The Amazing "True" Story of a Teenage Single Mom

The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom None
  • Title: The Amazing "True" Story of a Teenage Single Mom
  • Author: Katherine Arnoldi
  • ISBN: 9780786864201
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Amazing
    The Amazing "True" Story of a Teenage Single Mom By Katherine Arnoldi,
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  • This is a great little book that I have never been able to find since I bought it for a dollar at a local bookstore I really hope it hasn t gone out of print, because I want to buy tons of copies to donate to libraries It s a straightforward story of a 17 year old woman from a working class community and the first few years of her life with her baby I enjoyed it because of the pragmatic protagonist, the lack of histrionics in telling the story, although the story itself is in no way understated [...]

  • I shouldn t be too irritated After all, the word True is in quotes on the cover and on the publication data page the author does admit that many facts and events are generalized and details altered But I was The book just didn t ring true Too many awful things happen to this girl and yet she remains ultra sweet and upbeat throughout That alone would be swallow able but she has some kind of split personality going on she is constantly a victim, oblivious and naive, but then she suddenly stands up [...]

  • I enjoyed reading this graphic novel because I come from a city and especially my high school where there were plenty teenage mothers The majority of the time when I got to talk to any of them it was mostly about the struggle and no reward They do not have express to options of a diverse future and all are just working full0time and not pursuing an education I think often this is what we think of when we think teenage single mother , but this novel is a breath of fresh air from that Although we [...]

  • This book was recommended as a good graphic novel for girls, and it did not disapoint Very simple, honest, and heart warming story And eye opening I m ashamed to admit that I ve never really given much thought to the discrimination single mothers, especially single teenage mothers, face.

  • This was lying on a shelf in a gallery space I was showing performing at, and I was able to read through it while waiting for sound equipment to be set up my call Incredibly tragic story that details interestingly enough, the struggles faced not only by single mothers, but pretty much all young working class women Factory layoffs and strikes, or lack of awareness of options available to her in the form of social programs, financial aid, etc are as much obstacles as the abusive and predatory fami [...]

  • This was a graphic novel that I liked I read another graphic novel that did not impress me, so I was expecting a similar experience However, I was pleasantly surprised with this book The story deals with a 17 year old single mom who has no support from her family Everyone tells her that she made her bed so she would have to lie it, but she does not stop there Her dream is to go to college, so she works in a factory and as a waitress so that she can save enough money to go to school.After she wor [...]

  • An amazing graphic novel about a young woman 17 who works in a factory and waits tables to support herself and her young daughter She exposes hazardous health conditions in a factory, heads west with what turns out to be an abusive partner, leaves him, travels back east to Denver and puts herself through college.This memoir, told through a graphic novel, is heart wrenching and inspiring.

  • This is a great little graphic novel that did not surprise me at all, but was still an inspirational story It s a great book to give to the young women that are struggling with being a mom and still wanting to be able to have a life beyond being a mom Would have been great to know about for the TEEN Program

  • the story of a woman who becomes a mother at 17 and struggles to grow up the way she meant to nice and inspirational, especially for single mums who want to go to college but don t know where to begin i did not particularly care for the artwork i know that s not the whole point, but umi didn t.

  • This story was done so amazingly I just love everything about it It s a positive cause to purchase and use in curriculum.I was surprised how good this was, as I never read comics, but this is worth it I think it should be required reading for women s studies programs, and it highlights the need to support single parents in our society, particularly regardless of a political affiliation.

  • This was an amazing story, indeed We need books like this for this underrepresented population who desperately need to feel heard I applaud Katherine for her perseverance, as well as her vulnerability in sharing this experience with her readers I highly recommend this graphic novel to teenage single mothers everywhere

  • I liked this graphic novel because it seemed like a zine thrown together in a good way and distributed to a certain community And it was It s a quick read that really made me think about how I can help people, especially young single parents.

  • Pairing and overview I am pairing The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom by Katherine Arnoldi with the TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager This graphic novel tells the story of the author as she overcomes overwhelming obstacles as a single, unsupported mother and sets out to make a new life for herself and her daughter.Audience I can see placing this book in the hands of high school single mothers It addresses the real problems of being a teenage mom, along with other seri [...]

  • The book was good because it was about a girl who is 17 year old and she has a daughter Stacie she was a single mom, and it talks about her life and she went to college to west and she lived with her friend Debbie in Denver Colorado and she lost her job

  • The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom by Katherine Arnoldi is an inspiration to humanity and especially single moms Katherine had just finished H.S and was 17 Her mother shipped her off to her sister s where she got her first dose of being sexually harassed Her life only gets worse After weeping outside of her sisters house a car pulls up and asks her Hey, you want a ride She answered No thanks He then asked her What You think you re better than me She was polite and rode in the car Nex [...]

