Rescued by the Alien Prince

Rescued by the Alien Prince Out of the frying pan and into the fire Senator Ling Richards is passionate about saving the Earth So when she refuses to allow the latest mega corporation the right to destroy one of the last nature
  • Title: Rescued by the Alien Prince
  • Author: Miranda Martin
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  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rescued by the Alien Prince
    Out of the frying pan and into the fire Senator Ling Richards is passionate about saving the Earth So when she refuses to allow the latest mega corporation the right to destroy one of the last nature reserves, it puts her very life in danger To get their way, they ll kill Ling and all her allies The only safe place to turn is off world and the Celestial Mates dating agOut of the frying pan and into the fire Senator Ling Richards is passionate about saving the Earth So when she refuses to allow the latest mega corporation the right to destroy one of the last nature reserves, it puts her very life in danger To get their way, they ll kill Ling and all her allies The only safe place to turn is off world and the Celestial Mates dating agency offers the perfect opportunity Ling can t say no when she sees the holographic picture of the seven foot tall, blue alien with stunning gold eyes Prince Naefaren Viir has been making powerful enemies with his desire to change the status quo and offer a better future for both Major and Minor houses His foes see the perfect opportunity to force him to step down as head of House Viir by capturing and holding hostage his vulnerable human female Even before meeting Ling, he knows he ll do anything, even give up his title, to rescue her Naefaren desires to mark Ling as his own for all to see with his mating bite, to make her his Pari, but sometimes the overprotective alien has to shield her from all dangers, even himself Losing her would shred his heart to pieces and when his enemies use that against him, it threatens everything Rescued by the Alien Prince is a Celestial Mates full length novel It is a completely standalone part of the Alva series with a happily ever after ending If you enjoy hot, sexy, alpha aliens desiring strong, independent Earth women and steamy romance of the cold shower kind, then this is for you
    Rescued by the Alien Prince By Miranda Martin,
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      126 Miranda Martin
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  • Good readEnjoyed this book Loved that there was a good storyline and than romance Will be looking for the next book

  • Senator Ling Richards listened to the man sitting across from her as he gave her all the reasons she should accept his generous offer The big corporations want to buy the last of the protected green area on Earth, strip it, and develop the land for their profit But Ling has taken a firm stand on this issue It is important to her.Finally home, she lies in bed watching the news A second supporter of the Nature Preservation Coalition died this evening Coincidence With the vote coming soon Suddenly [...]

  • Ling Richards is a Senator on Earth trying with a handful of other Senators to save one of the last green forests left on Earth Big corporate giants want the property for new building projects They have threatened her and the others opposed to giving up one of the last small green places Recently two other Senators died under mysterious circumstances She has been warned that she will be killed next unless she capitulates She quickly packs a small bag and leaves to go to a sleazy motel She hears [...]

  • Ling is a senator on Earth who is doing her best to protect the last of Earth s green nature areas but companies are putting pressure on her to release the land for exploitation When the companies find out that she won t listen to the lobbyists, they send hitmen after her She escapes and hides in the Celestial Mates office When she realizes that she could have a mate from an alien planet, she agrees to the testing They find out she is a match for Prince Naefaren so they transport her to Alva Whe [...]

  • I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is the second book that I ve read in this series and I can t wait to read about these Alvain males It was cute and funny which made it an easy read that was well written and steamy sexiness There s even some political intrigue thrown into the mix Prince Naefaren Viir and Senator Ling Richards relationship starts out with a kidnapping and a political threat This is actually the reason that Ling stepped into Cel [...]

  • Love, Alien StyleLing is running from big government goons who want to kill her, when she ducks into a place called Celestial Mates She knows she can t hide on Earth much longer, so she agrees to register, because the employee tells her she Will Be going off planet When the employee shows her a full size hologram of her alien male match, she is completely wowed He is humanoid but he s seven feet tall, blue skinned, with pointed ears, and totally handsome and unbelievably ripped Oh, and he s a P [...]

  • Ling is one of the few politicians left on Earth trying to protect the few green area left But when her allies begin to have accidents and unexplained deaths she realises that she could be next.Whilst trying to lay low she ends up within Celestial Mates office and finds herself matched to an alien Prince surely she ll be safe on another planet Prince Naefaren Viir is a progressive and popular leader with his House, just not with all of his fellow Major House Princes He has applied to Celestial M [...]

  • Finally I have been wishing for Naefaren s story since the first book in this series You knew his Pari would have to be a strong woman and Ling is.As a Senator on Earth, Ling has been fighting to save what little green space is left When it becomes obvious that people are willing to kill to get hold of the land, Ling runs for her life She ends up at a Celestial Mates office where she is paired with Naefaren and transported to Alva Ling s arrival on Alva doesn t go as planned and she finds hersel [...]

  • Good seriesI love all the celestial mates book by all the different writer s I love the Alva story line and hope it keeps evolving I would like to known about the different times the women come from though the vast differences are fascinating but I want to read about all the couples and their babies how many they each have and if any marry each other I always want to know after the hea like every detail about their lives til the end but bravo it s getting hard to find good books that take me [...]

  • Prince Naefaren and LingPrince Naefaren of House Viir, had registered with Celestial Mates for a pari match However, he had no idea that he was matched with Ling Richards until after she was kidnapped on the way to meet him I love this book and the entire series They are fast paced and are full of action and romance I felt like I was watching a movie and was engaged from the minute I started reading until the story ended I want to read about the Alva Five stars.

  • Love across space and timeI absolutely loved this one I really am loving how Alva has some very strong males that really need the softer touch of their other half I couldn t put this one down at all Naefaren is definitely one man who needed a strong partner and he truly got that in Ling I am really loving the fact that both the Alvan man and the Earth woman greatly benefit from their union There is much change on Alva and I can t wait to see who is next

  • YES, YES, YES Naefaren finally gets his Pari and boy is she head strong, but he loves the idea of someone not bowing down and following every single word he says So much change has taken place since the first Alva book and I totally want to see some of the changes that got brought up in this book I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it

  • I enjoyed this bookAs I read thru this series I find myself slowing down the time it usually takes to read a book Ling is very strong as an individual, she pays attention to her instincts to protect herself But she truly shines when she becomes Naefaren s park They make an impressive couple looking out for the greater good of their people.

  • Celestial MatesI cannot help myself, I love this series Blue, fanged, muscled aliens, what s not to love The males are very male, very built very affectionate The villains are appropriately nasty The writing is good, if slightly predictable I still say this series is great.

  • Love these books I can t get enough of these books This one takes us to Alva s dark tunnels again Ling is likeable and the Prince is smart and sexy The p plotline kept my interest Good book.

  • Kidnapped againThe prince s match is kidnapped before they even meet, she is snuck out with the help of the prince s contacts The two bond over their beliefs in equality and helping their fellow man The second kidnapping almost kills both of them.

  • GoodAs expected well written and characters are awesome Wonderfully filled with adventure, danger, romance and love of true mates Enjoy enjoy this good read

  • This was a really interesting sci fi romance I enjoyed the interaction between the Hh, and the other characters in the book.

  • Good seriesThis has been a pretty good series So far, this particular book has been the best and the longest I also like the author s other series with dragon men.

  • Always hot Always delivers hot aliens and strong females HEA with easy to love characters Can t wait for the next one Loved it

  • Good readIt s a good read, far better than the short story I originally read from this series I still feel like the reaction to being a Pari is completely off.

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