Dangerous Kisses

Dangerous Kisses Miss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids a secret society dedicated to helping women in need When faced with a terrified new client Lavinia declares that her client s fianc must pay fo
  • Title: Dangerous Kisses
  • Author: Alice Lake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dangerous Kisses
    Miss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids, a secret society dedicated to helping women in need When faced with a terrified new client, Lavinia declares that her client s fianc must pay for his sins The fact that she can t take her eyes off the man s kissable lips only spurs her resolve to bring her assignment to a quick conclusion Eric Yorke, Viscount MathMiss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids, a secret society dedicated to helping women in need When faced with a terrified new client, Lavinia declares that her client s fianc must pay for his sins The fact that she can t take her eyes off the man s kissable lips only spurs her resolve to bring her assignment to a quick conclusion Eric Yorke, Viscount Mathieson, wishes nothing than to distance himself from his treacherous fianc e, but in his quest to do so, he finds himself trapped in the clutches of the unconventional Miss Halls The delectable yet annoyingly persistent woman seems intent on ruining his life no matter how much he tries to thwart her attempts Her efforts to seek and destroy meet their match in his determination to foil her plans, until their struggles collide in a scandal of enormous proportions Fated together, they must overcome ruin, danger and heartbreak Will they be able to survive their past or is their future together doomed
    Dangerous Kisses By Alice Lake,
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    Alice Lake s interest in the unusual is reflected in the stories she puts down on paper Along with her passion for romance and 19th century history, she is a champion for women s rights Who said women had no voice, no say and no choice during Victorian times According to Alice, they had all that and They could teach and build, fight and heal, and do so many other things not traditionally deemed proper.Alice is an unusual case herself She grew up in three countries and on two continents Suffering from a lack of cultural identity, she borrows whatever traditions suit her Nothing is rigid and fluidity encompasses her world This philosophy of open mindedness spills into her writing, making for unexpected romance stories.Alice also writes contemporary romance under the name Mila Rossi.When she s not writing, she s beating her husband at whatever they re currently competing over, or chasing her girl around the house.Visit her at milarossi and aliceinengland, or check out her books on Pinterest at pinterest alake1935


  • This book was an immense surprise for me Phenomenal writing, bad ass ladies humorous dialogues are just one of the amazing elements of this book Absolutely loved it You are a bunch of dangerous women, he concluded with a smile You are correct, sir You better not cross us, she teased.I absolutely loved my fierce, sassy Lavinia and be still my beating heart gorgeous Eric These two made me smile, laugh out loud, blush even shed a few tears The chemistry between them is just beautiful I loved the su [...]

  • Alice Lake is a newer author and by this book a really good author I loved this book and can t wait for the next one by her to come out This is book one in the A Guild of Hybrids series Miss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids organisation that helps women who are mistreated, hurt or done wrong by a man Each women in the organation has a specialized task or skill that are used So depending on your skill you might be called up to work on a case That is what happened to Lavinia Lavin [...]

  • Refreshing and hilarious new take on the roles of women in historical romances with strong female characters and a romance full of laughs, misunderstandings, and a little heartbreak This book was provided by author in exchange for an honest review It took me awhile to finish Dangerous Kisses but I finally did it I thoroughly enjoyed my first novel by Alice Lake and am slightly intrigued by the next book since it will be about Larissa, Lavinia s trouble sister I found the chemistry and romance be [...]

  • I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3.5 chaotic stars Alice Lake is a new to me author, and I found her writing style flowing at a rapid, chaotic pace, with intriguing storyline threads I will warn, while the premise of Dangerous Kisses was addictive, there was a level of frustration while reading every single page for me Basically, the book stressed me out from page one on It took about a quarter of the book for me to become hooked because of this frustration Lavi [...]

  • I received a review copyI am not one who often reads historical fiction, but I do like stepping outside my reading box every once in a while And I was so very happy that this book caught my attention right away I was a little worried since it s not my usual genre, but I had no worries once I got into the story It was actually so much fun to be able to transport myself to 1870 in England I also felt like I was learning a lot, like I was in history class all over again except this time it was so m [...]

  • free copy received from the author in exchange for an honest opinion I really enjoyed this book it was a 4, sometimes even a 4,5 stars book I loved how real it was it might seem weird to use this particular adjective, but I will definitely explain it better in my full review I loved the idea of a secret women society and I can t wait for the second book, cause Larissa was an absolutely charming scene stealer give me a few days to gather my thoughts and expect a full review once I post it in my b [...]

