Whisper Falls

Whisper Falls Their long distance relationship spanned two hundred years High school senior Mark Lewis is training for a mountain bike race when he sees an oddly dressed girl standing behind a waterfall in the woo
  • Title: Whisper Falls
  • Author: Elizabeth Langston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Whisper Falls
    Their long distance relationship spanned two hundred years High school senior Mark Lewis is training for a mountain bike race when he sees an oddly dressed girl, standing behind a waterfall in the woods near his North Carolina home When she comments on the strange machine that he rides, he suspects something isn t right When Susanna claims to be an indentured servantTheir long distance relationship spanned two hundred years High school senior Mark Lewis is training for a mountain bike race when he sees an oddly dressed girl, standing behind a waterfall in the woods near his North Carolina home When she comments on the strange machine that he rides, he suspects something isn t right When Susanna claims to be an indentured servant from 1796, he wonders if she s crazy Yet he s determined to learn Mark enters a long distance relationship with Susanna through the mysterious and temperamental barrier of Whisper Falls Curious about her world, Mark searches through history to discover all he can about the brutal life she s trapped in But knowledge can be dangerous Soon he must choose between the risk of changing history or dooming the girl he can t stop thinking about to a lifetime of misery.
    Whisper Falls By Elizabeth Langston,
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      108 Elizabeth Langston
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    Hello, I m Elizabeth Langston, and I write Young Adult YA fiction.I have two YA magical realism trilogies I Wish a genie with rules and Whisper Falls time travel romance.Writing as Julia Day, I have two YA contemporary romances The Possibility of Somewhere and Fade to Us February 2018 I live in North Carolina, USA and work in the computer software industry for my day job I have two twenty something daughters and one old geeky husband At night, when I m not writing, I watch TV or dream about my next vacation.


  • O carte de dragoste care ti merge la suflet C l torii in timp , printr un portal mai inedit o cascada Ce m a impresionat foarte mult la aceasta carte este documenta ia pentru 1796 Si iubirea care transforma o persoana O carte care merita citita Despre servitori, puterea pe care o aveau st p nii asupra lor, b t ile pe care le aplicau pe post de corectie, ce mai totul este impresionant

  • A mysterious waterfall acts as a time rift and connects a modern day boy to a girl from Colonial America The cover drew my attention and the premise sounded delicious so I gave it a try I m glad I did because this was one of my most engaging reading experiences of late.The story is told with each main character taking turns narrating the chapters in first person point of view Seventeen year old, Mark Lewis comes from an upper middle class background and he is off for the summer before his senior [...]

  • From the very beginning, this book drew me in From the impeccable period details, to the suspense, and the absolutely adorable romance, Whisper Falls was a brilliant YA romance I loved this book It was deep, intriguing, and a truly enjoyable read Loved it The setting in this book was perfect It was obviously well researched, with precise details and the author managed to present them in a way that drew me into the story I really liked how both characters reacted to seeing the world outside of th [...]

  • This is EPIC magical realism It draws you in and stays with you Expect to see this all over the BEST BOOKS of 2013 lists I was delighted to have a chance to read this when it came into SHP I pulled out the manuscript one evening to get a sense of the writing and ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting This one is totally worth losing sleep over

  • Thanks to NetGalley for this arc Let s get my dislikes over with First I hate the cover It screams low budget and lessens my ability to think of it as a good read I like the books that either don t show characters, or don t show characters faces When a book tells me that boy is handsome , I like to imagine my own idea of handsome, thank you very much Putting faces on book covers just forces you to think of the character as the one on the cover The book tells you he is handsome Well what if I don [...]

  • Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I can t remember every book I ve ever read, but I have a soft spot for Caroline B Cooney s Time Travelers series My cousin and I read the books together as tweens and I ve always remembered them fondly which probably explains my nostalgic interest in Elizabeth Langston s Whisper Falls A young adult piece, the book actually has a lot going for it in terms of content Langston does a wonderful job illustrating the plight of the indentured servant [...]

