Knights of the Dead (Book One)

Knights of the Dead Book One Long ago there was a period of time known as the Dark Ages Finally the truth of those years are revealed Will the Zombies rule or will The Knights win the war
  • Title: Knights of the Dead (Book One)
  • Author: I.J. Smith Lorraine Lanier Randall Stevens-Lanier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Knights of the Dead (Book One)
    Long ago there was a period of time known as the Dark Ages Finally the truth of those years are revealed Will the Zombies rule or will The Knights win the war.
    Knights of the Dead (Book One) By I.J. Smith Lorraine Lanier Randall Stevens-Lanier,
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      157 I.J. Smith Lorraine Lanier Randall Stevens-Lanier
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  • I.J. Smith Lorraine Lanier Randall Stevens-Lanier

    Ian John Smith, born May 1981 in Portsmouth England My childhood was one of hardship, growing up in a poor household Many of my memories were that of survival, growing up with a father unable to read and who followed a life of crime To this day he tells me his greatest achievement was making sure I never followed in his footsteps and what joy he got from watching me read a book Each day there was a struggle to put food on the table As an only child my life was a lonely one, I filled my life with a love of books From the brilliance of Roald Dahl to the amazing inspiration of William Shakespeare.Growing up in a tough family made me a survivor and that meant my passion for writing always came last, working long hours in a Factory from the age of seventeen That was until fate intervened many years later, diagnosed with a bad heart There is a long fancy medical name for it, but I decided long ago to never let it stop me I have to thank that moment in my life, it made me realize we have to follow our dreams Whatever path they lead I took a job for less money as a projectionist, this allowed me to have the time to write It may have been a scribble on a scrappy piece of paper or a story of meaning, it never mattered it was my passion Never dreaming of publishing my work, I was happy to enjoy the work for myself.Little did I know fate would intervene again, My mother, Sandra who passed away so suddenly forcing me to make changes to my life My father Michael terminally ill himself needed someone, being an only child, I made it my responsibility.I left my second job due to fate, but along the path I realized I wanted to write Now my work, maybe ridiculed it maybe considered inferior, but that does not matter What matters is I finally get to live my dream I am not a writer looking for wealth or fame I am just a man looking to live his dream.Now I will publish stories I enjoy, from short stories to Novels I will also be publishing work in a series format This is my beginning.


  • Awesome Awesome book I didn t want to put it down I love how it combines zombies and medieval times, two of my favorites

  • Knights and zombiesoh my Good story with knights and zombies The book seemed to end abruptly and I cannot wait for the second one in this series to see what happens to these awesome characters

  • A FAIR TALE OF ZOMBIES IT IS.Hello, this story is just O.K It just plain didn t grab your attention Maybe of a teenager or young adult type of book Just not my style Thanks.

  • This book is fast paced with some awesome twists The characters are realistic This story really comes to life as you read it I highly recommend this author for his very talented work in this genre This will have you on the edge of your seat wanting

  • Love itI love the mix of dark ages and zombies The action in the book made it hard to put down I love all of I.J Smith s books, but this is my new favorite.

  • This is a wonderful twist on the zombie story, It is set back in the dark ages with knights and kings, fair maidens and well zombies I know when you are thinking knights and kings you think quests and fighting each other for the king But what would you do if the army you are fighting are the army of the dead Randoul and his companions are up against the dead of the night Will they survive the onslaught of the dead or is the war just starting.I really liked the way the book started out right in t [...]

  • I found this to be a very unique take on the zombie genre Where we usually find knights fighting other knights to save the kingdom from being taken over from another sovereign, in this the first book in the series we find our Knights of the Dead not only fighting for a king but then against him and zombies The action in this story starts almost immediately and continues on through the whole book Along with a great cast of characters that are well developed and brought out in a strong way, this b [...]

  • I have read several books by the author, I.J Smith, which is why I purchased this one His books and series are always different and original This story takes place in the past during the era when kings ruled, and their knights protected the castles The main characters, are strong, brave and very likable And then, along come the zombies As usual, I.J Smith paints a fascinating tale It is a quick read At least it was for me, because once I started reading, I couldn t put the book down I liked this [...]

  • Awesome I met I.J Smith through Facebook one day as he was advertising one of his books for free I got it and have been hooked ever since He s an excellent author, he s up there with the best of them Just buy 1of his books, and you ll see what I mean by being hooked Can t wait to read the next one

  • Enjoyable readA different and interesting zombie story Lots of action and bloodshed Loved the Knights and the back story Hope we get a in depth look at the characters as the series progresses.

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