Hook, Line and Blinker

Hook Line and Blinker Nobody knows speed like Ida Belle Behind the wheel of her hopped up Blazer she s the queen of the back roads But when someone tries to kill Hot Rod and steals only black SUVs from his shop Fortune w
  • Title: Hook, Line and Blinker
  • Author: Jana Deleon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hook, Line and Blinker
    Nobody knows speed like Ida Belle Behind the wheel of her hopped up Blazer, she s the queen of the back roads But when someone tries to kill Hot Rod and steals only black SUVs from his shop, Fortune worries that excessive horsepower is the least of the trouble that comes along with her friend s new ride When it becomes clear that the car thieves didn t get what they werNobody knows speed like Ida Belle Behind the wheel of her hopped up Blazer, she s the queen of the back roads But when someone tries to kill Hot Rod and steals only black SUVs from his shop, Fortune worries that excessive horsepower is the least of the trouble that comes along with her friend s new ride When it becomes clear that the car thieves didn t get what they were looking for the first time around and Ida Belle s vehicle becomes their next target, Fortune and Gertie are determined to protect their friend Ida Belle is determined to protect the Blazer.
    Hook, Line and Blinker By Jana Deleon,
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      116 Jana Deleon
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    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon was raised in southwest Louisiana among the bayous and gators Her hometown is Carlyss, but you probably won t find it on a map Her family owned a camp located on a bayou just off the Gulf of Mexico that you could only get there by boat The most important feature was the rope hammock hanging in the shade on a huge deck that stretched out over the water where Jana spent many hours reading books.Jana and her brother spent thousands of hours combing the bayous in a flat bottom aluminum boat, studying the natural habitat of many birds, nutria and alligators She would like you to know that no animals were injured during these studies, but they kept makers of peroxide in business.Jana has never stumbled across a mystery or a ghost like her heroines, but she s still hopeful.She now resides in Dallas, Texas, with the most spoiled Sheltie in the world.


  • In case you haven t read any of this series, Miss Fortune is a CIA assassin with a bad guy after her so she s incognito in Sinful, Louisiana until things die down Only 3 people know her real identity there Deputy LeBlanc who she s dating and 2 older ladies who were once spies, Gertie and Ida Belle In this adventure, their friend Hot Rod is attacked in his shop and Ida Belle is in danger because an SUV she bought from him may have evidence hidden in it So where else could they hide the SUV except [...]

  • Laughing the wayWhat a wonderful way to spend some time Visiting with Gertie, Ida Bell, and Fortune was a laugh fest I could just imagine these ladies doing these crazy antics It would make a great movie or better yet a tv series I am looking forward to adventures.

  • Fun readAnother hilarious adventure with Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie I highly recommend this book A nice mystery and I love the hijinks

  • The best yet I love this series I m always anxious for the next one Fortune, Ida Bell, and Gertie, are up to their necks in mischief, mayhem, and murder The three of them are a hoot This particular book was full of fun and a really surprising twist Just when you think that s it A must read

  • Jana Deleon s newest, much anticipated Miss Fortune novel, Hook, Line, and Blinker, is a strong addition to the whole, delightful series Fortune, a CIA agent in hiding in Sinful, Louisiana, has had a couple quiet weeks when the Sinful grapevine, which is tied directly into Ida Belle, lets the senior lady who is the true controlling force of everything in Sinful that her friend Hot Rod has been nearly fatally attacked, and the only thing he managed to say as he was taken to the hospital was that [...]

  • Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsFortune is thinking of what she will do when she leaves the CIA, after she is out of danger, but things get complicated when one of Ida Belle s friends get hurt, and they are trying to warn her of danger This was another hilarious addition to this series, and I loved how Fortune is thinking of leaving the CIA, and what her job will be in Sinful The only blemish is Carter and Fortune seem to be having some issues that may end up breaking them or making th [...]

  • ANOTHER WINNER The latest installment in the Miss Fortune Mystery Series is another winner It s such delightful entertainment from beginning to end The girls Fortune, Ida Belle Gertie are doing their best to keep the streets of Sinful, LA safe from crime For a sleepy little small town, Crime has managed a uptick since Fortune has come to town That fact alone just complicates her relationship with Carter LaBlanc the Law in the town This book finds the girls in dire straits than usual and we lear [...]

