The Demon's Covenant

The Demon s Covenant Mae Crawford s always thought of herself as in control but in the last few weeks her life has changed Her younger brother Jamie suddenly has magical powers and she s even unsettled when she realiz
  • Title: The Demon's Covenant
  • Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
  • ISBN: 9781416963813
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Demon's Covenant
    Mae Crawford s always thought of herself as in control, but in the last few weeks her life has changed Her younger brother, Jamie, suddenly has magical powers, and she s even unsettled when she realizes that Gerald, the new leader of the Obsidian Circle, is trying to persuade Jamie to join the magicians Even worse Jamie hasn t told Mae a thing about any of it MaeMae Crawford s always thought of herself as in control, but in the last few weeks her life has changed Her younger brother, Jamie, suddenly has magical powers, and she s even unsettled when she realizes that Gerald, the new leader of the Obsidian Circle, is trying to persuade Jamie to join the magicians Even worse Jamie hasn t told Mae a thing about any of it Mae turns to brothers Nick and Alan to help her rescue Jamie, but they are in danger from Gerald themselves because he wants to steal Nick s powers Will Mae be able to find a way to save everyone she cares about from the power hungry magician s carefully laid trap From Borders
    The Demon's Covenant By Sarah Rees Brennan,
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      217 Sarah Rees Brennan
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    Sarah Rees Brennan is Irish and currently lives in Dublin For a short stint, she lived in New York and became involved with a wide circle of writers who encouraged and supported her, including Holly Black and Cassandra Clare She has developed a wide audience through her popular blog, mistfulvejournal, where she writes movie parodies, book reviews and some stories.


  • I made it Sorry, but I ve always wanted to find one of those pics to accompany my review Isn t he cute You totally want to forget he could attack you and high five him, don t you Honestly, I really don t know exactly what happened here I was so excited to read The Demon s Covenant after finishing The Demon s Lexicon, but somehow I had a hard time getting through it The beginning drew me in immediately, but then there was this looong, dragging middle part that almost made me give up I m glad I di [...]

  • Final Verdict First I would ve liked this book much if I didn t go into it with expectations that didn t end up being met.The Full Review I read The Demon s Lexicon almost a year ago, and although I ve forgotten the details, what I do remember is really enjoying it I especially loved Sarah s characterization, the love between both sets of siblings, and the ending I liked it enough that The Demon s Covenant was one of my most anticipated releases of 2010.A few months ago, there were several post [...]

  • A couple of days ago a package arrived in my mailbox that made it most difficult to go to work that day I didn t end up calling in sick I do have a modicum of will power but it was touch and go there for a few minutes A few deep breaths and reminding myself I could snuggle up with it later got me out the door You see, I ve been wanting to get my greedy hands on this particular book in the worst way for lo these many months and then suddenly there it was all blue and fiery and taunting me with it [...]

  • This was freaking awesome I loved the first book, the Demon s Lexicon and wasn t all too happy at first when I found out that the second book, The Demon s Covenant would be told from Mae s POV, but as it turned out, I loved it even .Mae is the girl Alan and Nick helped in the first book when her baby brother Jamie got marked by a demon and they came to the Ryves brothers for help I m trying to keep this spoiler free, at least the first part of my review, so I won t go into detail.Just like in Th [...]

  • Sequel to The Demon s Lexicon More demons, magicians, shenanigans, definitely brothers.I am further impressed by the underlying cleverness and sharpness of this series We all by which I mean sneering hipster book reviewers with than two brain cells to rub together can explain at great length why Twilight and its young adult paranormal spawn are terrible for their intended audience because they portray creepy or frankly abusive male behavior as sexy or romantic Just don t ask what I was readi [...]

  • This was really tremendously fun, interesting, surprising, c I liked it quite a bit than The Demon s Lexicon, I think fewer segments of awkward writing, and I prefer Mae as the POV Twisty, unpredictable, satisfying plot and some wonderful, likable, non standard characters, too Not a five star book because there were some overly foreshadowed bits, the magic systems occasionally seem a bit handwavey, and it just didn t have the weight for me that five star books do but man, this was great.

  • Original Review HEREWarning this review contains spoilers for the FIRST BOOK because I can t review the second without spoiling the first one The spoiler completely ruins the experience of reading the first book and if you haven t yet but still plan to read The Demon s Lexicon I urge you to avert your eyes NOW You have been warned It was only a few days ago that I talked about how 2010 has been a great reading year for me The Demon s Covenant is another addition to an already incredible line up [...]

