O viață mai bună

O via mai bun La douazeci si patru de ani Mathilde si a abandonat studiile de master pentru o slujba insipida si comoda locuieste cu chirie intr un apartament impreuna cu doua fete serioase si plictisitoare se i
  • Title: O viață mai bună
  • Author: Anna Gavalda Ada Tănasă
  • ISBN: 9789734660230
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • O viață mai bună
    La douazeci si patru de ani, Mathilde si a abandonat studiile de master pentru o slujba insipida si comoda, locuieste cu chirie intr un apartament impreuna cu doua fete serioase si plictisitoare, se impiedica in relatii sentimentale pasagere si isi ineaca nefericirea in bautura Totusi, din ziua nefasta cind pierde plicul cu cei 10.000 de euro destinati renovarii locuinteiLa douazeci si patru de ani, Mathilde si a abandonat studiile de master pentru o slujba insipida si comoda, locuieste cu chirie intr un apartament impreuna cu doua fete serioase si plictisitoare, se impiedica in relatii sentimentale pasagere si isi ineaca nefericirea in bautura Totusi, din ziua nefasta cind pierde plicul cu cei 10.000 de euro destinati renovarii locuintei, viata ei isi schimba cursul, rezervindu i un sir de surprize, poate o iubire neasteptata La douazeci si sase de ani, Yann trebuie sa se multumeasca cu o slujba abrutizanta, se simte cumplit de singur si deprimat si in fiecare seara, cind traverseaza podul peste Sena, cocheteaza cu gindul de a se arunca in apele ei tulburi Dar invitatia la cina a unui vecin de bloc, in semn de recunostinta pentru ca l a ajutat sa care un vechi dulap de colectie, si caldura cu care este intimpinat in sinul acestei familii fermecatoare il imping sa renunte la toate si sa porneasca in cautarea unei vieti mai bune, care sa aiba sens Romanul Annei Gavalda reuneste povestile a doi tineri inteligenti, amuzanti, atragatori, sarmanti si sufletisti care tin in miini cheia succesului, insa nu prea stiu sa descuie poarta spre o viata implinita.
    O viață mai bună By Anna Gavalda Ada Tănasă,
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      Anna Gavalda Ada Tănasă

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  • Anna Gavalda Ada Tănasă

    Anna Gavalda is a French teacher and award winning novelist.Referred to by Voici magazine as a distant descendant of Dorothy Parker , Anna Gavalda was born in an upper class suburb of Paris While working as French teacher in high school, a collection of her short stories was first published in 1999 under the title Je voudrais que quelqu un m attende quelque part that met with both critical acclaim and commercial success, selling than three quarters of a million copies in her native France and winning the 2000 Grand Prix RTL Lire The book was translated into numerous languages including in English and sold in twenty seven countries It was published to acclaim in North America in 2003 as I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere The book received much praise and is a library and school selection worldwide in several languages.Gavalda s first novel, Je l aimais Someone I Loved was published in France in February 2002 and later that year in English Inspired by the failure of her own marriage, it too was a major literary success and a bestseller and was followed by the short 96 pages juvenile novel 35 kilos d espoir 95 Pounds of Hope that she said she wrote to pay tribute to those of my students who were dunces in school but otherwise fantastic people.In 2004, her third novel, Ensemble c est tout, focused on the lives of four people living in an apartment house a struggling young artist who works as an office cleaner at night, a young aristocrat misfit, a cook, and an elderly grandmother The 600 page book is a bestseller in France and has been translated into English as Hunting and Gathering.As of 2007, her three books have sold than 3 million copies in France Ensemble c est tout was made into a successful movie in 2007 by Claude Berri, with Audrey Tautou and Guillaume Canet The adaptation of her first novel, Je l aimais, with Daniel Auteuil and Marie Jos e Croze, was filmed in 2009 by Zabou Breitman.Divorced, and the mother of two, Gavalda lives in the city of Melun, Seine et Marne, about 50 km southeast of Paris In addition to writing novels, she also contributes to Elle magazine.


  • I read this book in just over an hour, it s a very quick read It s actually two novellas, and I have to say that they were the most uplifting works of fiction I ve read in a long time It would be pretty hard to read them and not feel good afterwards So, if you need cheering up, give this book a try Definitely recommended.