  • Langston s debut novel Whisper Falls is truly a wonderful read One that draws you in with rich historic detail of the times and the mystery and budding romance between Susanna and Mark Susanna s life and hardships as an indentured servant in the the late 1790 s were so interesting and heartbreaking To think that we treated one another with so little respect and regard is hard to read about let alone stomach To see how much they struggled and worked while at the whim of their master s every comma [...]

  • 3.5 stars Review copy provided by the author Patchworlk Press for an honest review.Whisper Falls was a light and breezy historical romance with a splash of science fiction and time travel thrown in for the hell of it There was sweet romance, loveable characters, suspenseful action scenes and brilliantly written historical fiction sections Altogether it was a hearty read that was easy to breeze through but remained enchanting and delightful at the same time.The characters were what really made th [...]

  • I loved this book I ve read a bunch of young adult fiction lately, and none was able to grab me the way this story did It s fresh, not relying on some of the recent formula for young adults It grabs you immediately Susanna and Mark are adorable Both independent and strong characters, they still learn how to support each other Highly recommended.

  • Timpul, un juc tor pe care n ai cum s l ignori, nici dac i ai propus s faci asta pe urm torii zece ani din via Acesta este ntotdeauna la doar un pas n spatele t u, urm rindu i fiecare mi care, f r a te sc pa vreo clip din ochi, asta dac i are Oricum, indiferent dac are sau nu sim ul vizual, se afl mereu acolo, gata s te dea peste cap, direct de a curmezi ul Slabe anse s l p c le ti Chiar inexistente, a putea spune Are a a o pl cere sadic de a tii totul, nc t te nfioar numai c nd i mai adie incon [...]

  • Whisper Falls, is a brutal and heartbreaking story about one girl life in an unjust colonial time and the boy who cared enough to want to save her from a cruel fate.Mark Lewis is training for an intense Cross Country mountain bike challenge, when he stumbles off his bike by Whisper Falls There, he see s an odd girl wearing strange colonial times clothing in the cave behind the falls But when she spoke to him about his odd machine , Mark suspects something is off The strange girl is named, Susann [...]

  • Elizabeth Langston delivers with this time travel historical and current day romance She effortlessly switches the narrative between Mark, the present day character, and Susanna, the indentured slave who is living in 1796 I have read few other books that switch the voice so well Typically you are reading trying to figure out who is talking.I love reading historical fiction because not only am I entertained, but I also walk away with new knowledge of a different time or culture The story of a fem [...]

  • I received a free copy of Whisper Falls.After finishing Whisper Falls last night, I decided to wait a little while to post my review After a night of contemplation, I am still unsure how to review such an amazing book and do it any kind of justice with just a few words That being said, Whisper Falls is both beautiful and devastating, heart warming and heart breaking.The pains and suffering the characters go through for the one s they love touched my soul and broke my heart at the same time The a [...]

  • If you are a fan of historical novels, you want to take the time to check this one out Plain and simple, this is one of the most surprising books of the year I love the way the author managed to overlay one story on top of the other, showing the reader the similarities between the lives and experiences of the two main characters, regardless of the fact that they were centuries apart from one another The way Elizabeth Langston managed to weave together two separate time periods and make it come o [...]

  • 4.5 starsLoved reading this historical fiction with contemporary and magical realism elements At first, I thought it might be confusing having both main points of view in first person and it maybe was during the first three chapters or so , but the writing style inner dialogue for each is easily to differentiate.The abundant action, concept of Whisper Falls, and history are all very interesting I kept telling some people around me about aspects of the book, which is usually a good sign that the [...]

  • The story told in Whisper Falls is far riveting than anything that I would have imagined upon first endeavoring to read it.The story of Susanna, and her plight as an indenture to a family in colonial America is enough to make one rethink all of one s notions about the guises and slippery slope justifications for slavery and its brutalities.Though the book does have a time travel premise The element of future versus past is thankfully not as much of an issue as the important one involving Susan [...]