  • A fun addition to the series3.5 stars I just love this series There is a lot of intrigue, with twists and turns This trio is a hoot Favorite part.Deputy Breaux leaned forward and took a harder look at Gertie Why are you wearing a sheet Gertie froze and I still hadn t come up with anything reasonable Thank God Ida Belle was thinking for all of us Toga party, Ida Belle said He frowned Why aren t the rest of you wearing sheets Mine were in the laundry, I said And I don t take part in such nonsense [...]

  • The tenth book in the Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana Deleon The recount is in and the rightful Mayor of Sinful takes her place And Hot Shot, a local mechanic, is assaulted and in critical condition at the hospital But he manages to get a few words out warning that Ida Belle is in danger So naturally, Fortune and Gertie, along with Ida Belle, must find out why Love this series But I do have to admit it s getting a bit long for my taste I see that there is at least one book coming in the ser [...]

  • 3.5 Stars I just love the Miss Fortune series however, after waiting a year for Hook, Line and Blinker I must admit that I m a little disappointed My growing problem with the series is that Ms De Leon emphasizing the murders and mayhem far too much while only devoting two seconds to the romance between Carter and Fortune The romantic aspect of any good series is a critical component.This time Ida Belle s black SUV has become a source of interest for an unsavory crew who are out to steal it They [...]

  • Although it has only been a short while since Fortune Redding has been hidden in Sinful by the CIA, the number of escapades that she has been on with Gertie and Ida Belle are amazing This is the tenth book in the series, and the three ladies are still has unpredictable and funny as ever Poor Gertie seems to bear the brunt of their escapades with her bad knees hindering her all the way Ida Belle is the adventurous one who has the need for speed In this book it is her new SUV that satisfies the ne [...]

  • The laughs continue.One of the things I like about Ms DeLeon s writing is her ability to create quirky, funny characters whom I d love to have as friends Fortune is wonderful, but it s Gertie who keeps me in stitches She and Ida Belle may be past their prime spying days, but there s nothing they won t attempt for Fortune, leading to outrageous situations that somehow keep turning out all right Big, Little and Manny are a trio of mafia like characters who have taken a shine to our trio of spies s [...]

  • As usual, Fortune, Ida Bell and Gertie are up their necks in a mystery Ida s Bells mechanic Hot Rod was found beaten and tells the medics he needs to warn Ida, then he falls into a coma The Swamp team have no idea what he needs to warn her about So, of course, they decide to break into his garage and nothing goes right Gertie manages to blow up her purse because she s carrying around stick of dynamite Sheriff Lee from Mudbug makes a hilarious appearance Celia calls the Feds and reports Ida Bell [...]

  • This series really does get better with each book and even though their is strain than ever between Fortune and Carter it s strain Carter has created and he has to get over so it was easy to set aside and enjoy another awesome adventure I would love a Sinful where Fortune and Carter could have an honest open relationship but I don t see that ever happening with Carters attitude about Fortune staying out of everything that goes on in Sinful, what really get s to me is that if her would work with [...]

  • Sinful, a hotbed of corruptionWho knew one little town in Louisiana could hold so many corrupt people all getting up to no good This episode sees Ida Belle in danger the new car she bought turns out to be hot Somebody is willing to risk murder to get their hands on it Ida Belle, Fortune and Gertie have no idea why all they know is they can t leave it to Carter to investigate when one of their own is in danger This leads to some tension between Carter and Fortune but neither is willing to comprom [...]

  • Hook, Line, and BlinkerWe are back in the town of Sinful with Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie Hot Rod, a mechanic, who soups up Ida Belle s vehicles for her has been severely beaten However, before he lost consciousness he said, I must warn Ida Belle The women work to find out why Ida Belle may be targeted by thugs and must dodge the sheriff Carter LaBlanc who does not want them meddling in his investigation For those who have been following this series, the results of the mayoral election have b [...]

