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    Tehmina Durrani Urdu born 18 February 1953 is the daughter of a former Governor of State Bank of Pakistan and Managing Director of Pakistan International Airlines, S.U Durrani and a granddaughter of Nawab Sir Liaqat Hayat Khan, prime minister of Patiala state for eleven years He was the elder brother of former Punjab Premier Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan Her first book, My Feudal Lord, caused ripples in Pakistan s male dominated society by describing her abusive and traumatic marriage to Ghulam Mustafa Khar, then Chief Minister and later Governor of Punjab and her experience of a feudal society She is currently involved in the emancipation of women in Pakistan.


  • It s one of those things that go really un noticed unless some one tells you about it, Edhi s life is one such life long journey.I ve been forced to re think a lot of what and how I do it, it s helped me understand some of the grave things a person has to go through once he decides to stand in the way to bring a better life to a nation.It s a standing ovation to Abdul Sattar Edhi.

  • Before reading this autobiography I knew only snippets about Abdul Sattar Edhi, from newspaper and magazine articles and short films From those bits and pieces I gathered an impression of a deeply sincere man struggling, even struggling successfully against what can only be described as horrors afflicting the lives of many poor people in today s Pakistan.Sadly this book is not widely available, and as it is as far as I can tell the only english language book on the subject of this remarkable ind [...]

  • I read this in Urdu translation but I would like to write in English for foreign readers and my own Pakistani community of English enthusiasts a.k.a Desi Goray Kalay Goray.I remember this book when I was a teenager I think it was 2004 and I saw this book in my elder sister s hands I was obsessed with autobiographies like my sister just because of Shahabnama.I don t remember why couldn t i read it on that time but my sister was so impressed with diction and real stories mentioned in the book.I sa [...]

  • No man like Edhi, I ll tell you that D In a constant struggle to save the majority of Pakistan whom he represents, Edhi was labeled so many names by the very people he wanted to help Someone who has proved that literacy is not the requirement for a full life, but an open mind and an active body In a time, when nothing can be seen as a solution to Pakistan s problems, Edhi takes the essence of true religion and has provided a workable formula Establish a social welfare state, be humanitarians Hel [...]

  • A great insight into a remarkable man s life, his humble upbriging, his non stop energy and the genesis of the world s largest private ambulance service of the world, run completely by charity Some pieces about his upbringing, his interactions with his mother are especially moving A very inspiring read.

  • For me a great biography is one which once put back on the shelf, leaves me with a lot of valuable insight into the person it was written about This, definitely, is one such biography Although technically, it is an autobiography because it was transcribed from Edhi s interviews to the book s author.From this book, I learned that Edhi was much than what his simplistic visage let on He was a Marxist, a progressive, a serial entrepreneur, and a rebel who had an unquenchable desire for social justi [...]

  • An excellent book, though it reads a bit awkwardly My full reflection review on the book can be found on my blog Seriously Planning here seriouslyplanning.wordpress.

  • The book edhi was in my TBR before the death of Abdul Satar Edhi The book is about personal life of him As depicted by name An Autobiography Book start with the day when he born in India So his struggle has been started from the day one by his mother He speaks about his family conditions and the area and how his mother learnt him to donate She was no educated women but she played the most important role in edhi s life She in his early life told him to give things to poor people Moreover she usua [...]

  • I was really eager to read this book as I absolutely loved everything Edhi did The book challenged a lot of beliefs I held about the man I always assumed that people of such depth and philanthropic nature would be optimists with their heads in the clouds Edhi did dream big but he believed that humans were naturally selfish Despite my love for the legend that is Edhi, I had a very difficult time getting past the really bad editing of the book There were even spelling errors weak instead of week a [...]

  • This book is Sattar Edhi narration of his life to Tehmina Durrani, a commendable author It dictates how three centuries ago, a religious leader in Thatta converted a group of communities of farmers to Islam and called them, Momin This title was later distorted to Memon The Memons migrated from Hala, Sindh to Gujrat, India and took up trading After the Partition of India, the Memons migrated to Karachi.Among them was a young boy called Sattar Edhi, mocked by the title, Sheikh Chilli for building [...]

  • The tragedy of Karbala was an injustice underplayed by Muslim rulers for nearly seven hundred years My father said, The children of the Shia sect are made to pursue knowledge from the early age of six or seven They are encouraged not to remain silent at the misdeeds of the executive, and fear nothing except God so that they can stand up all costs against injustice He told me, although we do not deny the tragedy of Karbala, some groups avoid reality and do not want to recall it Much of the presen [...]

  • An inspiring book on the life of one of the most revered figures in Pakistan.Tehmina Durrani became notorious for her first book,the sensational bestseller , My Feudal Lord.This book is totally different.Abdul Sattar Edhi was a name who became synonymous with good deeds helping those in distress.Written many years before his death,the book does not encompass his whole life.It is full of anecodotes from Edhi s life,how he began his work and how he unflinchingly faced the most dangerous situations [...]

  • I really like the book The way it have been written I opt for Urdu translation and looks like a novel to me The book explain the ups and down an individual can face for the mere welfare of a society.Its worth reading.

  • A good biographical book but I am finding it to be too depressing I think the book could have done without the gory details of the tragedies Edhi witnessed.

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