I Am Not Sidney Poitier

I Am Not Sidney Poitier An irresistible comic novel from the master storyteller Percival Everett and an irreverent take on race class and identity in AmericaI was in life to be a gambler a risk taker a swashbuckler a
  • Title: I Am Not Sidney Poitier
  • Author: Percival Everett
  • ISBN: 9781555975272
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • I Am Not Sidney Poitier
    An irresistible comic novel from the master storyteller Percival Everett, and an irreverent take on race, class, and identity in AmericaI was, in life, to be a gambler, a risk taker, a swashbuckler, a knight I accepted, then and there, my place in the world I was a fighter of windmills I was a chaser of whales I was Not Sidney Poitier.Not Sidney Poitier is an amiableAn irresistible comic novel from the master storyteller Percival Everett, and an irreverent take on race, class, and identity in AmericaI was, in life, to be a gambler, a risk taker, a swashbuckler, a knight I accepted, then and there, my place in the world I was a fighter of windmills I was a chaser of whales I was Not Sidney Poitier.Not Sidney Poitier is an amiable young man in an absurd country The sudden death of his mother orphans him at age eleven, leaving him with an unfortunate name, an uncanny resemblance to the famous actor, and, perhaps fortunate, a staggering number of shares in the Turner Broadcasting Corporation.Percival Everett s hilarious new novel follows Not Sidney s tumultuous life, as the social hierarchy scrambles to balance his skin color with his fabulous wealth Maturing under the less than watchful eye of his adopted foster father, Ted Turner, Not gets arrested in rural Georgia for driving while black, sparks a dinnertable explosion at the home of his manipulative girlfriend, and sleuths a murder case in Smut Eye, Alabama, all while navigating the recurrent communication problem What s your name a kid would ask Not Sidney, I would say Okay, then what is it
    I Am Not Sidney Poitier By Percival Everett,
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    Percival L Everett born 1956 is an American writer and Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Southern California.There might not be a fertile mind in American fiction today than Everett s In 22 years, he has written 19 books, including a farcical Western, a savage satire of the publishing industry, a children s story spoofing counting books, retellings of the Greek myths of Medea and Dionysus, and a philosophical tract narrated by a four year old The Washington Post has called Everett one of the most adventurously experimental of modern American novelists And according to The Boston Globe, He s literature s NASCAR champion, going flat out, narrowly avoiding one seemingly inevitable crash only to steer straight for the next Everett, who teaches courses in creative writing, American studies and critical theory, says he writes about what interests him, which explains his prolific output and the range of subjects he has tackled He also describes himself as a demanding teacher who learns from his students as much as they learn from him Everett s writing has earned him the PEN USA 2006 Literary Award for his 2005 novel, Wounded , the Academy Award for Literature of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the Hurston Wright Legacy Award for his 2001 novel, Erasure , the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award for Excellence in Literature for his 1996 story collection, Big Picture and the New American Writing Award for his 1990 novel, Zulus He has served as a judge for, among others, the 1997 National Book Award for fiction and the PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction in 1991.


  • Once after dinner, as we sat in front of the television watching an Adventures of Superman rerun, I asked, Was my father handsome She replied, Some might say yes Was he smart I asked.She stared at the television Why is it that after all the bullets have bounced off Superman s chest, he then ducks when the villain throws the empty gun at him I looked at the television and wondered, knowing also that my quest for some detail about my history had been again thwarted, albeit with a very good questio [...]

  • Part of this is a great comedic novel, which blends satire on that in a minute , absurdism the dialog between Everett s vision of Ted Turner and Everett s parody of himself are hilarious examples of how much comedic mileage can be gotten out of two bizarre characters acting bizarre around each other , and pop culture riffs true to the title, you get parodies of at least three Sidney Poitier movies in this book I picked up on Guess Who s Coming to Dinner, The Lilies of the Field and, of course, [...]

  • It s unfortunate that a lot of people read this book thinking it s going to be a funny book It s not It s satire A biting satire on race that could make many a reader squirm Yes, there is a running joke on I am not Sidney Poitier and I am Not Sidney Poitier and you groan every time you see it coming But even that joke made a statement on individuality and race Percival Everett, born in 1956, undoubtedly remembers Sidney Poitier s movies being beamed into white America s living rooms in the 1960s [...]

  • Or maybe 4 1 2 This is one of the funniest books I have read recently The setup is a boy named Not Sidney Poitier, orphaned when his mother dies His mother, though she worked a menial job, had invested her money including 30,000 from a Worker s Comp settlement in a little company called Turner Communications this is one rich orphan Ted Turner gives the boy a home not Ted s, but a cabin on the grounds of Turner s estate He is provided with tutors and caretakers, has the opportunity to checkout Ja [...]

