The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 12: 1973-1974

The Complete Peanuts Vol The twelfth volume of Peanuts features a number of tennis strips and several extended sequences involving Peppermint Patty s friend Marcie including a riotous rarely seen sequence in which Marcie s c
  • Title: The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 12: 1973-1974
  • Author: Charles M. Schulz Billie Jean King Seth
  • ISBN: 9781606992869
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 12: 1973-1974
    The twelfth volume of Peanuts features a number of tennis strips and several extended sequences involving Peppermint Patty s friend Marcie including a riotous, rarely seen sequence in which Marcie s costume making and hairstyling skills utterly spoil a skating competition for PP , so it seems only right that this volume s introduction should be served up by Schulz s longtThe twelfth volume of Peanuts features a number of tennis strips and several extended sequences involving Peppermint Patty s friend Marcie including a riotous, rarely seen sequence in which Marcie s costume making and hairstyling skills utterly spoil a skating competition for PP , so it seems only right that this volume s introduction should be served up by Schulz s longtime friend, tennis champion Billie Jean King This volume also picks up on a few loose threads from the previous year, as the mysterious Poochie shows up in the flesh Linus and Lucy s new kid brother Rerun makes his first appearance, is almost immediately drafted onto the baseball team where, thanks to his tiny strike zone, he wins a game , and embarks on his first terrifying journey on the back of his mom s bike and, in one of Peanuts oddest recurring storylines, the schoolhouse Sally used to talk to starts talking, or at least thinking, back at her The Complete Peanuts 1973 1974 also includes one of the all time classic Peanuts sequences, in which Charlie Brown s baseball oriented hallucinations finally manifest themselves in a baseball shaped rash on his head Forced to conceal the embarrassing discoloration with a bag worn over his head, Charlie Brown goes to camp as Mister Sack and discovers that, shorn of his identity, he s suddenly well liked and successful.
    The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 12: 1973-1974 By Charles M. Schulz Billie Jean King Seth,
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      426 Charles M. Schulz Billie Jean King Seth
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    Charles Monroe Schulz was an American cartoonist, whose comic strip Peanuts proved one of the most popular and influential in the history of the medium, and is still widely reprinted on a daily basis.Schulz s first regular cartoons, Li l Folks, were published from 1947 to 1950 by the St Paul Pioneer Press he first used the name Charlie Brown for a character there, although he applied the name in four gags to three different boys and one buried in sand The series also had a dog that looked much like Snoopy In 1948, Schulz sold a cartoon to The Saturday Evening Post the first of 17 single panel cartoons by Schulz that would be published there In 1948, Schulz tried to have Li l Folks syndicated through the Newspaper Enterprise Association Schulz would have been an independent contractor for the syndicate, unheard of in the 1940s, but the deal fell through Li l Folks was dropped from the Pioneer Press in January, 1950.Later that year, Schulz approached the United Feature Syndicate with his best strips from Li l Folks, and Peanuts made its first appearance on October 2, 1950 The strip became one of the most popular comic strips of all time He also had a short lived sports oriented comic strip called It s Only a Game 1957 1959 , but he abandoned it due to the demands of the successful Peanuts From 1956 to 1965 he contributed a single panel strip Young Pillars featuring teenagers to Youth, a publication associated with the Church of God.Peanuts ran for nearly 50 years, almost without interruption during the life of the strip, Schulz took only one vacation, a five week break in late 1997 At its peak, Peanuts appeared in than 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries Schulz stated that his routine every morning consisted of eating a jelly donut and sitting down to write the day s strip After coming up with an idea which he said could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours , he began drawing it, which took about an hour for dailies and three hours for Sunday strips He stubbornly refused to hire an inker or letterer, saying that it would be equivalent to a golfer hiring a man to make his putts for him In November 1999 Schulz suffered a stroke, and later it was discovered that he had colon cancer that had metastasized Because of the chemotherapy and the fact he could not read or see clearly, he announced his retirement on December 14, 1999 Schulz often touched on religious themes in his work, including the classic television cartoon, A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965 , which features the character Linus van Pelt quoting the King James Version of the Bible Luke 2 8 14 to explain what Christmas is all about In personal interviews Schulz mentioned that Linus represented his spiritual side Schulz, reared in the Lutheran faith, had been active in the Church of God as a young adult and then later taught Sunday school at a United Methodist Church In the 1960s, Robert L Short interpreted certain themes and conversations in Peanuts as being consistent with parts of Christian theology, and used them as illustrations during his lectures about the gospel, as he explained in his bestselling paperback book, The Gospel According to Peanuts, the first of several books he wrote on religion and Peanuts, and other popular culture items.From the late 1980s, however, Schulz described himself in interviews as a secular humanist I do not go to church any I guess you might say I ve come around to secular humanism, an obligation I believe all humans have to others and the world we live in.


  • Really enjoyed the Snoopy The Novelist strips naturally , where his penchant for puns runs high if you check the index, you ll note that this volume actually has a treasure trove of strips concerning this cherished chapter in the beagle s inner life Saddest strip Charlie is at Lucy s psychiatric booth He says, I m worried about my dad He doesn t watch TV any He sits in the kitchen every night and reads his collection of old Big Little books Lucy asks, How does he act Does he seem happy or sad Ch [...]

  • The strips in this volume in The Complete Peanuts represent Schulz nearing the halfway mark of his amazingly long career Nearly a quarter century in and Schulz shows no signs of weariness or any decline in imagination The strip remains vital and funny I have a suggestion, begins Charlie Brown to Snoopy Doesn t everyone Snoopy replies wearily Charlie Brown s obsession with baseball results in all round objects appearing with baseball seams, not just the moon and scoops of ice cream but his head H [...]

