Stealing Death

Stealing Death I want that soul sack he said suddenly What the witch asked around the scrap of meat she was chewing I want it so no one I love will ever ever ever have to go inside again It s not for mortal hands
  • Title: Stealing Death
  • Author: Janet Lee Carey
  • ISBN: 9781606840092
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stealing Death
    I want that soul sack, he said suddenly What the witch asked around the scrap of meat she was chewing I want it so no one I love will ever, ever, ever have to go inside again It s not for mortal hands to have The witch spat out a bit of bone You know magic Give me the power to steal the sack When fire steals his family from him, Kipp is left with only his I want that soul sack, he said suddenly What the witch asked around the scrap of meat she was chewing I want it so no one I love will ever, ever, ever have to go inside again It s not for mortal hands to have The witch spat out a bit of bone You know magic Give me the power to steal the sack When fire steals his family from him, Kipp is left with only his little sister to protect as best he can, and he s determined that death will not come to her or to the girl he loves but can never approach But who would dare to master death As Kipp finds out, it s complicated, and possession of the soul sack is no guarantee of success Dragon s Keep author Janet Lee Carey has crafted a stirring and original fantasy set in a harsh and beautiful desert landscape, in which a young man who has lost everything finds the strength within himself to care for those he loves and to allow those he cannot keep close to him to take a path he cannot follow.
    Stealing Death By Janet Lee Carey,
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    Things are never what they seem Find the lost inside the dream Janet Lee Carey is the award winning author of nine Children s and YA novels Her YA fantasy is critically acclaimed Verdict This is quite simply fantasy at its best original, beautiful, amazing, and deeply moving School Library Journal starred review Janet links each new book with a charitable organization empowering readers to make a difference in the world She tours in US and abroad presenting at schools, children s book festivals, and conferences websiteVisit my blogs dreamwalksLibrary Lions RoarBook Party photos litartphotography


  • Reviewed by Theresa L Stowell for TeensReadTooSeventeen year old Kipp is struck by tragedy when he leaves the house in the middle of the night with the goal of catching a wild white horse he has been watching He has left Royan, his nine year old brother, with his tinder box to light the morning fire.Somehow, the house, barn, fields, and everything else around his home are engulfed in flame and Gwali, the Death Catcher, has taken the souls of Royan and their parents Only younger sister Jilly has [...]

  • Stealing Death, by Janet Lee CareySeventeen year old Kipp loses all of his family except his younger sister in a fire at the start of Stealing Death As a result of the tragedy, Kipp is determined to steal the soul sack of the Death, so that he can keep anyone else he loves from dying But once he manages to steal the sack, Kipp s in for an epic struggle in learning to control it, and overcoming his emotional demons Carey s fantasy is set in a sort of sub Saharan Africa, with an unusual twist The [...]

  • I just finished reading this book and felt quite satisfied upon finishing it has been a while since I really have enjoyed the ending to a book and felt that accomplishment of a good read I was glad this wasn t a series, although I don t mind series But now and then you just want to start and finish only one book and this was a great book to do that to Throughout the book I could see the growth of the main character, Kipp and the struggles he faced as he carried the Kwaja with him to keep death f [...]

  • During a deadly house fire, Kipp saves his sister, but both his parents and younger brother Royan perish inside the flames The death catcher and his hounds make off with their souls in the dreaded Kwaja or soul sack Kipp is enraged and vows never to let death take anyone he loves again His resolve is quickly put to the test as Death hovers around the girl of his dreams Will Kipp be able to keep the Death Catcher out of reach or is it really only a matter of time before Death comes to us all And [...]

  • It s been said that you can learn how to become a better writer both by reading great books and awful ones Turns out that you can learn from reading books that are just sort of okay, too.Stealing Death by Janet Lee Carey was published in 2009 and is aimed at the YA market It s got a neat premise After a fire burns down his home, the Gwali, a sort of grim reaper boogeyman, steals the souls of Kipp s parents and puts them in a sack Kipp will go to incredible lengths to get that sack back It s also [...]

  • The book takes place in Southern Zolya, a place close to magic but not quite in touch with it The main character, Kipp Corwin, is only seventeen when he accidently leads his family into disaster and loses everything He and his seven year old sister survive only to become enslaved immigrants to the farm s owner, a tough master who is also the father of Kipp s sweetheart, Zalika Kipp is determined to protect his sister and create a future with Zalika When they are threatened, he defies death and b [...]

  • I know this book is getting a lot of Great Book Buzz, but I just found it enjoyable as opposed to a Must Read The author blends the hero s journey from different cultures the Lostwalk, the Naqui powers, the caves, etc and grafts them onto a culture that lives with dragons and slavery.Kipp has stolen Kwaja a bag into which souls go when the body dies from the Gwali a Grim Reaper Why Because he thinks that he can rescue the souls of his parents and younger brother, as well as save Zalika the girl [...]

