JLA: A League of One

JLA A League of One One of the year s grandest most breathtaking adventures unfolds in this page instant classic that continues the proud new tradition of JLA original hardcover graphic novels begun by last year s s
  • Title: JLA: A League of One
  • Author: Christopher Moeller
  • ISBN: 9781563899232
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • JLA: A League of One
    One of the year s grandest, most breathtaking adventures unfolds in this 112 page instant classic that continues the proud new tradition of JLA original hardcover graphic novels begun by last year s smash hit JLA Earth 2.Written and fully painted by the brilliantly gifted Christopher Moeller, JLA A League of One is an epic story in which the Justice League is divided agaOne of the year s grandest, most breathtaking adventures unfolds in this 112 page instant classic that continues the proud new tradition of JLA original hardcover graphic novels begun by last year s smash hit JLA Earth 2.Written and fully painted by the brilliantly gifted Christopher Moeller, JLA A League of One is an epic story in which the Justice League is divided against itself in a heartbreaking battle to the death An ancient, evil dragon awakens from his subterranean slumber once again to menace a world that s forgotten that such monsters of flame and guile ever existed But the new world of today has its own Round Table of protectors in the form of the JLA.When Wonder Woman goes to the infallible oracle and learns that the JLA is destined to die in battle against the dragon, she must make the most difficult decision of her life embarking on a terrible, unwinnable quest to thwart fate, putting her at odds with those she loves most In JLA A League of One, Superman, Batman and the rest of the League learn that while some heroes maybe Wonder Woman s match, none surpass her JLA A League of One is a sumptuous visual feast, a rich tapestry of storytelling that is poetic in its soaring beauty.
    JLA: A League of One By Christopher Moeller,
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  • I m a big Wonder Woman fan Here s the one problem Wonder Woman is a great character, but she doesn t have many great stories Personally, I think it s because she lacks a quality rogues gallery After all, one of the thing that makes Batman, Superman, Spider Man, and the X Men so great is the sheer variety of colorful villains they re always fighting Wonder Woman hasCheetah Ares I m not sure Another problem is that back in the hey day of comics, many of the best writers in the industry who happene [...]

  • This edition contains two Justice League stories by Christopher Moeller.The first tale, which the book takes its name from, Justice League A League of One, has Wonder Woman taking the lead When she learns of the prophecy involving the fate of the Justice League, she takes it upon herself to prevent it at the cost of her own life What defines this story is the characterization of Wonder Woman Moeller for me perfectly captures an aspect of her that made her DC s premier female superhero Selfless,L [...]

  • This is one of my favorite Wonder Woman books I have read reviews on it throughout the internet and it usually receives 3 stars I think that people are expecting something different The book is not really about an adventure but about Wonder Woman as a person and I feel the book does an excellent job of portraying who she really is and what she is all about truth.Wonder Woman was created by the man who invented the lie detector test To him, telling the truth was an important part of life He chose [...]

  • Not quite sure about this one The art was ok Grew on me some The title story was interesting but kinda had a quick sitcom resolution The 2nd story was JLA Pacific Rim IDK.

  • I was reading the top 10 stories for Wonder Woman and this graphic novel was in the top ten I m not much for Wonder Woman, but this comic was amazing Christopher Moeller has writen and painted a beautiful comic It has some of awesome things in it 1 A Dragon2 Wonder Woman taking out the JLA3 Wonder Woman fighting a Dragon4 Painted comic that is drop dead gorgeousThat alone should be enough for anyone to want to read this comic I don t think I need to say anything else The comic is awesome.

  • 3.5 stars , Christopher Moeller is proably one of the best artists to draw wonder woman He gives her this divine persona which is great It s not like any other regular comic book art It s like watching portraits depicting the JL as divine beings The story itself was nice, not super interesting just nice I loved how he used physical bodies to represent Good or evil wonderwoman representing the good ofcourse The story is a mixture of biblical metaphors and greek mythology which i always find very [...]

  • I m still reading random Wonder Woman story arcs while waiting for George Perez s work I ll never get around to the William Moulton Marston version of Wonder Woman, but I do believe this slim story arc does an effective job of describing WW s core It s not a conventional superhero premise she fights a really old dragon Justice League isn t of any help, because WW has heard a prophecy that anyone who faces the dragon will be killed, and she makes sure every one of them is out of the way WW is the [...]

  • This book is separated into 2 parts A League of One and Cold Steel.A League of One This is the one where Wonder Woman takes down the entire Justice League to keep them out of harm s way so she can defeat a dragon prophesied to destroy them all by herself apparently she s the only one who can do it and she has to do it alone or the others will die.The dragon stuff is meh The writing feels awkward and boring and I ended up skimming over it to get to the butt kicking parts.I get that the JLA doesn [...]

