Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance

Dunkirk A Miracle of Deliverance In May World War II hung in the balance As the Germans closed in on the Allies trapping them on the beaches of Dunkirk it seemed the entire British army would be obliterated Such a loss would
  • Title: Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance
  • Author: David Boyle
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  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance
    In May 1940, World War II hung in the balance As the Germans closed in on the Allies, trapping them on the beaches of Dunkirk, it seemed the entire British army would be obliterated Such a loss would almost certainly force the British to surrender and allow a Nazi invasion of the UK Vice Admiral Bertram Ramsay planned a mass evacuation across the English Channel, but wiIn May 1940, World War II hung in the balance As the Germans closed in on the Allies, trapping them on the beaches of Dunkirk, it seemed the entire British army would be obliterated Such a loss would almost certainly force the British to surrender and allow a Nazi invasion of the UK Vice Admiral Bertram Ramsay planned a mass evacuation across the English Channel, but with the Germans drawing ever closer and intense air raids from the Luftwaffe, escape seemed all but impossible But with a combination of excellent planning, luck, and an almost inconceivable bit of help from none other than Adolf Hitler himself, Operation Dynamo was underway Over 900 boats sailed to Dunkirk including destroyers, ferries, fishing boats and the famous little boats of Dunkirk and, across nine tense days, rescued 338,226 soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk in what remains the biggest evacuation in military history This brilliantly researched book by historian David Boyle recounts each fraught day of the famous rescue mission that Winston Churchill famously called a miracle of deliverance Praise for David Boyle A wonderfully elegant and pithy reappraisal of the miracle that saved Britain Saul David Exhilarating Daily Mail David Boyle is a British author and journalist who writes mainly about history and new ideas in economics, money, business and culture He lives in Crystal Palace, London His books include Unheard Unseen Warfare in the Dardanelles , Towards the Setting Sun The Race for America and The Age to Come.
    Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance By David Boyle,
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      287 David Boyle
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    David Boyle is the author of Blondel s Song The capture, imprisonment and ransom of Richard the Lionheart, and a series of books about history, social change and the future His book Authenticity Brands, Fakes, Spin and the Lust for Real Life helped put the search for authenticity on the agenda as a social phenomenon The Tyranny of Numbers and The Sum of Our Discontent predicted the backlash against the government s target culture Funny Money launched the time banks movement in the UK.David is an associate of the new economics foundation, the pioneering think tank in London, and has been at the heart of the effort to introduce time banks to Britain as a critical element of public service reform since when the movement has grown to than 100 projects in the UK He is also the founder of the London Time Bank network and co founder of Time Banks UK He writes about the future of volunteering, cities and business.His work on the future of money has also been covered in books and pamphlets like Why London Needs its own Currency nef, 2000 , Virtual Currencies Financial Times, 2000 , The Money Changers Currency reform from Aristotle to e cash Earthscan, 2002 and The Little Money Book Alastair Sawday, 2003 He has written for many national newspapers and magazines, and edited a range of magazines including Town Country Planning and Liberal Democrat News He is the editor of Radical Economics.He lives in Crystal Palace, in south London, with Sarah and Robin two years old He is a member of the Federal Policy Committee of the Liberal Democrats and he stood for Parliament in Regents Park and Kensington North in 2001.


  • This is a short account of events surrounding Dunkirk from the 19th May to the 3rd June, 1940, when the British Expeditionary Force found itself forced into retreat With evacuation looking necessary, the British attempted to organise the impossible, while also placating their French allies, who were in disarray It is not an exaggeration to say that Dunkirk was a turning point for both Britain and Europe Had the evacuation not happened, most of the British forces would have been captured and the [...]

  • I picked up this book after I saw the movie Dunkirk and wanted to learn about the actual history I pretty much just typed Dunkirk into s search bar and this was one of the top results I chose it because it was short less than 150 pages and cheap only 0.99 but I think the price has increased since , but I m glad I chose this one over a longer one.One of the main benefits I found to this book was that it was concise I feel that the information was presented in a way that was quick to get through [...]

  • A good, brief account of the Dunkirk campaign, which nicely supplements the recent film for the general reader Do not expect any great detail, but do expect a concise and clear account with some perceptive commentary.

  • Quick read before seeing the movieConcise overview of what led to having 400000 troops on the beach at Dunkirk The diplomatic issues, the British, French and German commands, the halt order and the massive logistics it took to evacuate 338000 men from Dunkirk It could benefit w having a few maps.

  • With historical accuracy, Dunkirk A Miracle of Deliverance describes the evacuation of the British forces from the beaches of Dunkirk I have always enjoyed reading about historical events, especially when they are brought back into the spotlight by pop culture I like knowing the facts from the fiction This was a concise overview of the events leading up to the evacuation and the evacuation itself I learned about Vice Admiral Bertram Ramsey along with the difficult decisions and unique calls that [...]

  • Brief Explanation of a Well known EventThe evacuation of the British from France in 1940 has been studied, romanticized, and dramatized ever since it happened, but the book tries to give the facts in a straightforward manner with a minimum of subjectiveness It reminds the reader that, although one remembers the hundreds of small boats that made the crossing, it was primarily a naval operation organized by one extraordinary man who most people never heard of, Bartrum Ramsey.

  • A Very Concise History of the Evacuation at DunkirkEasy to follow, not romanticized, this book gives the reader a clear idea of the organization required to rescue the BEF and the speed with which events occurred The evacuation wasn t as simple as putting out a call for anything that could sail to come pick up some soldiers The book also finds room for how abandoned the French felt and how inadequate the French generals were.

  • Dry but detailed Lacks the human impact Conveys the extraordinary challenge of deliverance by ordinary man and women Well done to those who participated and the author.Good, fast read Recommend as overview to this horrendous episode of war Plan to read additional book s on Dunkirk in near future and to see the movie.

  • Heroismo, tragedia, suerte, afortunadamente malas decisiones de Hitler, mucho estres, tension politica y George Orwell A n no puedo creer que no sabia sobre este hecho hist rico tan trascendental.

  • A terrific read after the movieQuick, to the point account but lacks maps and a bit of background on the principal characters and events Still, a worthwhile account and a useful quick study of Operation Dynamo.

  • Historical events to rescue those of their own.The determination of those in charge of rescuing all those left on Dunkirk shows how organized and willing everyone was to do their part The sacrifice of all is than we can imagine.

  • War StoryThis is a short book, sort of an outline of the subject The book is about Dunkirk It hits the high points, but not the details of this grand evacuation.

  • A Thrilling details behind WW2 changing event, the event that made defeating the Nazis possible.

  • Easy readWould have been helpful to have a map of the affected area, despite that still I learned so much than I had previously known.

  • FascinatingI didn t know anything about this battle before reading this book It s a brief but no less fascinating account of what happened at Dunkirk.

  • Quick read.Provides a quick moving but sometime confusing account of events Would like to have read about the actions of the rear guard.

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