Access Denied

Access Denied In this latest entry of the Agatha Award winning series Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper tracks a fugitive s credit card purchases Soon Turing and her friends are lured to a vacant h
  • Title: Access Denied
  • Author: Donna Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780425200650
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Access Denied
    In this latest entry of the Agatha Award winning series, Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper tracks a fugitive s credit card purchases Soon Turing and her friends are lured to a vacant house, and what they discover there could get them all deleted.
    Access Denied By Donna Andrews,
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      388 Donna Andrews
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    Donna Andrews was born in Yorktown, Virginia, the setting of Murder with Peacocks and Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos, and now lives and works in Reston, Virginia When not writing fiction, Andrews is a self confessed nerd, rarely found away from her computer, unless she s messing in the gardenuscmillan author donnaa


  • I started this series on the 3rd book so I was left with a number of questions about the AIP alien intelligence personality ,named Turing, that narrates a large portion of the book Never the less I found it to be an charming story about Turing who simultaneously tries to solve a mystery,keep her identity or non identity a secret and understand and support the humans who assist her in her it s endeavors This light mystery raises but does not solve the serious questions of what constitutes humanit [...]

  • I am impressed with this series Andrews has taken the cozy murder and inserted some sophisticated technology to do computer and artificial intelligence and come up with a masterful cross over between science fiction and mystery I ve ordered the sequel and I m hoping it won t be the last in the series.

  • Can t wait to see what happens in the next one The human characters are involved and knowing the premis saves a ton of reading timeking each one better than the last one

  • 3 in the Turing Hopper series This 2004 entry in the next to last in the series, so the series doesn t have the legs of the author s Meg Langslow series that has 13 entries through 2012 This series though is quite enjoyable and its relatively narrow focus no doubt accounts for it s short life Although I imagine it could be read as a stand alone, I would recommend reading it from the beginning You ve Got Murder 2002.Turing Hopper series Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper has been m [...]

  • Access Denied is the third book in the Turing Hopper series by Donna Andrews, and so far it s been the only one that really never quite gelled for me Plot wise, we ve got Turing and her human allies trying to dig into what looks like credit card fraud on the surface and what may actually be illicit activity on the part of Nestor Garcia, the criminal they last saw making off with T2, Turing s clone sister There are some not half bad subplots involving Turing needing to work at understanding when [...]

  • This is the second series that I set out to finish this quarter Unlike the paranormal one, it is unclear to me whether there will be books in the future or not Currently the series ends at 4 next book.I would classify this one as a cozy nerd mystery By that I mean that the ordinary people in this series are a mix of PIs and techies who are working with and supporting an AI computer, who is the prime protagonist named Turing.Per , Alan Turing is widely considered to be the father of theoretical [...]

  • The third in this series which features a character which is an artificial intelligence Donna Andrews writes delightful characters and plots that leave me guessing, and I know when I pick up one of her books, it will be a winner.One thing I didn t like as much with this book was the long passages in italics that signified the artificial intelligence character as the narrator I don t remember having a problem with the previous books, so I m not sure if it s that these passages were longer, or if [...]

  • Third enjoyable installment in the Turing Hopper mystery series starring a kindly, chatty, female AI as the heroine detective The 2004 copyright makes some things out of date, but overall, it s still a good story with enjoyable characters and an exciting plot In this one, Turing continues looking for T2, her copy, which has been taken by the evil master criminal Nestor Garcia Her friends continue to try to protect her and befriend a computer, as they also look at a credit card fraud case that ha [...]

  • Overall the book was good, what I didn t like was that there were no chapters I think I ve read a book by this author before and that was something I didn t like then either but didn t recognize the author so didn t remember that I generally like any books with computers involved and this storyline has a computer with a personality that runs a few companies and helps solve crimes with the few that know that Turing isn t a person but a computer.

  • Really enjoyed this book It was my first experience with artificial intelligence as the main character and even narrator for many sections Although it is the 3rd book in the series enough information is provided to make background clear.Turing is an artificial intelligence personality AIP Together with her human friends she does some sleuthing to uncover a credit card scam, nab a killer and gains new info about her missing clone, T2.

  • Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper is excited to finally have a clue to the location of a criminal she needs to track down However, her PI friend Tim gets accused of a murder when he goes to investigate The characters are still very real, both human and AIP, and the plot is fast moving Just read the series in order.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • I need to find book 2 in the series and read it to fill in some of the gaps But overall I really enjoyed this story Turing is quite a main character Clever I liked the way they included lawyer Sam into the elite circle of knowing Turing s true identity But Nestor and T2 are still out there I prefer resolution at the end of books But this sets up too for a sequel Has T2 turned to the dark side

  • Another cute mystery from the Turing Hopper series This one continues the larger plot started in the second book, but is a bit focused with tighter writing The characters are starting to come into better focus, particularly Tim who never felt particularly realistic in the first two books but is starting to flesh out a bit better A light, easy read.

  • a very quick read, my son had been after me for some time to read this book, he enjoyed it quite a bit I m glad I finally read it, now to find the fourth and last book in the series It s an old series by Donna Andrews but a good one Nice for a summer evening on the deck kind of book.

  • Part of mystery series featuring Artifical Intelligence AI Turing as our protagonist Comic Nice characters they all grow along the way especially Turing Science fiction readers will have to accept that this is NOT good science fiction but rather a mystery featuring a non human character.

  • So, the main character is an artificial intelligence which makes the good and bad parts of the book It s interesting and you re learning along with her and her friends to deal with an AI However, the angst and hand wringing is a bit extreme after a bit Still, I d probably read another one.

  • The next Turing Hopper book in the series Good light reading I m excited I only have 1 book left in the series so I can move on to something else Still its great reading for the metro where I don t want any deep thinking after work.

  • didn t really enjoy Was OK, but probably won t read others in the series I do like another series by the same author.

  • If Turing investigates a stolen credit card ring too deeply, her hacking might be noticed and her identity exposed It has to be done, because the FBI has suspicious eyes on her friends.

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