  • I ve decided, based on this book, that I am no fan of Wonder Woman Cool mythology multiple situations so that the whole League is dispatched the League I know Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Aquaman Ehhh art style I like crisp vibrant images like in Superman Batman, Vol 2 Supergirl not enough of the League Once Wonder Woman dispatches them, it s either her or the dragon we see too wordy Moeller knows he s being read so he layers on the wordiness

  • Wonder woman taking down the league one at a time so they don t get barbecued by a dragon is pretty sweet I liked this version of Wonder Woman very much, I liked her strength, compassion, and art style for this particular book Ashley

  • Justice League A League of One by Christopher Moeller is a graphic novel about the famed group of heroes, banded together for grand adventures Mr Moeller is a writer and painter, his graphic novels are fully painted.The kids and I happen to be in the library shortly after seeing the wonderful Wonder Woman movie We went to pick their summer reading , my daughter has a list, my son who is younger gets a list from his parents.Reading the books was a challenge last year, but they did it, and we are [...]

  • My copy of this contained The A League of One one shot and a few issues of Cold Steel I don t contemplate cold steel in this review and thought it was entirely forgettable.Moeller starts by giving us some intimate time with Wonder Woman, both in her day job doing some routine justice league work and in some down time at her island home Once we have this insight into Diana s character he then creates an ethical and physical peril for her, which acts as a crucible for Diana s character, burning aw [...]

  • This is a pretty short read, but it definitely captures the spirit of Wonder Woman and what she s about as a hero.I liked how even though I didn t agree with what she did to the other JL members, it was kind of what they all would have done, and it aligned with her morals that are so integral to her character The story also had a touch of mythology in it, which was interesting to see since Diana has that angle that many other characters do not.The art style wasn t personally my favorite the pain [...]

  • Not my cup of tea overall, but it was a well rounded story with the perfect amount of threads woven in My main issues with it would be 1 Batman s MRA dialogue, 2 Wonder Woman has a thing with Superman I understand this awful ship was a strange phase DC went through, so I can chalk it up to youthful folly and overlook it Batman s line about how women complain about sexism when they don t get a job validated my terrible opinion of Batman and my distrust of anyone who likes Batman This volume typif [...]

  • This was a fair attempt to have a solo Wonder Woman story, albeit a bit strangely titled with it Justice League why not just a Wonder Woman title with the other character appearing Wonder Woman battles an ancient dragon in a story that combines modern superheroes with ancient fantasy and questions about fate The interactions between Wonder Woman and the other characters really showcase her character well, yet I thought the art was inconsistent with some panels done really well and others feeling [...]

  • Wonder Woman is a great character but all the stories that I have read so far, except for one have been weak I was waiting for a story of hers that would blow my mind And this was it Her best story ever as many people consider it to be.If you are a Wonder Woman fan, you have to read this book She protects every single member of Justice League alone and also manages to fight a dragon in this comic Loved her scenes with Batman a lot Her fight with Batman and Superman was the most amazing part of t [...]

  • There are two stories in this volume, and the first is truly one the greatest Wonder Woman stories I have read yet I love how she is characterized, routinely subjecting herself to the lasso of truth, and how her warrior s heart is strong, true, and not weakened by her quest for peace The art is beautiful 5 starsThe second story is like JLA meets Transformers meets Power Rangers meets Alien and it was fun and beautifully rendered but not quite as stunning as the first 3 stars

  • Went back to read this one last night It s a great representation of WW as a character I did forget most of the plot since reading it for the first time but I didn t forget what Wonder Woman did for the rest of the League, it s one of the best stories in that regard even though the overall storyline may seem a bit ridiculous, with gnomes living underground and a dragon waking up in a European city etc

  • This book has a lot going for it Wonder Woman battling and taking down the Justice League one by one and then battling a ferocious dragon along with an army of gnomes The nymphs were a fun element to this story The art was beautiful and amazing The story has a good flow and was easy to end up reading it in one sitting.

  • Wonder Woman is many different things an emissary of peace, a loyal friend l, a loving daughter but first and always she is AN A WARRIOR Damn right she is and what s makes her different from her comrades She is welling to bloody her sword if need be Loved this story and highly recommended.And yeah I love the art a lot It s so beautiful Reminds me of Alex Ross s paintings.

  • The art in this collection is gorgeous with what looks like oil painted panels that give the story an ancient, Beowulf vibe That said, this story is just not a memorable one that has fallen through the cracks in the 17 years since its publication.

  • This is a fun solo story about Wonder Woman taking shut into her own hands to save the world from an evil dragon, while protecting her friends in the Justice League The story was entertaining and the artwork beautiful

  • says JLA but really is a WW story, Diana vs the Dragon Good painted art, WW takes out the JLA to protect them was interesting and the final battle with Drakul was good Just wish the story could have had meat to it, it all happened very quickly.

  • Pretty good I like what they ve done with Diana, even if I feel like Batman and Superman are out of character Still, the story isn t about them and it s easy to overlook The artwork is gorgeous and overall it was an enjoyable read.

  • Es recomendable si te gusta el personaje de la Mujer Maravilla, ya que explora al personaje desde su punto m s humano Por otro lado, es una historia corta y me parece que es su mayor problema.

  • Great art and a good Wonder Woman story If you have ever wanted a Justice League story where Diana finally gets her due than this is the one.

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