Alpha Grayson

Alpha Grayson You will accept me He whispers his voice but a breathless murmur in the cool breeze My jaw clenches as he turns catching my gaze within his own Enraptured in glinting silver malice I can t look a
  • Title: Alpha Grayson
  • Author: Midika Crane
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  • Page: 207
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  • Alpha Grayson
    You will accept me, He whispers, his voice but a breathless murmur in the cool breeze My jaw clenches, as he turns, catching my gaze within his own Enraptured in glinting silver malice, I can t look away You will accept us Another hoarse growl words of my own cannot begin to answer reverberates through me I watch, quivering, as he braces his tense arms on the tabl You will accept me, He whispers, his voice but a breathless murmur in the cool breeze My jaw clenches, as he turns, catching my gaze within his own Enraptured in glinting silver malice, I can t look away You will accept us Another hoarse growl words of my own cannot begin to answer reverberates through me I watch, quivering, as he braces his tense arms on the table before us His next words, edged by lust nearly have me on my knees Can t you accept the fact that I m about to rip your clothes off and take you against that wall over there Lexia has been held captive for most of her life Until one day, when a young, attractive Alpha appears with an offer she cannot refuse Why he chose her, to come live with him in his lavish estate, she didn t know Until, she begins to open doors she shouldn t.Until she begins to question why he leaves the house every night, and does not return till morning Until she discovers exactly what bond they share, when touching Third Book in the Alpha series Not necessary to read the first twoAlpha Landon, Alpha Kaden Mature themes and language within
    Alpha Grayson By Midika Crane,
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    Midika Crane Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Alpha Grayson book, this is one of the most wanted Midika Crane author readers around the world.


  • In a world where packs kidnap females from other packs and there seems to be little tolerance for any pack that is different, not everyone agrees with the Alpha system of dominance Lexia s pack life was stolen from her when she was kidnapped at a young age, and now the often bitter female is leading the charge to end the Alpha system with her compelling speeches and leadership abilities But are those abilities truly hers or is she a puppet for another, unseen power The last thing she wants is an [...]

  • Alpha Grayson is the third book in the Alpha series It is also book two in The Alpha Series Boxed Set Books 1 3 This is a book you can read as a standalone but I am not necessarily recommending it It might be a bit of a challenge without having the previous explanation of the packs but you can figure it out without too much trouble Alexia has been living with pack Vengeance since she was kidnapped at the age of thirteen and has to fight her way through the pack to a place of leadership Recently [...]

  • Two books in and I m a fan.Alpha Kaden hooked me and Alpha Grayson sealed the deal I was happy to see Lexia again and find out her fate I kind of hoped for someone to reign her in a bit Lexia and Grayson s relationship is not the typical and with his secret I wondered what would happen when she found out By the end of this one I was ready to beg for the next book, this ending left me with questions and the fear that the worst is yet to come.This is my second book by the author and I m becoming a [...]

  • Alpha Series Alpha Graysonby Midika Crane What a truly enjoyable Fabulous Read This story will have you totally enthralled I admire and I am finding that I enjoy reading The Alpha Series written by Midika Crane The stories are well developed and written which makes them easy to reads What s not to like about these AWESOME stories, they are full of drama, intrigue and action We get to know a few of the characters from the Alpha Kaden story But this is Lexia and Grayson story Lexia was previously [...]

  • ComplicatedThe world of alphas and magical beings has never been so complicatedis third in the series is purported to be a standalone but in truth, having not read the other stories, it took me some considerable time to work out the previous events which led up to and directly influenced this story about Lexia, a feisty and rebellious gifted female and Grayson an alpha pack leader with his own secretThe author writes well but I found reading this book a challengeI had difficulty immersing myself [...]

  • I downloaded this book via the Kindle Unlimited store as a set of three stories I would recommend you start with Alpha Kaden s book first as it will enhance the reading of this one However, it isn t essential We learn vital information about Alpha Grayson in Kaden s book which is discovered later in this book Grayson knows who his mate is That was the easy part Convincing her, they are intended to be together isn t going to be easy Lexia has had a difficult life Everything she was supposed to ha [...]

  • wutThis was one of the STUPIDEST books i have ever read For a book about werewolves, there is a shocking LACK of werewolves Sure, everyone in the book is a werewolf but not once does someone change on page Not one time How is that even possible The writing was subpar at best There was no real transitions between scenes, nothing was explained, and the entire plot was convenient There was no build up for the main relationship The MC meets a cute guy but doesnt like him at all, she doesnt realize t [...]

