The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln

The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln late th century memoirs of a Jewish woman in Hamburg
  • Title: The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln
  • Author: Glückel von Hameln
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  • The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln
    late 17th century memoirs of a Jewish woman in Hamburg.
    The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln By Glückel von Hameln,
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  • Glückel von Hameln

    Gl ckel von Hameln also spelled Gluckel or Glikl of Hamelin also known as Glikl bas Judah Leib 1646, Hamburg September 19, 1724, Metz was a Jewish businesswoman and diarist, whose account of life provides scholars with an intimate picture of German Jewish communal life in the late 17th early eighteenth century Jewish ghetto Written in Yiddish, her diaries were originally intended for her descendants The first part is actually a living will urging them to live ethical lives It was only much later that historians discovered the diaries and began to appreciate her account of life at that time.


  • This book was surprisingly fun for what could easily have been a dry and repetitive diary.There certainly were still places where it was dull and repetitive, but in actuality it was often quite spry, and surprisingly modern for a book written in 1690.The things that were perhaps most notable to me, in no specific order of importance As previously mentioned, the book s narrators and tone are surprisingly modern A person living in the 21st century at least one brought up Orthodox would have no tro [...]

  • mytwostotinki p 2186Gl ckel of Hameln 1645 1724 was a remarkable woman Not only could she read and write in a time when most women had no formal education at all , she also proved to be an energetic business woman after the early death of her first husband That involved also extensive traveling in a time when this was difficult and dangerous And on top of it the mother of fourteen children wrote the first autobiography of a woman in Germany.Gl ckel s memoirs were not written with the intention o [...]

  • A surprisingly fun and upbeat diary for the life of a 17th century Jewish woman who suffered a number of difficulties, setbacks, and hardships Gluckel was a very plucky, upbeat, go getter girl who never hesitated to do what needs to be done to secure her own or her children s futures As a modern Jewish woman who suffers from general anxiety and clinical depression, I often found myself surprised by how little she stopped to worry or stress about her situation, even when things went wrong It almo [...]

  • What a treasure to have these memoirs from a remarkable Jewish woman who lived from 1646 1724 in Germany This edition has a wonderful introduction providing historical context for Gluckel s life and times, and Gluckel herself writes with flair, showing both a sharp eye for human nature and the details around her, but also is able to quote frequently from Jewish sources including the Psalms, the Prophets, and , underscoring her education.Married at 14 and eventually giving birth to 14 children se [...]

  • This book is surprisingly comforting and enjoyable for me I bought it at the Jewish museum in Berlin on a trip and was so entrenched by this seemingly boring but incredibly fun 17th century Jewish woman s life It s very much out of the realm of books I normally read, but her sense of humor and present day relatable emotions somehow relax me.

  • Interesting bookBeginning better than the end interesting view into 17th century life from the perspective of a jewish woman and family

  • When Gluckel of Hameln, a 17th century German Jewish woman, began to write her memoirs, she could not have known that they would last through the centuries and become a unique primary source of Jewish life of the era All she states at the outset was that she was writing as a means of comforting herself after the loss of her husband Her only intended audience was her own children whom she addresses throughout the book And the memoirs turn out not just to cover her life up until her husband s deat [...]

  • I think the main thing that interests me about history or genealogy is imagining the people behind the stories what they were really like, what they thought and said and did So a memoir like this is ideal for me I had no idea about the day to day existence of German Jews or Jewish women in this era, and this provides a little peek at that Gluckel wrote this for her children, though it s sometimes clear that she sort of thought other relatives or friends might read it, because she is careful to e [...]

  • Glikl bas Judah Leib lebte im 17 18 Jahrhundert in Deutschland und schrieb dieses Buch einige Jahre vor ihrem Tod Es ist ein ergreifendes Buch, das einem nicht nur den j dischen Alltag in dieser Zeit, mit all seinen Traditionen aber vor allem mit all seinen ngsten und N ten nahebringt, es ist ein Dokument einer Frau, die nach dem Tode ihres ersten Ehemannes selbst ihr Leben und das ihrer Kinder in die Hand nimmt und Kauffrau wird nicht immer zum Gefallen der anderen Es zeigt den Lebensweg einer [...]

