La espada de la oscuridad

La espada de la oscuridad El nuevo rey de Camelot ya no luce una brillante armadura Arturo y sus caballeros han ca do y gobierna un nuevo monarca En el bosque m s oscuro un joven terror fico se ha convertido en el hombre m s
  • Title: La espada de la oscuridad
  • Author: Kinley MacGregor
  • ISBN: 9788466627702
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • La espada de la oscuridad
    El nuevo rey de Camelot ya no luce una brillante armadura Arturo y sus caballeros han ca do y gobierna un nuevo monarca En el bosque m s oscuro, un joven terror fico se ha convertido en el hombre m s poderoso del mundo Despiadado y desenfrenado, Karrigan ha dejado de ser humano hace tiempo Entretanto, en el coraz n de Londres, una joven y energ tica campesina llamada SEl nuevo rey de Camelot ya no luce una brillante armadura Arturo y sus caballeros han ca do y gobierna un nuevo monarca En el bosque m s oscuro, un joven terror fico se ha convertido en el hombre m s poderoso del mundo Despiadado y desenfrenado, Karrigan ha dejado de ser humano hace tiempo Entretanto, en el coraz n de Londres, una joven y energ tica campesina llamada Seren sue a con ser libre, pero a n no imagina que huyendo de su destino acabar por encontrarlo.
    La espada de la oscuridad By Kinley MacGregor,
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      362 Kinley MacGregor
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  • Kerrigan and SerenLords of Avalon take place during alternative medieval times where besides our known world described in history books, two Kingdoms were present 1 The Camelot which has gone rotten Arthur is gone All the knights are either dead or chased away and the evil Morgen is now the boss No colour exists Everything is black or grey.2 The Avalon where you can find all the good guys, the good wizards, the good knights that used to be part of Camelot etc.Seren is a poor girl that works rea [...]

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  • This book hit my number one pet peeve, the love interest threatening to rape the heroine I don t care how evil he s supposed to be or that he didn t do it It s still wrong Not romantic at all The hero called the heroine mouse and that s what she is A weak, spineless mouse He kept thinking she was brave but I didn t see it They fell in love quickly and I never understood why he d change his entire outlook on life for her The worldbuilding was decent but not up to Kenyon s normal standards, and th [...]

  • 3.5 stars Overall a light and quirky paranormal filled with Merlins, Gargolyes, time travel and good vs evil An ejoyable read Don t expect anything similar to her Dark Hunter series that she writes as Sherrilyn Kenyon This is much lighter, and almost fairytale like.

  • I m going to give this four out of five it was a good story but just seamed as if it wasn t as polished as her later works

  • The first book in the Lords of Avalon series by Kinley MacGregor Seren is just a poor peasant with aspirations of being a weaver After being denied by the Guild she heads home when she is approached by men who claim she is destined to give birth to the next merlin She runs away and is rescued by another man This man is The Kerrigan, king of Camelot, the owner of Caliburn, a sword of the fey Caliburn is the evil sword that balances out Excalibur He takes her to Camelot where Morgen le Fey has pla [...]

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  • My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 2 parts note You have to forgive my really long review but this book was worth it I had to talk about it all and LOVED Kerrigan Alright, I ll try my best to keep the information in this book straight, which are a bit convulated for me wee brain Otherwise, it s a marvelous book I m loving the story and the h h, Kerrigan and Seren There are things and terms sometimes seem a bit confusing but after rea [...]

  • Ugh, unfortunately this book incorporates some of my biggest pet peeves Lets start with the first problem If you read the description of the book it says that it s a Arthurian Legend knights, helpless maidens magical destinies Ok, sounds good I start to read it and oh, well looks like it s really part fantasy romance and part urban fantasy There s a whole slew of these characters that can travel by popping in and out of existence, can heal any wound and they can go forward and backwards in time [...]

  • Sword of Darkness was OK Seren was wholesomely good, but, thankfully, I didn t find her annoying I actually really liked her She had a spine and stood up for what she believed in Kerrigan was supposed to be the Big Bad, but he wasn t We were told he did all of these horrible things, had no compassion, blah, blah,blah, but he was a big softy where Seren was concerned and it was a bit disappointing The plot was decent, but the story dragged in places I kept me interested enough to want to read the [...]

  • Kerrigan, once a scared, defenceless young peasant, is now king and ruler of Camelot Thinking he would have all he most desired at his disposal riches, respect, power and women he chose to follow Morgen le Fey, King Arthur s evil sorceress of a sister, to her desolate world.There he found the bitter truth He was lord and master of everything that surrounded him, commanding an army of powerful creatures, such as dark fey, dragons and gargoyles, but only darkness surrounded him and not even all th [...]

  • Es una historia bastante original, que combina magia y fantas a con una bonita historia de amor Me han encantado los gui os referentes a los viajes en el tiempo, y la personalidad de Seren, la protagonista, que se va creciendo a lo largo de la historia y acaba siendo todo un descubrimiento, si bien su car cter franco, valiente y un poco testarudo me gan desde el minuto cero Kerrigan a n me ha gustado m s, especialmente porque mantiene de principio a fin ese trasfondo oscuro que le da un atractiv [...]