  • Wow I have no idea what happened but I loved this book I wish I had someone to explain it to me Little bits sink in here and there, ferment and then I ll be somewhere random like class or at work and oh I understand that part now.One of the most intriguing aspects of this book that is completely beside the point and this is, therefore, a completely appropriate non sequitir is that the character of Ted Turner, who we assume to be Not Ted Turner, is remarkably like me If you like me, you ll love T [...]

  • This book is crazy It MIGHT be about the arbitrariness of race and fortune and other identities, but there s such a firm commitment to nonsense in these pages a Morehouse prof named Percival Everett teaches an indecipherable class called The Philosophy of Nonsense that I m not sure Percival Everett the author, that is even wants me to come to a conclusion One part Don Quixote, one part Huckleberry Finn, this novel is a patchwork of allusions and genres I can easily get turned off by such experim [...]

  • Damn Throughout this book I was thinking this is pretty great, quite clever, poignant etc etc And then the last few pages hit me, right in the stomach Is he Not Sidney Poitier or not Sidney Poitier Outside of LA, outside of where he and his money are known, the way Not is treated and the situations he finds himself in are appalling Sidney Poitier s roles included these same literally, as the novel employs references to so many of his movies which I found super enjoyable scenarios And, like Sidne [...]

  • When a boy is named Not Sidney by his eccentric mother, you can see how this would cause some problems with other kids in the neighborhood and at school What s your name a kid would ask Not Sidney, I would say Okay, then what is it This usually resulted in Not Sidney getting beaten to a pulp.When his mother passes away, he discovers that he s inherited a lot of money, she being a major shareholder in Ted Turner s company Ted, an executor to his mother s will, brings him home to Atlanta to live i [...]

  • A hilarious romp probably the funniest novel I ve read since Russo s Straight Man, and definitely the funniest experimental novel since Barth s Sot weed Factor The protagonist of I Am Not Sidney Poitier is a young black man named Not Sidney Poitier who looks just like the actor Sidney Poitier, is adopted by Ted Turner, teaches himself how to Fesmerize not Mesmerize people and is plunged into a series of misadventures that resemble the plots of Sidney Poitier movies This satire brilliantly plays [...]

  • I ve found Erasure, Wounded, and now this novel, all in very and impressively different ways unsettling and utterly compelling explorations of problems of identity in relation to class, race, and other social divisions, and the violence bound up with them This novel unsettles hilariously The characters of Ted Turner and Percival Everett are terrific Like Not Sidney, neither of them seem to have found a role they re completely comfortable playing either, but they muddle through cheerfully, ridicu [...]

  • Rarely do I come across a book that I truly do not want to end This book is one of them the last I can recall prior to this was Lonesome Dove IaNSP is simply a ton of fun to read I ve not yet read any of Everett s other works but will certainly be doing so in the coming weeks.

  • Last Friday, a half hour after I finished reading Percival Everett s I Am Not Sidney Poitier, the UPS man walked up the stairs on our front porch and laid down a package containing the next book I m going to read It s also a Percival Everett novel, Erasure I m already halfway through meaning it s time to place an order for my next Everett work, either Glyph or A History of the African American People proposed by Strom Thurmond, as told to Percival Everett and James Kincaid Either way, I m pretty [...]

  • I finished this yesterday, but was too high on oxy yes, it is my prescription and it s legal sprained ankle to write the review Although, it WOULD have been interesting You could say that I wasn t myself yesterday Which would have been so fitting, considering the content of this novel.Bildungsroman, odyssey, social commentary, confessional, fan fiction, picaresque pictorial, call to action this novel does so much, so elegantly, so deftly sleight of words, is how I d describe it So many characte [...]

  • The story told in a dreamy first person reminds me of Big Fish both the book by Daniel Wallace and the film 2003 There is also a transformative quality to Not Sidney, one that reminds me of a singleton Being John Malkovich 1999 pussreboots blog 2017 comm

  • Not Sidney Poitier, the main narrator in Percival Everett s book, I Am Not Sidney Poitier is one of the funniest characters I ve read in a long time After being in the womb for two years, Not Sidney Poitier is born and goes through a tremendous amount of adventure I An Not Sidney Poitier is a road novel that does not get anywhere Anytime he leaves home, bad things happen, bad things that slightly resemble the plots to Sidney Poitier movies I caught In the Heat of the Night , Guess Who s Coming t [...]