  • Better Than a Flaming Bag of Poop Fortune is back again in another action packed, laugh filled adventure Providing outrageous side splitting humor are her two eccentric senior cohorts Ida Belle Gertie Somehow these three manage to hilariously get themselves in out of quite a bit of trouble, sometimes with sometimes without Fortune s hunky always suspicious boyfriend,Deputy Carter LaBlanc, catching them With a bit of assistance from mobsters Big Little the ladies are locked in a desperate race to [...]

  • Infelizmente o meu humor n o tem andado no seu melhor e n o consegui entrar no esp rito com a equipa Fortune, Ida Belle e Gertie Ainda me puxaram um sorriso ou outro e quando me lembro da partida que pregaram horr vel Celia Arcenaux, sorrio novamente e o final trouxe uma surpresa ou duas, mas foi uma leitura morta para mim Gostava que o relacionamento de Carter e Fortune desse uma virada, aquela mania dele de praticamente ignorar os antecedentes profissionais dela e como isso a faz ser o tipo de [...]

  • I love, love, love this series There is action, suspense, romance, and comedy all rolled into one book If you haven t read any of them, go back to the first one as Fortune finds herself in small town, Sinful, Louisiana, with a bone showing up in her backyard In this book, Fortune is protecting IdaBelle from a killer, something Carter her love interest isn t comfortable with Fortune, IdaBelle and Gerdie are up to their old antics as they race to find the killer before he she gets to IdaBelle.

  • I think this is one of the best books in the series Fortune and her gang of geriatric hell raisers are still running amok in Sinful and they re as funny and as much fun as ever Gertie s over the top antics are kept to a minimum but the handbag incident is a riot The mystery has a surprise resolution that had me saying hmm, didn t see that one coming which is always a pleasure There isn t a lot about Deputy Carter as Fortune gathers her feelings and thoughts on said hunky love interest Tons of fu [...]

  • A Very Good Suspenseful and Humorous MysteryHook, Line and Blinker A Miss Fortune Mystery Book 10 is a very good suspenseful and humorous mystery that earned a rating of five stars I thoroughly enjoyed reading this installment of Miss Fortune Mystery as Fortune tries to solve another mystery and juggle her love life This was just as exciting as the other books in the series and I am looking forward to the next installment I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading exciting mysterie [...]

  • I love this cozy mystery series Fortune Redding, a young female CIA assassin, is hiding out in the sleepy bayou town of Sinful, LA She becomes friends with two old ladies, Ida Belle and Gertie, who are than they seem The three women constantly find themselves in dangerous situations as they try to solve a recent spate of crimes, all the while trying to avoid Carter, the local deputy The characters are as colorful as you would expect in a small southern town I laughed so hard at the antics of Ge [...]

  • I LOVE this series Jana DeLeon never disappoints What a book The adventure continued for Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie in the newest release from Jana DeLeon It s non stop action keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and the cliff hanger at the end has you BEGGING for book 11 to hit the presses If you re a fan of Jana DeLeon, drop everything and read this book If you ve never read her stories WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR This book was phenomenal

  • Laugh out loud kind of wonderful I was so excited to receive the email about this book I have loved this series from the beginning and this book did not disappoint me, it was wonderful and I laughed so hard If anything ever happens to Gertie or Ida Belle I will be absolutely broken hearted, between them and Fortune this books are a laugh a minute and Gertie kinda reminds me of my momma Thank you for writing and sharing this with me.

  • Good as always I have read my way through the whole series and enjoyed all of the books There is some good laugh til you start crying and almost wet your pants in all of the books They are good read just for fun books Sometimes you want a book that makes you think as you read Other times you want a take me away kind of book, romance, fantasy, just make you laugh funny, or a combination of it all Can t wait for the next book to come out.

  • Great title for a GREAT book This book had it all We started out with the adventure, the Ladies and I do mean ladies made me laugh so hard I wet my pants, woke my husband up during the night as a certain group of got even and I have walked around with a smile on my face For a couple of day s as for what is happening in this book you will need to go out and buy it or check it out of your library You won t be sorry.

  • Still as good as the first This series is one of the best out there Fortune and her swamp team are always getting into something and it will always make you laugh She has come a long way from the beginning and I love where she s headed The mystery is always good with surprises and twists you never see coming There is little romance in this one but the author left us hanging at the end with a few questions.

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