  • The assignment was supposed to be easy get in, ruin the man, and get out Sounded simple, even to me So what happened Halfway through the story, Lavinia was trying to figure out that very thing It wasn t that she couldn t find anything wrong with Eric It wasn t that he creeped her out It wasn t even that he refused to be cowed by her outspoken, argumentative self What happened, what she refused to acknowledge until much later, was her heart got in the way of her work For the first time since beco [...]

  • Originally posted on my blog Blog Tour Review of Dangerous Kisses by Alice Lake Author Q A Dangerous Kisses is book 1 in the Guild of Hybrids series I have to say it is not a bad way to start off a series It had enough of everything to keep me satisfied It focuses on independent women who have various skill sets and experience No innocence in this story It s a tad bit gritty than your usual romance and the heroine is alpha than the hero I found that the tone of the story changed half way throu [...]

  • 4.5 stars eCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest review This novel was so different, good different It s not your typical ton HR novel, what with its unique characters and breath of fresh air plot I absolutely loved it Lavinia was a strong and stubborn heroine, and she definitely was not your typical wilting wallflower First off, she was of mixed race shocking and partook in certain gypsy practices that women are not supposed to be doing I loved her relationship with her sister, as i [...]

  • Dangerous kisses is book 1 in Alive Lake s A Guild of Hybrids series.Set in the 1870 England, Miss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids A secret society of women for women Their sole mission is to use their varied talents to assist other women in need who have been wronged in some way Lavinia agrees to help her nest client sabotage her fianc e, if only she can stop focusing on his kissable lips and bring her assignment to a speedy ConclusionEric Yorke, viscount Mathieson just wants [...]

  • A well crafted story that had me glued to the page.Lavinia and Eric make a brilliant couple Their attraction to each other is matched in their ability to outwit and verbally spar with one another I had a few laugh out loud moments at their antics and verbal exchanges most of which take place with tight lipped smiles in full view and within earshot of polite society The fact that they are also attracted to each other added to my amusement The scene involving the orphans was my favourite between t [...]

  • This isn t your typical Historical Romance, which made reading this book exciting to read I was curious to see from the very beginning how everything would play out and how far one character in particular would go to seek out her plan You don t see the strong independent women a lot in Historical Romances, but not only was the main character, Lavinia, all of that, but she s in a secret society and that really intrigued me Lavinia is tasked with ruining Eric, but not everything is as it seems I t [...]

  • What a marvellous debut Historical novel Very well written with full fledged characters, and an intriguing story Lavinia Halls is a very unusual Victorian Miss She, along with her aunt and sister belong to the Guild of Hybrids The guild is dedicated to helping women who are in trouble Their methods are unorthodox and not always strictly legal The members are all mixed race and have a variety of special talents.Lavinia s latest client wants a way to escape her engagement to a man who she claims i [...]

  • Lavinia Halls has a job to do Ruin Eric Yorke, Viscount Mathieson As a member of the Guild of Hybrids, a secret society that works to aide women in need, Lavinia is eager to complete her assignment When approached by Lady Clara and told of how mistreated she was by her fianc Eric, Lavinia knows this is a job she must take She wasn t prepared for the handsome, intriguing man she encountered though Eric Yorke is ready to be rid of his unfaithful fianc , but unfortunately he seems to be the target [...]

  • This book was a refreshing breath of fresh air I love it Lavina was such an alpha heroine and completely lovable I enjoy plots like these so it wasn t hard for this book to grab my attention This is a debut book for the author and it s a strong way to start the series I can t wait to read about Larissa.

  • I was lucky enough to receive a free copy in exchange for an honest review And honestly, I loved it It s impossible not to get emotionally involved with the multi dimensional characters, and the many plot twists keep you excited, wondering what challenge Lavinia would meet and conquer next I can t wait to see what Ms Lake has in store for us as the series continues.

  • This is from a new author and I have to say that I loved this book The characters show strong women who help other women in need.This is book 1 of A Guild of Hybrids Novel by the author I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review I am going to be reading from this author and I can t wait for book 2 to come out.

