The Alpha's Woman

The Alpha s Woman When she is released from the stasis she voluntarily entered the world that greets Emily Harding is far from what she expected It closely resembles a post apocalyptic novel than the rolling green Ten
  • Title: The Alpha's Woman
  • Author: Carolyn Faulkner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Alpha's Woman
    When she is released from the stasis she voluntarily entered, the world that greets Emily Harding is far from what she expected It closely resembles a post apocalyptic novel than the rolling green Tennessee hills she s left behind Worse than that, it seems that the rule of law is a thing of the past, and that society has devolved into what it was thousands of yearsWhen she is released from the stasis she voluntarily entered, the world that greets Emily Harding is far from what she expected It closely resembles a post apocalyptic novel than the rolling green Tennessee hills she s left behind Worse than that, it seems that the rule of law is a thing of the past, and that society has devolved into what it was thousands of years ago feudal tribes warring with each other over precious and rare supplies, which includes females One type of female in particular It is raw, unforgiving, and animalistic Much like the behavior of the man who takes her and holds her there, forcing her to learn that even she is not unaffected by the changes that have been wrought on the world, proving to her time and time again that she is nothing to him than a means to obtain children And making her scream in agonizing pleasure as he does so Publisher s Note The Alpha s Woman is a dark tale with some explicit themes.
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    Carolyn Faulkner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Alpha's Woman book, this is one of the most wanted Carolyn Faulkner author readers around the world.


  • I started it thinking it was one of Carolyn Faulkner dark romance, well it wasn t, she definitely wrote darker than that and I prefer her dark books As for the story it fell flat for me, the plot reminded me of Born to be Bound by Addison Cain, about the Alphas and their Omegas in a post apocalyptique universe, except in Cain s book you really feel that your in a world of despair, where when you re weak you die Here, the Society where Emmy finds herself in wasn t described at all, and I think it [...]

  • DYSTOPIAN WORLDI have mixed emotions on this book, and while it was interesting, it was a story narrated and not really dialog or interaction As a fan of Carolyn Faulkner books, this one didn t pull me in as most of her books do, and it is between a 3 to 3 stars.Emily Emmy Harding, a widow, decides to leave her home in Vermont and go to a facility in Tennessee and be placed in stasis, hoping for a better world when she emerges in the future We don t really know much about what her world was lik [...]

  • I ve read several books by Carolyn Faulkner and have decided I like her harsher darker books better than her sweet ones This book falls into that category The setting is post apocalyptic with a society that has become very harsh indeed I believe the term omegaverse would apply to this story, although I m not entirely sure I m using the term correctly.We aren t given much information about why Emily has decided to put herself into stasis at such a young age, but clearly the society she wakes in i [...]

  • Words don t fail me now because I m at a loss for them with this book This book was just so blahhh and ehhh Addison Cain has ruined me because there is no one that can write these alpha books like her I don t hold people up to her standard but I was bored with the story and the sad thing is that it had so much potential but everything was so rushed and skipped over Everything I read was so predictable that I started questioning whether I was a psychic or Cassandra I don t know, I just didn t fee [...]

  • This book is everything it promises to be and Emily comes out of stasis into a nightmare She is claimed by Vaudt, who is able to protect her from the terrors of the world in which she now resides Although she has an animalistic attraction to her protector, she longs for freedom I felt that she should be grateful for her safety, but Emily was clearly unable to embrace being controlled This conflict provided an interesting plot within the backdrop of a horrific world Written in the unique brillia [...]

  • Hot Hot Hot This was a very hot and steamy read In fact I ve read it twice already To be honest, I didn t much care for the heroine the first time around, which was odd because she is perhaps one of the realistic heroines I ve encountered in capture based stories She fights her captivity as much as possible which I think would be most people s reactions to being in a similar situations However, she started to grow on me the second time I read it I also felt like the ending was a bit rushed and [...]

  • I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book Emily wakes up to a scary world Nothing like the world she went to sleep in This post apocalyptic life is harsh and dangerous Especially for women She is taken by the Alpha, Vaudt He is huge, strong, dominant, violent and he wants Emmy He insists they are bonded and she will give him children Sex with him is scary, ecstatic and painful Which should she choose, his scary world or the terrifying world outside his outpost Sex, spanking, vio [...]

  • AInteresting I liked the book, for the most part Emmy was kept in the dark quite a bit, which meant the reader wasn t well informed either, but the bits shared were intriguing and left you wanting Some things were a bit glossed over, like what her days were like for her I would have liked to have had time with the main two, but I liked what was given I am not sure I liked the ending Too sudden.

  • A very short book that left a lot of questions It was quite hard for me to get into it although it is very similar to Addison Cane s books from the same publishing company Little world building, character building, and story building One sec she is depressed and wants to leave and literally the next sec she changes her mind Sometimes I got lost in the sentence or in the paragraph Who s mind am I in now This book takes sharp turns One time read.

  • Not in stasis any4 STARS for The Alpha s Woman The Alpha s Woman is a smoking hot read set in a post apocalyptic America where people have reverted to raiding and pillaging neighbouring communities Where men are Alpha, war crazed brutes, and women are far and few between As far as the readers know is this Omegaverse themed story, Omegas are rare, ultra rare, and as a whole, there doesn t seem to be a lot of women in general.Our MC Emmy, is from the past, put in stasis in hopes of awakening in a [...]

