Baby Monkey, Private Eye

Baby Monkey Private Eye Who is Baby Monkey He is a baby He is a monkey He has a job He is Baby Monkey Private Eye Lost jewels Missing pizza Stolen spaceship Baby Monkey can help if he can put on his pants Baby Monkey s adve
  • Title: Baby Monkey, Private Eye
  • Author: Brian Selznick David Serlin
  • ISBN: 9781338180619
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Baby Monkey, Private Eye
    Who is Baby Monkey He is a baby He is a monkey He has a job He is Baby Monkey, Private Eye Lost jewels Missing pizza Stolen spaceship Baby Monkey can help if he can put on his pants Baby Monkey s adventures come to life in a blend of picture book, beginning reader, and graphic novel.
    Baby Monkey, Private Eye By Brian Selznick David Serlin,
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  • Brian Selznick David Serlin

    Hello there My name is Brian Selznick and I m the author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret I was born in 1966 in New Jersey I have a sister who is a teacher, a brother who is a brain surgeon, and five nephews and one niece I studied at The Rhode Island School of Design and after I graduated from college I worked at Eeyore s Books for Children in New York City I learned all about children s books from my boss Steve Geck who is now an editor of children s books at Greenwillow While I was at Eeyore s I also painted the windows for holidays and book events My first book, The Houdini Box, which I both wrote and illustrated, was published in 1991 while I was still working at the bookstore Since then, I have illustrated many books for children, including Frindle by Andrew Clements, The Doll People by Ann Martin and Laura Godwin, Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride by Pam Mu oz Ryan and The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley, which received a 2001 Caldecott Honor.I have also written a few other books myself, including The Boy of a Thousand Faces, but The Invention of Hugo Cabret is by far the longest and most involved book I ve ever worked on I live in Brooklyn, New York, and San Diego, California.


  • Brian Selznick Honey We ve got to talk.Now look, it was all well and good when you started getting a little crazy and shaking up notions of what an illustrated book actually means Winning the Caldecott for a novel Never been done before And the fact that Hugo Cabret and its companion novels Wonderstruck andThe Marvels push every conceivable envelope, in terms of what a visual novel can be, is not just noteworthy but historic But now you re getting all slick on us It wasn t enough to conquer the [...]

  • As an elementary school librarian, reading teacher, and a parent of a 6 year old and several older kids who were once 6 , I ll tell you why this book is fabulous because ALL kindergarten and first graders want in the whole entire world is to be able to check out and read a BIG BOOK They want one just like the big kids get The thick ones With chapters That s why Selznick s other books are so hot BIG THICK BOOKS that all kids can experience.BUT We keep talking Good Fit Books this and Good Fit Book [...]

  • ARC from the publisher at ALA MidwinterIn this very early chapter book, Selznick fuses his trademark cross hatched pencil sketches with addictively repetitive picture book text in a middle grade novel trim size Still with me We learn who Baby Monkey is a baby monkey and that he has crimes to solve in a particular way, mainly, by looking for clues, writing notes, struggling mightily to put on his pants, and then immediately capturing the culprit The pictures are adorable, the text which is in abo [...]

  • Kind of adorable I liked it but didn t love it As a bookseller I m not sure who I ll give this book to but I ll know them when I see them.

  • Baby Monkey is quite the sleuth when it comes to solving crimes, although he s not so hot at putting on his pants The artwork of Brian Selznick The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck and stories by Selznick and David Serlin make this early reader book a giggle inducing winner with its quirky pictures and large, easy to read text Readers with some background knowledge will enjoy figuring out why the artifacts in Baby Monkey s office change to fit the crime under investigation, although the ba [...]

  • If you ve ever looked for a combo of picture book, easy reader, chapter book, graphic novel, humor mystery, this is your book It s almost too many things, but the experience of reading it with my four and a half year old was definitely five stars.The text is super simple and repetitive The illustrations are almost colorless, but very detailed As in other books by Selznick, the text and illustrations both carry the a lot of story weight Crowning moment of the whole thing when my child took the bo [...]

  • The simple, repetitive language is perfect for kids who are just starting to read on their own As with any Selznick book, though, at least half of the story unfolds in the illustrations At the start of each of Baby Monkey s investigations, the decorations in his office change to feature people, things, and events related to the missing item The index in the back can be used to create a game of seek and find within the illustrations and, paired with the bibliography, provides a great starting pla [...]

  • This is damn near 5 stars It absolutely stole my heart before we even got to the contents A wonderful beginning reader that may look a little intimidating but will sit just right Screaming WAIT is my favorite, much as it is in I Am Invited to a Party Elephant and Piggie Funny text, delightful illustrations that you expect from Selznick, and a super snuggly ending An unexpected key, index, and bibliography for curious readers.A must have for public and school libraries Perfect for a kiddo who is [...]

  • This is a deceptive little book for very early readers Follow the case files of Baby Monkey as puts an end to the crime wave that has struck As with any Selznick book the pictures are part of the narrative This is an important feature of this books, as it asks the early reader to stay with page a little longer, enforcing early literacy skills, with or without your pantsdendum I read this at work, laughed, aww ed, just a bit, and then wrote the review and then.I saw the index And the picture key [...]

