Salvation Run

Salvation Run The hit issue miniseries spinning out of COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS is collected in this new trade paperback Exiled to a distant hell planet the villains of the DCU split into two warring factions l
  • Title: Salvation Run
  • Author: Matthew Sturges Bill Willingham Sean Chen Walden Wong
  • ISBN: 9781401219307
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Salvation Run
    The hit 7 issue miniseries spinning out of COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS is collected in this new trade paperback Exiled to a distant hell planet, the villains of the DCU split into two warring factions led by Lex Luthor and The Joker
    Salvation Run By Matthew Sturges Bill Willingham Sean Chen Walden Wong,
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      Matthew Sturges Bill Willingham Sean Chen Walden Wong

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  • Matthew Sturges Bill Willingham Sean Chen Walden Wong

    Matthew Sturges Bill Willingham Sean Chen Walden Wong Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Salvation Run book, this is one of the most wanted Matthew Sturges Bill Willingham Sean Chen Walden Wong author readers around the world.


  • Salvation Run is definitely a book from the villain viewpoint It s interesting to see that vantage point, if well done I think this was mostly well done, although I never felt much sympathy for the villains except for when they threw the mortally wounded guy to the ravenous predators, which was just wrong I really, really despise the Joker, and this story gave me much reason to dislike him He is completely malevolent and utterly psychopathic I can t find a single redeeming trait in him Lex Lutho [...]

  • The storyline of Salvation Run was teased in Gotham Underground the government has been secretly rounding up unrepentant supercrooks and exiling them to a distant planet So far, so good I m sure the good people of Gotham feel so much better every time that Joker is hauled off to Arkham for a short vacation And the storyline does start promisingly, at least in the first few issues But in the back half, it starts to fall apart For one, we have two factions set up, lead by Lex Luthor and Joker But [...]

  • I recently decided that I should really try to buy fewer monthly comic books For most of my life, if you wanted to read a comic book story, you needed to buy the monthly issues as they hit the newsstands Once the publication month had passed, you d have no guarantee of finding the back issues at all, and if you did find them they would be marked up significantly in price Reprints were unheard of except in the cases of canonized classics.But that s all changed now The major comic book companies r [...]

  • I had never even heard of this series until someone added it to our Comixolgy account a few days ago Last night a group of us picked this to read and we re gonna do a trivia night based on this arc I don t think we re doing the trivia until next Sunday, but if I didn t go ahead and get to it now, I don t know if I would get it read If it works the way the past trivia nights have, for every 3 answers you get right, you get 1 towards buying comics you want added to the app I m lookin forward to se [...]

  • The premise of Salvation Run sees the greatest villains of the DC Universe shunted away to an uninhabited world so as to never again menace the Earth The Rogues are the first crew dropped off, fighting daily for survival and a chance to get back home These blue collar criminals are dropped from the headlines in favor of the Joker s arrival, allowing him to chew up scenery and dialogue to no useful end A third dumping sees Lex Luthor stranded upon the Hell Planet, and swiftly rising to stardom as [...]

  • I liked this a lot than I thought I was, but this not the usual sort of superhero thing that I go for Basically, all of the heroes get angry at super villains and decide to exile them to idyllic planet, which is actually full of bloodthirsty alien critters Hijinks s and extreme violence follow shortly.The comic seems to be an excuse for the writers to brutally kill a lot of third string foes, which has some entertaining moments, but for the most part is for the shock value which is little I did [...]

  • So straightforward was the story in DC Comics Salvation Run that I give it four stars Initially it s a man vs nature story and evolves into a story of survival of the fittest after DC Comics most notorious villains, who cannot be reformed or kept locked behind bars, are teleported to a distant and savage planet by a fictitious secret agency operating in the Federal Government The story ultimately places a spot light on many of the characters like the Joker and Lex Luthor who battle for tribal do [...]

  • What happens when you throw all of DC s villains together on one planet Nothing At least nothing in this trade by creators I usually enjoy The premise sounded interesting but the results were convoluted and meaningless It was so much overkill and nothing ended up meaning anything The art was to undetailed and that was probably due to the unneeded use of so many characters Disappointing to say the least F

  • Mindless supervillain fights It s nice to see monkeys attack each other, and the Lex Luthor Joker clash is okay, but not much promise of a villains marooned on a world without heroes story is fulfilled.After reading Final Crisis, I can t remember how this actually ties in to the main DC storyline.

  • A random mix of DC bad guys, abandoned on a hostile planet, with no one but themselves to rely on How could any of them survive I loved how different this was to ordinary storylines There are no victorious heroes and people you know die It reminded me of Marvel s Secret Wars series from the 1980s.

  • Entertaining but muddled Good in bits and pieces, but it seems like a lot could have been done with this story Overall, it was a case of great set up with middling execution I did like the writing on the Joker.Also, I enjoyed the art It looked so much like the comics I grew up reading in the late 80 s early 90 s that I had to go back and check the copyright date.

  • The premise was alright, the execution was terrible I understand that a suspension of disbelief is necessary for comic books, but the plot was so far fetched and farcical that i just couldn t manage it The characters were awfully one dimensional and the storyline was lame Meh.

  • Fun but a little confusing Seems like some storylines just paused and then picked up again with knowing what was really happening But I enjoyed it none the less.

  • Who would have ever thought that a book consisting entirely of villains would actually be enjoyable to read.

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