  • I did not like this storyThe idea is great and I was all for it however what killed it for me was Emmy, the h.She is passive agressive all the time, she signs up to be in stasis for many years after the deathof her husband , trying to evade the mourning process, you can see right here what kind of a girl she is.She wakes up, not very well explain the how or how long she was in stasis, only to be rescued by an alpha, she is most of the time planning how to escape, which is a laugh, how can you PL [...]

  • Betting on a better future, a woman takes a chance on a scientific study program As soon as she wakes up from her prolonged sleep, she realizes something has gone catastrophically wrong Setting about to find the basics she needs to survive, she s quickly captured by a man who does not hesitate to punish for any disobedience The world she knows is now vastly different and she struggles to find her place in it She has difficulty letting go of the the way life should be and this prevents her from s [...]

  • This book gets one of my less common 5 stars It is DARK The writing is exceptional, given it s breeding theme and numerous mating scenes The sex scenes are somewhat hot but laced with severe darkness that could be triggers for some Non consent is often noted however, I felt that there was consent albeit reluctant, another sign of good writing with themes on the edge as is found here.The premise of this story I thoroughly enjoyed, post apocalyptic erotic science fiction romance I don t care much [...]

  • I loved the plot it was unique and the possibility for world building was awesome The H really did care for the h in the best way he could This book had a lot of potential and I wish that this author had told the entire story I say the entire story because I feel that this story was unfinished For instance I feel the the H Vauldt role in this Omegaverse, dystophian future world should have been further explained It was obvious that he abhorred slavery when he spoke to her of enslaved women I wou [...]

  • I liked this book though the writing style was a lot confusing and thus it s quite complicated to feel really immersed in this story I couldn t quite connect with the MC s and I felt the big twist and the fall out of the MC s relationship before it, was quite forced so the end felt rushed as well and not quite well done, therefore my rating BUT I m a new addict to this theme of dystopian world and there s little work done in Omegaverse with an MF relationship and after having devoured all of Add [...]

  • Emily is thrown into a world she doesn t recognize any She hides in the building where she awoke from the stasis pod for a few days, then is found by Vaudt who makes her his the instant he fetches her He takes her with him as his mate and holds her captive Emily learns it is a world where woman are nothing than chattel and the Omegas, which she turns out to be, are used for breeding Though Vaudt doesn t treat her bad and takes good care of her, she wants to be free again The story is partially [...]

  • The story is filled with a completely huge alpha male dominating a tiny womanThe only redeeming qualities of this story was that the man finally listened to his woman and even when he was raping her he did try to give her pleasure, and the differences in their cultures allow for some room to find reasons why the characters develop the way they do I was able to find qualities I like in the alpha male, whereas in any other circumstances I would not have found any forgiveness related to his brutali [...]

  • This is a tough book to review It is a somewhat simple story, yet the emotions surrounding it are quite complex Vaudt initially comes off as your typical post apocalyptic Neanderthal Through his interactions with Emmy he is slowly revealed as so much The world itself is revealed in a very similar manner Through little snippets of information, Emmy and the reader slowly discover the world she has woken up to find I really liked that method of world discovery This is the second time I ve read thi [...]

  • I usually love Carolyn Faulkner but this seems to be a new world for her , that is a future dystopian world that is harsh and male dominated If I could I would give this a 3.5 Why, because this is not a well developed plot or characters Seems like an outline rather than a complete story Ending was not at all good and very abrupt I would still buy this book but maybe they should market as a short story and not cost so much If you like a quick wham bam, harsh dominate spanking story than please g [...]

  • Emily Harding decides to take a leap of faith and hope that the future was better than the present When Emily comes out of stasis nothing is what she thought it would be She was alone, the building was trashed, and everyone was dead Emily took stock of what she had and tried to survive not sure what was dangerous the wilderness or the man on the horse she keeps seeing watching her When Vaudt captures her she is overcome with desire for him which she can t control Can she escape Does she want to [...]

  • What a strange ending Rape, beaten with belt and suddenly in love What an ass is this alpha Of course she want to run zwak after raiping her But after she is almost kitnapped he is ok What a stupid ending Pfff He should have a spanking instead of beating her with a belt I am not sure why someone would write this Maybe never had been whipped with a belt for real else you would have NEVER see this as something romantic.

  • Not a bad storyReally a 3.5, but no half stars The story is well written and the premise is good There aren t that many M f Omegaverse stories, so finding one is always good I like the book, but there s just that something, I don t know what but something, keeps me from wanting to rate this higher.

  • I don t think this is one of Ms Faulkner s better books, normally I really enjoy her books but this one is just okay I think that the characters and the plot line could of been developed which causes it to be predictable and lacking in intrique also the ending happens so abruptly that I felt left hanging I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  • Only middlingNot nearly her best, Faulkner s The Alpha s Woman starts with a great premise The second act seems rushed and then the climax drops and turns on a dime Sincerely, the ending feels like it s an abrupt 180 or like a 540.

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