  • Grayson was an alpha, no doubt He was not your typical alpha He needed a not so typical mate to be just as alpha I found that Lexia was good for him She had some issues with staying consistent I found Grayson sexy, strong, soothing He was and less Lexia was the same You would have to read this one to understand my dilemma I have read each two other Alpha books from this series and I find with each one in this world to enjoy The plots twist and turns.

  • GraysonAnother mate is found but no one is safe in these Alphas packs Lexie is the mate to an alpha but problems involving the Phantom wolves cause problems for the packs As they work together to end an enemy.This series is a very different look at pack life,mating and Alphas.

  • EROTICALLY FRUSTRATING AND IRRITABLY MALE CHAUVINISTICThat s, by far, the strangest fantasy I have read for a while It is a fantasy in a world that does not exist, a world of clannish packs, all headed by an Alpha dedicated to an abstract value I have listed the alphas of Desire, Devotion, Love, Discipline, Vengeance, Power, Independence, Freedom, Purity, and I may have missed a few The only godly creature is the Moon Goddess who is, in fact, a prisoner of the Moon and is a young girl than anyt [...]

  • When Inkitt approached me to review the 3rd book in the Alpha series, I was thrilled I had enjoyed reading Alpha Kaden Like I said in my review of Alpha Kaden, I enjoyed that this was a unwerewolf story not phrased like that What I mean is that I enjoyed that while it was understood that everyone in this series is a werewolf, they rarely shift but they keep their werewolf abilities and sense It is a breath of fresh air.So I was a little disappointed when I read the book While the plot, itself, w [...]

  • This is book three in a series, and I have not read the first two, so was a bit at a loss as to what was going on It was not difficult to figure things out, though, and didn t take me all that long I was drawn in to the story from the start, but found my mind wandering a few times as I read Though this happened a few times, I still found myself drawn back in and enjoyed the story I did notice that the first half of the story read better than the second half The first half was full of detail and [...]

  • This book was just as surprising as Alpha Keaden Yes it was about Grayson and Lexia and him trying to mate her, but there was a lot to it Lexia meets the Phantom Wolf and wasn t sure if anybody else saw him He drugs her to get her to Grayson s house so he can claim her as his mate No knowing what was going on, Lexia was really surprised when she woke up in a strange bed and a strange room Lexia doesn t want to admit that she his man is her mate Scared to death of Alpha s and mating, do to her s [...]

  • Alpha Grayson by Midika Crane ReviewRebellion, love, danger, and a mission are just a sample of the action Lexia was kidnapped by Alpha Kaden at the age of thirteen, now a member of the Vengeance Pack she plans an uprising to take down the Alphas and unify the 13 Packs But Fate has other plans for her Lexia finds her mate in Alpha Grayson, a man whose silver eyes leave Lexia without control over her carnal desires But their romance becomes secondary when Cyprian, an evil source with magical powe [...]

  • Amount of sex 1 5How explicit 1 5Story 4.5 5Overall 4.5 5Review This time I read the second of the box set books Alpha Grayson The second book is just as much fun as the first book This definitely can be read as a standalone, but the first book gives the reader of the lay of the world Crane has created The book is very light in the spice department for Behind Closed Doors, but the romance and intrigue of what will happen and sparks between the characters makes for a great story Lexie and Grayso [...]

  • This was my first author read for Midika Crane Alpha Grayson is part of a series, but considering I didn t read the previous book it didn t take me long to catch up on the story arc.Lexia, most times, comes across as a strong leader considering she was kidnapped from her own pack at a young age However, when she meets Alphas they love to remind her just how weak she is The woman inside of me wanted to roar at that statement, while I understand the pack mentality of, you are stronger mated to you [...]

  • A view weeks ago I was approached to read and review Alpha Grayson This is the third book in the Alpha series, but I was told this book could be read as a standalone From the very moment I started reading Alpha Grayson I honestly had the feeling I was missing something Supposedly this book can be read as a standalone, but I really was missing information I think, because I just didn t get a lot of the parts in this book For one the whole Alpha bit, took me a little while to understand and I didn [...]

  • Alpha GraysonAs soon as I started this ARC copy of Alpha Grayson I knew there was at least another story before Do yourself a favor and do as I did and read that one first Alpha Grayson takes off from the cliff hanging conclusion of Alpha Kaden It continues the twists and turns from the earlier story, but I found this story had humor than the first In the first story Lexia was very much portrayed as a badass, but this story doesn t take the same approach I m not sure if all the co existing plot [...]

  • Alpha Grayson This book was a fun read You get to learn a bit about a few of the characters from Alpha Kaden In this case Alpha Grayson, alpha of the Freedom Pack, and his mate, Lexia But she doesn t yet know He is her mate He needs Lexia in ways than one as you find out Within the Vengeance Pack she was starting an uprising that was supposed to take down the Alphas and unify the 13 Packs Although they really don t get into exactly how that was to happen Lexia is a strong, almost Alpha in her [...]