  • 4,2 StarsN co tomu chyb lo.e i tak to byla skv l kniha, kter se v jime n obe la bez obvykl ho Sherrilynovsk ho zn sil ov n hlavn ho hrdiny D Vypad m jako ena ptal se Blaise Kerrigana, kter sed l na jednom z k esel p ed krbem Ano Blaise vypadal ura en jeho rychlou reakc Co e Co Kerrigan se na n j nevinn pod val Cht ls, abych lhal Blaise si rozzloben zalo il ruce na prsou Nevypad m jako ena Tak pro ses ptal Serena si myslela, e jsem jej matka, kdy jsem j el probudit Prohr bl si sv dlouh vlasy ruko [...]

  • Simple, sort of interesting, but not recommended It felt like a cinderella type fairy tale.Downtrodden peasant girl is taken by a prince of darkness, but he turns into a prince of goodness due to her influence In the beginning, she stood up to him, did not fear him, this intriqued him, and he then fell for her Their falling for each other seemed a little too quick and unexplained for me I also did not like the many references to 20th century living This story takes place in the middle ages, yet [...]

  • 4 5Opini o em portugu s em pepitamagica 20Ever since a friend of mine showed me the Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunters Series I ve decided that I would not lose sight of this author I found on this Lord of Avalon series that took me to Camelot but this Camelot is not the one you know Kerrigan is the male lead and he s the owner of the Caliburn sword, the evil twin of Excalibur he carries the sword of Darkness For those of you who may not know, these two swords were created by the Lady of the Lake, [...]

  • Words that come to mind are luscious, yummy, delicious, well you get the idea This book is unlike anything I ve read before and that was certainly part of it s appeal Apart, from the one of the best hero s I ve read about in quite some time.The story is set in mythological Camelot and the King is Karrigan who is a very tortured soul, he lives a miserable existence alone in his hell Along comes Serena an innocent girl who slowly breaks down the ice that surrounds him It is an interesting story an [...]

  • first half 5 starscond half 0 stars.It started great and I was sucked in the story But then in one point, around 2 3 I was like Wait I think I skipped a few pages 100 150 of them I loooove Sherilyn s books The way she does anti hero es is magnificent But this It felt like she started to write 500 page book, and then , in the middle, her publisher called and said Hey, sorry, I forgot to say that you are allowed to have only 200 pages So she switched, and than you have BIIIG SPOILERS, DO NOT READ [...]

  • I agree, Trina, that she did spend a lot of time on background info, but I believe it was necessary I don t think the second book which will be out in November 2006 will have as much, considering how much Sword of Darkness gave us about the past She might recap, but not full out.I adore Sherrilyn, love her writing style She creates colourful characters that you love to love and love to hate As any of the best authors that I love, she makes me laugh, cry, and get right down pissed, and I adore he [...]

  • Damn I m beginning to wonder if it is even possible for Sherrilyn Kenyon AKA Kinley MacGregor to ever write a book or plot concept that doesn t work or kick major ass Taking the old Camelot story and reworking it to fit not only an historical setting, but combining a paranormal feel to the book as well makes this introductory book to the Lords of Avalon series excessively interesting I LOVE how Sherri takes the idea of an antagonist, which is technically the nature of the character of Kerrigan, [...]

  • Un poco raro por la historia del Rey Arturo no terminaba de engancharme, para mi gusto faltaron escenas de amor entre los protas, pero siempre me mantuvo queriendo saber que sucederia con ellos y lo termine.

  • This book was so silly The worldbuilding was laughable but I was mildly entertained I was intrigued by how ridiculously evil the hero was.

  • I thought I had read everything that Sherrilyn Kenyon had ever written besides her Manga and Comic series I have never liked Comics or Manga but I would like to buy them one day just for the pictures but I guess I was wrong I ve been to her website a thousand times and that isn t an exaggeration and I ve seen the Lords of Avalon books on her website but I just thought she was promoting another author named Kinley MacGregor so I ignored it Sherrilyn sometimes mentions in her books that someone is [...]

  • Sword of Darkness Lords of Avalon By Kinley MacGregor, aka Sherrilyn Kenyon4 StarsRead by PNR Book Lover ReviewsWow, I was so excited to jump into this world I was not disappointed at all Just like the Dark hunters this world was epic, and confusing and I am so great full for Sherri s website so I can look up names and such I enjoyed this story, the writing was so good of course it was going to be I enjoyed that the romance was not a major factor, I mean it was there but it was all about all the [...]

  • A m me encantan los libros de Sherrilyn Kenyon pero jam s me hab a animado a leer esta serie, sin embargo, compr este libro hace tiempo y lo guard , por si se me antojaba leerlo despu s Al final me anim a leerlo porque supe que alguien de esta serie aparecer en Son of No One, el siguiente libro de los Dark Hunters y honestamente, me llev una grat sima sorpresa con esta novela Kerrigan es un ladronzuelo que mientras est huyendo de sus captores se encuentra con la espada Calibur y al agarrarla, pe [...]

  • The opening line may well have been come with me gentle reader to a time of swords in stones, magic and a man named Kerrigan When Camelot fell to the evil Morgan things changed and a sword, Caliburn, along with its scabbard gives its wielder immortality and invincibility.Peasant, liar and thief, Kerrigan s ability to pull the evil fey sword from the stone saves him from pursuers and fulfills its promise Aligning himself with Morgen makes him the evil king of evil Camelot and the scourge of Arthu [...]

  • I m such an idiot for waiting too long to pick up this series Cos this series is so frickin good I finished the first book in less than a day I love the concept of the series The twist that Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon added to the legends of King Arthur tale is amazing I shouldn t be surprised cos it s Sherrilyn Kenyon She always tells such a spectacular stories It has everything A cool history and a good humor, a great time traveling twist, the Arthurian time was refreshing But most o [...]

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