Get Lucky

Get Lucky A Stand Alone Romantic ComedyWhat happens when you wake up in a hotel suite next to a gorgeous naked man with absolutely no memory of the past twelve hours I guess it s true what they say What happens
  • Title: Get Lucky
  • Author: Lila Monroe
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  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Get Lucky
    A Stand Alone Romantic ComedyWhat happens when you wake up in a hotel suite next to a gorgeous naked man with absolutely no memory of the past twelve hours I guess it s true what they say What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Or at least I hope it stays here The Romantic Style convention was meant to be a weekend of raucous fun with friends, sun, and enough poolside marA Stand Alone Romantic ComedyWhat happens when you wake up in a hotel suite next to a gorgeous naked man with absolutely no memory of the past twelve hours I guess it s true what they say What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Or at least I hope it stays here The Romantic Style convention was meant to be a weekend of raucous fun with friends, sun, and enough poolside margaritas to forget about my ex But now, instead of meeting my fans and signing books, I m stuck with cocky divorce lawyer Nate Wexler He s arrogant, infuriating, and I can t keep my hands off of him Judging by the state of our hotel room, last night was wild I just wish I could remember it A pair of matching tattoos A cheap wedding veil A half empty box of glow in the dark condoms What the hell just happened
    Get Lucky By Lila Monroe,
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    Combining her love of writing, sex and well fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote The Billionaire Bargain Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well fitted suits nightly.


  • 5 Opposites Attract StarsMy first book by Lila Monroe and I m hooked and maybe little in love with her Get Lucky was hilarious, so sweet, and the perfect afternoon read when life feels a bit too serious Julia and Nate s crazy Vegas adventure was pure drunken goodness and will be a book I reread when I need a good laugh and and sweet happy ever after Waking up in a strange room with a stranger was not on either Julia or Nate s to do list for the weekend Julia is a newly divorced romance writer in [...]

  • 5 stars I am in love with Julia She is my Spirit animal Waking up with no memory of what happened the night before with a gloriously naked man is anyone s idea of a wild and wonderful time Come along with Julia and Nate while they try and seam back together the tattered pieces of their memories of the night before and find exactly what they were missing in each other Get lucky is HILARIOUS I loved every moment from the begining chapter to the epilogue and I have become a complete and utter fangi [...]

  • 4 Stars Having never read a Lila Monroe book before I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this one The blurb with a fascinating setting like Vegas and of course the sexy as sin cover made me try this one out and honest to God I didn t regret it for one moment Why Because Get Lucky was one hell of an entertaining read This little gem was hilarious, sexy and also sweet at times, so if you are looking for a light, delightful read, look no further I guarantee you will get hooked from the very [...]

  • Tip Don t eat seafood in the middle of the desertWaking up in Vegas with no memory Oh Geez, I m reading one of those books AGAIN Nooooo Thankfully, I was wrong In the first couple of chapters I was thinking this author has put her blood sweat and tears into this I must force myself to read on Then, things sort of changed I started grinning, groaning and blushing What I thought was going to be a humdrum What Happens in Vegas ended up being so much I was busting a gut laughing with each new memor [...]

  • Get Lucky is an enchanting, steamy, delightful read I never wanted to end To say I found my first Lila Monroe book a success would be an understatement I couldn t get enough I DID NOT WANT IT TO END EVER It was SOOOO good Actually, it was BEYOND good Everything from the plot, to the main characters, to the supporting characters was PERFECTION Our Hero and Heroine, Nate and Julia, were unique, charismatic, all around bewitching They undoubtedly became two of my favorite characters I loved everyth [...]

  • As I was reading this book, I kept thinking it read like a madcap, screwball comedy from the 1930s or 1940s but with glow in the dark condoms and a parrot kidnapping And a hero who is Mr Grumpy Cat transformed into a human being God, it s so damn funny and sexy.Julia s in Vegas for a romance writer s convention Nate s in Vegas because his best friend is getting married They get drunk and hook up but can t remember what happened So the rest of the book is spent unraveling their wild Vegas night.I [...]

  • ARC Provided by the author and Social Butterfly PR imasweetandsassybookwhore.Writing a funny erotic romance novel is not easy I have read a lot of romance novels and the ones that go for light hearted and hot fall into 3 categories Those that work Those that focus on the humor too much and forget to focus on the heat and passion Those that force the humor in between the sex, but you can tell the humor was an afterthought.This one just works Lila Monroe did a 5 star perfect job with Get Lucky and [...]

  • Julia Stevens and Nate Wexler are both in Las Vegas for entirely different reasons Julia s there with her agent and author friends for the Romantic Style Convention, and Nate s there for the wedding of his best friends, Mike and Stacy After a literal run in at the lobby and a bad impression, the two do not expect to cross paths again, much less wake up in the same bed the next day with no recollection of what happened the night before But s it s Vegas Everything and anything you want to do, you [...]

  • I received an arc in exchange for a honest review Firstly I would like to thank Lila as I ve had a pretty shit 24 hours and this book gave me a little escape and I lot of laughs when I didn t feel like laughing I loved this book so much and is one of my new favourite lila monroe books.The storyline was fantastic and I especially enjoyed the dynamic between Nate and Julia.The chemistry those two had was white hot sizzling alpha meets dreamy.Even a blind person could sense their chemistry.Nate is [...]