  • Sarah s first book The Demon s Lexicon will go down in history as one of the greatest young adult urban fantasy books to ever hit the shelves I was mesmorised and compelled with how she structured this magical story into something that seemed to come to life on the pages She managed to create a world within the world we all know, create characters that you can root for regardless of their motives For me, when an author has an exceptionally amazing debut novel, the second book in the series alway [...]

  • The Demon s Covenant, the second book in a trilogy, takes place a few weeks after the events that occurred in The Demon s Lexicon It follows Mae, only a secondary character in the first one, who now has to deal with the fact that her brother, Jamie, has magical powers and is being recruited from magicians everywhere, including the deadly Obsidian circle, now run by Gerald Mae once again enlists the help of of brothers Nick and Alan, who are entangled in their fair share of dangerous magical deal [...]

  • I went into this without reading any reviews, so a very fresh blank slate and the lingering memory of my love for The Demon s Lexicon The Demon s Covenant Even better.But how is this possible Could it be because the writing has grown exponentially That humour is subtlety interlaced perfectly That the characterization is mind blowing The plot was oh my god amazing The climax that will rival the one from DL that is saying something And the make out scenes oh man, the make out scenes with the love [...]

  • I wish I read this book sooner, I enjoyed this a lot I even laughed out loud a few times Maybe I have an odd sense of humor but quotes like this one crack me up Mae s first impulse was to die of shame, but she realized after a hot, stomach clenching moment that this was probably impractical Seriously XDMae s voice is interesting, she s smart, funny and I want to know where the hell she buys those awesome shirt of hers Can t say I liked this slightly slutty side of her she got lip than a girl i [...]

  • I was less pleased by this book than by its prequel I thought it was polished in some ways, but it didn t give me that visceral, heart pounding, tingling excitement that I get from books that I really like and that The Demon s Lexicon gave me.Part of that is due to the ending, which isn t quite a cliffhanger, but which very much has a feeling of unfinished business about it And I feel like a stereotypical pre teen boy for even mentioning this, but there is way too much kissing in this book I m [...]

  • Sequel to the excellent The Demon s Lexicon It took me nearly six months to crack it open, because I was so terrified that I wouldn t like it FEAR NOT review tbc.

  • 4.5 stars.I am just so happy.So happy.I pretty much knew I would love this series I did But I had no idea what I was in store forNE And I think that s a good thing It means that expectations were met and exceeded I think it s pretty crazy that I was kinda spoiled for a few things Thanks, sister and yet still was completely enad by everything that was going on This is, hands down, the best brother sibling book I have ever in my life read EVER And, it must be said, I cried at every journal entry E [...]

  • The covenant is binding There is no escape Danger is closing in all around Mae In one corner the magicians lie in wait, biding their time until Jamie is inducted into their circle whether he wants to be or not Alan, secretive as ever, considers a disastrous bargain with a demon, knowing full well the ramifications of his actions Meanwhile, Mae can t help but be lured in by the seductive pull of the Goblin Market, But Mae is not a magician She s just an ordinary girl thrown into a maddening world [...]

  • I m just going to go ahead and say it Sarah Rees Brennan is frickin brilliant An evil genius to be sure who has managed to infuse her books with such wit and candor that I find myself wholly ruined for anything else I don t know how the woman does it but she has managed to blow my mind Yet again After naming The Demon s Lexicon as my Favorite YA Fantasy of 2009, I began the endless wait for the release of The Demon s Covenant, not quite sure where Ms Brennan would take me next, but fully willing [...]

  • The Demon s Lexicon was told from the Nick s point of view Nick and his older brother Alan had spent their lives on the run from the magicians who had killed their father When Mae and her younger brother Jamie come to Alan for help with the demon s mark on Jamie, Nick is reluctant to get involved The only thing he cares about is protecting Alan.The Demon s Covenant switches to Mae s point of view, and takes place several weeks after the end of The Demon s Lexicon Mae discovers that Jamie is in t [...]

  • I was ok with the Demon s Lexicon Not particularly in love because none of the characters felt enticing or real to me, but I do enjoy SRB s writing and wit and was willing to give Covenant a try It definitely didn t win me over much The plot seems intricate and the characters slightly richly portrayed than the first novel, but I hated the narrative Mae is someone that the author tries so hard to make admirable, appealing, and original that she ends up coming across as contrived, selfish, and b [...]

  • In Demon s Lexicon, I don t fall to Mae right away Yes, she s pretty and brave and all those kind of things, but I found her a bit annoying Sorry, Mae But well in Demon s Covenant, I think I have to change my opinion about her She s still reckless, a bit stupid, and sometimes act fool, but I also see her loyal, leadership side The way she tries to treat Alan like a normal guy, and continuously protect her brother Jamie She s not a spoiled child trying to play bad any, but in Demon s Lexicon, she [...]