  • Non sono Percival EverettDopo Cancellazione e Ferito , Everett riprende i suoi temi prediletti e il suo stile particolarissimo, sovradosando a mio avviso il tasto bizzarro e non sense, a partire dal titolo che d luogo a continui scambi di battute, inizialmente divertenti ma a lungo andare ripetitivi e a volte stucchevoli.Punti di forza restano i dialoghi frizzanti e la trama dall andamento imprevedibile e stuzzicante che evita la noia nonostante la sensazione di dej vu Cancellazione che incombe [...]

  • Another comic masterpiece from Everett Not quite as consistently funny as Erasure and while a bit experimental not as weird as some of his previous tomes A short synopsis A clearly insane young lady living in L.A claims she is pregnant and 24 months of gestation later give birth to a boy she names Not Sidney Poitier Oh yeah mom pours over the stock market and has the foresight to buy a very large number of Turner Industry stock at its initial offering Mama dies when the child is about eleven and [...]

  • I Am Not Sidney Poitier is a quixotic anti coming of age novel that is hilarious, bewildering, serious, slow and fast paced As with the opening of many novels Everett begins with Not Sidney s birth, however he is birthed after a two year pregnancy Not Sidney begins his story matter of factly stating, I am the ill starred fruit of a hysterical pregnancy, and surprisingly, odd though I might be, I am not hysterical myself 3 Not Sidney is certainly not hysterical even though he declares himself to [...]

  • This is another 3.5 book But Ted Turner s dialogue gets 5 stars.You know, I don t know what to say This is an ambitious novel, and some interesting tricks are being used here, but I m not sure how well they re working Everett s novel relies on the reader being capable of catching the references to actual Sidney Poitier novels, as Not Sidney winds up in situations straight out of In The Heat of the Night, The Defiant Ones, etc otherwise there s a lot of running to google But even if you get the r [...]

  • a hoot and at least a few halves question for anyone how true a confession do you think when the everett xter says he didn t like writing ERASURE and didn t like it when he was done with it 226 anyway devoured this picaresque romp not quite as funny as i expected but that was probably my hype s fault.

  • Brilliant damn writing There s a scene when Not Sidney Poitier has an encounter with some orphaned white kids in the country that had me crying, struggling to get through between fits of laugher on the train Masterful book, great character development, hilarious dialogue So glad I discovered Percival Everett s writing because I now want to read everything he s ever written.

  • Desde su propio t tulo, No Soy Sidney Poitier editado en nuestro pa s por Blackie Books apela al absurdo y al cachondeo Porque, adem s del t tulo de esta novela de Percival Everett, ganadora del Believer Book Award en el a o 2009, No Soy Sidney Poitier tambi n es el nombre del protagonista Esto viene a arrojar continuos juegos de l gica sobre todo lo que ocurre en la novela, porque evidentemente el personaje no es Sidney Poitier y su madre, Poitier de apellido, le puso No Soy Sidney como nombre [...]

  • This is a good example of experimental fiction working It s really like a 4 1 2 star novel It offers equal parts adventure and an examination of racial prejudice discrimination Not Sidney Poitier is the main character, which in and of itself sparks a great deal of hilarity whenever he is asked his name He s an African American boy whose mother invested some money and made him incredibly wealthy, then named media legend Ted Turner as executor of her will when she passed away while Not Sidney Poi [...]

  • This was a book club selection under the Happy Books category I would call it a comedic novel.One of the earliest literary traditions is allegory, where the author creates a character to act as a straight man or foil in contrived situations, the outcome of which are supposed to teach us something Some allegories are comedic Candide , some are tragic Oedipus Rex If I m going to read about contrived characters in contrived situations just as a personal preference, mind you I want to lesson to be w [...]

  • I Am Not Sidney Poitier, the latest book by Everett, a distinguished professor of English at USC, is a hilarious novel about Not Sidney Poitier, who was given that name by his eccentric mother Portia Her pgnancy lasts for 104 weeks before she gives birth to him in public view on a street in inner city Los Angeles Not Sidney never learns who his father is, or why his mother chose that name for him Although Portia is certifiably crazy , she is fabulously wealthy, after she invests her savings in t [...]

  • Interesting book Unusual book too Amazing vocabulary, but one that isn t used to demean the reader So what happens when you take several of Portier s movies, give them a bit of a twist, and drop them into a novel about a young man discovering his identity repeatedly by becoming the characters in those movies and finally the star himself You get this book Does it work Well, yes I think so anyway That s my take on what the author was doing BTW is Not Sydney possibly a version of Mary Williams of t [...]

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