and not just non stop fighting Having to overcome her feeling towards her elder brother, Maka still manages to prove her strength even without her technician.

  • This book was great I loved it Kid reminds me of one of my old friends not saying names Kid is all about perfection and symmetry but over all being the son of being the son of a reaper is completely bad a.

  • Cover has Kid Story has barely any kid Still love it More witch action and the plot is starting to pick up.

  • Not the most groundbreaking volume ever, but still enjoyable with curious art and even curious plot lines This entire story is so loveably strange.

  • I honestly don t know how any of these people are still alive How can Blackstar get hit on the head so many damn times

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