  • Originally Posted on the blog bittenbyromance 2016 0 This book was received in exchange for an honest review The first book in the Guild of Hybrids series I had high hopes for the premise of this book and began reading with great expectation I am a lover of historical romance with Victorian being one of my favorite periods to read about Well into the fourth chapter however, I found the story moving a bit slow, with a lot of the same thoughts being reiterated over, and over I found myself frustra [...]

  • In 1870 London, The Guild of Hybrids is a women s society that was formed to help women in need Whether they may require legal aid, need medical assistance, or perhaps a woman has been the victim of a man Whatever the need, the Guild of Hybrids is there to help.It seemed like a good cause Help Lady Stratton exact revenge on her fianc But the task takes some unexpected turns for Miss Lavinia Halls The goal of turning Viscount Mathieson, Eric Yorke, into a public spectacle should be easy for someo [...]

  • I found Dangerous Kisses through NetGalley and received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I had never read the author before, but I liked the cover those red lips and the blurb sounded new and different, so I was excited to give it a read That being said, I liked it, but not as much as I hoped.The concept of a Guild of Hybrids is very new and different to me It is a group made up of women at all levels of the social strata, each with their own secret skill or trade, and each bi racial [...]

  • Welcome to The Guild of Hybrids A secret society of women of different , nationalities, social and economic standingat strives to help every women in need.Lavinia Halls was on a mission, one that she accepted as a agent for The Guild of Hybrids Her mission is to ruin Eric York, Viscount Mathieson, because of his treatment of his Fiance, Lady Clara But from the beginning something felt wrong with this case, but she choose to ignore it, because she had been the wounded party in the past, and she w [...]

  • I was very pleased to try out an historical romantic fiction novel This was a new to me genre I love historical dramas on TV and was looking forward to getting stuck into Dangerous Kisses.On the surface this book had all the ingredients of an addictive read Victorian England, intrigue, secret societies and scandal Sadly, I was not immediately hooked as I had hoped.I think the problem was that I did not engage with the leading female character Lavinia I did not find her impressive or inspiring, I [...]

  • Historical RomanceThe Guild of Hybrids is a secret society that is dedicated to helping women in need and Miss Lavinia Halls is one of the members Lavinia has a new terrified client and Lavinia is determined to make her client s fianc pay for his sins She resolves to bring her assignment to a quick conclusion when she can t take her eyes of the man s kissable lips Eric Yorke, Viscount Mathieson wishes for nothing than to distance himself from his treacherous fianc e He soon finds himself in the [...]

  • 3.5 stars 3 flamesAs a member of a secret society that assists women in need, Lavinia Hall has helped many unfortunate women but she has a gut feeling something is wrong about Lady Clara Stratton s request to ruin Lord Eric Mathieson Against her better judgement she accepts the assignment but no good deed ever goes unpunished.Lavinia is opinionated, stubborn, and very hard headed She goes above and beyond in her attempts to ruin Eric and ends up learning he gives as good as he gets Eric is court [...]

  • I received this book from net galley for an honest review Thank you This was a good and quick read We first meet Lavinia, a member on the guild of hybrids This is a secret organization composed of women who help, defend, protect, get revenge on other women who have been hurt, in particularly by men This guild was founded by a woman who was betrayed by a man she thought loved her Women who join this society each have particular abilities that assist with their assignments I wish there was inform [...]

  • My Mini Thoughts I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Dangerous Kisses isn t your run of the mill historical romance I love the time period, late Victorian era, and there was some suspense That s about all that I really enjoyed about this story And there s certainly a lot about Eric that I like, but Lavinia is not the heroine I thought her to be going in I like badass girls I love even when there are badass girls looking out for [...]

  • Dangerous Kisses and loads of fun The Guild of Hybrids What an intriguing group Author Alice Lake has created a marvelous world full of secrets, danger, and not a little romance Dangerous Kisses is the first book in the amazing series, and I am eagerly anticipating the rest of the series Ms Lake has created a highly dynamic world, and the characters are fun and engaging I adored this novel Ms Lavinia Halls is a character I can definitely relate to, with skills few have and even fewer understand [...]

  • ARC provided by NetGalley 3.5 Stars What a surprising unique and enjoyable read I didn t realize this was a historical read and I don t normally read those types but I liked it Lavinia and Erica had good chemistry Sub characters were pretty kick ass Cynthia and Larissa What like about this story was that it had a I am woman, hear me roar type thing going on but in a good way Historically women were viewed as to be seen, not heard The secret society helped women get out of bad arranged relationsh [...]

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