Raven's Flight

Raven s Flight After the horrors of the Dropsite Massacre the Raven Guard are trying to survive in the caves and mountains of Isstvan V Their plight is desperate and escape from the roaming Traitor legions seems i
  • Title: Raven's Flight
  • Author: Gav Thorpe
  • ISBN: 9781844168569
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Raven's Flight
    After the horrors of the Dropsite Massacre, the Raven Guard are trying to survive in the caves and mountains of Isstvan V Their plight is desperate, and escape from the roaming Traitor legions seems impossible Meanwhile colonel Valerius of the Imperial Army begins suffering terrible dreams, believing the Raven Guard to be in trouble.
    Raven's Flight By Gav Thorpe,
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    Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop, and started writing novels and short stories in the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 when the Black Library imprint was launched in 1997 He continues to write for Black Library, and his first homegrown novel series The Crown of the Blood has been released via Angry Robot.Currently living in Nottingham, Gav shares his home with his loving and very understanding partner Kez, and their beautiful little boy Sammy.


  • Raven s Flight can be summed up in one sentence This is why you do not anger Corax.Serving as a prequel to the recently released Deliverance Lost, Raven s Flight helps to bridge the gap between the events depicted in First Heretic and Fulgrim with the desperate escape seen in Age of Darkness.After the gunship his bodyguard tried to evacuate him in is shot down during the Drop Massacre, the Raven Guard primarch leads the few thousand surviving warriors in a series of hit and run attacks on the tr [...]

  • Shadowhawk reviews the second audio drama of the Horus Heresy series, Raven s Flight by Gav Thorpe, which is the prequel to the upcoming novel Deliverance Lost previously reviewed here by Lord of The Knight Because once you see Corax in action, the Horus Heresy will never be the same again The Founding FieldsI first encountered Gav s work through Angels of Darkness, a novel that explores the myths and mysteries of the secretive Dark Angels I was blown away There has been a fair amount of controv [...]

  • Better than most the Audio dramas Warhammer fiction still is a low mental effort go to and don t expect much than a quick heroic short story

  • This was the first Horus Heresy audio book I ve listened to and I must say it was excellent Very well read and the atmosphere is amazing I just loved the insight you glean about Corax If you are a Raven Guard fan like me, this is a must read While the story is short, it is up there with the best of the series and the moment where Corax cries actually made me choke up Great story telling.The audio drama basically follows the story of the remainder of the Raven Guard on Isstvan V and how they and [...]

  • This was an awesome audio drama following the Corax and the Raven Guard following the events of the Dropsite Massacre at Istvaan V The action scenes were amazing, getting to see pre heresy Raven Guard for the first time was a real treat, and Corax was written extremely well, though I wish the fact that his Legion was all but destroyed effected him a little than it did.The story of the Imperial Army officer and Raven Guard on Deliverance was also entertaining, and quite surprising I fear to thin [...]

  • Another great story about the Raven Guard, this time with their Primarch, Corax, going against the odds against their treacherous brothers in arms The action packed audio book brings the savage battle to life, as well as good characterization of Corax, while also delving into the Astartes Imperial Guard humans relationships both the good and the bad side There s also some character insight as to the Horus Heresy itself, which has been tackled before in other books, but on a clearer and absorbed [...]

  • On the face of things, this is a simple tale of a Primarch butchering his way through hordes of dastardly Iron Warriors in the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre, but Gav s take on Corax a delightful change from the traitors we ve got near thus far is what makes this so much The only real trouble I had with it was that I immediately associated Toby Longworth, who narrates, with the Ciaphas Cain audios A little bit like two worlds colliding, but I quickly got over it

  • As I make my way through the Horus Heresy I look forward to the small distractions given by the audiobooks this one deals with the Raven Guard left after the massacre on Isstvan V and gives most face time to Corax the RG primarch.

  • Not a bad book worth checking out Corax kicking ass for once instead of traitor forces being favored by authors as they always seem to be

  • Probably should have read this before Deliverance Lost It was ok but I felt it didn t really add anything to the story of the Raven Guard.

  • Paints a good picture of this chapter of ravens, for each book I read in the different 40k series, the greater the tragedy of the Horus Heresy becomes.

  • Awesome audio drama Corax is one of my new favorite characters in this series Looking forward to future stories that involve him, and his legion.

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