  • By now, it s been ages since I finished this, before the premiere of our last show actually, and it s been such a crazy busy month, so it s not really that fresh in my memory to be honest, but I think can help there, so here goes.You d think, after two decades of writing Peanuts, Charles M Schulz would have been cleaned out of new ideas, but it s with remarkable ease that he conjures up new storylines and thinks outside the box, making new adventures even for Snoopy, who starts leaving the safe [...]

  • Another milestone passed on my quest to read all the Peanuts strips In this volume Peppermint Patyy continues to get lots of airtime, along with her nerdy sidekick Marcie PP becomes something of a counterpoint to Charlie Brown his exact opposite on any sort of playing field since she s a natural athlete, but apparently just as clueless as he is in any other facet of life Snoopy gets lots of airtime too, but that s a given here, though, he s usually paired with Woodstock But still finds time to i [...]

  • This is the first book in the series that I ve felt was a little stagnant Nothing particularly ground breaking here No major character introductions unless the character of the school building counts Snoopy and Woodstock have some adversarial times in this volume, which raised an eyebrow ever so slightly, but the fighting didn t last long before they hugged and made up.Lots of mentions of bicycles in this volume, as America was hot into the bicycle craze that accompanied the energy crisis of the [...]

  • Tennis is a theme in the strip during this period so Billie Jean King takes her shot at the introduction.Peppermint Patty and Marcie try their hands at quite a few sport is these years and have a pretty funny run in with Charlie Brown s dad,he s a barber Charlie Brown,in order to hide a baseball blemish wears a bag over his head and becomes well liked when no one knows how he is Rerun takes a walk in a baseball game and drives in the winning run he s tiny so he has a small strike zone Oh and he [...]

  • My wife, the family Peanuts maven, has declared that this is the first volume of The Complete Peanuts that she will not be purchasing In her opinion, Schulz s comic genius had lost its edge by this time in the life of the strip It s also past the era when she would eagerly search the daily paper for her Peanuts fix, so unlike, say, the previous volume of the collection, this book has little nostalgic appeal Such is her opinion For myself, I ve never been a major Peanuts fan The strip is worth re [...]

  • American HistoryPeanuts, an unlikely name for a cartoon strip from it s creator, is American history From its beginning, it was a strip of life from a child s point of view It s from that view we get a child s view of an adult world, and how funny or ridiculous it may seem I give it 5 stars because the strip wasn t silly slapstick, nor sarcastic It left you hoping for the Charlie Brown s of the world, the Walter Mitty s in a canine way the struggles of Sally, and the wisdom of Linus, from blowin [...]

  • Some of my favorite strips the Peppermint Patty skating strips are some of the all time best watching the Winter Olympics, it was amazing how little skating coaches have changed Snoopy dressed up as Peppermint Patty s coach might as well be Johnny Weir s Russian coach in fur I think Peanuts never gets any better than these strips in the years to come and the best strips are within the previous five years I can t let 1973 1974 go without at least mentioning Mr Sack I never realized how poignant t [...]

  • Regardless of where I was, I knew that any day I could read Peanuts first thing in the morning it was going to be a great day , toteaa Billie Jean King The Complete Peanuts, Vol 12 1973 1974 Fantagraphics, 2009 kirjan esipuheessa, ja on aivan oikeassa.Piparminttu Pipsa osallistuu luistelukisoihin Jaska Jokunen l htee pussi p ss n kes leirille ja saa melkein juhlaillallisen Joe Shlabotnikin seurassa Ressu onnistuu melkein ly m n Babe Ruthin baseball enn tyksen Suomentamattomassa tarinalinjassa os [...]

  • Again, mainly timeless with a few little trips down memory lane no one gets white courtesy phones brought to them in restaurants any likely to be asked to have the courtesy to take your cell phone outside The intro by Billy Jean King gives interesting insights into Schulz s support of women s athletics news to me but makes sense in light of his smart and athletic girl characters.

  • I really enjoyed this particular volume of the Complete Peanuts It was the first one that actually made me laugh out loud I m starting to realize my favorite Peanuts character is Peppermint Patty I liked the various storylines, including the one about Patty s Ice Skating competition, as well as the one in which the schoolhouse becomes sentient Overall, a great read, esp when I needed some cheering upp

  • Rerun gets out of the house, Charlie Brown faces a baseball scandal, and Peppermint Patty enters a figure skating competition Not the strongest Peanuts The cast begins to get a little too focused and many peripheral characters disappear Rerun never fully seems to develop and just seems like another Linus.

  • After 20 years, Schultz is still experimenting, now adding puns to his other approaches to humor Many of the puns are very clever indeed A further experiment is giving an inanimate object, the grammar school, thought balloons and a personality It somehow all works.

  • I am actually really surprised I finished this book in 2 days It is because I am not usually a big fan of comic strips, but these are an acceptation and they are really good I still really like the comic strips and they are funnye jokes I get of course.

  • This man was a genius Cracked up so many times Smart of them to add an index at the back so you can easily go back and find your favourite strips It s also fun to find the tidbits of history news from the 70 s A lot of them are still eerily relevant today.

  • This collection contains laugh out loud strips than all the previous volumes combined We get introductions to Woodstock, Rerun, Marcie, the school building that communicates with Sally But Snoopy as an aspiring writer is the highlight for me.

  • First time the readers get to see Rerun I loved the strips of him riding the back of his mom s bike Peppermint Patty s boys haircut is hysterical Good stuff.

  • I usually don t laugh out loud at these, but I did for Peppermint Patty s ice shaking fiasco I ve really come to love her I ve the last two volumes, possibly even my favorite right now.

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