I am Going!

I am Going Gerald is careful Piggie is not Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can Gerald and Piggie are best friends In I Am Going Piggie ruins a perfectly good day by telling Gerald she is going If Piggie goes
  • Title: I am Going!
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • ISBN: 9781423119906
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I am Going!
    Gerald is careful Piggie is not Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can.Gerald and Piggie are best friends.In I Am Going , Piggie ruins a perfectly good day by telling Gerald she is going If Piggie goes, who will Gerald skip with, play Ping Pong with, and wear silly hats with Willems s Geisel Award winning duo continues to delight readers with their silly shenanigans PaGerald is careful Piggie is not Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can.Gerald and Piggie are best friends.In I Am Going , Piggie ruins a perfectly good day by telling Gerald she is going If Piggie goes, who will Gerald skip with, play Ping Pong with, and wear silly hats with Willems s Geisel Award winning duo continues to delight readers with their silly shenanigans Packed full of humor and heart, the Elephant Piggie Books are vetted by an early learning specialist and early learners themselves, so they ll be right on target for new readers.
    I am Going! By Mo Willems,
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      153 Mo Willems
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    1 New York Times Bestselling author and illustrator Mo Willems is best known for his Caldecott Honor winning picture books Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Knuffle Bunny a cautionary tale In addition to such picture books as Leonardo the Terrible Monster, Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn t Know She Was Extinct, and Time to Pee, Mo has created the Elephant and Piggie books, a series of early readers, and published You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When it Monsoons, an annotated cartoon journal sketched during a year long voyage around the world in 1990 91 The New York Times Book Review called Mo the biggest new talent to emerge thus far in the 00 s Mo s work books have been translated into a myriad of languages, spawned animated shorts and theatrical musical productions, and his illustrations, wire sculpture, and carved ceramics have been exhibited in galleries and museums across the nation Mo began his career as a writer and animator for television, garnering 6 Emmy awards for his writing on Sesame Street, creating Nickelodeon s The Off Beats, Cartoon Network s Sheep in the Big City and head writing Codename Kids Next Door He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his family.


  • Oh YES I AM GOING.DID YOU HEAR THAT.Mo, oh classic Mo When will I grow up if you continue writing such enticing reads

  • I bought this book for my oldest son in particular It s good, as all the Elephant and Piggie books are But it resonates with our family in particular because my oldest child, from about ages 2 6, could not leave a friend s house or have a friend leave our house without extreme amounts of drama He was always convinced that he would never see that friend again The histrionics were variously embarrassing or hilarious, and could go on for up to an hour He still needs to know, practically to the minu [...]

  • Another wonderful Willems book that kept both my 5 yr old and twin 3 yr olds fascinated Not enough words to be even a reading level 1 book, Willems still has a way about him to bring the reader into his wonderful world These books are ones my whole family loves And a fellow friend on GR recently told me that the pigeon was hidden in each book and we now love to look for him too Fun for all and a great addition to any children s library

  • I love Mo Willems I really, really do And you know what I love Elephant and Piggie These books work on so many levels First and foremost, they work well in their job, which is easy reader They ARE easy to read but not too easy And while the illustrations do illustrate the plot and very funnily, I might add , they don t give away the plot Children have to actually read the words to know what the book says instead of guessing from the context of the pictures And best of all, the books are SO funny [...]

  • I am going is a short story for kids written by Mo Willems I read this book and recorded myself for the third language challenge in english It was really childish book but I actually enjoyed reading it It is funny how the elephant is acting dramatic and worried but on the other hand the piggy is really calm and chill Piggy was calm because he was leaving for lunch but the elephant thought piggy was leaving permanently which intimidated him This was a nice short book that represented friendship a [...]

  • Now it is Gerald s turn to over react to Piggie leaving Love these two characters and how much kids love reading their books.

  • Caused several belly laughs Gerald, the elephant, is the needy and worried of the two friends Piggy is rather matter of fact and sensible When Piggie announces I am going, Gerald launches into a full worry, trying to get piggie to stay At one point, the whole page is Gerald asking, Why, why, why, why, why Logan laughed and said, Even I m not that whiney This series is always a winner.UPDATE we checked this out again as Logan didn t remember reading it I m driving us home from the library and fr [...]

  • We just discovered the Elephant Piggie series at the library and have checked out every one they have They are a bit easy for my 7 year old to read on his own, but he loves that they are easy enough that he can sit and read them to his younger brother without any adult help The 5 yr old thinks they are hilarious and has memorized several books The two youngest act out the story lines during their play time.My older boys both 11 will read these on their own Even I think they re hilarious The illu [...]

  • This was hilarious I loved the interaction between the two characters and how one was level headed and the other was just completely over dramatic and paranoid This series always makes me laugh and I enjoy looking for the sneaky little pigeon that Mo puts in all his books I d totally recommend this book Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2010

  • A true psychodramatic masterpiece of angst and longing At moments, one has the feeling that Willems has captured our fundamental emotional conditions at their essence while still deftly gesturing toward the finitude of individual experience and the gravity of simple misunderstanding.

  • My second favorite EP book, after There is a Bird on Your Head , and like that book, this is a fabulous book to read aloud to almost anyone although only if the reader is up to the dramatic opportunities That entire page of Whys need serious acting ability

  • I think it was a great kids book It starts off with a great relationship between a pig and an elephant which already is not normal, giving kids the idea that its ok to be different As it continues and talks of the two just saying how today and yesterday were both good days, Piggie just stops to notify Gerald that he is leaving and gave him no other information but that After Gereald pleads, begs, and agrues to try to get information or to make him stay But nothing works After a good while I gue [...]

  • Disclaimer the lad is a major mo willems s fane lad says piggy is funny in the book because when they are playing, piggy says i m goinge parent says a good lesson in this story about when one friend wants to leave and the other friend wants to continue to play.a good read.

  • I just love these books What a great way to teach dialogue to young writers In this one, I love how emotional Gerald gets when Piggie is leaving he acts like Piggie is going away forever I have been reading all of these to PreK students this year, and they love them.

  • I like all of the Elephant and Piggie books This one included It s just not as good as many of the others It s just a simple good read for kids.

  • I thought that this was a good book for beginner readers my daughter enjoyed reading this book I would recommend this book to others.

  • Category Genre Easy ReaderAge Level K 3rd Grade Reading Level 0.7 grade Emergent ReaderThis Elephant and Piggie book is a fun romp between the two friends, as Piggie declares he is going, much to Elephant s dismay In the end, of course, all is well as the duo share a picnic lunch afterall, Piggie was simply going to lunch Emergent readers will enjoy the cartoon pictures which support the silly tone of the book, the big print, high frequency words and ultimately all the fuss over nothing than lu [...]

  • I read this to two different groups of preschoolers Huge hit One boy liked it so much I had to track down a copy from our library for him to take home Elephant and Piggie are always entertaining.

  • In this picturebook, Mo Willems captures the creativity of young minds The characters and illustrations are cartoon like, making it possible for students to extend the book with their own drawings and interpretations of characters Within this series of books, friendship is highlighted through comical and realistic dialogue between the two characters Elephant and Piggie The text is large, flexible, and presented in multiple perspectives that activates student understanding of the possibility of w [...]

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