  • Sarah Rees Brennan s sequel to The Demon s Lexicon is seriously good I have to admit that I had a hard time with The Demon s Lexicon and here s why Lexicon is written in third person singular and it follows the movements of Nick Ryves Nick is so cold, so unemotional, and I had a really difficult time connecting with him or even really caring about him By the time I got to the end of the book I had realized that my reaction to Nick was really just evidence of Ms Brennan s brilliance And I m still [...]

  • Once again, I shall not even pretend to be the least objective about Sarah Rees Brennan s work I was hard pressed not to squeal like a shameless fangirl when copies of the French edition of book 1 came in at the agency I used to work at I think my colleagues noticed my enthusiasm nevertheless, perhaps the frantic hugging of the book tipped them off, or maybe they re just particularly receptive Who knows The first title of the Demons trilogy, written from Nick s point of view was a pure treat Boo [...]

  • This book didn t work nearly as well as the first one in the series The number one reason why was that this is told from the point of view of Mae one of the secondary characters from Demon s Lexicon I felt wishy washy about her before and that didn t really change now The strength of the first book was Nick He he s a demon in a human body is interesting Mae not so much.The first 2 3rd of the book dragged for me with not much happening There are also a number of coincidences that I found hard to [...]

  • Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadTooA month ago, Mae thought she was happy with a normal life Then she and her brother, Jamie, stumbled into the lives of Nick and Alan Ryves, and she discovered a world of magic she can t forget She longs to return to the charms and dancing of the Goblin Market even as she tries to adjust to coming back home.Unfortunately for Mae, there s a darker side to the magic, where demons lurk and magicians offer the lives of others to gain power One of the most ruthless [...]

  • I put off reading the first book in this trilogy because I thought I would like it and didn t want to be disappointed, but then I ended up adoring it Then I rushed out to get the second one but avoided actually reading it for ages because I feared it wouldn t be as good as the first But as soon as I finally picked it up, the trepidation of being disappointed faded away.The plot doesn t hold together quite as well as the first actually, this is unfair it holds together perfectly well as long as y [...]

  • 3.5Ok, I have a lot of issues with this series It s overly wordy, but also strangely under explained several scenes had me wondering wait, wtf just happened and I m still not 100% clear that I can explain the premise, although that could be because I ve forgotten a lot of what happened in the first book Instead of talking naturally, three of the main characters just drop sarcastic one liner after sarcastic one liner, which gets really tiresome, really fast.But even as I was rolling my eyes at th [...]

  • This was an amazing, fast paced read I picked the book up on Sunday and finished it in one day Yes it is that good The story of Mae, Jamie and the Ryves brothers continues essentially one month after the end of the Demon s Lexicon I can t say too much because I don t want to give anything away This story while clearly a transition book still has a great story to tell There are times I wanted to scream at some of the of the characters wondering how they make the choices they do Then there are tim [...]

  • This book had me bewitched and most enthusiastically bewildered it made me me howl with laughter even as it broke my heart in the most satisfying of ways while I waited for the plot to give me up its secrets and boy, were they satisfying too It s also a book that understands itself very well well paced, witty, lyrical snark with a heart of gold, a fantastic plot and glorious characters I thoroughly enjoyed the developments in the characters and their interactions with each other and their world [...]

  • SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD I completely fell in love with the story, the characters and whereas I hated Nick before I am completely in love with him now I don t know how Sarah Rees Brennan got this good I can t wait for book three WHATT I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL JUNE FOURTEENTH NOOO hyperventilates

  • MICHELLE S REVIEW RATING 5 SMEXI NICK WITTY JAMIE STARS Nick, Nick, Nick You are such a complex, well written character, you have such a streak of originality to you We love reading about the moody, broody YA genre guy, the bad boy The guy who has layers like an onion, as you peel them back, they make your eyes water from the pain and hurt we find Nick is a much complex character As the reader we want him to be a compliant guy, easier to get along with, easier to love.less darkcer But, this is [...]

  • Seriously, this is just chock full of spoilers Demon s Covenant, the second book in the Demon s Lexicon Trilogy, did not disappoint I knew going in that the point of view of the narrator was changing from Nick to Mae, which did not exactly excite me given that Mae was my least favorite thing about the first book Quite the opposite Yet it worked Having Mae as the narrator gave me the opportunity to actually get acquainted with Mae and she is not so very awful Now, we ll never be friends exactly a [...]

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