  • 3,5 La sensaci n cuando la est s leyendo y la terminas es de cinco estrellas Quiero decir que es una de esas novelas que durante la lectura disfrutas much simo Y sobre lo de que es una novela dir a que son dos relatos unidos en un libro Porque los protagonistas no coinciden, sino que cada uno cuenta su historia Primero una y despu s la otra Tiene un poco de todo un poco de humor, reflexi n sobre las generaciones atrapadas en una vida que tampoco controlan, amor, cr tica social Y todo con ese ton [...]

  • Anna Gavalda tiene una forma de escribir que hace que devore sus historias En este caso nos trae dos relatos independientes, pero mi claro favorito ha sido el de Yann.

  • This was a very short book but with a very beautiful message in it I love how Anna Gavalda always manages to capture everyday life perfectly and writes stories that appeal to everyone no matter your age or life experience This book was no exception What I loved the most about this novel was the writing It contains some very true and thought provoking sentences that made me stop for a bit and think The sentences combined make a very honest story about life and choices we make, and how life is not [...]

  • Dup Billie , de la aceea i autoare, c reia din c te mi aduc aminte , i am dat 5 stelu e, Anna Gavalda m dezam ge te, din p cate, cu aceast carte Nu m a teptam Recunosc, a avut p r i dr gu e, nicidecum frumoase, dar i au lipsit multe Plus c , de altfel, am citit cartea i nc nu mi am dat seama care i faza, nene Hai 2,5, dar mai mult n niciun caz

  • En realidad 3.5 estrellas He descubierto a una autora maravillosa, con una prosa fresca y desenfadada que me ha hecho re r a carcajadas con dos historias muy diferentes.Mi rese a bookeandoconmangeles.

  • I would like to say THANK YOU for Anna Gavalda For looking so deep and so real into todays youths situation Especially with Yann s story It bites into my flesh Oh yes, Wouf Houf.I was taking notes on a piece of paper with my favorite quotes and was just wondering what my future children will think when they find the book with the paper Will they know I was exactly twenty seven And will they understand how it felt to look into this not so distorted mirror How will their mirror look like Three thi [...]

  • Em szteni kell m g B ven ad gondolkodni val t Hosszabb l legzet posztban hamarosan a blogon.Az g rt poszt pupillaolvas 2017

  • tiserveunlibro E pi facile rifilare un anticoagulante che un frigorifero che ti spacca i coglioni ogni volta che entri in cucina come avrei apprezzato che insieme all affetto mi avessero confidato quel piccolo segreto in pi Cio che la felicit stava sulle scale e che non bisognava avere paura Paura di fare ru, paura di essere felici, paura di disturbare i vicini e di bestemmiare tutti gli accidentacci che si hanno sul cuore Due racconti nel primo Mathilde, 24 anni e una vita fatta di feste, mojit [...]

  • For once, I managed to focus on an audio book that s not non fiction Success Perhaps because it s in French and demanded focus At times, I wished I had read this as a normal book, because there were a certain amount of words I would have liked to look up French reviewers comment upon the Parisianness of the language, it seems , but at the same time, the narrators are just about the best ever I have never listened to an audio book that is so extremely well narrated At first I was blown away by t [...]

  • Az lethez b tors g kell Ahhoz meg f leg, hogy beismerj k, hogy nyomorultak vagyunk Mert azok vagyunk, egyt l egyig Ak r bevalljuk, ak r nem De ne is lmodjunk boldogs gr l, ha nem lj k meg ezt a nyomort a f ld n fetrengve, kap l dzva Az igazs g f jdalmas, hazugs gban lni viszont nem rdemes.Gratul lok Gavald nak, hogy az Egy tt lehetn nk szirupos, lszenved s t rt nete ut n siker lt valami igazit rnia Olyan egyszer szavakkal, hogy az d bbenet Gy va s gyenge voltam hozz , hogy v gigzokogjam Mathilde [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed both these stories And, while one of these stars is for the translator this was perfectly seamless , that doesn t at all diminish my admiration for the author and her obvious talent and skillful storytelling.