  • A delightful new book from Brian Selznick that combines the visual beauty of a picture book with the ease and repetition of text of an early reader and the length of a chapter book Not to mention an adorable gumshoe on the case of stolen jewels, pizza, clown noses, and spaceships.

  • Illustrations fantastic and the cultural references made the storyPlot mehVerdict still out so I can see what my first grader thinks, who is the appropriate audience for this bookUpdate my 1st grader likes the book, so successful for at least one member of the intended audience

  • Interesting to see Selznick s unique style of storytelling in book for younger readers Simple, repetitive text and adorable illustrations make this a great book for beginning readers but a lot of the concepts and the appeal make it fine for older readers as well Be sure to check out the back matter As always, Selznick peppers the narrative illustrations with cultural references This book will provide a bit of a conundrum for collection development professionals where does one put this I ve advoc [...]

  • With a film noir vibe, minimal text, appealing plot repetition, and a few snack breaks along the way, this brilliant blend of early reader and picture book introduces one seriously adorable, wardrobe challenged detective, Baby Monkey, who is quite the accomplished crime solver The pants The snacks The scene shifts The criminals Kids will appreciate the easy font and gorgeous, classically Selznick pencil sketches Astute parents will chuckle at the clues hidden in each office scene and those that [...]

  • I received a copy of this ARC through a giveaway I like that the text is simple and repetitive It could be enjoyed by any age reader What I LOVE about the book are the illustrations, particularly how in each chapter the detective office decorations change and are connected to the mystery A curious reader will recognize and enjoy these details I liked that Selznick and Serlin included a list of things to notice at the end of the book.I will share with a younger student who is loving graphic novel [...]

  • Baby Monkey solves five cases in this darling preschool picture book In the first mystery he must apprehend a purloining jewel thief for an opera star He does In the second mystery he must seek the missing pizza of an Italian chef He does In the third, a clown has lost his funny nose Baby Monkey is charged with the task, will he find it He does He is beginning to lose focus in the fourth It feels an awful lot like nap time But the astronaut really needs his spaceship Baby monkey to the rescue o [...]

  • This is a bit of an odd duck of a children s book, or maybe odd monkey would be a better term It s intended for children, ages 4 8, yet has almost 200 pages It s obvious, too, many of the illustrations, such as the office ones, are intended for adults, not children There are five different office scenes that all have different movie posters, paintings, busts of famous people, etc which relate to the five cases Baby Monkey is hired to solve There s even two pages at the end of the story picturing [...]

  • I received an ARC of this book through a giveaway When I first won I thought it was a novel or chapter book but when I received it yesterday I was quickly surprised that it takes on a completely different look than I expected My first thought of this book is not only is the feel and details amazing, it is a perfect book for someone like my nephew who is in kindergarten and starting to read now I could see how a young child would find this big kid book attractive and help get them even intereste [...]

  • What a wonderful creative and exciting book Not really for the 1st and 2nd graders who will love it, but their parents, teachers, and the 3rd adults will get lots of the cultural references Thanks for the key What a fabulous teaching tool Leave it to a teacher I m a bit worried about this as a Colorado Children s Book Award as, when it gets nominated as I suspect it will should we call it a picture book or a junior book In the library should this be Easy reader Junior fiction or graphic novel I [...]

  • Thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own.Interest Level K 3What do you do if your jewelry has been stolen Pizza Nose Or even your Spaceship Why of course you call Baby Monkey, Private Eye Baby Monkey will look for clues, make notes, eat a snack and put on his pants, then he is ready But can Baby Monkey solve the case Read this precious, easy reader, predictable text to find out Follow me Facebook Laurie s Library Place facebook LauriesLibraIns [...]

  • My thoughts This is by far one of the cutest beginner reader and chapter books I have come across It s got the needed repetitive words to help young readers learn and visualize what they have been reading over and over throughout the pages.The illustrations match the words within the pages perfectly I thoroughly enjoyed reading and flipping through the pages of this book.It is a well thought out beginner reader that I believe had the potential to pull young readers into the pages.I recommend thi [...]

  • A delightful book filled with illustrations that are both gorgeous and funny While I was initially annoyed that the mysteries are solved so randomly, I ve decided that it is in line with the tone of the book I thought the pants illustrations were funny, having watched small children try to dress themselves, and it was a perfect set up so that when he forgot to put them on, I was going, Wait, his pants even before the narration did I m pretty sure kids will do that too, and in an early reader tha [...]

  • This book fills a gap that so many of my students need It has simple, repetitive text that empowers beginning readers to read this book successfully while still telling a very amusing story through detailed and hilarious images Though each mystery Baby Monkey solves unfolds in the same way, the details in the pictures change enough to create excitement and anticipation The combination of large text and full page white space is on point for these readers And the ending changes it up in such an ad [...]

  • I love Selznick s artwork and an am so grateful he has applied his mastery to children s literature His books give children the confidence to tackle larger books and this one will provide beginning readers with a similar sense of confidence As a beginning reader, it successfully provides the repetition and larger font size that helps new readers However, the story falls a little flat and I don t think the illustrations will be enough to keep new readers fully engaged to the end, and they need th [...]

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