Jack and the Beanstalk: The Graphic Novel

Jack and the Beanstalk The Graphic Novel When Jack sells his family s cow for magic beans his mother is anything but pleased Soon however the beans sprout into a towering beanstalk It leads to a castle filled with gold and other treasures
  • Title: Jack and the Beanstalk: The Graphic Novel
  • Author: Blake Hoena Ricardo Tercio
  • ISBN: 9781434208620
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jack and the Beanstalk: The Graphic Novel
    When Jack sells his family s cow for magic beans, his mother is anything but pleased Soon, however, the beans sprout into a towering beanstalk It leads to a castle filled with gold and other treasures Jack s family will be rich, if he can sneak past the man eating giant
    Jack and the Beanstalk: The Graphic Novel By Blake Hoena Ricardo Tercio,
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      Blake Hoena Ricardo Tercio

    About " Blake Hoena Ricardo Tercio "

  • Blake Hoena Ricardo Tercio

    Blake A Hoena grew up in central Wisconsin, where, in his youth, he wrote stories about robots conquering the Moon and trolls lumbering around in the woods behind his parents house, and the fact that the trolls were hunting for little boys had nothing to do with Blake s pesky brothers Later, he moved to Minnesota to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Minnesota State University, Mankato.Since graduating, Blake has written than thirty books for children, including retellings of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Perseus and Medusa myth Most recently, he s working on a series of graphic novels about two space alien brothers, Eek and Ack, who are determined to conquer our big blue home from the author s website


  • I loved this graphic novel for kids The pictures were amazing and the story was very classic As a mom, I really loved all the pages in the back with super simple word definitions, discussion questions, and I will definitely be purchasing this book for my kids

  • FolktaleIn this graphic novel version of the familiar tale Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack is traveling to the market to sell the family cow when he meets a mysterious old man who gives him five magic beans in exchange for the cow Returning home with excitement, Jack is shocked when his mother is not nearly as thrilled by the deal as he is and throws the beans out the door Running out the door the next morning, Jack collides with a massive beanstalk that has sprouted overnight and reaches high into [...]

  • Awards N aGrade 1 5Summary Jack buys a magic bean by trading his cow The bean grows into a castle, where he encounters a giant.Review This book follows the classic tale It seems enjoyable for kids, but I personally don t love graphic novels In Class Use Classics, fairytales, individual reading

  • A book that would nice intro into juvenile graphic novels I enjoyed the richly colored artistic style that this classic fairy tale was portrayed in.

  • Categories Genres Traditional Literature, Fairy tales, Graphic NovelEstimate of age level of interest Grades 3 6Estimate of reading level Grade Level Equivalent 2.3 Brief description Jack and his mother are struggling to make ends meet When Jack trades their cow for a few lousy beans his mother is furious and throws them out the window Overnight a beanstalk grows high into the sky What will Jack find Read this graphic novel to find out Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgen [...]

  • Out of all the Graphic novel Fairy tales in this series, Jack and the Beanstalk is the best I thought the illustrations had of a graphic novel feel than the previous books The story was also than just a summary common to the other books I really liked that this version had Jack reclaiming his families lost treasure from the Giant rather than just being a mischievous thief The story is ended very quickly and could have used another panel or two Other than that it is a popular title in our libra [...]

  • This graphic novel tells the traditional, Disney esque story of Jack and the Beanstalk The fact that it is a graphic novel really doesn t add anything to the story The plot is the same and there is still text at the bottom of each picture The only real difference is that speech bubbles are used, and there are multiple scenes on some pages This isn t a great read, but perhaps could be used to students as a non example of how the format of a book can enhance the story or not, in this case.

  • Be he alive or be he dead, I ll grind his bones to make my bread This retelling appealed to my comic book loving kid and was faithful enough to the classic version to please his literature loving mom The illustrations could have been better, but the history of the story, writing prompts and discussion questions are worth the cost of the book I m used to seeing comprehension questions touted as discussion questions in books for readers at this level These actually fired up a dialogue between my s [...]

  • I just discovered this great little gem I borrowed if from the library after reading about it It is one that I would like to own My kids ages 5 7 giggled at the expressive Jack and his crazy hair They loved the dialogue After we finished reading they immediately turned back to re read their favorite funny parts and then acted it out themselves twice I will certainly be checking out the rest of this Graphic Spin series For a great discussion about graphic novels check out Shannon Hale s blog.

  • In this modern spin on a classic tale, Jack sells his mother s cow for five magic beans, which grow into a sky high bean stalk overnight When Jack climbs to the top of the bean stalk he finds that a mean giant and his kind wife live there Jack realizes that the giant killed his father and is determined to make the giant pay Jack takes only what the giant stole from his family and soon the giant meets the same fate Jack s father did.I love the pictures from this graphic novel and how in the end, [...]

  • Great retelling and cool artwork It made the list of top 20 books preferred by struggling 4th and 5th grade readers Renaissance Learning puts out a What Kids Are Reading study each year where oddly enough kids share the titles of the books they most enjoy reading This book made the 2011 list And for good reason If you ve got a kids who think they don t like reading give them this book and prove them wrong.

  • My class of first graders read this last week during their fairy tales unit I liked that my mentor teacher used this because it introduced a new kind of genre to them Most of them had never seen a graphic novel before, and the story was also different from the original fairy tale This then lead them to looking at the similarities and differences between the two stories, as well as the differences and similarities between the two kinds of novels.

  • Another classic fairy tale redone as a graphic novel comic book This one is actually like the original book than I remember I d recommend it for grades 4 and 5 because their may be some words that younger grades may not know.

  • This was a pretty standard telling of Jack and the Beanstalk or in this case Jack and the Magic Beans It was helpful for adding a lot of words to my Spanish vocabulary, but wasn t as detailed as some of the versions I d heard when I was younger.

  • In a set borrowed together from the library, my 8 yr old son awarded this tale 5 stars, Hansel Gretel 1 star and Cinderella 3 stars.

  • i love this book and a graphic novel is great too i love that is is said to be extremely close to one of the original stories.

  • A good introduction to graphic novels and comics, but the family living happily ever after solely because of their riches didn t sit well with me.

  • This is a cool series graphic novelizations of fairy tales It cuts out on the wordiness that can sometimes accompany a traditional fairy tale The kids and I both enjoyed this story.

  • Not as fun as I thought it would be, but I think the kids will enjoy it I liked the information at the end of the book.

  • The very traditional story with modern illustrations Nothing to complain about with this straight forward rendition.

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