  • It grew on me It s such a cute story But to be honest the first half was a struggle I was not sure I liked it But at the halfway point it just blew me away It was so good I found myself attached to Mark, and Susanna, even Phoebe and the children Susanna looked after Man What a tough decision to make Do you stay in 1798 and deal with your douchebag master Or take a risk and go to 2015 where everything is so weird The shock of it all The whole thing gave me anxiety I think the author did a great j [...]

  • OH MY GOSH Oh my gosh The plot sounds so awesome and pure genius You got me from When Susanna claims to be an indentured servant from 1796 This sounds like a totally cool historical time travel romance Wopee I honestly cannot wait for this I hope the book IS as awesome as its synopsis BTW, who else thinks that cover is gorgeous x

  • Wonderful book, didn t want to put it down I was especially drawn to Susanna s story I cannot wait until book two in the series comes out

  • Despre Cascada oaptelor primul volum din seria Whisper Falls de Elizabeth Langston pot spune c este o carte memorabil , de nota 10 Editura a avut cea mai bun idee atunci c nd s a decis asupra acestui roman Nu pot s l cataloghez ca fiind un fantasy, de i exist c l torii n timp 1796 2016 , nici YA av nd n vedere capitolele cu Mark , ci un historical O s v impresioneze via a aspr pe care o duce Susanna St p nul Pratt este parc desprins din operele lui Cronin Este vanitos i crud.Au fost momente c nd [...]

  • Wonderful read.Whisper Falls was a wonderful read I enjoyed the characters and the time travel story Looking forward o the next book.

  • Review Posted on Reading Lark 11 15 13 readinglark 2013 I haven t read many YA novels that featured the late 1700 s as a time period In addition, the lives of indentured servants doesn t typically make it into novels I often find myself gravitating towards the stories of those whose stories have not been told previously I was excited to learn about this time period, indentured servitude, and women s issues.Whisper Falls is the story of two teenagers living in the same area of North Carolina, bu [...]

  • Also posted at Divergent GryffindorWhen I first read the synopsis, I got curious on how things will end for Mark and Susanna Entering a long distance relationship through the barrier of Whisper Falls, along with the differences in culture and tradition, was no easy thing to do.It s a fun journey with the two main characters, because they are just so likeable The way Susanna was trying to adapt to the 21st century was really cute There is a deeper story to her, though, and I found her very selfle [...]

  • Whisper Falls is really two interwoven stories the heroine is Susanna Mash, an indentured servant girl living in the late eighteenth century North Carolina and the hero, Mark Lewis, a high school student living in the same place, only two hundred years later They encounter each other at the titular waterfall, where there s an apparent tear in the fabric of time I liked this book a lot than I expected to I picked it up not only because of my love of all things eighteenth century, but also becaus [...]

  • 2.5 stars This was the first historical ally I went into but it wasn t something I ve wanted This was missing historical elements and everything just went really slowly I didn t really enjoy the story as much as I ve wanted to but still check it out if you like romance.

  • More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Whisper Falls is an engaging YA teen book with a strong 1790s era teen girl meeting a grounded hero from 2016 The story moves smoothly and an involved plot highlighting the plight of indentured servants in the post colonial period of America provides a poignant backdrop The book s historical details are well researched and that era s life, rather than a romance, is the heart of the story While not high art, the book is surprisingly mov [...]

  • 4.5 Stars Loved itttttt 333 Nearly everything about the story is fantastic likable main characters, a suspenseful plot, and sweet romance The only minor complaints I have are the romance and ending I definitely support Susanna and Mark s relationship, I m just not quite sure I fully believe in it It s evident that chemistry is being made built between the two, but I m not sure if it s reasonable that Mark came to realization about his feelings for Susanna as soon and as strong as it did Every ac [...]

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