  • Kipp Corwin grew up listening to tales of the death rider, Gwali, and his soul sack, Kwaja But Kipp actually witnesses Gwali and Kwaja when he comes too late to save his parents and younger brother from a fire After his loss, Kipp vows to never let his loved ones enter Kwaja again So with the help of a potion, Kipp steals Kwaja from Gwali But once Kipp witnesses Kwaja s power, he searches for a way to destroy the soul sack and possibly stop death forever.Carey is gifted in weaving together myths [...]

  • I enjoyed this book It was a different world indeed There was Folk lore in here that was just great thought i must say at time the journey of the main Character was rather random or little to played out Though i loved the the flying, magic,dragons, horses, the animals in general , and the setting its self I have read of few of Carey s books and i always find my self swooshed off to another world This one is a probably up there as one of my favorite out the books i have read from here though i di [...]

  • Stealing Death by Janet Lee Carey is a book I really wanted to like It has an unusual YA setting a desert land of red sandstone and small villages a great premise a young boy Kipp who steals the sack Death uses to collect souls so no have to die an exciting, emotional beginning with all but one of Kipp s family killed in a fire and a pattern of inserting small folktales into the larger narrative.But for all that I wanted to love this book, and for all its emotional weight of theme and character [...]

  • I m about 40 pages in right now, and the story feels very much like the beginnings of some folkstory mythology than straight up fantasy While there s nothing wrong with that, Carey s writing style isn t really meshing well with me Events seem to be coming and going too quickly with sparse details, so that it s hard to take in everything The workings of this world are maybe explained in one or two sentences, tops, when I d prefer a little in depth information.Also, the word choice seemsyoung I [...]

  • Kipp and his family have immigrated to a new land where they are outcasts trying to fit in After the Gwali death god takes everyone in his family but him and his little sister, Kipp is determined to steal the Gwali s bag so he won t lose anyone else he loves Carey does a great job creating the mythology of this fictional people We also see in Kipp a very human character, who makes some dishonorable choices and must learn many of the difficult lessons of life Recommended 9th grade plus, and for a [...]

  • What would happen to the world if Death were stolen If no one could die, even those who wanted to or were really sick Kipp, angered by the death of his entire family, steals the soul bag from Death and vows not to allow any one else s soul to be taken This is not an easy task, as the soul bag drags him towards the dying and he must constantly fight it.The story did not move as quickly as I wanted it to and I felt that too many loose ends were left dangling You, however, might love this book, so [...]

  • This one was not as page turning as Dragon s Keep, but I enjoyed it nonetheless In this book, a young man steals the grim reaper s bag to keep is last remaining family from dying after he loses most of his family in a house fire Over time, he realizes that the only way to stop losing people to death is to ask a goddess to destroy the grim reaper s sack He leads a merry chase trying to protect those he loves Will he manage to ensure their safety forever Does he really want to

  • Absolutely wonderfuld, joy of joys, a fantasy that is not part of a trilogy or quartet, etc I didn t realize how much I appreciate being able to begin and finish a story without a year s interruption Actually, I did This is my current pet peeved is driving me to consider waiting until an author is completely finished with a story, no matter how many years, to begin reading it

  • This was a beautifully written young adult fantasy but I found myself struggling to finish it I loved Carey s first book Dragon s Keep This one just doesn t measure up to her previous success I give it 4 stars for her writing style and 2 stars for story line since I found it somewhat predictable Thus, the 3 star rating.

  • I don t remember why I marked this on my to read shelf is not my kind of book hence, the 2 star It is a finely written story and if one likes to read of fictional lands with fictional gods afterlife, then they may enjoy this book.

  • I really enjoied this book, and I became addicted to reading it constantly This rarely happens with me, but I was really disappointed when I finished It was sort of an easier read, but the meaning of those words really made up for it.

  • It is a good book, but I have a word of warning For me, I as caught reading and did not put the book down till I was three fourths through This as a mistake on my part I could not find the motivation to pick the book back up again However, I am glad I did The ending was perfect

  • This is a beautifully written and enjoyable book The story is about a young man who decides to stop death from taking his loved ones It is very poetic and romantically written The picture on the front is why I chose to read it and I am glad that did I love beautiful book covers

  • Well written fantasy, but somewhat predictable story of a boy coming to terms with the death of his family I don t agree with all the conclusions, but I think it will cause kids who read it to ask good questions.

  • A great new fantasy by Carey if you are tired of vampire zombie stories, here is a title about trying to stop death from coming

  • I loved it I was stuck to the book the whole time Quickest book I have read in a while I couldn t put it down until I finished it.

  • It took awhile for me to get into this, and I figured out the ending pretty early on, but there were still some good twists I didn t expect.

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