  • Boken best r av tv korta ber ttelser Mathilde och Yann.Mathilde Det s msta jag l st av Gavalda K nns som en konstig dagbok skriven av n gon som r full p verkad mycket f rvirrad f rs ker vara mystiskt poetisk R rig, kladdig, osammanh ngande Blir lite b ttre mot slutet 2 Yann Mycket trevligare n f reg ende ber ttelse, lite tr kig ibland men h r k nner jag mycket b ttre igen Gavaldas h rliga fl de i ber ttandet Tyckte om den 3,5

  • Gavalda uses words to paint a picture that is nothing short of amazing A picture of feelings, thoughts, desires, doubts, laughs, could have beens and desperations I feel slightly complete and content as a person after reading this one.

  • Najprv Mathilde, potom Yann Mathilde bola menej presved iv , nere lnej ia Po nej v ak pri iel Yann Pri ktorom som u nepochybovala Rozumela som, kam kniha smeruje A p ilo sa mi to.Preto e pocity Mathilde a Yanna s asto aj na imi pocitmi Ka d de vst vaj a zasp vaj no medzit m len pre vaj svoj ka dodenn ivot a tv ria sa zdanlivo astne No v skuto nosti s znuden , znechuten Zm ten H adaj ci hlb zmysel V etky tie priepasti, z vrate, iarov k dy, ktor ch sa v metre dot kate a ktor v s vyhodia ako star s [...]

  • I enjoyed the rhythm of the stories and the way they connected to daily life A new and very likeable author for me I ll be on the lookout for of her works Bought as a present for a friend, but sneakily read before delivering it

  • In her latest book, French novelist Anna Gavalda brings together two novellas exploring the young, restless, and downtrodden on the edge of a breakthrough Both protagonists find their lives thrown completely off balance by chance encounters that force them to question what they want and how they will get it Gavalda s writing is engaging and lyrical although at times rambling in a way that s true to the voice of her characters She gives in to their impulses to self pity and self loathing in the c [...]

  • Critique compl te sur mon blogLa Vie en mieux c est deux petits romans ou deux longues nouvelles sur ces moments, a priori anodins, qui bouleversent les vies bien rang es, les moments de d cisions radicales et de changements de cap Dans la premi re, Mathilde, 24 ans, est pay e pour poster des commentaires bidons sur Internet toute la journ e Un jour, elle perd son sac main avec l int rieur les 10 000 euros en liquide confi s par ses colocs pour le paiement des travaux de leur appartement et sa v [...]

  • Life Only Better is actually a pair of novellas, each featuring a 20 something protagonist who feels stuck in life and makes a decision to change course On the plus side, the description of the scenery was great, I always love to read about Parisian life Unfortunately, I think at 30 I m just getting too old to care about 20 somethings having a hard time growing up The first novella about the woman who loses her bag and pursues the man who found it was definitely enjoyable than the second story [...]

  • 5 csillag, mert Yann sztorij t im dtam 2 csillag, mert Mathild t nem 4 csillag Gavald nak Mert b r kev sb kifinomultan, de a karaktereiben van egy kis bertoluccis lmodoz k 1 csillag a ford t nak Mert ezt az let rz st valahogy m gis neh zkesen tolm csolja.Osztvaszorozva, ez sszess g ben egy er s h rmas De elfogults g miatt, Yann sz vmelenget b tors g ra val tekintettel na j alapon kiv telesen meg r egy halv ny n gyest.

  • K t t rt net tal lhat a k nyvben Az els egy l ny , Mathilde , aki egy k v z ban elvesz t egy t sk t a m sodik egy fi , Yann , akire a szomsz dai tesznek m ly benyom st Nekem a m sodik tetszett jobban Yann t rt nete jobban megfogott s elgondolkodtatott, hogy milyen rt kek fontosak az letben

  • 4,5 csillag.K sz n m PuPilla Gavalda egy jabb lm nnyel gazdag tott engem s b r nem siker lt ugyanazt az rz st hoznia, mint ami az Egy tt leletn nkn l meg volt, az rt remek l sz rakoztam Yann t rt nete, pedig egyszer en zseni lis

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