  • Wow just wow I love this series of books They are so well done and written expertly They are also just fun to read.This book is Alpha Greyson s story This one is a little complex then the first Lexia does not want to be tied to an alpha And fate himself is plotting to kill the moon goddess And alpha Jasper is mixed in So no matter how hard they try something or someone is out to get them And then there is the puppet master who is pulling all the strings that we have no clue who it is yet But we [...]

  • This is a voluntary and honest review for an advanced copy.This is the second book in this series and I enjoyed reading it Even though I enjoyed reading the first book I think that this one was better Not just the storyline, plot and characters but I think the writing was so much better It read smoother and felt believable Some places still felt a bit off but overall much better than the first.This story is quite fast paced and exciting and kept me interested all the way through A little predic [...]

  • This is the first book I have read by author Midika Crane and it will not be the last In fact I need to go and read the first book in this series and then re read this book so that I will better understand this book Alpha Grayson was a bit confusing to start with but once I got into it and figured out what happened in the previous book then the book really started to be good for me Grayson is an alpha without a mate In fact he thought he would never have one, be cursed to be alone He meets Lexie [...]

  • Another book in the series, although it is a stand alone, I recommend reading the books in sequence due to the different packs and characters Alexia is working with a team to remove Alphas from the pack leadership She really doesn t want them all removed, just one She was kidnapped at a young age and used to carry out one alpha s bidding Little did she know what was really going on She d never take a mate let alone an Alpha Right Meeting an alpha that has a strange effect on her at a ball puts h [...]

  • Lexia is a leader able to persuade people to do her bidding Or is she She has been pretending to lead a revolution against the Alpha system There is unfortunately someone else behind it Greyson is the Alpha of the Freedom pack He has a terrible secret This is a really strange story, nothing like our normal paranormal romances For a so called leader our heroine spends a lot of time in the control of others Our hero is also not as all conquering as we would expect There is a lot of unusual magic a [...]

  • Read the rest of this review and a lot others read till you die adtillyoudie.tumblr post I liked the synopsis it didn t tell too much of the plot It was an okay read I read it in two hours in my computer It was an ARC review so I liked to read them as soon as I get them I thought that the plot twists weren t really plot twists and that sometimes the writing seemed to be too fast Too many things happening at once and too many different characters I had to go back a few times to try to understand [...]

  • WOW This story of Lexia Grayson is just as suspenseful, and captivating as the story of Alpha Kaden There is a man that uses magic to control people to do his bidding His goal is to set off a war among all the various packs A surprising twist reveals other nefarious plans from other individuals There is mystery, intense suspense and several fascinating storylines within this story of Grayson Overall, the story is complex, a cast of colorful characters and a paranormal world with unbelievable dim [...]

  • Although I found the storyline to be interesting I had a hard time keeping up with who the characters were and which pack they belonged to I felt the story could have been fleshed out as things seemed to go quickly with little or no buildup to it It reminded me of the mountain climber from The Price Is Right, it went up and up and up and then crashed down I feel that this book, as a buildup of one of the Alphas, lacked I don t believe I will be reading the follow up books in this series I revie [...]

  • I loved book 1 and 2 so I was really disappointed in this one There was little in this book that related to the other 2 The interconnection of Grayson and Kaden was not relevant to the story I feel like it could have been any of the other Alphas and still worked Caprian was annoying than evil It wasn t explained exactly what he was Alpha or Phantom I didn t like Grayson or Lexia I wish that Lexia was likable than she is made out to be I liked Grayson better in Kaden s book Overall I love the s [...]

  • I was waiting for Grayson s book with a lot of excitement because when he was mentioned in Kaden book if I m not wrong he looks so cool and I love him so much.But the thing is, in his book hello spoiler there s a lot of Jasper mentioned in it And it feels like this is Jasper book not Grayson Oh poor my bby Grayson.I know this book is supposed to be an introduction for Jasper, just like Kaden s book for Grayson, but I think Jasper is the main chara here.But well it s Midika s book, so I still lov [...]

  • Received a pre launch copy I enjoyed the idea of the Alphas I have not read any of the other Alpha series so I read this as a stand alone The story premise in itself is good There are a couple of places where I feel the story veered off in different ways and lost focus on Grayson The point of view is from several of the main characters, with the female Lexia s point of view being predominant I was a tad disappointed there wasn t much shifting , from human to werewolf form I still enjoyed the sto [...]

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