  • This was a really fun and light book I really enjoyed this one lots of humor but it was also sexy and really sweet Looking forward to reading by this author.

  • LOVED The Hangover meets romantic comedy Full review to come received ARC in exchange for an honest review Kelly

  • OMG I ve NEVER had SO MUCH FUN while reading a book This was insanely good, ridiculously sexy, AND extremely hilarious Who is Lila Monroe and where the HELL has she been all my life I want MORE dammit A woman who is in LOVE with LOVE like it s her job well, it kinda is and a man hell bent on never letting love in again, wake up in bed together not having ANY idea on how they got there OR anything that happened last night These two could not be any different, but they have to put their heads tog [...]

  • If You Liked The Movie The HangoverA Series Of Funny FlashbacksTrying To Remember What HappenedAfter Being Blackout Drunk

  • 4 StarsSuper cute and fun read.Hilarious heroine n sexy banter.Not exactly memorable but entertaining nevertheless.Defiantly will not be my last Monroe read Yes,Would recommend

  • 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was a cute, funny, sexy, light read I definitely had some moments where I was giggling and trying not to wake my husband up, but I did think that other times it was a little OTT and trying to hard to be reminiscent of the hangover This would be a good read for in between heavy or dark ones to keep your spirits up Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Julia and Nate s story The story starts hangover style with them waking up with no recollection as to what happened [...]

  • 3,5 Stars I had a great time reading this funny, interesting and most of all cheerful book Nate Wexler and Julia Stevens kept me good company and made me suffer alongside them, with their antics and snide comments, while they made me hot and bothered with their sexual chemistry which was off the charts, but sadly that was the only thing they had chemistry on I Needed something , but it was still very pleasant FULL REVIEW UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  • Full review can be found at Beneath The Covers Blog review show received ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • 2.75 STARS I really thought I would love this one because the blurb sounded so good However, this one was just not for me unfortunately Others have enjoyed this one so don t let my opinion keep you from giving this one a try.

  • My first Lila Monroe book and my god, I m buying all her books while writing this review.Get Lucky may not bring anything new as far as storylines go grumpy, skeptical divorce attorney and a freshly divorced romance author who still hopes for her own happy ending, we all know the types Got drunk in Vegas and had the best night of their lives, now who remembers if they are married too, or not Nothing new there, right False Ms Monroe delivers the story in such a brilliant way, I could have devoure [...]

  • 3.5 stars When Julia and Nate meet in Las Vegas they didn t know what the next few days had in store for them Julia is a best selling author who at heart believes in love despite her recent divorce She s in Vegas for a romance author convention think RT.Nate is in town for his best friend s wedding Being a divorce lawyer he of course is a mega cynic on couples getting the HEA Cue to them waking up in a bed and not remembering what happened the night before The whole premise is like Hangover gone [...]

  • I d like to start off by saying that Nate had me at Gotta love a man who appreciates Deadpool There were many funny moments in this book, which would be expected when you pair a free spirit with a tight ass I liked everytime that Julia got Nate to loosen up Slowly learning about what happened that night morning in Vegas was a riot.The many Doctor Who references were a tad annoying but the awkward laughs made it worthwhile I can t really complain because I m a nerd myself so I could appreciate Ju [...]

  • ahhhhhhhh I Fa Reaking LOVED this So flippin cute and sexy A total feel good insta chemistry story that had me grinning the whole time I still have a big ole silly grin on my face just thinking about it Perfection

  • What happens when you mix Vegas with Tequila and a lot of alcohol What happens when you have a bitter yet successful divorce attorney and a funny and happy romance writer Well, you get The Hangover Romantic Comedy A short and funny story.

  • 4 Vegas Debacle Stars Miss Lila Monroe you gave me exactly what I needed from a book Good laughs, smart ass sassiness and some good old fashion raw, need it now sex Julia is a recently divorced, romantic author on a book signing and convention in Vegas She wants a good time with a couple girlfriends, some alcohol and some bo strings attached sex She gets all this and then some when she literally runs into Nate Wexler.Nate is a recently dumped, divorce lawyer that is in Vegas to party it up with [...]

  • With Julia, there s nothing to worry about Even when we want to kill each other, it s easy.What do you get when you throw a romance author and a jaded divorce attorney together LOTS of sparks DThis book was a lot of fun The banter between Nate and Julia was hilarious Seeing these two trying to figure out what happened the night before after they woke up together in bed, very naked and hung over was excellent These two sure did they everything they could on their drunken night in Vegas, and I enj [...]

  • Well this was ridiculously FUN I had just put down a very blah book when this ARC popped up in my kindle and boy did I get lucky LOLI laughed thru 99.9% of this bookno wait, 100% LOLThe entire story line is 2 days long That s right kids, TWO DAYS but it was fun and complete It didn t miss a beat It was exactly as it should have been because how else does one experience Vegas but with a quick, dirty, hilarious 48 hours perfectHowever Don t be thinking this book is clich and predictable, because y [...]

  • Viva Las Vegas When two opposites attract, mix in champagne and tequila, a crazy night of mayhem ensues Vegas is the place to let your hair down and have fun Julia Stevens is romance author attending The Romantic Style convention She s ready to enjoy the company of good friends when she runs smack dab into cranky Nate Wexler, an obnoxious divorce attorney Nate is in Vegas to attend his best friends wedding, even with his anti love attitude It isn t love at first sight but it doesn t take than a [...]

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