  • ex for the first time With no support from her mother and sister, who are somewhat in the same situation, single parents, she decides to work hard in pursuit of her dream of being someone She has hard time saving money, and deals with many difficult jobs The hard times follow her as she heads west with her child Stacie and boyfriend Dave Things turn to the worse and many monsters gets in her way of pursuing her dreams Find out if she is able to be than her family ever thought that she would amo [...]

  • The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom is a novel by Katherine Arnoldi When they main character of this amazing novel, Katherine Arnoldi herself, finds herself pregnant as the result of date rape, she is thrown into a whirlwind of experiences that push her beyond her seventeen years Despite all that comes with such horrible circumstances, Arnoldi is determined to embrace motherhood without sacrificing her desire for a college education She works in a factory and as a waitress to save mon [...]

  • This is a wonderful book that will most likely change your views I admit I usually take the same approach as most of the people in teen mom Kathy s life you made your bed, now you ve gotta lie in it Seeing Kathy s story firsthand, as she struggles to be not a person who s ruined her life but a person who is becoming, can t help but evoke sympathy I also thought the author did a phenomenal job using artwork to convey the overwhelming ness of despair, monstrous people, love, and elation The small [...]

  • Told in drawings, comic book style, this book chronicles the period of Arnoldi s life between the birth of her daughter and her enrollment in college Arnoldi s purpose was simply to help single moms feel worthy to pursue their rights to an equal access education and provide them with the information to do that What I appreciate about the book, however, is that is shows a recipient of public assistance using that assistance to make a better life for herself and her child So while at the beginning [...]

  • The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom is an inspiring story of a young woman s journey and struggle through life portrayed by pictures and a strong choice of words Katherine starts her story telling the reader about her beautiful baby Stacie Then, she goes on to tell about her job at the glove factory and how she met her new love interest, Dave Later Katherine talks about how she and Dave made plans to go out west to Phoenix, Arizona After arriving at Phoenix a fight broke out between h [...]

  • A sweet graphic novel that I read in a matter of minutes, this autobiographical gem tells the story of Kathy At 17, she gives birth to a beautiful baby Without support of her family, her new responsibilities are overwhelming but she never gives up her dream of going to college Friends and strangers help her along the way She wrote the book to encourage other women in the same situation In so doing, though, she showcases the graphic novel as a legitimate art form Her simple illustrations make for [...]

  • In a graphic novel type format, the author tells the story of how she became a single mom, how she pursued her dreams, got an education, and a career all while raising her daughter successfully, despite a number of pitfalls along the way.It is meant to be an encouragement and a resource to teenage mothers There s a short bibliography at the back could be greatly expanded, but has the basics to get someone started on the right path.

  • very honest and completely reala fantastic read that if it was not out of print i would add to my graphic novels class there is so much wrong in this world and few write about it in such an accessable way the protagonist tends toward the victim side at first, putting herself in some awful situations, but i see that with teens all the time especially when under stress my only hope is that it does not come across glorifying teen motherhoodnd a copy of it and share it

  • Graphic novel A great lyrical tale about horrible things happening all of the time This teenage mom is really on her own, raising Stacie and getting help from her friend and room mate Debbie At seventeen, she doesn t know what she wants to do, only that she s constantly told you made your bed, you lie in it Spend some time with her as she spends time making dreams and struggles to realize them.

  • Because this is a book told in graphics comics, I had assumed it would be fairly lighthearted inspirational While it is inspirational, it s not lighthearted probably not the best choice to read before bed Arnoldi depicts family violence and lack of options with such frankness that, even as graphics, they don t make pleasant bedtime reading.

  • This little book was one of the first graphic novels from the innovative Arnoldi It is poignant and such a wonderful inspiration to any teen who finds herself in this situation I heard it was going to go into a new printing as it is hard to find.

  • I really enjoyed this true story of a teenager who gets pregnant and is told her life is over.I think she is disowned by her family, but she has her baby and keeps it to raise it, and she has a GOOD good life Three cheers for her, I say

  • Graphic novel autobiography The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom Readers will quickly learn that nothing is easy for this teenage mom whose dream is to attend college It seems her life is full of obstacles, pitfalls and bad luck Will she be able achieve her dream

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