  • Part II of LMU Jewish Literature Series.I wouldn t have chosen this book.For this session, I was the only guy present.However, it is a fascinating, albeit one sided view of life in 1670 s Jewish Europe.Glueckel was quite the business person in a patriarchal environment.I remember a woman named Mrs tobin whose husband was a cantor in Seattle and she ran a successful lumber yard Go figure That s when women in Seattle did own businesses.I didn t find Glueckel too likeable but she did shed lots of i [...]

  • Rarely do ordinary readers get a window onto life as it was lived in other times, and few could provide that as well as the intrepid and faithful Gl ckel She tells us much by what she leaves out as by what she puts in For instance, she had fourteen children and must tell us how every single one was married and how they turned out financially yes, I found that a bit tedious but she never utters a word about the emotional relationship between the children and her spouses Gl ckel does have a clear [...]

  • I found this very boring I start with this not because most people pick up this book expecting a page turner, but many of my colleagues within the field of Jewish studies have claimed that they deeply enjoyed reading this book, found it interesting, and had a blast reading it.This was not experience I didn t particularly enjoy reading it, although I understand it s importance.As for a document outlining a Jewish woman s social history in Europe in the late 1600 s early 1700 s, it is great Good f [...]

  • A clear headed, readable, engaging personal account of private life in the late 17th C Gl ckel of Hameln 1646 1724 was a German Jewish woman who understandably prioritized discussions of finances, kinship marriage, and religion in her memoir, but she was also a pretty good storyteller who liked to report on juicy incidents tracking down a double murderer the human stampede at her synagogue that killed six women hysteria about a possible plague how an acquaintance became known as Bullet proof Jac [...]

  • Rare glimpse into the life of a Jewish woman in Germany from her birth 1690 to her old age, through fourteen children, two husbands and many everyday business transactions It is written to her children, with the aim to retain her legacy and her memory, not to entertain In that regard, she has been singularly successful in achieving her goal I ve seen this book referenced by historians on multiple occasions The book was well worth the read Would recommend it to anyone interested in European Jewis [...]

  • I really don t get why this book is considered a classic First of all, there are so many literary effects or defects that just spoils the story and it was less about the protagonist s piety and about her accounts of dowry, credits and money she either made or lost in a business If the author s intention was to appear cynical, I then guess she succeeded but other than that this books is about money, betrothal, death and never ending complaints that which the protagonist tries to make it appear a [...]

  • I actually did not read this book but rather a YA book entitled the Adventures of Gluckel of Hameln, written in 1967 by Bea Stadtler It is a bit different as it only lists 12 children, is shorter, and even though each chapter poses a problem, it shoes how Gluckel perservered and took a high path I loved the book I would not have a child under ten read it as there are discussions of pogroms and the plague.

  • At times quite interesting, and other times mind numbingly boring, this book still stands as a remarkable and rare historical document If you are interested in the history of European Jews, brace yourself and trudge through this book, it s actually worth it for educational purposes Entertaining it is not.

  • This a managing woman was also an excellent writer She writes captivatingly about her times than 300 years ago She also managed to simultaneously raise a large family and run a trade business I admire her piety, which could be an example for people today.What a great window into the 17th and early 18th century Jewry in Europe.

  • This book gives us a peek into the lives of German Jews in the seventeenth century It also helps us to fully appreciate what we have These people were not only remained steadfast through hardship, but they also stood by God throughout everything that they encountered.

  • Perhaps better entitled Blog of Glueckel of Hameln with Much Tedious Moralizing and Confusing Family Members When it actually spoke about life in that time period, it was interesting.

  • A fascinating journal of a medieval Jewish woman in Eastern Europe I read this in college If you like journals, this one is worth tracking down.

  • I had to read this in college but it kept my attention and educated me on the everyday life of one housewife who just happened to be a minority Good stuff.

  • Very vivid one really gets a deatiled and lively picture of her life, emotions, relationships, socio economic situation, what she knows of the politics of the day, etc very ethnographical.

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